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to a screen near you | <strong><a href=>Sneak</a></strong> | in forums January 13 2013


lol im bored
whassup yall


b****. log tf out.

Done talking to yo ass.

Bye lol.


you forgetting Rih been myy nigga/homie/girl

she knw wht it is
&& ik too
thts whyy we dont trip over females likee YOU


Thuggiee Flow lol

For real lol... don't hate... Please man lol.


Riiiight !

YUUUUP, I'm her down b****... She said it before lol.



Nani, stop it... I'll get it first watch lol.

Yall want me to get it
frm her ???


Yeah, I like those songs too.

So, we all are in agreement.

we want to hear the rest of the song!!!! lol

when *it

after listening and listening
to Loveeeee Me snippet all day
this could probably be a decent
single tho. and i now like
No Love Allowed and Get It Over With
plus Phresh Out The Runway....
i think i might actually buy the
album when i come out O_O
chris' verse on Nobodies'Business...
Rih just need to leak the rest of
that song right now lbvs

A hat nigga....

what pic do y'all see? chris in a suit or in a hat



Man, I will be there... Gotta see my baebae and how they act lol.

@tramiciajay lmaooo nah its a story im a be writing on

@bree hah yupz. tyga auditioned for chris role but he was extremely shy and didn't fit the thuglife lol

Lol GIRLLLLL Rihanna in the movie??? CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THAT!!! lol

What is it a concert??