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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


Chapter 15
The Start of a New Relationship

I arrived at my place at 9:05 after I picked up some paint and breakfast. Chris was there. I got out the car with a bag of spray paint and he shook his head “What happened to 9 o’clock” he asked. “She got lost in traffic” I said as I opened the door and he came in. I put the bag on the island and looked at Chris. “Ok I want my room black with leopard words. The basement can be painted however you want because that’s going to be the game room. The den needs to be my all white room and the one guestroom needs to be hot pink and zebra for Makiyah and the other one can be sky blue” He looked at me and shook his head “You matters well take rainbow paint and splatter it everywhere” “Why would you say that?” “Because you using too many colors” I shook my head and I saw his eyes travel to my neck. He looked like he wanted to say something but he bit his bottom lip and looked back at my eyes and shook his head. “What?” I asked. “Nothing, too many colors” “It’ll look good” He hunched his shoulders and grabbed a can of paint “Whatever you say, what’s the most important room?” “The basement. It’s my entertaining room, I was thinking of it doubling as a theater.” “Your house… How much are you paying me for this?” “How much are you charging?” “$100 an hour” “Nigga please! You matters well get in your car and take yo ass back home because aint no way in hell I’m paying you $100 an hour” He laughed “Calm down I’m just playing. I just wanna talk to you.” I looked at him weird. “Talk to me?” He nodded “Yeh have a simple conversation” I raised my eyebrow “Ok it sure beats the hell out of a hundred an hour” I grabbed my key and started walking to the door. “Where are you going?” “To get paint and food, did you eat?” He shook his head no and started walking towards me. “Well good I got you something too, Pancake platter with turkey bacon scrambled cheese eggs and regular syrup”. He smiled “You remembered.” “How could I forget we basically lived at Ihop”. We walked outside and I got the food and he got the paint and we walked back in.
After we finished eating we went down to the basement. It actually looked pretty damn good. I looked around and noticed that there was an extra bathroom that was fully decorated and a card that said “You’re Welcomed” from Jonathan. I smiled and cut off the light. “Give me an idea of what to paint because you know I’d draw some scary s*** and you won’t ever come down here.” “I don’t know just art something beautiful nothing like how you did the den at our old spot” He smacked his lips “You said you liked it” “I said that when I was dating you. Now that we’re not dating I don’t have to sugar coat it, I hated it!!” His mouth dropped and I laughed. “Are you serious”. I nodded “It was your taste not mines. I’m more of a girly girl with animal prints and bolder colors, not scary faces that watch me in the middle of the night.” “Damn it took you this long to tell me." I smiled evilly and threw a can of paint at him. “You’ll get over it. But listen I want these two places to be separated. I’m going to build a wall here and get a pool table and a bar and then theater chairs and a projector screen” “Why not a flat screen?” “Because I want a projector damn it”. He laughed and started painting.
I went upstairs in room. I put on my ear phones and started rapping along with Nicki Minaj. I got my roller and started painting my walls black (the builder already put a base coat on). I was almost done when Itty Bitty Piggy came on. It was old but this was my s***. I rocked my hips to the music and began rapping with her “I was on the plane with Dewayne, you can call me Whitley I go to Hill Mane, listen I’m the baddest in the school the baddest in the game excuse me honey but nobody’s in my lane. When you was in New York you was f***in the yankee I was f***in’ with base I was pitchin—“ I had my eyes close and I felt my rolled collide with something not as even as the wall. I opened my eyes and laughed. I accidently rolled Chris. He had a black line from his neck to his torso. I took my earphones out. “OH MY GOD! I am so sorry” I said still laughing. “You think it’s funny?” I shook my head still laughing. “Ok someone just sent you flowers”. I put the roller down and walked in the kitchen and saw my favorite flowers… Lily’s. They were pink and beautiful. I shrieked and read the card. “I know these are your favorite, just like you are mines, Trey” I smiled again and smelled the flowers. “If he was smart he would’ve gotten them in orange” My head shot in Chris’ direction. “What?” “You heard me. Only reason why he’s even doing that is because he knows I’m here. Just like him leaving those vampire bites all over you. I’m not dumb.” “That’s how you feel” “Yeh, he’s starting to get on my nerves. I know y’all are together so he needs to chill with that insecure s***” “Well damn you needed to let that out”. He shook his head “Shut up”. “Who are you talking to?” “You” I go up and approached him when I did I pointed up at him “You better—“ was all I could get out before I felt paint being slashed on my clothes. I gasped and he laughed and took off running. I took off my shoes grabbed a bucket of paint “It’s on”. I walked around the house looking for him and he ended up being in the closet in the den. He must’ve forgotten about the mirror because I saw him. I crept over and opened the door and threw paint at him. He had his own bucket so he threw it back. We were having a paint fight. I was winning meaning he was drenched in pink paint. “Pepto-Bismol” I said laughing. He grabbed me by my waist to where the back of my body was on the front of his. I looked up and he had a cup with blue paint. I shook my head “You wouldn’t” I said trying to get loose but he had a tight ass grip on me. “You obviously don’t know me” “please don’t” “And why should I spare you”. I bit the inside of my lip and tried to think and I felt liquid covering me. “MY HAIR!!!!” I screamed as he let me go. “You little f***er” he laughed and stuck out his hand “Let’s call us even” I narrowed my eyes at him and he smiled. His smile always made me smile even if I didn’t want to admit it. I stuck out my hand and shook his and looked around. “This actually looks nice” He nodded “Yeh you should leave it like this” I looked at him and then back at the walls. “I think I will” He looked at me a pulled the bun out of my hair so that it was all out semi bushy blonde and blue. He shook his head “I guess I gotta get your hair done”. I looked at him “No, I already had an appointment with mommy to get a touch up.” He nodded and looked down at his clothes “I cannot be seen like this” “You don’t live here so I don’t see why not.” “You have a smart mouth” I smirked “yeh yeh yeh I already know. I got towels in the car. Did you bring clothes?” He nodded “I figured something like this was going to happen.” I nodded and smiled at him. “What?” he asked. “Nothing, It’s just I’ve missed us. This seems like a good start of a new friendship.” He smirked “Yeh I’ve missed us too”
