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new here

Hey everyone my name is Isaiah. I am new on here. I know that mostly girls are on here but that doesnt bother me. I love to write and I love women so thislike heaven lol. Ive never been on here beforetoday i was just browsing around and i found this site and i saw that people wrote on here. I havent had the chance to read any stories but i look forward to doing so. I hope that i will be welcomed on here and im not some creepy ass nigga looking for a girlfriemd lol i just want to write in a place where people understand.
And even though i am i guy i hope i dont make anyome feel weird. I get that a lot now a days but im honestly just here to read and write. Im in the process of begining a new story that i want to dedicate to m brother. I hope you all read it and give honest feedback.


hi welcomse aww @ the gf part
srry if this seems rushed i just dnt converse w too many newbies but hey i guess

Im different..

awww girl friend of three years
thats whats up lol

We smile like this---> :)

I never smiled sideways lol.

Awwww... Thats sooo precious..(:

Aww, thats so cute.


Im not creepy I promise. I actually have a girlfriend of 3 years. Love her with all my heart.

Hey Whats up? We've had guys on the board before...

And if you are creepy... then stay TF away.. Cool? Great.

Hi Isaiah!!
Welcome and it's nice to have a male writer. I can't wait to read something from a male perspective.

The only other guy on here is my bestfriends boyfriend lol we got him hooked to fan fiction

Hi and Welcome

I appreciate your honesty and thank you. I cant wait to start writing on here.

hey isaiah, welcome
and what Keylolo said

Hello Isaiah.... Um... welcome to the site and I hope you are not a creepy, lurking ass nigga lol BUT.... if you ARE... We'll just write about you or ignore tf outta you... Can't wait to read your story.