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My pussy began to throb as I watched him lick the lips closed on the blunt. I knew I wasn’t supposed to look at him in that way but damn, everything he did had me ready to jump on him and give him all of me. “You gon continue to watch me or you gon break your s*** down” he said while reaching for his lighter, not taking his eyes off of me the whole time. I think he knew what he was doing to my body and was enjoying every second of it. Running my thumb and my index finger over the bud I began breaking my match down biting my lip the whole time as I watched him create small circles with his smoke. “You better lick that s*** tight too” he said now watching my every move as I placed the open blunt to my lips and began to moisten it, damn. Taking the lighter and sparking my end I inhaled deep and then exhaled with my eyes closed day dreaming while Kendrick Lamar played in the background. “When Kara get here you know she will have a fit that we smoking in here” trey spoke while ashing his ends in an empty vase. “She aint the only one to pay rent around here” I could honestly hear her b****ing right now about how she had asthma and how she hated the fact that we choose to smoke in the house, but I didn’t give a f***. I have been living with Kara for the past year now and hate every minute of it. I wish I never put up those flyers for a f***ing roommate, but at the same time it was hard for me to keep up with bills on my own living in this area of L.A. Right on the strip close to shops and the beach I wasn’t going to give that up so I had to make sacrifices which meant bringing her, only incentive I could think of was her very attractive, sexy god gifts to earth boyfriend, tremaine who moved in with her.

I was dying for him to be in my insides from the slick grins he gave me to the low key tongue flicks over his lips that he did once he knew Kara wasn’t looking I mean everything had me about ready to say f*** the b**** she wasn’t my friend anyway, but at the same time I had morals and rent coming up in two weeks I needed her. “Can I ask you something” trey said smashing the butt of his blunt in the vase and looking at me. “Why are you alone” “what” I was a bit taking back I didn’t know to either take that as in insult or be depressed as f*** that he low key called me lonely. “I mean don’t take it the wrong way but I never see you with a guy I know you are not gay just but the way you look at other dudes and myself…so what’s the deal” I slightly rolled my eyes at the fact he was hitting a touchy subject “I don’t like people” “why not bad break up or something” out of all the times he read that my body wanted him he couldn’t take the second and read that I wasn’t feeling this conversation, ashing my butt I grabbed the vase and threw away the dust and washed it out in the sink. “When people go through bad break ups they are usually like this yes…I gave a guy my time and he wasted it so now I’m over the bulls***” he stood off of the couch and slowly made his way toward the kitchen I really didn’t pick nothing out of the way he was looking at me until I could feel him behind me as both of his arms rested on each side of me, pressing his front into my back taking in my scent as I did the same to him slightly tilting my head back feeling the hard he was developing. “You mean to tell me that because some random mark f***ed with you, you aint giving the pussy up to anyone” his left arm slid down my stomach to my hips to my inner thigh. I swear it I wasn’t wearing sweats I probably would have come right then and there but instead I bit onto my bottom lip and closed my eyes tight. “mmm that s*** always turns me on when you bite your lip…but I rather hear your words” trey grabbed my chin and pulled lightly freeing my lower lips and ran his thumb across it. “Guys I’m home” Kara shouted from the living room. Trey quickly stepped back from me and smiled before rushing over to Kara helping her with her bags and placing a kiss to her lips.

“Have yall been smoking in here” she said pushing trey back and looking at me but I was so much in a daze from the weed and the stunt trey just pulled that all I could do was smile walk past her and trey and make my way up the stairs. I began laughing which made trey high ass laugh, and whether or not we were laughing at the same thing I knew that little moment pissed Kara all the way off. “So you want to get high with Rima again tremaine really” “shh baby you’re really blowing my s*** right now” trey said I couldn’t see what they were doing but I could sure hear them and I knew he was working that sexy ass smirk mmm and them deep brown eyes probably glistened while he spoke.

Listening to the fact Kara had nothing else to say told the whole story he had her, and me to. Slightly opening my door so I could hear even more I listened as they both made their way to Kara room. “I’ll be right back” trey said while shutting her door and walking past mine but not before stopping to look at me massage my clit through my sweats. Licking his lips and placing his eyes on my lower half. “I hope you pretending that’s me rubbing that pussy” he said with a deep sensual tone that sent shivers up my spine causing my head to shoot back. “If it’s me baby move faster…get that s*** rima keep going until you cum baby” moving at a stronger pace I placed a smirk on my face while fighting a moan. Trey smiled bright then walked off back to the room with Kara giving her the d*** I knew in my mind was mine.


we not adding to this or what?
like, i really love this story
you better add soon nigga!
like now!

i looooooooooooooove this add soon

Ummmm.... where our add at boo??? Run itttttt:)))

Lovee iittt

Run it!!!

