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REALLY REALLY REALLY need your opinion on something...

I've never done this before...I'm so terrified.....

can you tell me what you think?


Maybe I can muster up the courage to make another video...idk

aweee girl...yeah you can sang! now you can maybe overcome this fear and be able to work on your singing abilities in front of friends and family; im sure they'll love it just as much as we do. you indeed have an amazing talent

They will lol.....
I just get so nervous, so I just try and save myself the heartbreak and keep quiet..

What?! You cam sing but haven't been utilizing your talent?! Lol I bet your friends will be so damn shocked and mad at you for hiding that voice lol,

Omg thank you guys so much!
I have been wanting to do that for so long, but I've been too scary lol
I haven't even sang in front of my friends-still terrified to do steps I guess
Real talk, these comments made me tear up...I really like to sing, but was too afraid of what others thought...maybe now I can tell them my secret..

i love your voice your good girl
but was wondering y u was lookin around lol
i wish i could sing that good im just the shower lol

gurlll your voice is beautiful
you gotta make another video
pwease :)

You sounded really good!!!!!

I wish I can sing so effortlessly lol.