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Just. {Poem}

Can I just have you to myself .. For one night? Do all the freaky things you like ..

Then hold you in my arms and just lay together, sharing our thoughts and dreams...

Forgetting about our yesterdays and living in the moment ..

Can I just ....

Just love you the way your heart desires.

Take you from heartache to bliss ... Ha, yeah I know you like this.

Can I just lead you on a journey? Taking you to heights unknown.

Can I just be what makes you happy?

Just because you do something to me.


Do ya like?


Amen and Amen!
Im relieved right now. all my pieces handed in :)

Lol thankies ms.kizzie :)

That's right toy walk in faith and everything falls in place

Really good, yo!
Shiieet if I was a man, my answer would be: Hell yes!

I know... they tryna work me to my death
but not to worry
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
I got this in the bag!!!
How I'm still going and not stressing I aint a clue...
Nope wait...
That's God holding me together.

Uhoh .. do tell?

They work my momma so hard:(

i have but not properly
Lee they killing me at uni
I have so much work to do
It's insane
I'm just finishing an essay
Then I have another to do
and it's late
and i have work in the morning
Thursday is my day to relax sweetie
so will do my best to read it then
BEFORE meeting up with folks to do some other stuff

LELE, i have a confession.

I'm talking about mama toya !!

I did and i commented i believe..!

and I feel you.

And thanks. He's bad af

Did you read imagination?????

*peeps in*

awwwww cute age

... yh... when ysl write i read...

I told you what I needed ... I have to not think about it but thats hard enough so I damn sure shouldnt write about it


I shouldnt ... Smh it would just make things worse

Ohhh I say you should..

My Fav Topic.

I wanna write about <strong>SEX</strong> ... Lol

No seriously

one big poem called Diffrent.. lol.

I have to stop writing poetry got like 4 books already.. smh..

He's 3.

How bout we write together... Aboutttt Hmmmm???????


How old is your child Charm?

hell yeah we do!!!

Lee... I can't help ya hun, I'm stuck on poem ideas
I need to write some asap as well....

Bonding !! Lo
But I want to write another one ....
Gimmie topics ???

lol I want mines back to.. nah i got a kid.. smh
Hes my everything though.

Us Folks got them good genes.

girl i want my childhood back!
happy i still look like a young'n though :)
well... apart from when i get id checked...

Awww no fret.. We the same age.


im 22 hun. 23 in 4 months :'(

Lmao Toya has me lmao all the time.

Toya how old are you?

well done...
I'm proud of u my adopted child :)
You will see the adoption papers soon lol

Yesss you can, baby yes u can.. LMAO

*Snaps fingers*

I Like good job.