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<em><strong>October 28, 2012</em></strong>
<em><strong>To: Danyell</em></strong>
<em><strong>Roses are dead</em></strong>
<em><strong>Violets are, too</em></strong>
<em><strong>Give me a few days</em></strong>
<em><strong>And you will be, too</em></strong>

Danyell looked over the note that was taped on her apartment door and walked in looking for her roommates, Sofia and Lexi. “Sofia! Lexi! Y’all here?” She stood in the middle of the living room waiting then Sofia came out her room with a smile. “I’m here but Lexi isn’t she went to see Kirk.” Dany nodded tossing her purse on the sofa still holding the note. “Girl, you are pale as s***. The f*** happened to you?” Shaking her head she handed the note over to her. Sofia read it then burst into laughter.

“What’s funny, Fia?” “This,” she answered handing me back the note laughing, “Girl, it’s prolly just Bree ass trying to scare you. You know how she get around Halloween.” “Yeah, I guess. Speaking of her have you seen her today? I called her after class but she didn’t answer.” “She said something about her and Nani going to get their costumes for the party Friday. Speaking of which do you have yours?” “No,I’m waiting on Dom to tell me what he wants to go as,” she answered walking into the kitchen. “Aight, well I’m about to go get dressed, Shad’s on his way.” “Alright. Lock the door on your way out.”


OMG! THIS NIGGA IS CRAZY!!! and the way he killed Lexi was
so evil. Like who licks the blade of their knife. 0_0 he psycho
and something else that caught my eye was
him knocking a picture off the wall. This nigga is going to be killing people one by one i just know it.

Man...maybe they should have prayed just a lil
harder because...cupid turns out to be at the damn party.
Everybody needs to run lol
damn... i'm glad bree alright
and wow this cupid dude is NOT I mean NOT
having it with they ass at all like damn...
lol @ bree talking to who she thought was dany
and ewww at the eye balls being in her hand
I just can't imagine myself witnessing that...its just nasty lol
and now shad AND soso....

damn damn damn...
I feel for ty going from them drinks
cause the way cupid on a mission lol his ass is probably next!!!

lmao instead of looking they asses should of ran instead of waiting for him to say "if you don't deserve to die then blah blah.." lol whateva he said.
All s*** they done discovered shad and soso body and cupid
behind them just like Michael myers do lmao
I'm scared for them lol

damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn they did Chris like a whole dog
smh. I CAN NOT believe that they poured acid and cement on this boy and didn't think that he'd get hurt
A JOKE? hell NAWL that aint no damn joke. I'd been slashing and dashing mothaf*ckas with my damn knife just like him.

<cite>Accept your death; pray that your weak God forgives you for your sins! Without him you’ll spending eternity with me and my demons</cite> <------- WOAHHHH....HELL NAWL
I can't believe that Dominic and Kirk were in on this.

for a second i didn't think that he'd kill dany
but they way he killed all of them was just......very "saw"(the moive) like. Just nasty lol
and I HOPE his ass get's caught too him and his brother

this was a good ass story...i kinda want....more lol :)

just a lil.

run it lol

Smh.... that s*** was too disgusting... them deaths though... made my ass cringe... all I can honestly say. All of these people are wrong in this s***. Why tf would you even do some s*** like that somebody? Does fake acid even exist? Lol... What's that? Like slime or something? Because I didn't even know that s*** existed. And wtf type of motherf***er put cement on somebody. They then killed this nigga and everything. And he then came back? Ughh. So I guess all of us going to hell including their ass. And them niggas was in on it. Wow, hmmm. Well, this was a good story. Although it was gruesome as f*** and I couldn't even read all of the deaths. I had to skim through that s*** lol but this was good.

Because nigga i ain't wanna do no long asx post
Look just read nigga && comment



I knew it was Chris... I'm sure everybody did lol. Dany wasn't all over him in the story or some s*** so that gave it away...

But why tf you separate them into sections like that? Ughhh.

