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Breezy in Africa

I'm really lookin forward to CB concert taking place in South Africa
in December,travelling 1800 km just to experience Breezy Magic
I'm hoping to see performances from a variety of albums
Chris;I hope u take it all the way back to your self titled album;Exclusive;Graffiti and your
mixed tapes...u don't come our way often so Im really lookin forward to seeing u in
the mothacity
God bless


super excited to c him,g.c for sho

Golden circle ticket at coca-cola dome in Johannesburg baby!! That's dope

yep galz.... got my ticket also he is coming to Durban, Moses Mabhida stadium will be on fire...cant wait

oh yeah.....his coming to Cape Town aka the Mother City. got my ticket....will be in front grand centrol babeeee!
So looking forword to in. been waiting for this my whole life.

thank Chris for coming to Cape Town.

see you soon.
Lotas looovveee