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The Nanny Affair

*(all my other stories expect 'Her Room: Make It Work' will be discontinued until further notice, i just don't know where i'm going with them)*


"i don't know about this Ana" <a href="">Maurice</a> said to his wife.
"think about it, we don't have time in the morning to take mimi to school and we don't have time to pick her up" his wife <a href="">Ana</a> spoke.
"a live in nanny though, i don't want strangers in my house" maurice spoke.
"it needs to be a live in how else do you expect them to be here early in the morning" she spoke."it's that or one us quits or gets fried for being late everyday" she said staring at him.
"fine" maurice said giving in.
"thanks, but you have to take mimi to school today, thanks, bye" ana said grabbing her bag, pecking her husband on the lips and heading out the door.

"MICHELE!! lets go!" maurice called out as their <a href="">Daughter</a> ran out the living room.
"okay lets go" he said picking her and her bag up."make sure you don't get yourself dirty, you have to look nice in your pictures" he said.
"i won't" she said
"promise?" he asked
"promise" she said giggling.

(BTW the baby i used is my little cousin :) lol)


Awwww tht was sweet. I don't feel like Maurice is trying to push up on her. I just feel like he is being a good friend. Oan; I KNEW Ana's ass was creepin!!! Smh. Poor Maurice. Run it:)))


A few days later Lauren was on the phone with her friend Keyanna while she got mimi dressed answer ready for school.

"how's everything going over there?" her Keyanna asked as Lauren took mimi downstairs to get breakfast.
"it's fine, i can't complain" lauren said as Maurice walked down the stairs dressed in a suit.

They both stared at each other as Maurice hugged his daughter goodbye and made his way out the door.

"hello? Did you hear me?" her friend asked.
"sorry I got side tracked what happened?" lauren asked.
"hows the kid?" she asked.
"shes good, her mom went on a business trip so she cries for her sometimes" lauren said.
"you should take her to the park or something" keyanna said.
"i tried that already" lauren said giving mimi some cereal.
"oh! i got an idea, Kim just gave me 3 free pass tickets to Disney Land this weekend you should take her" keyanna said.
"that does sound fun but i doubt her dad will let me take her" she said.

"just come pick them up and you can ask him later" she said.
"iight, you coming with me right?" she asked.
"i wish, but i can't gotta work i traded shifts" she said.
"that sucks" lauren said.
"maybe you can take Devin" keyanna said causing lauren to smile.
"so not only do you want to ask this child father if i can take her to Disney land but you want me to add in that i'm taking a guy with me?" lauren said.
"just throwing out ideas" keyanna said.

"iight well i gotta drop mimi off at school, i'll be there to pick up the tickets in a few" lauren said.
"okay" keyanna said as they both hung up.

Lauren dropped mimi off at school and made her way to keyannas house to get the free passes from her.

"you need to come around more" keyanna said metting lauren outside.
"uh i'm a full time nanny i don't have that much time on my hands anymore" lauren said laughing as they walked inside keyannas house.
"you right, here" keyanna said handing her the tickets.
"thanks, you really think i should ask Devin, i don't think he's into me like that" lauren said.
"you guys are like best friends yall have everything in common how could he not be into you" keyanna said.

"don't soup my head up" lauren said with a smile from ear to ear.
"i'm just saying to had a crush on him since 8th grade better time then ever" she said.
"whatever" Lauren laughed."let me get back to the house, i got things to do" she added in.
"when you throwing a party in the mansion?" keyanna asked laughing."project X style" she added in.
"you're a fool i swear" Lauren laughed as she left the house.

Lauren got back to the house and started to clean up around the house when the home phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered putting it on speaker.
"Hi my name is Samantha James i work with Visa and i'm calling because there have been some mysterious transactions on and account owned by Mrs Ana Brown in Mexico" the female spoke.
"Mexico?" Lauren asked.
"yes, are you the person i should speak to regarding this?" she asked.
"uh no, their not here right now but i'll let them know" lauren said.
"okay, thank you have a nice day" she said before hanging.

