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Bre! Charm! Anybody.. Somebody (:

So me & the flying Unicorns decided to take a bathroom break & piss entertainment on you bia bia's! (:
Im eating a good ass hunny bun & watching Lottery Ticket so please dont ruin the mood.
Bre if your reading this , ima bite your boob cause you decided to get rid of alaska. Lol

Anyways.. answer this questions & do wtf you want after ♥

• If Chris Brown was getting raped in the ass & you were walking by , what would you do?

• Whats your thoughts of Romney?

• How do you expect your future to be?

• Give yourself a strip name.

• Name three states that pops in your head.

• Whats your middle name? Would you change it?

• Favorite song?

• What makes you blush?

• Food you hate to eat?

• Are you laughing?

• Whats something sad?

• Are you pregnant?

• Do you think I care?

• Whats your favorite year?

• Are you old enough to drive?

• Would you ever eat the vag?

• Whats the capitol of capitol?

• Do you think Im cool?

• Whats something about me you like?

• Are you happy?

Okay okay okay.. Enough questions! Go away! (: