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Hurt But Healing.

This is just a short story about my childhood and what I've grown to be today. It's mostly based on me and my mom's relationship. For those who don't know my mom commited suicide on my 12th birthday. We only got along when my dad was around, so yeah I'm not too new to hurt.
All the things you told me, were things mom's never said.
You told me I was a mistake and you wanted me dead.
On all my birthdays you gave me a gun and pills.
You once put me in front of a mirror and told me, I was the only thing I needed to kill.
Yes you hurt me to my soul, and forgiving you was never my goal.
I had to admit on that day you took your life.
It felt like i had been cut with a little butter knife.
I didn't feel hurt unti lthe kids at school said it was my fault.
But being loved was something I was never taught.
Especially after dad was killed, I guess you abusing me is what healed your scars.
I may not be the most beautiful woman, but I know I am a star.
Big Ma told me that deep down you loved me.
Now all I want is to see you, and when I do, hopefully you would atleast hug me.
All the things you told me, are things mom's never said.
But now that I think about it, I keep coming up with reasons you wanted me dead.
Everybody used to tell me you were never the prettiest thing in the room.
But you were a sweet magnolia that would definately bloom.
I guess when I came, you were just another hater.
Not my mom nor my savior.
You hated me because I was beautiful and confident.
Which was something you were not familiar with.
I hope you look down or up at me
And finally see
I AM a sweet, independent somebody.


Perfect! ^_^

It's getting real! RUN IT!

Chapter 18~~ Party!!

Kaden's POV

I sat in my room with Adrian, Josiah, and <a href="">Justin.</a> "I heard Sherane was coming to the party." Josiah said, looking through my phone. "Nigga what the f*** you doing?!" I exclaimed, snatching my phone out of his hand. "I wanna see the naked pics of Nikki." I rolled my eyes, "Nigga, I don't have any naked pictures of her in my phone. Dumbass muthaf***a." I spat, "Ahh! He gets none!" Justin yelled, "Key word was in my phone, that doesn't mean I have no naked pictures of her at all." As soon as I said that, all three of them got up and started flipping things over. "Y'all better stop making all that damn noise in they house!" I ran out the door, "I told them Auntie Kira." She rolled her eyes, "You probably the damn one that started that s***." My mom said shooing me off. "Oh! Go get your sister Kaden." (Chris and India had a daughter a year after the wedding, she is 16.) "I don't have to go do s***." I mumbled, "Nigga, what the f*** you just say!" I turned around to see my mom standing there, I jumped back, but she caught me and slapped the s*** out of me. :Be glad I ain't have my gun. Now go get your sister." I walked back in my room with my hand over my cheek.

"We gotta go get Asia." Adrian hopped up out of his seat, "Man, she don't want you." I joked. I knew my sister had the biggest crush on him. "That ain't what she said last night." I stopped in my tracks and pulled him by the collar, "Listen, stay away from my sister. I'll kill yo ass if you touch her without my permission. b**** ass nigga." I spat. The look on Adrian's face was priceless, "I'm just playing nigga. But seriously, did you ever f*** my sister?" He shook his head, "Naw, if I did. I would've never just hit it and quit it. Plus she wouldn't let a nigga touch her, or do her dirty. Whether you were her brother or not." I nodded in agreement, since my sister was the prettiest girl in school she had to be fiesty. But she wasn't lovin' the crew. She isn't that type of girl, she put her and her grades before all niggas. That's why I never really worried about her. She told me everything and anything that she had to tell. There was no if, ands, or buts about it.

When I pulled up to the school, <a href="">Asia</a> was being bothered by this jock. He was a real ass to girls and he wasn't about to be one to my sister. "Yo, nigga do we have a problem?" I yelled, hopping out the car with the guys by my side. <a href="">He</a> sighed heavily and turned back to my sister. "Why you always killing my vibe?" He asked me, "Nigga there wasn't a vibe to kill." Asia intefered. "b**** you-" He was cut off by Asia slapping him down to the ground. "Damn!" WE yelled as we watched Asia walk to the car. "I got yo b****!" Asia yelled, pulling a knife out her bag. She started to walk up on Kane. Adrian held her back, "Adrian let me go!" She grunted, struggling to get away from his grip. "No. You're not about to go to jail and miss going to prom with me." He said, Me, Josiah, and Justin looked him like he was crazy. Asia smiled, "Is that your way of asking me to prom?" Adrin bit his bottom lip, "Sure is." Asia kissed him on the lips, "Aye! Hell no. You got a year until prom, sit yo fast ass down!" I ordered. Asia flicked me off and kept kissing him. They started to tongue each other down. "Ughh!" I groaned."Let's leave these niggas. We left them and drove off to Nikki's house.

We soon pulled up to Nikki's house and I honked the horn. <a href="">She</a> came out the house and shyly waved at the guys. "Hey boo." I greeted, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her lips. "Who all here?" I walked in the house to see <a href="">Heaven and Chyna</a> putting up groceries. "Yo! Where Alicia?" Josiah asked. "She's in the back." Heaven said, without looking at me. "Damn, she still mad." I sighed to myself, "What the f*** you mean she still mad? Of course she is dumbass." Chyna spat. "Shut the f*** up Chy, Josiah." Justin said, Chyna just mumbled something and continued to put the groceries up.

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Are these picks good?

<a href=" ">Josiah</a>


<a href=" ">Sky</a>

I want 2
Josiah DeVon(17) and Eden Sky(16)

Lol! Do you want one or two kids.

I want Kids!!! Kaden,Alicia and Adrian grew up and got sexy! lol smh they better let them hoes know that Rissa is crazy and so are her girls!!! We don't play bout our kids!!!

Chapter 17~~ Lovey Dovey

In The Morning
Chris' POV

<a href="">I</a> woke up to see <a href="">Rissa</a> sitting on the bed trying on my hats. I snatched it off her head. "Hey, I was wearing that!" She whined, I smirked. "Gimme kiss." I said puckering my lips, she pecked my lips. "Can i get it back now?" I shook my, "No, I want a real kiss." She started to smile, "Oh, you want a real kiss? A real kiss where, on the lips or on the neck." She started to kiss and suck on my neck, then she kissed me on the lips. She slid her tongue into my mouth and our tongues crashed into each other. She moaned loudly and pulled away. "Can I get the hat now?" She asked poking her lip out. I gave her the hat and she stood up. "Oww." She winced in pain, I immediately jumped up and ran to her side. "Bae, you okay?" She smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm still sore from last night." I laughed and looked in the mirror, "Well, you know how I do." She jerked her head back, "Okay Mr. c**ky." She said walking away, but it looked more like a waddle because she would walk and take baby steps.

Rissa's POV

I was sore from head to toe, but it was a good sore. "Baby, we need to go see Adrian at the hospital." Chris reminded me. I went upstairs and took a shower. As I was stripping off my clothes Chris came in the bathroom, for some reason I jumped and hid in the shower. "Damn babe, you actin' like I've never seen you naked before." He said pulling the shower curtain back. "What are you doing Chris?" I asked turning on the hot water, "I'm bout to take a shower with my boo." I turned to face him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, he pulled my hair back roughly and started to suck on my neck. I gasped in shock, as he nibbled on my breasts. "Chris." I moaned, he looked at me and smirked and he stepped closer, the water running over his head. He put one finger on my clit and began to rub it fast. "Oh s***." I cursed, he began to go faster and I started to heavily breath in his ear. He slipped one finger in and began pumping. My legs started to go numb and Chris knew it. He pumped in and out faster until I came. I almost fell down, but Chris caught me. I was out of breath and then the door rang. "I got it." Chris said, stepping out the shower. "Chris. give me my kiss!" I whined, he poked his head in the shower and I puckered my lips. Instead of flicking them he bit on them and I winced in pain. "Oww!" Chris pecked my lips, "You'll be aiight." He assured, I fell to the shower floor, "Oh, I may never see daylight again." I weeped, "Rissa, come on before I f*** you raw." I started to get out the shower. "I'd love that." I said laying on the bed drifting off to sleep.

Many Years Later
<a href="">I</a> was standing in the kitchen making dinner when <a href="">Kaden, Alicia, and Adrian</a> walked in laughing and being loud. "Aye, that nigga tried to dunk on Adrian and his ass fell! He looked like a straight up pussy!" Alicia spat, "What the f*** you just say?" Laith asked walking in, "Nothing, daddy." She said getting quiet. "Wassup Ace?" Laith walked over and dapped up Kaden and hugged Adrain. "Dad, a girl was talking to Kaden and she asked if he wanted a threesome and his ass gon say no!" Adrian exclaimed, "Good, that b**** got all the muthf***ing STDs in the world. Her pussy as loose as mom when you get her drunk." Laith laughed and dapped up Alicia. "Cuss one more damn time, and I'mma beat all y'all asses. On life." I warned, they all twisted up their faces, "Momma, stop." Kaden said in embarrasement. "No, you should've told that hoe to stop when she wanted to suck yo d***. She probably said her pussy do backflips and s***. Ah, Laith remeber that girl I used to f*** in highschool, she said her pussy was in a circus." Me and Laith busted out laughing. "Momma, you liked pussy!" Kaden exclaimed, I nodded. "I did, but then I met your father. And ohh, he made me forget about pussy like it never existed. Except for when he ate mi-" I was cut off by Kaden pushing me to the side and running upstairs to the bathroom. "Ugh! Rissa you need to just stop." Laith groaned while holding his stomach. "Knock! Knock!" I heard one of Alicia's friends yell at the door. "Tell yo b****es to stop yellin' like they ain't got no goddamn sense." I yelled. "Yes Aunti Rissa.
__________________________________________________________________Umm, so yeah! I will now turn the story over to the kids. It will still be told by the adult's too, but the kids are almost grown. If you don't like it well, suck this imaginary d***! Lol jk. Hope yah like it! If you don't you already know what to do. Lol

Its slowly coming!
I just dont want to put up a bulls*** chapter!
And im trying not rush anything!
It should be up though!

Wait, I sound desperate. I come back every day. That sounds more like it. Yeah everyday is better.

Bre, where is my add to love affair? I'm slowly dying over here. I feel like a crack addict, because when I get on here I read all the chapters and then I come back two hours later and do the same thing. -_-

My baby so cute!
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Chapter 16 Pt.2~~~ Welcome To The Family

Laith's POV
I sat in the chair watching Bre sleep, while I held <a href="">Adrian</a> the name was Rissa's idea. "Hey, you probably already know I'm not the perfect father. But I'll try to be. I'll be as good of a father as mine, and your mother, well she's already perfect. I'll love you and protect you and I can even show you how to play football and get girls. You gon be a player my nigga!" Laith laughed as Adrian's eyes got big when he said "nigga", I started to rock Adrian when Rissa came in.

Rissa's POV

Laith looked up at me when I walked in. "He looks like <a href="">daddy."</a> Laith looked down and smiled, "He looks like you, y'all both got some big ass heads." I laughed at Adrian's face, his eyes got big when Laith cussed, "He did that when I called him a nigga." Adrian widened his eyes again. We both started to laugh. "Aye, I'm about to head home. What time do you want us back at the hospital tomorrow?" I asked, "The visiting hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. So maybe around 1." I nodded my head and went over to hug Laith and kiss Adrian on the cheek. He grabbed onto my face and made a sucking noise. I laughed, "Okay, playa starting to early." Bre said, yawning and stretching. As she reached for Adrian, Laith looked at her like she was crazy. "Laith, give me my son." Laith rolled his eyes and scooted further from the bed, "Rissa give me my knife." I gave her the knife, I wasn't going to not do it. I knew Bre had to get out of the bed one day and when that day came she was probably gonna make my life a living hell. "I will cut you." Bre warned, Laith rushed over to the bed and gave Adrian to Bre. She started to pull her shirt down to breastfeed, "Woah! I'm out bye boo!" I ran out the room and into the car with Chris. "Where's Kaden?" I asked looking in the back. "Eden took him and Alicia." I smiled and kissed Chris on his cheek, "Looks like it's just you and me." I stated.

When we got home I went upstairs to change out of my dress. I took my shower and dressed in my pajamas. When <a href="">I</a> got downstairs, I saw <a href="">Chris</a> dancing to "My Girl." He looked at me up and down. "Damn." He whispered, I started to blush so I turned the other way. "Naw, don't hide babe." I looked back at him, "You look sexy as f***." I chuckled to myself, "Do I look sexy as f*** or do I look sexy enough to f***?" Chris grabbed me by waist, "Both." He said kissing me on my neck. "How bout you show me just how sexy I look." He grabbed my hand and led me to our room, "I'd be glad to."