Okay, okay, okay! This short story has me mad disgusted towards the end of the story. Like that s*** was mad gruesome. The way Lexi died was nasty as hell. Like why in the hell you have to kill her that way? Couldn't just stab her or something? It had to be like that? Then at the party, Cupid hands Bree Lexi's eyes and that s*** is scary ass f*ck. Like b*tch he could have killed you right there. Just for the simple fact that she thought that it was me standing beside her! That right there is the reason b*tches be getting killed, they trust their surroundings too damn much! I can imagine Shad's little a*s dressed like Mario, that is so cute! Too bad they hd to end his life. The way he died kinda reminded me off some s*** from the Children of the corn. Then when he dug that pole into Sofia's back that had me cringing. Like I could feel that s*** in my lower back! Ugh! I don't think I quite caught how Mike died, but oh well. So Kirk and Dom knew all along. Ugh, dumb a** niggas. I kinda figured Chris was cupid, I mean he was the only one that wasn't in the story. Why the f*** would we do some s*** like that to him. Especially to the point to where we would kill him? That is some f*cked up s*** for real. How you just break Jermaine's neck like that? Look at Trey tryna be all tough! Too bad it didnt f*cking work! That nigga died protecting us. Damn, why would he blast Ana like that? I guess thats what happens when you the freakiest! Then Nani, I wish we could have saved her or atleast helped her. I feel like she died hating us. Did you not read the pleading look she gave us? Bree went out with a damn bang, literally. That b**** had me flinching when reading that s***. I was like damn, Chris is a ruthless ass nigga! Then there's me! I totally died in his arms. Which is kinda a cute yet sadistic and disgusting way to die in the case of this story. He couldnt have showed me mercy and like f***ed me and then killed me? Lol. Seriously tho, I hve some unanswered questions

1. Why did we do that to Chris?
2. After we killed Chris, did I get with his brother Dom? Cause then that makes me a whore.
3. Can they make my ass come back with that s*** they used on Chris?
4. Do we all go to hell or heaven?
5. What happens to Dom, Chris and Kirk?

Ps. i caught that Dahlia way. Like black Dahlia

yes i know. After tomorrow I'll be able to be on my A game again. Im studying for this history test!!! I'm behind on everything but school comes first so *shrugs* ill get to it lol

yup but look at it likeee this
its over so no moree adds

:( man i have so much to catch up on and do

lol thank you Ana

i didnt think i did a good job
but eeeh lol

R.I.P to all of my homies...

i think sophia and shad had gotten it the worst though
at least they died together

man all the boys were trying to have our backs
which i highly love but at
the same time like yall failed we died lol
chris i KNEW it he just seem like the type to f*** with
us on some crazy s*** like that but we burned his body
with acid and buried him in cement i would have probably
killed all of our asses too lol

dom and kirk though really i should have known they asses
was in on it but then again maybe not because kirk is one hell of
an actor i thought he was on our side the day lexi died but
i guess he had to play the part so he could get us all to die

trey and bree went out like thugs trying to save us and talking
s*** mad respect i take my death in honor they said i looked the
best even with my face blown the f*** off lol

how the hell he gon call the police at the end of hell naw
so he wont even get caught for the s***


but nice ass story nani like that s*** was visual as f***
and now if i see anyone with a cupid mask tonight
i WILL blow they f***ing head off no lie


<strong><em>THE END</strong></em>
<strong><em>ITS THREE ADDS! I HAD SEPARATE THEM !</em></strong>

That is IT !
im finally done with this !
thank you for the ppl that were in it
who let me kill you !
your check is in the mail !


i hopee yall enjoyed it

idk how i feel about the ending
but yeah !


The door swung open and there stood Chris with the sledgehammer with Dominic and Kirk back at his sides. The girls were caught off guard they weren’t expecting three of them so they didn’t move. Their bodies were betraying them. Entering the large closet Kirk loaded his double barrel and aimed it, “Who’s first big bro?” Chris looked back at him monetarily, “Whoever you think will be more attractive with their face blown off.” Without hesitation Kirk aimed at Ana and took his shot. Her body jolted back with force, landing on the floor with a thud; lying beside her was a chunk of her brain, brain bits and fractured pieces of her skull scattered. Her face was completely gon in addition. The girls looked on in horror, screaming and crying for their friend. Nani backed away from her friend’s lifeless body and ended up bumping straight into Chris, who grabbed her arms locking them within hers, “Looks like we’ve got our next victim, Dom. I know you said you had been wanting to see what her insides look like. Let’s see.” Nan kicked and screamed for her friends to help her and for Chris to let her go but they went unanswered. Bree and Dany were too afraid to get involved though they knew their deaths were just that closer after Nani’s. Nani took one last glance at them with sad eyes whispering and ‘I Love You’ before Dominic separated her torso from the rest of her body using his weedwacker. Letting her body drop Chris reclaimed the sledgehammer he had abandoned to lock Nani down.

