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Fantasy Factory


"Welcome to the Fantasy Factory" The host and owner of the club <a href="">Wayne</a> "as you ladies know tonight these men are you fantasy, they are your husband or boyfriend for the night and they will treat you right, are we ready?" he asked the crowd of women.

He listened closely as the woman scream and cheered for them to get started."then lets get started" he chuckled as he spoke into the mic.


"Kim! hold up" <a href="">Katrina</a> called out."where you rushing off to?" she asked.
"home" <a href="">Kimberly</a> told her.
"but it's your birthday!" trina rem reminded.
"another reason that furthermore proves i'm old" kim said as she continued to walk.
"b**** your only 23, live a little" trina joked.

They continued to walk until Kimberly was bumped back someone who was clearly rushing.

"damn you can say excuse me" kim said.
"my bad" <a href="">He</a> said as he continued to rush towards his destination.

"anyways..." trina said."you have to celebrate tonight" she added.
"i'm not in the mood trina" kim said.
"okay, tomorrow night, please, please, please, please" she begged.
"okay, tomorrow" kim said smiling as she gave in."just me and you, nobody else is allowed to know it's my birthday" kim added in.
"my lips are sealed" trina said with a slick smir on her face.

Run It? Or Dump It?


Run it but change his love interest to Kerry Hillson.

Run it! sounds good

RUN IT. Sounds interesting.

Run it!!!

This shinit gone be on point. Run it!

shut up bree!! lol

I know you just didn't ask to run it or dump it lol...

So I'mma say dump just 'cuz you asked that question...

so yeahhh dump this s*** bruh lol.