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I just saw twilight anybody see it???


It was okay
It had moments where it was blurry

Was it a good picture??

I just watched it on my computer lol
My phone was acting stupid

Im on my phone and I got it

I can't get it online
You think it's because I'm on my phone?

*a baby

Lexi thnx to you I have watched that movie three times
and still cry like

Everybody in the theatre with me was gasping and hollering during the fight scene lol. When Jacob got naked we all started hooting and hollering lol. The fight scene I was a mess I screamed I teared I clapped when members of the volture were killed. My emtions was on a high, yeah my true twi-hard came all the way out lol.

just click on <a href="">here</a>
there have a bunch of different links

The link you gave me didn't work

And yeah I still feel like crying because its over

@harlee I know what parts your talking about and I reacted the same way

that movie is epic lik OMG im so mad its over
come back god i wanna cry now
that battle seen thou i had to watch it twice im bout to watch it again omg damn damn damn i want twilight to come back i didnt expect to feel lik this i feel so empty now :( lmaooo

Samee!! I cried...

But you know the scene (no spoilers) JUST before the battle started.. (u know what im talking about) .. I fully yelled, "What! Are you serious?!?!" lmaooo .. then the NEXT major part (u knowww) .. I was like, "Are you serious!?!?!" like pretty loud, while gasping for air..

Thennn the next part.. I was like "OMGOSHHHHH NOOOO" and fully teared up!!

And Edward and Bellas part lmaooo.. I TURNED!! "Tell me RIGHT NOW! If Edward or Bella dies!" lmaoooo .. Cos my girls had already seen it and they were like, "Just watch it" .. I was like, "Nah straight up! Tell me if Edward or Bella dies because I`m walking out this mutha f***er and gonna hate this s*** forever, so tell me!!!" LMAOOO - she was shaking her head and pointing to the screen, so I pushed her out the way and asked my other friend and she shrugged and pointed to the screen lmaooo.. I got soooo angryyyy

After the movie, we were talking about it lmaooo.. and my girls were like, "Faaark, I thought you were gonna beat me up" lol..

Same here my twihard came out on full blast
During that battle scene
My tears were streaming hard lol

I frickennn LOVED IT!!
omgosh if my friends recorded my reaction after the battle scene lol.. would have gotten so much views on YouTube lmaooo..

was classic!! - My twiihard came out 100 strong lmaoo

Okay thanks

<a href="">clicky</a>

i have to keep pausing it thou so it can load up

You can watch it online?
Give me a link when you get it

im bout to watch it online now be bak to say wat i thought

I was happy as hell when I found out it was a vison
I couldnt have my cullens getting killed off like that lol

Everybody was screaming in the theatre win tht happen but was mad af cuz it was a vision lol

I probably pissed people off too
Cause I was going off in that theater

And omg when they got jasper I almost dies

Hell yea that whole battle I was screaming in the movies
I think I pissed alot of ppl off too lol

When I seen carlisle's head I started crying
I swear I screamed "that didn't happen in the book" mad loud

I still can't handle the fact that it's over
I loved that whole damn saga

Yess i was about cry i thought they killed my baby(seth)

Its was a bittersweet night.!

I was crying like a big ass baby when it went off
I already read all the books and watched all the other
Movies many times
I'm Hellas sad it's over

Girl me too.! I wanted him to keep going lol

Yess she should make one about jacob and renesme and when jacon started taking his clothes off i died

Omg I watched it last night and it was the best.!!!
I screamed at jacob most of the night and cried at
the end and cried more when it went off because
that was the last one.! Im making my boyfriend
buy me all the books and I really hope stephenie
meyer brings out one last book so they can make
another movie...maybe all about renesmee.!!!

Yes i love tht movie but im mad its over