“Bree, why you look so shaken? You’re usually all mean and bad where that s*** go?” Bree stared at Chris disgustedly as he taunted her. “Chris, look you’ve proven your point just . . . look if you’re going to kill me and Dany just do it and stop playing. Yo mama ain’t never tell you not to pay with yo damn food nigga!” Chris started to laugh and clap, “There’s Bree I always remembered! Thank you for that! But in all seriousness though, you gotta point I really shouldn’t play with my food.” c**king back with the sledgehammer still in hand he swung at full speed smashing Bree’s head leaving nothing but her neck squirting blood like a fountain. Mockingly Chris ran a circle around the room and slid into the spot that he had just left making Dominic and Kirk laugh. Dany stood staring at them with disgust which he noticed.

“Awwwe what’s wrong with little Dany boo? You mad betause I killed your wittle friends,” he mocked pinching her cheeks. “Chris, you’ve killed my friends no f*** that they were my family I know what we did was wrong but you didn’t have to do that. I hate you!” Dany beat against his chest cursing and screaming until he grabbed her pulling her into a hug.

“You hurt me Dany. You hurt me so bad. I tried so hard to please you! Why did you let them hurt me!” Chris whispered into her ear, squeezing her tightly. She fell apart in his arms forgetting what was going on around her. Chris started to squeeze her body tighter and tighter causing her to wiggle trying to get out of his grasp but he wouldn’t let up. The tighter he squeezed the less air she had, eventually you could hear her bones start to crack and break. Her ribs were now broken and a bone had punctured her heart causing blood spill out onto Chris, he stared into her eyes watching the life drain from her eyes. Once he saw the lights go out in her eyes he laid her body down gently and placed a dead rose and his Cupid mask next to her; turning to his brothers he nodded and they followed him into the main room of the warehouse.

“Our job is done and now we must move on,” he spoke to them before hitting the close button and walking out of the warehouse. As they got into Dom’s car Chris placed a call to 911.

“Yes, I’d like to report a mass homicide. 2439 Dahlia Drive.”

Cupid returned inside the party, lurking in the crowd till he got to the middle. Pulling the microphone that he had stolen from the stage, from his pocket he moved his mask slightly so he could speak. “Happy Birthday Ana. Your special day was a few days ago, I know you remember I paid you a visit. I would never forget your day. But today is my special day and I felt that it was only right that I shared it with those people who gave me this day.” The whole party stopped as did the music, the attention went to Cupid. “All of you have no idea what I was put through October 31, 2008 but by tomorrow morning you will all know the whole story. But fortunately for you guys I won’t make you experience first-hand like I had to because unlike your party planners I have a heart,” he paused and looked around chuckling, “well I use to before they turned it to stone.” The whole party still stood at a standstill which irritated Cupid, “If you know you do not deserve to die then get the f*** out,” he yelled flatly.

Immediately everyone scattered running for the door, getting into their cars they all tried to leave. Only one problem—Trey and Mike’s cars weren’t working. The only choice that had was to get out and run. Dany and Nani were in the back of the group, tripping over a pole left on the ground they both looked up to see Sofia and Shad’s lifeless body on top of the poles. Both girls let out loud echoing screams causing the others to stop running and look back. Immediately Jermaine and Dominic took off towards the girls to get them with Mike, Bree, Ana and Trey behind them. The girls were up and the group turned to run but Cupid was standing right behind them with a bow and arrow; the guys pushed the girls back inside the warehouse and repeatedly pressed the button to close it.

