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Never Would You Catch Me Fighting Over A Niggah Don't Care Who It Is If They Not Family I Couldn't Give Two f***s & A Glass Of Ice Tea Been There Done That s*** Is Played Out.Not Gonna Catch Me Out In The Street Looking A Goddamn Fool Too Old & Got Kids ...NO! Not Arguing With Any Female Over Any Dude s*** Is Played Out As Well If She Want Him She Can Try To Take Him & If She Get Him Well Then Cudos To You b**** ✌


You Know What I Can't Stand Females Who Say One Thing But Act A Whole Other Way.I Swear Every time Soon As I Start To Think You Know What Life Is Too Short To Be Holding Grudges Ima Squash This And Be Nice A b**** Open Her Goddamn Mouth Saying Some Damn f***ery Then Niggahs Wonder Why I Don't f*** With Them Why I Don't Even Acknowledge Their Existence SMD & Choke On It Hoe Smh This Is Why I Can't Be Nice .......


oooooooooooooooohhhh so much in my soul today i cnt with ppl i just cnt


pssh im chillin b****es kno where to find me if they wanna throw hands neva is anyone all that serious to me if they not related to me in way shape or form fr fr i dnt care

totally agree with you guys! Kill that b**** with kindess! She won't know what to do with herself then! She's expecting you to jump stupid, so do the opposite. She'll feel even more threatened than she is now, real talk.

Lmao I had to go through that in my sophmore year with this girl & my best friend.
At that time I had a girlfriend ( dont ask why ) but I was happy I had a guy friend I could act like a guy around.
We were super cool cause I was different & not your ordinary girl. Theres this girl that liked him. I mean f***ing
fareal liked him. She would mug me, get her friends geeked up about me, & spread rumors about me. I would laugh in her face but I just wanted to fight her & get it over with.

Candace is right. Dont feed into it. Cause now its my junior year & he's at a different school & she's smiling all up in my face. Hoes are gonna be hoes. Its nothing new, nothing old..
Just try to be the bigger person before you actually kick her ass.. please?

Btw: im not a stud if that first paragraph made you think so..

You can be nice. You getting angry is exactly what they want. People like that live for reactions and when you give them to them. They win. Just Kill them with Kindness Lexi. Just don't feed into it Lexi. Eventually they'll stop.