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"Mommy I'm cold," my heart Levi whined to me. It had been below 40 degrees, while we waited on the bus stop for his 'father', Jinsu. I layed his head against my chest. "I know baby, I know." Pulling out my iPhone, I called him again for the fifth time but was sent to voicemail like all the others. "Where the f*** can he be?" I mumbled holding my son closer.

Not to long after a while he decided to pull up, with the nerve to have music blasting and smoking. I opened the door with much attitude and put Levi in his car seat. "Jah, I told you about smoking that stuff around my son!" He continued to smoke his blunt as he bobbed his head to the music. Getting in the passanger side I slammed the door hard, hoping his windows broke.

"Yo, kay what the f*** is wrong with your dumb ass?! Dont be slamming my goddamn doors!" He said while pulling off. I made a face in disgust at him. "First of all, I told you to come get us at 5:03, it is now 5:34!" I yelled over the music. "I came and got you didn't I? So f*** on with all that disrespectfulness!"

"What? You left me and our SON outside in the cold! I cant even... you know what, just f*** it! f*** you! Ugh, I swear Im getting ready to leave your sorry ass.. I should've just listened to Bree." His foot stomped the brake and his hands found their way around my neck. "You threatening me now? Huh? You wanna f***ing leave? Huh? Is that what you want? then f***ing leave! Get the f*** outta my car!"

"Mommy!" I heard Levi scream and started crying. Tears fell from my eyes as horns blared from behind us. "Thats what the f*** I thought!" He said putting the car back in drive. I reached my arm in the backseat and wiped Levi's tears soothing him. "It's okay Levi, mommys fine. Im okay."

"Daddy hurt you." I cringed when he called him 'daddy'. I knew Levi wasn't his, and had been Drakes. He himself knew, but going back and fourth to both of them only caused him to be confused. I was so selfish that I hadn't even thought about his feelings. Thats my son, Im supposed to tell him the truth.

"Baby, we were just playing. See look! Mommys okay, there's no bruises." I showed him my neck, in hopes I could convence him to make ammends with him. He wiped away some of his tears as we pulled into the drive way.

As soon as we got inside, I put Levi in his pajama's and sat him in front of his TV with some juice and crackers. "Kae, stay in here and dont move unless mommy says so okay?" He nodded and looked up at the TV.
Getting up and walking to my room, I grabbed some Pajama's for myself and headed to the bathroom. "Kay let me talk to you for minute." Jinsu said following me.

I blew air from my lungs and started to strip. "I have NOTHING to say to you right now." He rolled his eyes and leaned on the sink. "Look, I didn't come in here to get the third degree. I wanted to say Im sorry for doing you like that. Especially infront of our baby boy. I just be wilding out you know? Like Im possessed by the devil or some.. Can you forgive me? Im sorry babe."

I nodded my head and proceeded to the walk in shower. Jinsu softly gripped my wrist pulling me into a bear hug. "Jah, why do you hurt me.. I didn't mean to pop off at the mouth. I should be the sorry one. But Im not perfect."
He kissed my forehead, "Me either beautiful."

He released me. "I'll be in with you in a few minutes, just let me go check the mail." I nodded without even second thinking. The warm water felt good against my bare body. A few minutes later I felt a hand yank my hair and pull me out the shower. "What the f*** is this Kay?" Jinsu shoved a paper in my face.

"Jah, what are you talking about? I don't understa—" I slipped and fell hitting my face first into the toilet and then the floor. "Jah!" I whined crawling over to the door holding my jaw.

"No! your going to explain to me why these papers say Jah-Youth 0% and Aubrey 99.99% the father of Levi!!" He yelled grabbing ahold of my hair making me look at him. "Somebody help me!" I screamed. Sending him into a rage, he started reaptedly punching me.

"You tried to play me eh? You thought I was stupid huh?" His punches become harder. "Jah, Im sorry. Please!" I yelped when he hit me in my jaw with a left sending blood flying on the floor. "Daddy no, please stop hurting mommy!" I heard Levi's voice. "Levi go to your room," I cried out. Jinsu pinned my arms to the floor. "You gonna tell on me now? You gonna go run to Bree and Dany's b**** ass? I'll tell you what go get that pussy Drake so I can beat his ass!" He said slapping me again. "DADDY STOP!" Levi ran over grabbing Jinsu only to be threw across the room.

"My baby!" I screamed crawling over to him and holding him in my arms. "You know what? f*** you! f*** all of you!!" He said leaving out the bathroom. The door slammed seconds later leaving me and Levi alone in our 2 bedroom apartment. "Mommy it hurts," he said holding his ribs.

With all the strength I had left I lifted us up and went to the bedroom. After packing us a few clothes and getting us dressed, we made our way out the apartment.

Taking two buses I finally arrived at Drake's studio. Walking down the hallway I can hear him singing. I opened the door. "Drake!" His eyes rose from his blunt he was making to me. "Kay? What happened to your face?" I shook my head. "I'll answer questions later; we have to get Levi to the hospital now!"

Drake grabbed his coat and we left to the hospital..


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I wnat her to tell him, but then again I don't....
Run It!!!

More runs! (:

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href="">Jinsu or "Jah"</a> 



"Hey, babe I came over as soon as I could. How is he?" She said walking over to the bed. "He's pulling through." Drake responded. 

"Aw.. poor little guy. I'm so sorry about your son. You must be under so much stress right now."

"Pretty much," I mumbled and began playing with my fingers. The room went slient until Drake spoke again. "Uh.. Nicki this is my old friend Kay. Kay.. this is my fiancè, Nicki."

My heart melted. After two years, I didn't expect to be slapped in the face with this. At least not this fast. The last time I'd saw him he had proposed to me and I blew him off, just to impress Chris and Bree.

I admit, it's the worst mistake I've ever made. When I first started dating jinsu,  everything was perfect. He would buy me flowers and chocolates. Take me on dates to these fancy resturants and spoil me with expensive gifts. 

The abuse didn't began until recently when we got into an altercation at his brother's house. I should've left then, but I loved him so much I couldn't. I always ended up feeling bad for him, like he was the victim and I was the bad person.

But because of my stupid decisions, I let it get so bad my son was involved. I want to tell Drake so bad that this is his baby. But he's engaged now, and it will only look like I'm trying to ruin their relationship.

I guess he will just never know, right?

"I'm so sorry about what happened," she said pulling me in a hug. "I hope someone beats his ass for this." I chuckled a little at the thought. It did sound like a master plan for me, but again, my heart just wouldn't let me do that.

"Thanks Nicki, I'll handle everything from here. Congrats on you guys' engagement though," I said half smiling. Although my heart ached with pain from the news about those two, I decided it would only be right to pretend I was happy with it.

"Thank you, Kay. I know we barely know eachother, but I'm here for you and your son whenever you need me, Okay?" 

I nodded as a few tears fell. Not only am I bruised and unhappy, but I'm homeless. There's no way I was going back to that apartment. That was the last straw when he touched my son.

She pulled me in a tight hug before turning to Drake. "I'ma go to Wendy's do you want something to eat?" Drake shook his head. 

"Nah, I'm good. Why don't you just go home and I'll meet you there? You probably tired from working and s***. Just make you a bubble bath and fix some dinner and I'll be home after visting hours are over. Kae? " She nodded in agreement and pecked his lips, before giving me another tight hug and leaving. 

I wiped my tears away and gained my composure back, before asking a million questions. I know, of course, I'm not his girl anymore. But it wouldn't hurt to catch up with him.

"Soo, uh... your engaged eh?" 

"Yeah. I am." Drake said taking a seat on the couch, and pulling out his Blackberry©. 

"How's that going?" I sat beside him and pulled my legs up under my chin. "Honestly, it's real good. It's not perfect, like, exactly how everyone would like it. But it's strong, and I'm real serious about this relationship. Like I wanna go all out for this girl."

"All out?" I said tilting my head to the side. "Yeah. You know, like the big wedding, the shopping sprees and spa hangouts for our mothers and her. Kind of like how I wanted to do for you."

Well, at least he thought of me. For a second I got kind of jealous with all this talk of Nicki. I couldn't do anything but smile weakly. Of course, seeing your first love with someone else will hurt you. But when your the reason he's gone, you can't help but be happy for the guy.

"That's good. I'm happy that YOUR happy." He nodded. "But enough about me, how've you been?"

I wanted to tell Drake everything that was going wrong in my life. From breaking everything off with him, to dating Bowwow and him only leaving me to go back to his ex, leaving me alone and 7 weeks pregnant. The only person I had left was Jinsu. And in order to keep him around from leaving me, I told him it was his baby. He believed it, but find out 2 and a half years later it wasn't his son, and that's the reason we are right here in this situation. But I decided against telling him. 

"I've been fine. You know playing the whole 'Mommy Trophy Wife' role." I smiled a weak smile. "It was going good until today. I just want Levi to get better so I can just forget about it. Ya'know? Just move on with my life and continue to raise my son. 

He nodded and looked over at Levi. "So, what did you want to tell me about Levi?" I swallowed hard. Was this the time to tell him the truth? Would I be looked at as a home wrecker? 