“Y’all where is Kirk?” Nani asked looking around with tears in her eyes. “He was just with us before that Cupid nigga wanted to play psycho,” Bree yelled hoarsely. “Oh my God! He got Kirk!” Ana clutched Trey tightly to her crying into his chest. “Look, I’ll go find him y’all just stay right here,” Dom announced taking charge. “Dom, don’t be stupid. We all know you’re not gonna come back if you go out there and I refuse to be a widow.” Dom slightly smiled at Dany’s pouty face and leaned down to kiss her lips softly. “If I don’t come back then you can kill me. Deal?” He sprinted to the back of the warehouse for the back door.

The door started to rise on its own and the group backed away from it. Girls shaking and crying then boys trying to keep themselves from freaking out trying to protect their girls, then the lights started to flicker until it just completely went dark besides the lights in the middle of the floor. Hearing footsteps made the whole group turn and face the middle of the floor where the lights beamed. Cupid stood there with Kirk and Dom on either sides of him.

“What the f*** is going on, Dominic?” Dany started to go towards them but Bree and Nani held her back. “What’s going on? s***, I think I should be asking you that, Danyell.” A look of confusion plastered over her face, “What are you talking about?” “You know damn well what I’m talking about! You f***in lied to me about what happen four years ago but I already knew the truth!” Cupid held his hand out to silence Dom and took a few steps forward then removed his mask revealing his identity. “Chris,” Bree spoke breathlessly. “In the flesh, babygirl. Well what’s left of it,” he spoke with a smile, “Y’all know how much I love parties and y’all wasn’t gon invite a nigga?” Impulsively Trey, Mike and Jermaine stepped in front of the girls making Chris laugh. “No need to be so protective fellas, we’re all boys and I mean come on let’s be honest we know I’m going to get every single one of you before the night is over.” Chris started to circle the group until he got to Nani and stood directly behind her, “I see you picked the correct costume, Jermaine used to tell us you were very well at following commands. Bree you look amazing as always too bad that fake blood is gonna get washed away by the real blood you’ll be bleeding soon. Ana . . . Ana . . . Ana you make one genie. No wonder Trey been keeping you locked up but you could never get away from me. Danyell, baby, long time no see well for you that is. I loved you and still would if I was capable but I guess that’s neither here nor there now.” Chris stalked his way back to the front as the guys glared at him watching his every move.

“Yall got a f***ing eye problem? I mean I know I’m not s*** to look at anymore but I have you all to thank for that.” Chris yelled as his voice echoed bouncing off the walls. “Chris, it was a joke gone wrong. We didn’t mean for that to happen to you,” Ana tried to reason with him. “But it did! Who pours boiling acid and injects cement into someone’s body and labels it as a joke!” “Look, look, we were only trying to get you back for acting how you were acting we didn’t think Shad had actually gotten real acid. Come on, Chris you know how dumb he is and the cement that’s just some s*** Bree thought of and we foolishly went along with it thinking she had took the health risks into account,” Nani tried to explain softly. “You know what Nani it sounds to me like you all didn’t give a f*** about the bodily harm it would cause me or my safety and I started giving zero f***s about y’all a LONG time ago! I’m sick of all this f***ing talking! LOOK AT MY f***ING FACE! THE SKIN ON THE LOWER PART OF MY FACE AND THE RESTOF MY BODY IS GONE! ITS f***ING GONE! AND LET’S NOT GET STARTED ON MY BLOOD!”

Kirk stalked off unnoticeably to get his crossbow; standing behind the group he aimed for the back of Mike’s head; hitting his target right on the spot. The point of the arrow came through the front of Mike’s head, he dropped to his knees choking on his own blood before falling the rest of the way to the floor lifelessly. The girls cried out running away from the scene into the closet leaving Jermaine and Tremaine out in the open to fight for them.

“Come on man we can work this out,” Trey reasoned. “Its way past working on this s*** nigga. Y’all killed my brother if we hadn’t taken him to the spiritual leader he wouldn’t be standing in front of y’all today,” Dominic yelled out starting his weedwacker. “Yo man what you trying to do with that s***?” Chris smiled at his brother then at Jermaine and started to laugh. “It’s not for you my friend. I got something real quick and easy for you.” Before Jermaine could respond Kirk ran up behind him and snapped his neck clean. When his body hit the floor his head was twisted around to the back of his body; cautiously Trey backed away from the three of them watching them all. “Trey you can’t run from this s***. Accept your death; pray that your weak God forgives you for your sins! Without him you’ll spending eternity with me and my demons.”