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Chapter 16~~~ Welcome To The Family

Rissa's POV
I watched Chris as he played with Kaden and Alicia. He put Kaden down on his back, "I'm the Tickle Monster!" He roared and Alicia squealed. "Daddy, no!" Kaden giggled. "Motherf***as its time to eat!" Eden yelled. Chris stopped and picked Kaden and Alicia up. I felt a strong pair of hands wrap around my waist, I turned to see my oldest brother <a href="">Dequan.</a> I screamed, "Dequan, where the hell you been?" I asked, hugging him tight. "Around the world and I'm back again!" He exclaimed, "Mommy?" Kaden called, tugging on my dress almost making it fall. Dequan raised an eyebrown and looked at me. He bent down to Kaden's level and held his hand out. "Hi. I'm your Uncle Dae." Kaden looked up at me, I nodded, "Come play!" Kaden said pulling him to where Alicia and Chris were. Chris dapped him up and they had a bro hug.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure Eden already said it, but its time to eat!" She yelled. I had never seen someone pregnant move so damn fast, Bre raced to the kitchen pushing everybody out the way except for Josie and Trey.

"Ahh s***!" Bre cursed. We all looked at Bre to see her standing in a big puddle of liquid. "Eww! Did you pee on yourself?" Akira asked, "Dumbass my water broke!" She yelled, Laith was the first to panic then it was me, then chris, and finally everybody else but Josie and Bre. "You all need to calm the f*** down and take Bre to the hostpital!" Dequan yelled. He was like a big brother to all of us. We all stopped and took deep breaths and then helped Bre to the hostpital.

While we were driving Bre told us to stop by her house, we tried to argue against her but her crazy ass pulled a knife out and threatended to cut all of us. So of course we stopped.

When we got out the car Laith rushed inside with Bre. "Okay Rissa, go get the clothes, I'll go get.....I'll go get.....s*** what am I gonna do!" Laith panicked. "Baby, calm down. It won't be like a few more hours until I start pushing. Bow here take the bag and let me take my shower I'll be down there in a minute. Love you boo." Bre cooed, "Eww Bre, you had my seats all wet!" Eden yelled, Bre flicked her off, "Anytime and anyday." Eden said puckering her lips. We laughed at Laith's facial <a href="">expression.</a> "Calm down Laith, I was just kidding." Laith let out a breath, that I'm pretty sure he didn't know he was holding. "Mommy!" Alicia cried, awaking from her sleep. "Mommy's upstairs, wanna eat something." Laith asked, Kaden's eyes almost popped out of his head. "I hungry too." He whined, "Okay Kaden, let's go get something to eat." I said picking him up and carrying him to the kitchen. I made them some cereal since I didn't want to cook and that's what they wanted.

"Okay, we can- Ouch!!" Bre screamed from upstairs, Laith picked up Alicia and ran to the stairs. "Mommy!" Alicia called out. I ran in there with Kaden and Bre was on her knees, Laith put Alicia down and ran to help Eden get Bre up. "Girl you heavy." Eden grunted, "I'm pregnant, what you want me to be light?" Eden nodded and Bre smacked her lips. "Aye, may we please go to the hostpital before she has her baby on the floor!" Josie yelled from downstairs. They got Bre up and we took her to the hostpital. "Oh my God!" Bre winced in pain. We helped her into the hospital. "Hello ma'am, I am going to need for you to not bother my patients with your screaming. Now what is the problem?" A very rude nurse asked, "b****, your the problem. You telling her to quite down, she is in labor and you're telling her to calm down. b**** move. Doctor!" Akira yelled, a doctor came right out, "What seems to be the problem?" He asked, "Um noth-" The nurse was cut off by Josie, "Um, your little nurse was being very rude to my sister and she's having some excruciating contractions." Josie explained, Bre nodded. "Wilona, I told you about that." The doctor sternly said. She apologized and took Bre in a room. "I bet she lost her job because of y'all." Chris said, "Good." We all said in unison. These heffas are crazy, but so am I.

lol Bre had to be the one!!! smh
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Chapter 15~~~ Two In One

Eden's POV

I watched as Josie came down the aisle with her dad. <a href="">They</a> both were smiled widely. Trey was laughing at Bre making weird "aww" noises. When they got to the altar, I noticed a few tears leave Trey's eyes. Josie shedded some too. (Skipping a few things) "Tremaine Neverson, do you take Josie for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?" Josie wiped away her tears. "I do." She finally said, "Trey, do you take Josie for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honour, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?" Trey smiled, "I do." (Skipping one more time.) "You may now kiss the bride." The pastor said, flashing his pearly whites.

