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Disastrous Day|*Short Tale <3

<em><strong>you guys inspired me and gave me this idea lol enjoy! :)<em><strong>

"<a href="[term]=brown%20skinned%20models&filters[primary]=images">I</a> can't believe the day is finally here"i said looking at myself in the mirror."i know i can't believe it either..i mean who would want to marry your hoe ass"Bree said standing behind me fixing her hair in the mirror."b**** don't start with me"i said pointing the curling iron at her."can you two just cut it out for one day sheesh"<a href="">Nani</a> said waddling through the door."Nani shut yo fat ass up"me and <a href="*1LQdEtAsnAVNYgDG1rlFLvV6XEX7lK*mVepZRZm62XrkK*LVxOkUh9fx4o/NarsModel.jpg">Bree</a> said at the same time.Nani pouted and folded her arms "so this is what i get for keeping the peace huh ...okay"she said plopping down on the couch."uh uh don't get comfortable i need to see how theses bride's maid <a href="">dresses</a> look"i said as everyone groaned."and where is Ana and Dany" i said getting up out my chair."last time i seen them <a href="">Ana</a> was in the hall tongue wrestling with trey and <a href="">Dany</a> was fixing Chris' tie"<a href="">Sofia</a> said pulling her dress up. I rolled my eyes and sighed "well can one of you whores go get them".Soon as i said that they walked through the door."chop chop scallywags get dressed"i said pointing to their dresses hanging up."i want to be a flower girl"Ana said as she pouted and folded her arms."Ana we talked about this already"i said sternly.She rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue as she grabbed her dress.


<strong>With the guys<strong>

"hey man you okay"<a href="">Chris</a> asked eyeing <a href="">Kirk</a>."yeah man just hot know"he said patting off the sweat on his forehead."yeah sure that's it"<a href="">Micheal</a> said and <a href="">Tremaine</a> snickered."and what's that suppose to mean"he asked."it means i'd be nervous too marrying a girl like Lexi we all know how psycho she can get"<a href="">Jermaine</a> said patting Kirk's shoulder."yeah man i just a little scared you know i just want everything to go right you know"kirk said looking into the mirror straighting his tux out."things will be have nothing to worry about"<a href="">Abel</a> said."Lets hope not cause you know if something goes wrong it'll be world world 3 4 5 & 6"kirk said as all the guys laughed."yeah ya'll laughing but it'll be my ass"he said shaking his head."don't worry bro we gotchu just chill be happy"Chris said throwing his arm around his shoulders.

<strong>The Wedding<strong>

The Music started to play as Kirk stood beside the pastor with Chris His Best Man,Micheal,Tremaine,Jermanie,and Abel standing along the side. <a href="">Chaos</a> Lexi and Kirk's Daughter was the flower girl started to come down the isle with Kingston Chris and Dany's son as the ring barrier.Behind them was Dany,Ana,Bree,Nani,and Sofia."f*** this"Ana whispered to Dany as she threw down her flowers and charged towards Chaos knocking her down while taking the basket of flowers from her. Everyone gasped as Chaos started to cry while Kirk just shook his head and Trey hung his in shame."oh hush you not hurt get up and cut it out"Ana said with one hand on her hip."Ana girl the girl back the basket before i kick your ass"Bree whispered harshly."fine ..big baby"Ana said handing Chaos her basket back. Everyone in the pews just shook their heads and whispered among their selves while they continued down the isle.

Everyone stood as I started to walk down the isle in my <a href="">dress</a>.Before i reached kirk i gave Ana the evil eye letting her know that i know about the s*** she just tried to pull.Once i reached him he grabbed my hand and we faced the pastor as everyone took their seats."We have come together today to witness the marriage of Lexi King and Kirk Randal"The pastor started."Lexi and Kirk you are now taking into your care and keeping the happiness of the one person in all the world you love best. You are adding to your lives and you are agreeing to share strength, responsibilities, and love.At the end of this ceremony you will legally be husband and wife but you still must decide each and every day that stretches before you that you want to be married. Make that decision and keep making it, for the most important thing in life is to love and be loved.May you always need one another, not so much to fill the emptiness as to help each other know your fullness.May you have love, and may you find it in loving one another"."that was deep"sofia said sniffling into her tissue .I turned around to give her a look as to say "shut the hell up" and turned back around."Kirk, I ask you today, will you stand by Lexi, care for her, hold her in the highest regard and die with this love you have for her untarnished in your heart? Please answer “I Will” the pastor said looking at him."I Will"he said smiling looking into my eyes."Lexi, I ask you today, will you stand by Kirk, care for him, hold him in the highest regard, and die with this love you have for him untarnished in your heart? Please answer “I Will”the pastor said."I will"i said returning the smile."As you exchange these rings, let them always remind you of your vow to love, be faithful and never give up on one another.Kirk please place the ring on the third finger, left hand of Lexi and Lexi please place the ring on the third finger, left hand of Kirk and repeat after me" the pastor said "I give this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness.every time you look at the ring on your finger, let it remind you that on December 31st 2012 I gave you the ring as a tangible symbol of spiritual commitment. Let it remind you that my love is endless and my commitment is forever".We repeated after him placing the rings on eachother's fingers."if theres anyone who objects let them speak now or forever hold there peace"the pastor asked looking around.

"I object"someone shouted from the back."who is that"kirk asked squinting in the direction the voice came from."excuse me excuse me ...sir move damn i know you see i'm short"the voice said making its way to the isle."<a href="">Kevin?!?</a>"i asked as he finally stood in the isle."yeah its me ...lexi baby you can't do this your making a mistake"he said."what are you talking about kev i thought we discussed this already"i said getting aggiatated."but i love you"kevin said making his way towards us."man let me handle this nigga right here"kirk said taking off his tux jacket."whoa kirk my man no need to get violent"kev said backing up."obivously there is if you here disrupting my wedding right"kirk said getting in his face."nah you good...continue..wish you nothing but the got it"Kevin said walking back to his seat.Kirk rolled his eyes and sighed as he put his stuff back on and stood back in position taking my hand again."now if theres no more objections..."the pastor started to say until someone cried out "wait"."omg what now"i said throwing my arms up in defeat."chris baby"<a href="">Kae</a> said walking down the isle crying.Chris ran his hand down his face as Dany hiked up her dress ready to throw down."chris please i need you i can't eat or sleep without you"kae said now crawling towards him."kae get up this is not the place nor time to do this i told you we're over damn get over it already."but whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"kae cried louder."chris you better get this b**** before i do"dany said tapping her foot getting impatient."i got this"chris said lifting Kae up by her arm shoving her back towards her seat."your causing a scence sit down and shut the f*** up"chris said shoving her into her seat."wait i got something to say too"some loud ghetto voice said."oh no"micheal said under his breath as bree glanced at him."i just want micheal to know im here ready to kick a b**** ass to get him back"<a href="">Chyna</a> said popping some gum with king on her hip."b**** please"bree laughed and fanned her comment away."oh i got cho b****"Chyna said handing king off to someone wrapping her hair up."so what chu want to do chyna cause noone scared of you"bree said pulling her hair into a ponytail."STTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!"i screammed."if you ratchet ass females don't stfu and take a damn seat and wait till not only my wedding but reception is over to handle all this petty ass s*** i will personally pull out every f***ing tooth in your mouth,throw them in a blender with cow guts blend that s*** and make you drink it"I said scoling everyone in the pews.everyone was quiet with a look of terror on their faces."welll uh...the pastor said clearing his throat "
To marry your best friend is a joy, but to marry the person your heart has set upon is a joy unparalleled in human life.May you always need one another, not so much to fill the emptiness as to help each other know your fullness.May you embrace one another, but not encircle each other.
May you succeed in all important ways with each other, and not fail in the little graces.Look for things to praise, often say I love you, and take no notice of small faults.May you have happiness and may you find it in making one another happy. On this day I would like to present to you Mr. and may now kiss the bride"he said as everyone cheered and clapped once we kissed.


<strong>The recepiton<strong>

"1,2,3" i said i threw my flowers."I got it! i got it!"Nani cheered rubbing her big belly. Everyone laughed as Jermanie had a look of nervousness."hey girl i just wanted to apologize about earlier"Ana said with trey arm wrapped around her waist. "don't say it to me you better take to Chaos"i said nodding in her direction.Ana nodded and walked off to talk to her."so was this the wedding you've always dreamed of"kirk asked.I gave him a straight face as he laughed and kissed my nose."seriously thought despite the stupidity i'm truly happy" said smiling."that's good to know"he said."time to cut the cake"nani yelled."no its not"sofia said looking around confused."yes the hell it is"nani said rubbing her stomach "lets go time to cut the cake"she said shoving the knife across the table."well damn prego"kirk said laughing getting up."yeah yeah chop chop chop make it snappy"nani said waddling away as we laughed.We cut the cake threw a couple of pieces at each other,drank and danced till the sun went down.Everyone had fun and enjoyed their selves and those who didn't well....oh well ✌



aweeeeee man them ratchet mafckas
tried to ruin yo sht lexi oh hell nall
kev short self playin Nsht lol
ughhhh *rolls eyes* kae shouldn't have
even been there or chyna ass who tf
let they asses in. should've had jody(tyrese)
handling da bizness at the door lol
but i liked this though it was nice lexi
good one

i was dead as f*** when i read this s*** lol
hell naw nani oh waddle waddle head ass lol

and dont be rushing me and trey make out session if you want
me to act right i need to release on some tremaine lol

oh s*** i guess i didnt act right pushing the little girl down and s***
lol but hell with the name like chaos she iight tough skin little gangster
wipe that s*** off lol

chyna and kae bisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please
get yall dumb assess out of here chyna old funky skunk looking ass and
kae thirsty ass b**** please had dany and bree about to act the f*** up

kevin really he would back up once a fight was about to go down lol

nani that isnt fair that she she caught the flowers she probably belly
bumped every body lol

but i think that wedding deserves a 10 on ratness and 10 on i would do it
again lol

That wedding was a goddamn mess. I would have cancelled that s*** real quick and oh lord, that is mad funny. I would of been like, this s*** is on hold! Kevins dumbass ran in too! I was like hell nah nigga, get the f*** out here! Lmao, i cant stop laughing. Chynas ratchet ass, oh damn, i saw that s*** perfectly. Kae is so thirsy, b**** please.

Chaos is a real pretty namee

anyyhoww you hoes aint havee to call me fat
yall knw im sensitivee abt myy bellyy lol

Chyna&& Kaee sit yall wack asxes dwn
who even invited them niggas ANYWAY
yall aint havee knw securityy or no s***
thts whyy whn i havee minee aint nobodyy getting in w/o theyy invitee
fym ! idgaf if its myy Nini she just gon havee to takee tht

As for Kev .. lmao
i laughed hn i first saw his namee
likee this lil asx nigga wld tryy to break it
up then get scared hn Kirk (who aint all tht tall anyywayy)
got in his facee lmao

Niiiicee Ghetto Panda

Wait... wait... you named your daughter Chaos?! She is so damn pretty, but CHAOS?! lol