Frightened Trey took off towards the back door, his plan was to lead all three away from the girls so that they could get a way but his plan was a fail. Only Kirk followed behind him. Within minutes he had caught up to Trey. Grabbing his shirt, Kirk placed a blade to his throat and slit it; he held his head back so the blood got drain from his body before letting it fall.

“Ladies, come out, come out wherever you are,” Chris sung making his way towards the closet dragging a sledgehammer with him. Dominic was dragging and posing Jermaine’s body.

“I don’t wanna die, Lord please don’t let me die tonight,” Nani whimpered softly clutching onto her friends. Bree and Ana were quiet outside of their cries. Dany wanted to cry but she couldn’t bring herself to cry; she felt as though since the guys were dead it was her duty to protect her girls. “Okay look when he opens the door we all just have to rush him and keep running. Do not stop for any reason until you get to the police station. That’s where we’ll meet. Y’all got it?” They all nodded then pulled each other into a tight hug—it was like they knew they’d never see each other again.

<strong><em>October 31, 2012</strong></em>

“Dear Lord, I thank you for allowing us to keep Breana a while longer, getting Sofia’s head on straight,” Ana paused her prayer to peep over at Sofia, “and keeping us safe these last 24 hours. We don’t know where Lexi is but we hope and pray that you’re watching over her and walking with her. We do not know what the future holds but we know that you will walk with us through the Valley and beyond. Lord be with us tonight and watch over the party. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.” They all murmured amen and released hands, staring at one another all thinking the exact same thing, ‘Will I die tonight?’

“Y’all ready for me to open the door?” Trey asked looking around at his circle of friends and they nodded. He eyed Bree a little longer, taking notice she offered him a small warm smile. “Aight then! Let’s have a f***in party!” Trey yelled with a bright smile that reached his eyes trying to lift everyone’s spirits. Trey sprinted across the warehouse to flip the switch; before the door was half way open there was an overflow of people in costume. Ana made her way through the people to get to Trey so they could grab a spot to dance; she was in arm’s length of him before someone grabbed her to dance. Trey noticed and quickly made his way over to them; snatching Ana behind him he got into the guy’s face. “Check this out Cupid she only dances with me!” Hearing the name ‘Cupid’ caught Ana’s attention, making her look up into the face of the person she was just pressed against. It was the same intruder from their house a few days ago, on impulse she grabbed Trey’s arm and started to pull him away. As she pulled him away she stared at Cupid, she felt like he wore a menacing smile up under his mask but she didn’t want to get close enough to him to see.

Mike and Bree stood hugged together against the wall; Mike had his arms draped protectively around her body watching everyone around them. Bree had gotten out the hospital earlier in the morning, they all tried to convince her to rest at home, and even Mike offered to stay home with her. Of course she declined she said she was up to partying but truth be told she felt as though if she went out she didn’t want to go out as a sitting duck.

“How’s your throat feeling babe?” Using her index finger she traced the tattoos on his arm, “It’s not as scratchy as it was. So I’m feeling better.” Mike moved around so he could see her face to see if she was lying. “I’ma go get you something to drink anyway,” he announced unwrapping his arms and started to walk away. Bree reached out to grab his hand making him turn around to her, “Baby I’ll be right back I promise. If you need me just scream and I promise I will come.” He pulled his hand from hers and left to get their drinks. Bree nervously looked around the party at the different people hoping that Cupid wasn’t there. As she was gazing around the party she felt a presence next to her and figured it was one Dany. “Swear being back here gives me the creeps but I’ma thug this s*** out cause I ain’t no b****,” pausing she waited for a response and when she didn’t get one she continued, “s*** he caught me slippin the first time but he ain’t gon do that s*** again. Nope! No ma’am Pam!” Crossing her arms over her chest, she nodded and mumbled a few times to herself. Out the corner of her eye she saw something being held out to her so she stuck her hand out. “This better not be your f***ing gum like last time, Danyell. Or I’m kicking your ass!” The person standing next to her plopped the objects in her hands, looking down at the slimy object in her hand she couldn’t really tell what it was. Holding it up to the lights she realized they were eyeballs with green contacts on them. There was only one person she knew that wore green contacts—Lexi. Dropping the contacts she took one look at the person, Cupid, standing next to her and took off running towards the bar area they had set up in the warehouse.

