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You know what I love?
The fact that Chris is supporting Kae with her clothing line.
That is what's up!

How's everyone's day going?
Theres supposed to be a storm here, but as of right now, it's just continuously pouring rain.


boo you whore lol

Ive been too lazy to comment tho

aww thanks dany
but more than likely
i will only write it on there.. yall know
how that goes. lol

aw yeahhh man you
got me hooked ana
you're very welcome!

That is a good ass story already

death sentence on EC

im slow af right now
ana what comment

hehehehe duh i got it from what you
and ty was doing in the club on trey
birthday.. lol

Awww s***! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! lol

laughing while riding face lol

Trey is one conceited ass nigga



hey dany
hey soso thanks for your comment by the way :)

but bree idk lwrf you have got to ask him that one

hey anaaa

Well madam. I want you to explain why yo man has clothes with "Property of Songz" on them lol.


hey love bunnies what is going on in the world of
freaks and skeets lol



I don't watch BET either, but I will watch that...

And YES TO EVERYTHING you said Viva lol... Except NO to Kevin.

Oh snap!

omg fa real?! i don't watch bet no more
but i'll tune in to watch that though

i wont lie . . . i would DEF hit Kev
. . . Nelly buff asx && Boris Kodjoe

mmmmmmhm lol

Me too man. I can't wait either lol.

*im not ik

lol speaking of thugs
Real Husbands of Hollywood come on Jan. 17

ik excited after seeing the commercials on a BET

lmao @ Thugs R Us

Pow Pow... Play that gun sound lol.


Only real thugs allowed

Yes... Thugs R Us lol.