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Death of CBW!

Where in thee fizuck is everybody? I mean damn. Lexi ass been MIA... Damn, are you alright Lexi? Are yo ass alright? lol.

And then man, Idk it's just dead af basically.

Like ughhhhhhh.

I'm hungry as f***.


Comee on niggs

it aint nothing
but two snaps && a hair flip !


Nani I swear you about to make catch a plane to Virginia lol.

Couldve fooled me


b**** I do know whats going on!

I catch onto s***... I'm not dumb.. Tf? Lol

But alright!

Some ppl make myy pimp hand itch
like a muhfcka

Real s***

Like smh DAMN

Anyhow see you there Sneak !!!
I'm heading tht way

see yall over there then

*walks out to Chris' Nobody's Perfect*

It's a lot LESS nerve racking
Well for me lol

Bree udk s h i t


I know what she mean too Nani... Ugh....

Ughhhhhers lol.

Well I guess we'll catch you over there man lol.

I can feel you on tht other site

But damn I feel likee you kinda just snapped
at us lol but I'm pretty sure I already
knw wht you on

dany ik man thas why im not
gonna talk about it. im a go
read machiavellian and
coach cole and drink my drank
n write on i pledge allegiance

no Juicee and Non im not sayin'
sht else im a let it fade into
the background and continue to
have a lovely non-tweakin' day
lol...over on the other site
where im free of my mind games

Exactly Dany.

And me too Nani!!! Lol

No man cause I wanna knw now lol

Dont let that s*** marinate, it'll only get worse.

nahhh im a let my thoughts fade away
i aint even gon' bother with it man


Ditto lol

Message us Sneak lol

What's wrong Sneak ??????

good choice dany *hi-five* G!

ahh juicee lemme go get Stevie J for you!
hol on lol

@Non nothin' man...nothing at all

What's wrong Sneak?

lmao bree i knew you was gon pick C

-__- this some not even gon' say sht
im a just stay in here and let bluey be beautiful for me

C!!!!!! Lmao

B is slightly true
Soooo B buuuut naaah lol

The bonus choice


let's play a game cause im bored lol

w/ multiple choice answers!</strong></code>

<code><em>After having your newborn baby no less than a month ago and you get your body back what would you do?</em>

A. Take care of your baby, spend every minute of your time with your newborn and <strong>wait</strong> a few months to go out to the club and hang with your friends

B. Stay in the house and call your friends over to hang since you live in your baby daddy's house with a pool probably in the back and a banging stereo system plus drinks in the crib

C. Leave your baby at home with your baby daddy, mother, or mother-in-law and go the club to show off your post baby bod and hang with friends

<strong>BONUS CHOICE</strong>

D. Go be ratchet, find Stevie J and let him send you back to the strip club</code>

Actually Bree, I do. But I have three day weekend so i'll do it later.

Bree YOU stfu



And Dany? Don't you got some homework to do? Lol

Her blunt was a little flimsy.

I watched it... I liked it... She is very down to earth... I was so glued to the screen lol. She's gorgeous.