“Shad, I’ll be back I’m about to step out for a smoke.” Shad rolled his eyes, he was truly disgusted by this bad habit of hers but he loved her no matter what crazy things she may have done. “Baby, you don’t need to be out there by yourself.” “Pssh, I don’t need to be out here period. I could be somewhere hiding out but no you f***ing punked me into coming back so the least you could do is get off my damn back and let me smoke. Ok?” she paused momentarily staring at him before turning and heading for the front of the warehouse. Reluctantly Shad followed behind her knowing that leaving her out there alone, especially at night, by herself.

Shad had made it to the threshold before being yoked up by the back of his Super Mario costume and led towards the figures and props that were outside of the warehouse. A throaty yelp left from his lips causing Sofia to turn around. Shocked she stood still watching carefully as Cupid carried Shad over to the “Garden of Heads”. The Garden of Heads was a 12x14 patch of grass that had poles sticking out of it with heads stuck on a few of them; her and Shad had made that prop weeks ago together. Picking him over his head, Cupid slammed Shad’s body down onto the poles.

The sound of the poles going through his body sounded like twenty watermelons being split open with sledgehammers, but the worse noise was him gurgling and gasping for air. Loud breathless gasps filled with the sounds of blood filling his mouth that his lungs had spilled over pushed Sofia over the edge. Without thinking she ran over to the ‘Garden’ forgetting about Cupid and tried to lift Shad’s body off the poles. She dropped to her knees after her task went unsuccessfully, trying to get his blood that had dripped, dropped and spilled onto her off as she cried. Cupid walked up behind her after removing one of the poles from the ‘Garden’ and stood behind her with it posed as if he was about to pole vault. He was waiting—waiting for her to rise. Sofia pushed herself off of the ground preparing to go get the others; Cupid took this time and used it as his attack time. Rushing towards her he drove the pole through her lower back. A low scream escaped her lips, blood gushed from the hole where the pole was coming through on her stomach. She was alive for the time being, her body and mind able to temporarily realize what was going on. Her mouth gapped open and hands stuck out trying to grasp at the pole but unable to move. Cupid tried to pull the pole from her body but it was stuck, using his strength he lifted the pole through her body, splitting it even more. Once he got to the chest cavity he was able to push her body off of the pole. Sticking the pole back into the ‘Garden’ then picked Sofia’s lifeless body up from the ground and tossed her body onto the poles next to Shad.

no but man i got behind nigga !


I got behind sooo
I'm basicallyy gon skip to Halloween sincee it is todayy
&& i wanted to end it todaayyy


Ugh I'm right along with you Ana... I pictured all of that bulls*** and I'm disgusted af lol... Ugh I don't even remember what happened before that... All I know is Sofia need to sit her hot head ass down because ALL of Y'ALL in this s*** now. WTF did they do to ole boy? Damn. Making him kill people and s***.. OBVIOUSLY it was so bad he getting revenge now. This is crazy af... Well.. who tf he about to kill next since he slaughtered Lexi's ass to death lol. R.I.P. You will be missed.... After a few weeks lol.

Run it

uhn uhn
bring ya asx && comment

O_O oh lorddddd... them paragraphs long as hell
ima read man... im being lazy right now

Man this fool crazy!!! I just knew he was gonna torture her first, but he don't play around I see

Omg soso acting like them crazy
white girls running away from the crew
Don't you know you are supposed to stay together

We should have told each other a long time ago
Now we f***ed up lol

Lol at the fact I shut Trey ass and mike up lol
Yea even in this situation I'm running s***

Why the f*** are we going to the warehouse
Didn't y'all just see what happened to Lexi
Well maybe you didn't so let men tell you
Her ass got chopped the f*** up

In a very visual way I might add good job on that cause I saw the whole
Thing and strangely I enjoyed it (it's an October thing) lol

He'll who picture did he take next
I bet soso and shads since they want to run off and leave us

Ughh I'm scared I'm about to die and won't be able to have sex ever again

Wait I think thats scarier then this more SEX


in love


Im a litle behind but everything should be caught up with the dates
by tonight !