On cue the nurse came in. "Hi Miss Panettiere, I just came on in to check on Levi's vitals and to tell you visiting hours are almost over in 5 minutes," she smiled. I nodded and looked at Aubrey. "Thanks for coming.. again. I really appreciate you giving us a ride here. I would give you gas money, but my wallets coughing dust at the moment."

Drake chuckled and pulled me into a tight hug. "I told you, I'm willing to do anything for you. You know I don't want anything from you but your friendship." He kissed my forehead and got up putting on his coat. "I'll be back in the morning to check on you two, kae?"

I smiled a deep dimpled smile and hugged him again. "Of course." He smiled and walked left the room. "Of course." I repeated again in a whisper smiling.


Grrrr. I feel like this story is MESSY. But I'll keep going for YOU GUYS. And be on a look out for a new stroy from me. (:


Run it jinsu need to be pt away

I'll have an update ready in an hour.
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she still need to tell him
be like i really need to talk to u in private its important and all that
cuz it aint fair to her son
run it

Please run it. Is she gonna tell him anyway

Run this s*** Kay!!

Can I get a couple more reviews? it would appreciated.

run it

Damn, she just needs to tell him.
Why doesnt she just tell him!!!
Sorry, im desperate for her to tell him.
Someone hurt Jinsu please? Thanks!
Ah s***! Drake got himself a girl.
Now Kay will never tell him

Run it

Ugh right when she was going to tell him run it

href="">Kay</a> you need to eat something." Drake said pushing a fry to my face. I shook my head and pushed it away. "No. Im fine.. Im not hungry," I mumbled playing with my fingers. He sighed and layed his back against the booth. "Kay, why do you keep blaming yourself?"

I bit my lip trying to hold back tears. "Because Aubrey.. It is. You just wouldn't understand." His hands found their way on top of mine. "No man should ever put their hands on a woman.. You did the right thing by taking up for yourself, and your son." 

I let a few tears fall. The guy I once was in love with is the father of the <a href="">little-me</a> of him in a hospital bed in room 138. And he didn't know. It wasn't like I'd just had Levi a couple days ago and now telling him that he's a father.

It's been two whole long years. The last time I had seen him I left him for another guy I thought was the one out of anger. Evidentually, I knew his reactions might not be the best.

"Kay Im sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry." He said coming over to my side of the booth and bear hugging me. I shook my head. "You didn't." My arms tightened around him. 

After a while, we left cafeteria and went back to the room with Levi. "Drake I really wanna thank you for being here for our—I mean Levi." He looked up at me questionable before smiling. "Anything for you Kay."

I blushed and played with Levi's fingers as he slept peacefully. "Aubrey.. Can I ask you something?" He nods slowly.

"Do you hold grudges?" my eyes met his as I said so. "Sometimes, it depends on how big the situation is.. If this is about what happened at rosie's I already forgave you."

"Well yeah, that to.. And Levi."
He gave me a confused look,"Levi?" I nodded. "Yeah I—"

"Oh here you guys are! I thought I was lost," a girl with blonde hair and deep dimples said cutting me off and pecking Drake..

That was a nice intro. I was expectin a lil sex scene in the shower, but that ass whoopin caught me off gaurd.
Run it.

Dang ihope lil Levi ight
dude definitely shouldnt have put his hands on her nd def. not the child. Theirs other ways he couldve handled that. But finding out that your baby isnt yours and ur girl cheated is a hard pill to swollow.
This is interestin tho
Run it

I hope sumone does go beat his asx cuus he needs it !!
poor liddle boi i hope hes fine too . an i hope drake helps make her feel bedda ,,

run it,

Guys! Im late but I cant add a chapter to The Prom Dates until tomorrow. I forgot I have a paper worth 400 points to do. :'(

Yeah, Jinsu will get handled. As for Drake & Levi..
You'll see (:

But seriously.. Im pissed, I wanted to update it SO bad!


I hope Levi is cool. That bastard know he is wrong for sitting up there and hitting that child like that. Ughhhhhhhh....... what is wrong with him? Man I can't even comment like I want. As I was commenting, the computer locked up. Long story. But I wonder wtf gon' happen when he find out Levi's his.

Run it.

I am so sorry that you had to suffer through this Kay.
You and Levi both.
He is a worthless piece of s*** for doing that.
You should've just listened to Bree and I.
Lets hope Drake finds him and beats the
daylight of him.
He needs to learn a lesson.

Run it

Lord wtf?? Jah is so disrespectful like woah..
had them waiting at the bus stop
cursed her out
smacked Kay and threw the baby??



I thought he knew Levi wasn't his baby, he still had no reason to put his hands on her like that. I hope Levi is okay, great beginning too!
Run it