Oh my damn Trey its like that though. LMAO Kara's a dumbass to believe that lie they told her. But hell I guess anything Trey says she believes lol. I cant wait to meet the new roomie. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

Damn!!!! Trey is playing the game WELL. Rima bout to fall for his ass. Kara is sooooo f***ing dumb!!! Like who falls fir some s*** like that??? Oan; I'm ready to see who this mistery new roomy is. I hope its Chris. Run it:)))

This is my favorite story now girl u need to add more run it!!!

Damn, that had a girl squeezing her legs ;)
Trey really does know what he's doing.
Why is he even in a relationship with Kara
if he knows damn well that he like Rima way
more. They have a connection that him
and Kara dont have. Speaking of her, she is so
f***ing dumb. Only a fool would believe that
damn lie. That b**** is getting played right
under her own nose.

Run it

Finally walking away from an annoying ass Fhalin and an even more hated job I made my way home, still thinking about the guy I met earlier. To have him on my mind was crazy to me being that he had an attitude out of this world and he was clearly shopping for a girl that was more than just a friend. As I got closer to home the depression finally set in, I’m over here fantasizing about a guy who will never be a part of my life while having touchy feely moments with my roommate’s man. This wasn’t like me at all but it comes a time when everyone gets lonely and stupid s*** happens when you’re lonely.

Pulling up to my drive way I quickly stepped out of my car and locked it up making my way inside of the house. “Hey rimi” I heard kara say while straddling trey on the couch, either they were playing or some freak show was about to happen. “Did you think about my offer” she said trying to move trey head out of the way to see me. “yea.. yea whatever” I said making my way upstairs not really wanting to talk to her about it anymore, to be honest I didn’t give a damn well at least tonight I didn’t. “Really” she said jumping off of trey and following me upstairs “yea kara I don’t care” “omg ahh… ok I love you so much for this and I promise you are not going to regret it” she said hugging me then running back downstairs to trey who sat with open arms waiting for her to come back to him. Maybe I won’t regret it that way I could have someone here lonely with my ass, but what if they have they own thing going on too, damn I would forever be the third wheel.

Walking into the bathroom I began to fill the tub up then sat on the side waiting for my water to get high, once it reached a peak that I could at least stand I stripped down and hopped in letting the water paint my body then float away over and over again. Trying to relax didn’t come easy though slight moans began to come from kara and trey’s room. “Don’t they ever take a break?” I said hating hard, and before I knew it I was placing my head under the water trying to drown out their sound and my troubles all at once.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes the next day and knew it could be no other then trey cooking since kara didn’t even know what a kitchen was until she moved in with me. Her ass would burn popcorn if you left her alone for too long. Grabbing my robe I placed it over my still nude body and made it tight while making my way downstairs. “Good mor…” I heard kara say but she soon stopped while looking at me grace the room in nothing but a robe. “uhmm rima don’t you think your attire is a little revealing” she was trying to be nice but I could tell she wanted to say ‘b**** get some clothes on around my man’ but didn’t she never did. “I will only be a second just grabbing a plate then head upstairs to get ready for work” “I guess.. are you excited about today” I looked at trey like for what but even he had a puzzled face “gosh you guys truly need to stop smoking…you wouldn’t remember s*** if it wasn’t for me” she said walking into the kitchen area with us grabbing onto the back of trey ‘s shirt and hugging him from behind. “My bf will be moving in today” “when did a good friend turn into a bf” trey said while looking at her “they all ways have been my bf just fell off over the years” kara said while looking out to nothing in particular, something in her eyes read simple bliss but I couldn’t put my finger on how, was it the roommate is she a lesbian. “well whatever the case is I have to get ready for work if they are here before I get here give them the rules show them their room and keep them out of mine ok” I said touching her face as if she was a little girl grabbing my plate I switched out of the room, I knew his eyes were on me. “I think I will go get ready too” I heard trey say as he kissed kara on the lips and made his way up the stairs behind me.

“Why the f*** are you following me” “why the f*** you wearing just a robe” before I could shut the door on my room he was on the inside with me standing right in front of the door. “Can I help you with something” “tell me what was wrong with you last night” remembering how I felt last night I all of a sudden didn’t want to be bothered instead I put my plate down on the dresser and made my way to the closet picking out something in wear for the day. “So you aren’t going to tell me huh” he said walking up close behind me… I could feel his breath on my neck as his front was only a few inches from my back. Reaching around he grabbed the tie of my robe and tugged it open. “She will hear us” “not if you are quiet” “trey this is wrong” I said while he danced his fingers along my skin “then why does it feel so good” placing one of my arms around his neck he held it there tight before taking his other hand and pushing my legs a part, running his hand up my thigh. “I don’t like to see you sad rima you know that…all you had to do was tell me and I could have made it better” “trey…” “shh” before I could half way mouth what I was going to say I felt his thumb glide over my pussy trying to move his hand with my free arm he grabbed it with his free hand and pulled it behind my back so his body and my body held it from moving. I was stuck as he licked his finger and then made me lick his finger, slowly he traveled it down my stomach in a zigzag before stopping at my pussy and slapping it numerous times, I couldn’t help but moan out I haven’t been touched like this in god knows how long, “shh baby” taking his thumb he continue to make circles on my clit while every once and a while flicking it so my body would jump. But I was stuck I couldn’t hold the wall for support or fight him off; I took the painful pleasure that was coming to me. Sliding a now moist finger into my hole he moved in and out slowly, torturing my body. “Damn you are tight as hell baby” “OOHHHH” but once I moaned out he took his fingers out of my pussy and slapped at my pussy hard causing me to squirm under him trying to get free. “Stay quiet rima I will not tell you again” biting onto my lip as hard as I could he went back to work moving quicker this this time with two fingers inside of me, I was lost for words and felt as if I was going to explode, I mean usually I wouldn’t be this easy for me to cum but I haven’t had d*** in months and this was like heaven to me. As he pumped faster he moved his lower half into mine bumping hard so my body was moving to a whole other rhythm from his pumping fingers, I was in aww at this moment I couldn’t say or doing anything.

“Trey are you ok up there” we heard kara say but he didn’t stop pumping into me “Trey” she said again this time we heard her walking up the stairs but he didn’t stop, adrenaline rushed through my body as I tried to get free but the friction from moving and his pumping caused it to feel even better. Slowly I began to feel cum down my leg as I felt her come closer to where we were. “FUCCCCCKKKKKK” I screamed as I came and trey laid me down on the ground, just before kara walked into the room “WHAT THE f*** IS GOING ON” “I don’t know I heard he in here moaning in pain so I came to check on her to see her lying like this on the ground… I have been trying to get her up but she won’t move” trey said while lying “aww rimi are you ok” I heard kara say she was so naïve anyone could have seen behind that lie but her. “Yea just a little cramp” “want me to help you up” “NO…I mean no I go it” I couldn’t have her see the wet spot between my thighs because then she would know what really went down so instead I continued to lay there as she rubbed my back. “You know you can call off work today and stay here and wait for our new roomy” “sounds like a great idea” trey said with what I know was a smirk on is face “ok ok cool can I have privacy please” I said still not looking at either one of them “of course come on trey” kara said before walking out first “I’ll be right there” trey said before stepping to me and snatching my legs a part and dipping his finger inside of my wet pussy “now that was fun huh” he said laughing and standing up to walk out of my room, but not before placing his fingers into his mouth and moaning at my taste. “Damn you make it hard to in a relationship” he said while shutting my door and leaving my on the ground still in shock.

I like this so far it's interesting! Not sure why Trey keeps hitting on Rima when he has Kara but something is going to hit the fan eventually. And Chris was just plain rude like geez he has no manners! I feel like Rima and Chris are going to see each other soon as well. Can't wait to read more!! BUMPS!!!

I'm a new reader!
Loving this story so far hun. :)
Lmao If I was Rima I really don't know how us control myself from Trey's sex appeal! But that's messed up that she's messing around with Karla's smdh lol.
Maybe now Chris' RUDE ass is somewhat in the picture, she can get rid of Trey or something. ;)

RUN IT! I'll be waiting. :D

i like this Trey know he gotta chick but keep pressing up on Rima. Wonder why Rima has issues with dudes now? And why do I sense she and Chris will be seeing each other again... real soon...

Chris was a HUGE ass whole!!! But thts ok though cause he can be tht:))) I feel like he is gone be the "friend" Kara is talking ab and trey gone end up breaking up with her over him. I'm staring to see where this story is going and I like itttt!!! Run ittttt...

There Trey go, why he tryna be all slick. He just wants to get caught. Kara, Kara, you need to re evaluate your situation with trey. He wants kids and you dont, he has jokes you dont. So this friend, i have a great feeling he was the dude in the store. Gah, i would have sexed him right then and there. His attitude was sexy af! Mmm, that nigga makes me wanna do some things. Poor Rima, she be so lonely. She just needs to go pick up a dude off the street and relieve all her stress.

Run it

<a href=" ">Trey</a> made love to <a href=" ">kara</a> all night; I swear jealousy was the furthest from what I was feeling. Here I was imagining I could have his body on top of mine and she was getting it, lucky b****. As I watched the sun peeked over my curtains and made streaks on the walls of my room i slowly rose from my bed and looked around my room, I was lonely I haven’t had arms around me in months well beside the mini moments of trey that I have but other than that I had nothing. “Let me get my ass up” I had to tell myself before I turned into one of those depressed b****es ready to jump off the side of a bridge. Grabbing my towel and ihome I made my way to the bathroom. Turning the temp on to what I liked I closed the door and stepped in.

Feeling the heat rain down on my body sent highlighted chills down the rest of my body, I was in pure bliss. Something like Kara probably felt last night, moving my hands along my body I brushed my fingers over my harden nipples and let out a sigh. “Please do not tell me you touching yourself without my permission” his deep voice bellowed throughout the bathroom. Jumping up I quickly grabbed the shower curtain and became face to face with him. “What the f*** trey is Kara still here” “she’s down stairs making breakfast… I had to piss so” he said while unzipping his pants. “Why didn’t you use the one downstairs” I asked but was interrupted by the sound of him actually peeing while I was in the shower. I didn’t know whether to be mad or grossed out, but at the same time his bluntness had me took. “Let me wash my hands” he asked as if I was stopping him “go head dude” I soon felt the water shift from under me and watched as trey used my shower to wipe his hands. “Tremaine dude really” “shh” he said while rubbing his hands together basically touching my thigh, bare thigh. “Iight I’m good now…see you downstairs” he said walking out as if he didn’t just get a peep show of my bare body, damn.

Slipping on my work clothes I headed downstairs to see Kara sitting on trey's lap, they had this unspoken love for each other that kind of made me feel bad for hiding some things from her about tremaine but at the same time I’m no one’s keeper, you either control yours or watch him get took period. “Morning <a href=" ">rimy</a>” I hated that nickname and I told kara over and over that I didn't like it but for some reason she thought it was ok to keep using it. “Hi” grabbing some yogurt out of the fridge and taken my seat on the other side of the island. “So you know how we have that extra room right that isn’t being used” “we” I said not masking the fact that this was still my apartment. “yes we” she continued “what about it” “I think we should fill it up” I took one look at trey and then her were they hiding s*** “fill it up with what… gotdammy I don’t do kids” “no no hell no” she said laughing hard like the s*** was funny I watched as trey tensed up at the way she said no another thing to take down in my notes he wanted kids aww. “but on some serious stuff I would love to pay less on rent and I’m sure you would too” “keep talking” I said taking a bottle of water out of the fridge. “A friend of mine is coming into town and was looking to stay for a while until they found their own place” “f*** this look like motel 6 in this b****” I heard trey snicker which made kara turn and look at him; she never did have a funny bone. “ Rima they are willing to help out with rent which cuts us down at least 200 dollars each, plus help with any other expenses such as groceries and crap” “I don’t know let me think about it I mean I told you I really don’t like people and adding another person can become really really messy just uhmm give me time to think” I said throwing away my trash and grabbing my keys off of the hook. “Ok fair enough” “I’m sure, I’ll be home late tonight so don’t wait up” I said basically speaking to myself as kara had her face all in trey’s not even paying attention to my departure but then again why would they have too.

Pulling into the parking lot of the boutique at which I worked I had to say a quick prayer that god held my tongue and took away all reason to slap a b****, then I said another prayer saying sorry for cursing in my last prayer. Walking into the boutique there had to be at least two people inside shopping and <a href=" ">Fhalin</a> my boss was already on my case. “Rima we have a grace period so that you can still be on time not for you to take your time” when she turned and walked off I reached out and pretended as if I was going to choke the hoe, “Don’t even trip she has been like that all day” <a href="">rome</a> one of my co-workers said. I was cool with rome he kept it real for the most part and made my day go by quicker telling random jokes about his crazy boy toy Chad and pointing out the people who knew they couldn’t afford to shop here but still tried to seem important, he honestly was the only friend I had here in L.A. crazy thing Is I only kept him in my circle at work, I told you I didn’t like people.