Im a litle behind but everything should be caught up rith the dates
by tonight !

<strong><em>October 29, 2012 (cont.)</em></strong>

Nani, Sofia, Dany and Ana sat at Trey and Ana's house waiting for the guys to get back with their breakfast.

"Have y'all heard from Lexi she hasn't been home in a while?" Dany asked muting the television. Sofia shrugged and the other girls shook their head. "I'm just really worried about her," Dany admitted. "Dany, you need to just chill. You know how she get when she around Kirk. Let that girl have her fun." Sofia stated before getting off the sofa to go into the kitchen.

"What's going on with y'all?" Dany sighed and pulled a slip of paper from her purse then passed it to the others.

"Who sent you this?" "I don't know, Nani. It was on the door a few days ago then yesterday I got this freaky ass email." "Yesterday when me and Bree were getting costumes she got this weird phone call, telling me to pick a certain costume so I'll be cute when the police find my body," Nani blurted out. "Yeah like the email said we forgot but they didn't and the M.E was going to need my dental records to identify me," Dany responded with wide eyes. Ana sat quietly trying to figure out if she should tell them or would it freak them out even more.

"Yesterday there was an intruder with this Cupid mask in the house. He was going to attack me but Trey had came back so he ran." Ana was already freaked out hearing their stories and she didn't want to be the only one that was scared out of her mind.

Dany and Nani stared at her with their mouths open. "Ana why didn't you tell us?" Dany asked trying not to show how scared she really was. "I didn't want to scare you guys." Nani nodded agreeing with her.

“Y’all are the only people that know along with Bree,” Nani announced folding her arms around her upper torso. “Well, I told you guys, Dom and Sofia. I’m sure Sofia told Shad. So those are thee only people I know that know about mine.” Dany and Nani looked to Ana waiting for her response. “You guys and Trey. I’m not sure if he told the other guys but I’m pretty sure that he did.”

The doorbell rang causing all three of them to jump and stare wide eyed at the door. Sofi came back into the living room laughing towards the door. “Swear, yall act so scary sometimes it ain’t even that serious for y’all to be acting like that.” She swung the door open and saw Kirk standing on the other side.

He stood with his hands stuffed in his pockets his eyes and face were red. It looked like he had been crying but Sofia couldn’t tell for sure.

“Can I come in?” he asked very low which cause Sofia to ecome even more concerned. She opened the door wider and he made his way to the sofa; sitting between Nani and Ana. Nani wrapped her arm around his shoulder and rubbed his back soothingly, “Kirk, what’s wrong?”

“Me and Lexi were at the warehouse so we could help y’all set up for the party but when we got there the door was closed so we kept ringing the buzzer. We knew Bree was there because her car was out in front. I—I told Lexi to stay there just in case she came to the door before I got back. I went around the building to peak in the windows. Wh—when I peaked in I saw Bree lying in the middle of the floor and she wasn’t moving. I ra—ran back t—to the front and when I got up there I seen this person dragging Lexi away. I ran towards them but it seemed like the closer I got the further they got.”

Sofia backed away quietly after hearing what Kirk said, maybe there was someone after them she thought to herself. Before she knew it she had backed into the wall, she jolted forward because she thought it was a person. She grabbed her keys and headed for the door but Dany caught her before she could leave.

“Fia, where are you going?”

She clutched her keys tight and stared at Dany with teary eyes, “I can’t stay here, Dany. I’m packing up my s*** and I’m going. I knew what day they’d come back, I’m not dying for y’all s***. I’m not!

Ana, Nani and Kirk joined them at the door; Ana stepped in front of Dany with her hands firmly on her hips. “Our s***, Sofia? So we did that s*** by ourselves? At least we admitted what the f*** we did! You trying to pawn all this s*** on us when you KNOW you took a part in it as well. But you know what,” she paused to let a few laughs escape from her lips, “You go right ahead and run. That’s fine with me but understand if they found us after all these years it’ll be able to find yo no matter where you go.”

