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Yo my daddy friend bought bed bugs in our house & now they in my room, so I have to sleep in Qui Qui room UGH I got bit the f*** up. These mothaf***as ain't no joke. Plus I swell with anything that bites me. And I mean knots! So my mama throwin away my whole bed. I'm just glad she is. Im still itchy & i just took a bath. Anywhoossss whats up chicas?? :)


Qui Qui computer screen is cracked so my dad took it bck with him all the way in North Carolina(I live in South Carolina) & my lab tops acting up with viruses so my mom is getting it fixed in the shop. Idk when I'll be able to write :( but soon I hope.


Okay, do you want a kid(s)? ♥

I love you to Wife!
But im waiting on Welcome home Mayleen!
And add me in it!

Aaawe Im sorry wifey. I would have but the 5 Chapters I DID have were thrown away accidently by my OCD mother. It just wont be the same with out being in that sexy zone I felt. So im doing a new plot. But I'll deff add as soon I can. Smile for me please? I love you :D

You didn't Start Prom dates yet!
*starts pouting*
Im waiting!
And Tram!
Where's the update to Bad boys and Things Bad boys do!

Bre? What did I do? ♥
I just had to write a paper on why rome fell. Reeeeeaally fun -.-
Im a happy camper today though :D

I have a math test too!! I like writing but I just don't feel like it at the moment.

we hired an exterminator and I think they gassed the house. make sure to wash all your clothes in hot water. and steam the furniture.

Don't you just love school work & their page long essays lol
I have a math test tomorrow :/ & how did y'all get rid of them??

I had them b****es smh not fun at all. I hope yall get them out of the house asap.

but i'm about to watch Charlie brown *sneaky grin* Chris brown, Charlie brown lls. And I'm about to write an essay blahhh

That's good Im on the phone with my friends they so crazy y'all XD

Hey Yall!
*rolls eyes at Kay*
I ain't doing nothing, buy getting ready for this talent show!

I remember when we had those. Ugh! They bit me up and everybody else was fine. but when I went to the hospital, they said it was hives and they gave me a pill which stopped them. But I KNOW for a fact it was 1 or two of them.

ooooh nothing studying and writing a chapter for Welcome Home Mayleen (: