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|See Through Me|

Chapter: Intro

Chris wakes up in a plush of clouds. Looking around to figure out where he is, he gets up & start walking. Where?
Nowhere in particular. Soon a bright white light appears & he covers his eyes. I stand before him smiling, with beautiful wings resting on my curved back.

"Hello, im Ka'marie. Im your concious."

He stares at me intensly. "What? Concious? Where Am I?"

I smile weakly, " You have just been in a car accident, your unconcious & this might be the end for you."

Chris shakes his head. "No, no.. Im getting the hell out of here!"

Following him I quickly whisper, "Fine, go ahead & die to leave your family & friends behind."

He turns around & looks at me.
"What the f*** are you talking about?"

My faced turned into a pity expression. " Please Christopher don't use that kind of lauguage here."

His face changed to a confused look.

"How did you know my name? Where is 'here'?"

Giggling I put my hand on his shoulder, " Im your concious I know everything. And your in heaven."

"Oh yeah? what's my favorite color?"


"When did I stop peeing in the bed?"

"You haven't. Sometimes, you still pee because of dreams of your father beating your mother."

He looks around.

"Dont be so loud!" He said as I giggled.

"Come with me.. I will show you everything I know about you & how to fix it. But, you do know if you don't fix yourself up you could ruin your life for ever."

I took his hand as we walked into a pitch of clouds.

Authors note: Im bored so.. I came up with this. Not sure if I wanna turn this into a story.
But it sounds like its going somewhere. Just let me know if I should keep going.


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That first line: "Chris wakes up in a plush of clouds" Pulled me right the f*** in!!!
I loove the way you started that story ma'am *hugs you*

It seems as though Chris has a short amount of time to get himself together before his physical form is lost....hmmmmm
So intriguing, and it's only just begun!!

it is Dry as hell in here!
ain't nobody doing s***!
Chris bucket head ass better change before he die!
Run it Kay!

Chapter: Two

As we walked through the clouds Chris' life became clear and more clearer.
We were in a bright white room with a 100 inch flat screen on one wall & little ones everywhere around.

They showed the night him & his brother were playing the Xbox 360 in the living room before he died.
The times he was being bullied. His first kiss. The time he got caught up in a scandal because
of drug habits.

"This is the room of life. It shows everything you have ever did in your life."
He looks across the room at one of the small flat screens.

"Whats that one about?"

Slowly walking over I examined it. "Oh. This ones when you fell of the balcony of your moms 4 story
apartment. You had to get mechanics in your legs. you don't remember?"

"Yeah. I just wanted to know"

I smiled & escorted him to the white couch.

"Before we continue on, do you have any questions or would like to take a bathroom

Chris nods slowly, "Why are you doing this? What is all this for? Am I going to die? Can I see my mom before I die?"

"Slow down, slow down. One question at a time. Now all of this is to change you before its too late."

"Change me? But why?"

I sigh and put my hand over his.

"Your on the verge of dying. Because of your ways and your habits. You are being given a chance to correct them before its too late."

His hands found their way over his face.

"So. What do I have to do?"


I like leaving you guys with cliff hangers.
I think what im doing sucks but whatever.
Its dry ass hell on here today, so im making moves.
Love you guys (:

Run this s*** Kay!
Like right now!
this is very interesting!
*looks around*
come on whats taking so long!