They all turned to go back into the house leaving Sofia on her own. She stared up at the house for a few minutes then turned away to get into her car. As she was leaving the guys were pulling up, Shad jumped out and ran to the driver side of Sofia’s car.

“Baby, baby where are you going? What’s wrong?” Sofia put the keys into the ignition and gripped the steering wheel, “Either you riding or you not. I don’t have all day; they’re back and I don’t wanna be here when they get here.” Shad took a glance back at the guys and shrugged before running to the other side of the car and hopping in, hoping to get more information out of Sofia so he could understand what was going on.

Trey, Jermaine and Mike entered the house with the Starbucks and McDonald’s breakfast looking for the girls. The y found them huddled around Kirk. “What the hell just happened?” Mike asked with a slight chuckle. “I knew you was a lil b****, Kirk. You let Sofia ounk you huh?” Trey added joining Mike in laughter. “Shut the f*** up, Trey,” Ana shot a cold glare at him quickly shutting him up. Mike continued to laugh however until he caught a glimpse of Ana’s stare. “Nani, what happen?” Jermaine asked softly. “We don’t have time to stand here and explain. We need to get to warehouse right now; I’ll explain everything that happened on the way there.” They all rushed out of the house into two different vehicles and speeded towards their destination.

Ankles taped to the legs of the chairs, arms taped around the back and mouth taped from ear to ear, Lexi sat crying praying that someone would come find her. She realized what was going on once her blindfold was taken off. As she looked around the room she saw pictures of her, all her friends and boyfriend plastered around the room, along with maps and other things that were linked to them. Her worst nightmare had come true—they had come back.

Hearing footsteps her body started to shake once again. She didn’t know who was coming but as slow as the feet were moving she knew that it wasn’t help. Her kidnapper entered the room in he Cupid mask, he carried a large knife in his hand. Taking the knife they traced the pictures on the wall until they got to hers, they let the knife linger around her eye until a hole was placed there and repeated the action on the other eye. Snatching the picture from the wall her kidnapper rushed over to her and made her stare at it. Lexi started to whimper as tears slid from her eyes; quickly the taped was snatched from her mouth causing her to scream.

Dropping the picture they took a few steps away from Lexi and removed the mask tossing it to the side. Air left her body, she couldn’t believe who and what she was staring at. Her initial reaction was to turn away from his face but that quickly faded turning into fear.

He raised the knife and ran his tongue up and down the blade while he stared at her wiggle in the chair in fear. She tried scooting the chair but it wouldn’t move; her guess was that it was nailed down to the floor which did no good for her. He took steps forward until he was right up on her, basically sitting in her lap. Running his hand across her face he grabbed tightly onto her chin and brought the knife up to her face. Using he blade he traced the outline of her lips, her nose then her eyes. A smile crept onto his face as he stared into her eyes. “You die first,” he whispered before plunging the knife into her right eye.

Blood gushed and squirted out onto him and his face but he paid it no mind. He removed the knife them stuck it right back in, only twisting it from left to right this time. He wanted to make sure he had a good hold on her eyeball. Lexi screamed and squirmed under hum even bucked to try to get him off of her but none of that worked. After yanking the knife out of her eyes he stared the eyeball on the end with the same smile. He then repeated the process with her left eye. By the time her eyeball was out she had already gone into shock, her body started to convulse under him but his madness did not stop. Rising he stood looking down at her, he raised the knife above his head, holding it with two hands and came down at full speed causing the blade of the knife to collide with her skull. He pushed the blade into her head until he heard a crack, telling him her skull was now split.

Obviously happy with his handy work he left the knife sticking out of her head and grabbed his mask from the floor returning it to his face. He snatched another picture off the wall and exited the room whistling.

Umm Bree isnt dead you guys . . .
Just unconscious

No, nope, uh uh!

They killed Bree!!
Why? Why?
I mean I know she's mean and s***
and she probably did bring this upon
herself, but why her?
No ma'am pam!
I will not be attending this party.

Run it

Sorry about the typos in the last add
But I'm adding today !

I wonder if it was all a dream

f*** THAT
party is over hell naw im not celebrating my birthday in that
warehouse hell naw who is this guy and why is he coming
for all of us

black liquid.. dirty mother .. eww

he killed breee


we all gon die ahhh