Trey's POV

When the pastor said that. I quickly crashed my lips into Joisie's. I could've sworn she moaned in my mouth. When we pulled apart, Josie looked at me with the "this isn't over yet" face. "Oh! I almost forgot my present for you." I looked around, "Baby bro!" My older sister <a href="">Nelly</a> called. I dropped to my knees instantly. I hadn't seen her in six years, she was all I talked about when Josie asked about family. Nelly worked three jobs taking care of me, she could've put me in a foster home, but she didn't and she taught me how to be the man I was today. She hugged onto me, I started to cry, "Trey, are those tears? Please don't tell me you turned into a pussy. I know Josie ass ain't let that happened." Everybody laughed, I shh'd her, "Why you all loud? Keep this between me and you." She winked at me. "Okay! Pussy Boy!" She exclaimed. I gave her a death glare, "Okay, calm down." She laughed, I did too. She was the other most important girl in my world. Now I just need one more to fill the hole. "Are you okay baby?" Josie asked coming up behind me, "I couldn't be happier." I said pecking her lips. She smiled at me and bent down to my ear level. "I promise when we go on our honeymoon, I'm gonna have you felling 10 times better." She whispered seductively, I bit my lip. "Okay freak nasties, I'm hungry. Let's go!" Bre ordered, Kaden and Alicia walked right behind her. "Fat ass!" Akira spat, "Aww, thanks for noticing!" Bre said rubbing her butt. "Ay dios Mio!" Eden huffed.

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Chapter 14~~~ Here Comes The Bride

Rissa's POV

The <a href="">girls</a> were all talking about old memories they had when they were in highschool.

"I remember when Nay beat that girl's ass because she was always bumping into her." Bre said. We all laughed at the memory. "And her mom tried to sue me." Nay added. I laughed harder, turning red, "Then Rissa tried to beat her ass too!" I was now gasping for air. "Ahh!" Bre yelled, my first instinct was to go get Laith, so I did. When I stood up to run Bre grabbed me, "Damn, you move fast for a pregnate woman." Bre chuckled, "It was a false alarm everybody, sorry." All the girls sat down. "Bre, you look like you about to bust." We all turned to see who said that and we all got angry at the sight, it was <a href="">Gabby.</a> "Speaking of the devil." Bre said turning away.

"Get the f*** out of here!" Akira yelled, "I didn't come to see you. So shut the f*** up Akiara." Christine spat, "Hoe its Akira!" Nay said getting into Christine's face. "Oh, you and your hoodlums gonna try and gang up on me now?" She asked backing up, "No Forehead, now go before I run a comb through that nappy weave of yours!" Josie said standing up. "Oh, I can't see my besties anymore." We all rolled our eyes. I went into the hallway to see <a href="">Kaden and Alicia</a> playing tag. "Be careful you two!" I called, "Awww, they're adorable." I sighed, "Thanks, now you can leave." She rolled her eyes and left to the auditorium.

Chris' POV

The <a href="">guys</a> were sitting down, babbling about who they lost their virginity to.

"I lost mine to Jessica.” Jay said and all the guys in the room pretended to barf. ” You mean fish pussy Jessica?” Marlon asked in disbelief. Jay nodded, ” Yuck! She smelt like the ocean had f***ed her everyday. I'm surprised yo d*** ain't fall off yet.” Rocky said in disgust, ” Man, why you saying all that unnecessary s***.” Mike whined, groping himself. Everyone in the room busted out laughing. ”I lost mine to Josie.” I scrunched my face up, ” Nigga didn't you meet her in college?” He nodded, ” Haha nigga got no play! I bet he was tweaking like a muthaf***a! Blue balls having nigga!” Laith spat. ” Listen, mixed breed. I got head when I was in first grade, if you think I'm lying ask Chris.” They all turned to me, ”I remember that day, it was your birthday and d*** sucking Gabby gave you head. The crazy thing was she was in 7th grade.” They dapped Trey up then Laith had to ask the question, ” Who's was better? Josie or Gabby?” Trey had a humongous smile on his face, ” Swear my baby do it till she suck the brown off!” All of our mouths dropped, ”Josie's a freak?!” Jay exclaimed, Trey threw his head back, ” Oh and when she ride, she be having a nigga go buck wild.” Josie's brother was standing there, ”Oh, I'm sorry man, no disrespect.” He only laughed, ” She must love you, because she never gave it up to Jalen.” Just as he said that we turned to see <a href=" ">Jalen</a> standing there with flowers. ” Now where is MY bride Josie at?” He asked, Trey lunged at him and hit him in his face, Jalen landed on the table and something broke. All the girls came out with the kids by their sides. Josie looked back at Jalen, She slowly walked by his side and kicked him in his face then she started stomping on him. ” Baby!” Trey called, she stopped and gave Jalen a cold stare. He began to cough up blood, ” Clean this s*** up before you leave.” With that she turned and walked away, when she got back all the girls high fived her. ” Was there something I missed?” Trey asked. We all shrugged our shoulders. We didn't know what or why this just happened.

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Chapter 13~~ Love

2 yrs later
Fill in: Everybody is engaged except for Akira she is married to Rocky and and Bre, Laith, Rissa, and Chris live together with their kids (Yes I said "their.") Shardonnay and Marlon aren't engaged but they do have a son. Everybody is at the strip club for Trey and Josie's bachelor and bachelorette party.
Trey's POV

<a href="">I</a> watched as Josie danced with the strippers, female of course. "I can't believe my man is getting married tomorrow!" Marlon shouted over the music. I nodded in disbelief not taking my eyes off of her. One of the strippers was into Rissa a little to much. "Yo, you see how ol' girl on Rissa?" I asked Rocky, he nodded. "Rissa look like she doesn't like it though." All of a sudden the <a href="">girl</a> grabbed Rissa's ass, Rissa pushed her off kind of hard so the girl fell down.

Josie's POV

When I saw Ronnie grab Rissa's ass, I knew all hell was gonna break loose. Ronnie and I went to highschool together so I knew she was a lesbian, but she said she had a woman and that she wouldn't try anything. Why did I believe her? "Yo, what the f***?!" I exclaimed, "Ol' girl was feelin' herself a little to much." Rissa said staring Ronnie down, "Ronnie what the hell, you promised." Ronnie chuckled, "Josie I'm a stripper why the hell would I promise not to-" She was cut off by my fist connecting to her jaw. I was punching her hard as memories came back to me.


I was on my way to see my boo Jalen, we've been together for about 3 years and I picked today to give him my virginity. As I neared his room I heard loud moans, I wasn't thinking so I just stopped, until I heard him grunt a name I would never forget. "Damn Ronnie!" I gasped and I called Rissa and Akira. "Yo b****!" Rissa answered, "Get Bre, Jalen is f***ing another hoe in his room." I heard stuff being thrown and then I heard a loud pop noise. "Its time to bust a cap in this nigga ass!" I nodded as if she could see me, "Let's go! I'm bout to go in. Y'all just be here cause you know I can't contol myself." Rissa said "Okay." And I hung up.

I took a deep breath and held onto the door knob. "Dear Lord, please give me strength to whoop this b**** ass without killing her, thanks." I twisted the knob and when I entered, Ronnie was giving Jalen head, when he saw me he went ghost as for Ronnie, she just smirked. I pushed Jalen off of her and hit her in the jaw and blacked out.

I heard sirens and I saw blood splattered across my chest and a scared Ronnie bleeding from head to toe. I then looked down at the gun in my hand and then over to Jalen. I looked over to see Rissa standing there with Akira and Bre. They all had that "oh s***" look on there face, me I had a smile plastered on mine. I knew exactly how to get out of this. I could manipulate Jalen into believing anything. "Jalen sweety, why did you try to rape Ronnie?" He shook his head, "I don't know baby I was tweaking, I'm sorry." I closed my eyes, "Let's get you out of here, Ronnie." She started to take short breaths as I walked over to her. "b****, I think you heard her." Akira yelled pointing a gun to her forehead. "I bout to blast, and trust I know how this works, they send me to jail for life, I call my dad he buys the prison and I'm out." Akira admitted. Ronnie got up slowly and walked to her room and we all walked to mine. I haven't seen Jalen ever since.

I heard yelling and I stopped to see a knocked out Ronnie on the floor. Good thing nobody else was in our section in the private room. I looked to see Trey and he looked at me with fear, but it soon turned into lust. "Baby, you got me so turned on right now.: He cooed in my ear. "Baby, I didn't mean to. I just blacked out. It was an accident." I cried, he held onto me tight. "Josie look at me, we are going to just let this go and forget about it." I nodded. Everybody in the room was looking at me, "OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO f***ING COOL!" Shardonnay yelled and everybody jumped on me, I almost fell, but I was laughing Ronnie was starting to awake. "Say one thing about this and your dead." Ronnie started to laugh. "Why should I believe you this time?" Josie smiled, "Oh do I need to bring Jasmine in the picture, or are we good?" Ronnie shook her head fast, Jasmine was Ronnie's 10 year old daughter. I would never stoop that low and hurt somebody's kids. But I had to do what I had to do to protect my friends and family.

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