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I was on Twitter & this woman Jenny Johnson call herself coming at Chris but obviously he can turn that s*** right around & come back at her cause he sure did burn her ass!!! What y'all think??


Yeah talkin bout some your mama must be proud of you. Like b**** take yo ass somewhere! That happened 4 years ago & you still on his d***? Back back, obviously you & your lil minions still on that s***. It's disrespectful of her to bring up his past, like nobody on this Earth is perfect. I might be 16 but I know that the past is the past & you have to move forward. But you know if I was him I woulda just laughed & been like-yeah I WAS like that but look at me now, I'm a new person. She should dish it out if u can't handle what happens afterwards. I think he just wanted chris to notice her XD she know for every actions there's a reaction! Got what she deserved.

She brung up his mama??? thts disrespectful

I know like they said she tweeted
"Call me old fashion, but Chris brown needs to be in jail" over 1,00 times. Like she got the attention she wanted XD. But seriously though she ain't have no right to bring his mama up y'all.

Tht girl just wanted attention plus tht tweet he put out was old