“Are you here till close” he asked while folding a shirt, “yea trying to pick up more hours” good luck with that” “why did you say that” I asked while checking out some of our receipts and counting today’s revenue so far. “Well you didn’t here this from me because you know I’m not messy but, Ms. Fufu Fhalin’s boy toy was caught with his pants down in her living room the other day with a chick who name didn’t even start with the letter f” “what" I said clearly not paying attention to the receipts any more “girl yes and his excuse was like he was drunk high something girl I don’t know but any way she been walking with a stick up her ass all day and about to take it out on you because I’m off at 7” I couldn’t help but laugh at his story “where do you even hear this stuff” “girl my cousins best friend baby sitter is the b**** Fhalin man was sleeping with sister” I took me forever to catch up to that and to ask him to repeat it would only make my head spin so I left it at that.

“There is a customer on the floor and you two our back here having a tea party” Fhalin said while walking away “see stick up her anus” rome said while indicate the stick with a pin sitting on the desk. “you so stupid” I laughed before pushing him and walking from behind the counter toward the customer. “hello welcome to Rosary is there anything I can help you find today” I said in the nicest voice I could possible front with. “Hold on for a second” the guy spoke into the phone “uhmm yea but I will call you when I need you” he said shooing me away like I wasn’t s***. It took me a minute to understand what just happened and from the whistle I heard from behind me coming from rome he was taking back by the rudeness as well. “ok well just let ME know when you need ME” I said making sure he peeped out my attitude. “I’m sorry look uhmm I’m new to all of this shopping for women s*** and I need help ok uhmm I can only tell you her size it a 6 in dresses she loves the color blue and I don’t think she likes dresses other than that I’m stuck and late for a meeting” he said looking at his watch “wow must be one hell of a friend” I said walking toward the women’s section with him close behind me “yea she is I haven’t seen her in about 5 months I just moved back in town and wanted to give her a gift something small but meaningful at the same time” I watched as he spoke about the girl as if she was the apple of his eye and I began to become jealous, I wanted a guy to spoke about me in that same way but instead all I had was lifetime and a jack rabbit to spark my romance time.

“Well you say she doesn’t really like dresses but you gave me her dress size, it is going to be a little hard picking clothes out for her but on the other hand we did get in really pretty jewelry by Tom Ford which I do believe is her favorite color as well” It took a while for him to take his eye off the pieces we had in front of him I could tell he was thinking extremely hard which spoke so much in my mind. “that one” “this one” I said pointing toward the <a href=" ">bracelet</a> “yes that is the one” “alright great choice the bracelet…” “I doesn’t matter the price you can go ahead and ring it up” he said pulling out his wallet. “Cha ching" I heard rome say from the background “of course sir right this way”

“514.36” flashing me his black card he did a quick swipe signed off and waited for me to bag the gift. “thank you very much for stopping in Mr. <a href=" ">Brown</a>” I said reading the name that popped up on the screen. But he never said anything back instead he grabbed his ringing phone out of his pocket and answered snatching the bag off the counter and heading out of the door. “I don’t care how much of an ass he was he could GET IT” rome said while spreading out across the counter, I couldn’t help but feel the same way but I knew it was all in vain being that I probably would never see him again. “I don’t pay you to hold the counter up” Fhalin spoke from across the room, “oh child she needs to remove that stick” rome said while we just burst into laughter.

I love this story!
I love how trey is so freakin slick!
I hope that Rima can get what's 'Hers' sooner than later...
I know that his gf would f*** them up if she found out...
I wonder who broke Rima's heart so long ago...
Once Her and Trey are alone together, it's on!

Run it!!

Damn trey got hella game huh?!?! I hope he f*** rima's brains out!!!! Soooo ready to see where this story goes. RUN ITTTT:)))

Oh lord, thinking about smoking a blunt seems like a good ass idea right about now. Anyways, I see Tremaine. He a sneaky ass nigga, He ain't slick at all, we all know he wants to f*** her brains out. lol. Rima is in a tough situation right about now because my ass would have been all over Trey. Weed does make a person ten times hornier. Kara, all I can say is.. Sayonara because your ass will be gone soon.

run it

Kara gotta go
Trey can stay

Kara too stuffy && b****yy
Ion likes tht shxt nah uhn
Trey knew wht he was dng . . . he got moves likee Jagger

Damn Kara c**k blocking asx
He was just abt to give Rima the D

That last part was very telling
&& visual
Ain't no shame with Rima I see lol

I likes

trey playin' them games boii
ionno how rima be doing it;
kara would have to go! im sorry
but trey his ass can stay though
rima want trey bad too; kara
messed up a good old sneak fck
for Rima. ugh, lol

interesting ana. i likes

Run It