"Mexico?" lauren thought to herself clearing remembering Ana saying she was going to LA. She decided to let it go it was none of her business and she figured Maurice mostly likely knew about the change.

She finished cleaning the house and went up to her room, opened up her lap top and logged onto twitter to waist time. A hour later lauren's phone rang, she looked at it to see maurice's name and answered it.

"yes?" she answered.
"i just picked up Michelle, just letting you know" he said as lauren looked at the time.
"it's kinda early don't know think?" she asked.
"so what, school's for chumps" she said joking.
"are you really quoting sponge bob?" she asked laughing."and when your daughter get to high school and start skipping class i hope she tells you school's for chumps" she said laughing.

"whatever, i have to take her to see my mother" he said.
"okay, can i ask you something?" she asked.
"yeah, what?" he asked.
"i got 3 free passes to disney land for this weekend you mind if i take mimi?" she asked.
"not at all, i'm sure she'll have fun" he said.
"and..."she said."i wanted to asked my friend..Devin to come with me, if you don't mind?" she asked.

"oh, no i don't mind all long as my daughter is taken care of and is not in any harm" he said.
"she won't be, i promise" she said.
"okay then, i'm fine with it" he said.
"okay, thanks...see you guys later" she said
"later" maurice said hanging up.

Lauren called keyanna soon after getting off the phone with maurice to tell her the good news.

"i hope devin says yes" lauren said.
"how about you get off the phone with me and call me" keyanna said laughing.
"i'm nervous" lauren said.
"you knew kid practically you whole life and NOW your nervous to talk to him" keyanna said."grow some ball" she laughed.
"you're such an ass" lauren said laughing.
"bye lauren go call your potential boo" keyanna said hanging up.

Lauren thought about what she was going to say once she got on the phone with Devin. She procrastinated on calling devin and tried to find things around the house that needed to be cleaned, but not much need to be. About an hour later she finally picked up the phone and dialed Devin's number.

"hey Dev it's lauren, i was wondering with you wanted to go somewhere with me this weekend?" she asked as he picked her.

Maurice had walked in with mimi sleeping in his arms. He put her down on the couch and turned to look at her.

"no, it's okay" she said."i understand...friends" she said before hanging up the phone.
"he much be the stupidest guy in the world" maurice said as lauren turned around not realizing he was there.
"why you say that?" she asked.
"he turned YOU down, am i right?" he asked.
"i guess you can say that" she said.

"that's why he's stupid, who in their right mind would turn down someone like you?" he asked as lauren stood there speechless."you know what?" he asked.
"what?" she said finally speaking.
"i'll go with you" he said.
"you? coming with us to disney land?" she asked.
"yuup and i'm not taking no for an answer" he said.

(got tired more tomorrow lol)

yes i am!
i'm working on an add right now
expect it up soon!

Awwww man are you still adding to this one?


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run it run it

RUN IT!!!!

Run it!!!

Run it:)))

run !!!!!!!!

ana is rude as fuxk..! i actually want him to cheat on
her because honestly i think she's cheating on him
and taking him for granted.!!!

maurice and lauren together is cute.!
run it.!!!


oooo they flirting lol
give us more!!!


I cant wait for you to post more am hooked and cant get enough

Run it!!!

Run it!!!

Run It!!!


RUN IT!!!!

Maurice gone get that ass lol. Lauren better get ready lol he's flirting hella hard. With his married self.

run it

lol maurice ol flirtin ahh..he is NOT worried abt his wife being gone lol..but that closet was it!!!!

Maurice is trying it!!! He done got comfortable with ana being gone. I'm just a little confused on where their "friendship" is going next. Run it:)))

Yea they flirting mad hard lol


Chapter 5

They parked in from of Mimi's school and waiting for them to let the kids out. There was nothing but silence in the car as both Maurice and Lauren scrolled on their phones. Lauren's phone vibrated as she received a text message. without opening it she looked at the name and sucked her teeth.

"really?" she asked looking over a Maurice."you're gonna text me while we're right next to each other?" she added.
"just read it?" he said. She looked back at her phone the read the message he just sent her.

Maurice: Your smile is beautiful

She read the message 2 more time to make sure she read it right before looking at Maurice again.

"thank you" she said. In a matter of seconds she went from cool and calm to nervous. Lauren looked out the window to see kids being escorted out."the kids are coming out" lauren said.

Maurice spotted his daughter in the crowd of kids and got out his car to meet her. The moment Mimi saw maurice she ran to him with a huge smile on her face.

"DADDY!" she yelled out in excitement
"hey baby girl!" maurice said picking her up.
"i learned about clouds today daddy" she said.
"really? youre gonna tell me all about it whe we get home right?" he asked as he opened the back door and helped her in her car seat.
"yuup" she agreed.

He closed the back door, walked around to the drivers side, started the car back up and drove off. They decided to just get a crave case threw the drive threw at White castle and go back home.

When they got back to the home Lauren took the food inside as Maurice got miml out the back.

"can i eat over here, i won't make a mess" mimi asked as she climbed on the couch.
"sure but shhh, don't tell mommy" Maurice said as he got two mini burgers and handed then to her.
"thank you" mimi said politely as Maurice turned on the cartoons for her.

Lauren walked into the kitchen and instantly starting washing the dishes she saw there. Maurice sat at the table and pulled out a few burgers for himself.

"leave them dishes alone and come eat" Maurice said looking at Lauren.
"i'm almost done, i don't like to leave this half done" she said."it's part of my OCD" she added.
"OCD?" he asked.
"some people need to have things clean, some people need to have things in order, i don't like doing things half and i can't stand things being in odd numbers" she said.

"good to know" he said watching her.
"okay, done" she said as she turned to face him. She sat down across from him and pulled out two burgers.

It was silent as she bit down on her burger and looked up at him. He winked at her followed by a smile causing her to look back down.

"your blushing" he said looking a the redness in her cheeks.
"i am?" she asked putting her hands on her face.
"put your hands down, its cute" he said before taking another bit of his burger. She dropped her hands and continued to eat.
"if i didn't know any better i would say your flirting with me" lauren said/
"is it illegal to flirt?" he asked.
"no but when your married its wrong" she said.
"your right" he agreed.

"so are you gonna tell me what i don't know about you?" Lauren asked changing the subject.
"i can show you better then i can tell you" he said standing up."follow me" he said as he started walking away.
"wait what?" lauren asked.
"just come on" he laughed.

"theres one room down here, we call it my office" Maurice said as he opened the door to his <a href="">room</a>. Lauren walked in seeing he had just about every game console and video game to go with it.
"how many of these have you actually played?" Lauren asked still looking around.
"majority of them, this room is my get away, my escape from reality" she said watching her.

"so your like a kid trapped in a grown mans body?" Lauren asked.
"i guess you can say that" Maurice laughed.
"well, its always good to have an escape" Lauren said.
"another thing" maurice said getting Laurens attention as he walked towards a door inside the room."remember how i said i don't wear suits and that formal crap all the time?" he asked.
"yeah" lauren said as he opened the door to his <a href="">Closet</a>

He had just about every sneaker and snap back known to man up on his wall.

"damn" was all she said."why is all this down here?" she asked.
"ana doesn't like when i where this stuff, she says it reminds her of the hood" he told her.
"what? people in the hood don't stuff like this" she said holding up a gold chain."i mean they do but it's always fake gold" she added in.
"you stupid" he laughed."put my chain back though, you might try and robe be" he said laughing.
"whatever" she said sucking her teeth and hanging it back up.

They walked out the closet and out the room back out into the kitchen.

"can you eat one more" lauren asked Maurice.
"why?" he asked.
"because its a odd number of then" she said.
"i feel like this OCD thing is gonna be the death of me" maurice said as he grabbed another burger.
"you'll get used to it" she said putting away the rest.

(boring chapter, sorry)

Ana just dipped out real quick. hmmmmmm

Run It.

Run it!!!

Hey Im New On Here n Im Loveing This Story So Far