I went outside and got the bag with the toiletries in it and my overnight bag. I went to his car and got his stuff since he didn’t wanna come outside looking like the family sized bottle of Pepto-Bismol and took it back inside. I threw him his bag and he looked at me “Where you want me to wash?” “In the bathroom with me.” He raised his eyebrow. “No don’t even think like that. We are completely covered in paint so—“ He cut me off “I wash ur back, and u was mines”. I held up my hand “I high 5! you got it!!”. He mushed me and walked to the bathroom. I shook my head and followed. Thank god I got a huge glass door stand up shower that can fit 3 comfortably because if I would’ve only gotten a tub this wouldn’t have worked. “Don’t get naked you freak” I told him as he took off his shirt. “The f*** I look like getting naked in front of my “step sister”. I laughed and adjusted the temperature in the shower before I stripped down to my sports bra and my boy shorts. Chris stripped down to his underwear and tried to look everywhere except at me. I already knew what it was. He was never able to look at me in boy shorts before “Chris jr” took on a mind of its own. I got in and started washing the paint off of me. After 5 minutes Chris still didn’t come in so I peeked my head out and asked “What are you doing?” “I can’t go in there.” “Why not?” “Because the water is too hot make it cold and I’ll get in” “I can’t take cold showers” “And I can’t take warm showers with you”. I shook my head “Really Chris?” “Really Paris.” I shrugged my shoulders and went back in and started washing my hair. I had my eyes closed scrubbing away when I felt something on my neck and I jumped. I opened my eyes and it was Chris. “You had blue in the crease of your neck” “That’s why I asked you to help me but noooo” I joked and he walked under the shower head and began rinsing off. I although I was washing my hair I was stealing looks at his body. He was really in shape. Not like a juice head but his size what perfect for me… I mean him. His tattoos were a nice touch to him. And his abs um um um--- what the f*** am I doing? I working on me and Trey I’m not supposed to be looking at Chris like this. “I thought when people washed their hair they closed their eyes” Oh s*** he caught me. “What?” I asked. “”I see you looking at me” “Yeh I’m looking because you still have pink everywhere” He made a face “Yeh I know exactly what you mean”. Yeh and I knew exactly what he was talking about, he knew I was checking him out and he was checking me out too. After a few minutes I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair I walked behind him and started wiping paint off of him. I wiped down his arm and saw a tattoo of the Eiffel Tower. He must have noticed me staring at it. “I got it after I left.” I looked at him “Why you never liked France”. He wiped forehead and looked into my eyes. “Yea, but I’ve been in love with Paris since I was 17.” Oh my God!! Why’d he have to say that? Now I felt weak like he had me where he wanted me. Butterflies came from nowhere as I stood there looking into his eyes. He smirked and grabbed his towel and walked out. WTF??
When I got out of the shower I changed in to some pink yoga shorts and a black tank. I left my hair down to dry. I walked into the basement where Chris was putting the finishing touches on the wall. It was beautiful. It was a black wall with a face. Beautiful brown arched brows, big Golden eyes, a cute nose and perfect pink lips. At the top and on the side you could see gold pieces, but from a far you could tell that it was hair. It was just gorgeous. I felt like I was falling in love with this woman. “You like it.” He asked putting down his can. “She’s beautiful.” “She’s you”. I looked at him and back at the wall, she was me. “I love it!” “Come on final touch”. “Really Chris?” “Paris you know we do this every time we paint” I shook my head and dipped my left ring and pointer finger in pink and my right thumb middle pinky and palm in pink. He did the same thing but vice versa and in gold. I waked over to the right side of the painting and kneeled down and pressed my 3 fingers and my palm there and moved so he his then went to the left and looked over at him. “I can’t reach” He stood on a can of paint and did his. “You out of lucky shorty” “come on give me a boost” He wiped his hands and picked me up so I could put my prints there and then he put me down. “What the f*** you been eating” “None of yo maf***en business.” He pushed me and I kicked him and he just looked at me and laughed. “I could get used to this” He said as the doorbell rang. I looked down at my phone and it was 6 so that had to be Trey. “You expecting company?” I nodded “Just Trey”. I ran upstairs and opened the door and he walked in and looked around. “Hi baby” He said pecking me. “Hi” “I see you got the flowers” “Yes and I love them” I said smiling. He shook his head “The only thing y’all did was put plastic on the floors?” “No that been there. I did my room, we did the den, and he did a wall in the basement.” “Can I have a look” I nodded and showed him the rooms. When we got downstairs he nodded at Chris and Chris nodded back. Then Trey looked at the wall “This is amazing! I really love this piece. Is this Paris?” Trey asked as he looked over at Chris and Chris nodded. “I want this on my wall” I looked at Trey “You can’t have it because this is one of a kind”. He grabbed me by my waist and kissed my cheek “Just like you. How much are you charging her?” Trey asked pulling out his wallet. “I don’t need your money Trey” Chris said. Trey looked at Chris “No seriously how much are you charging her I’ll pay for it”. Chris looked back at Trey “Keep ya change, I don’t need it. I was just working off a little debt.” Trey bit his lip and out his wallet away “Mmmk”. I got awkward for a second before Trey’s phone rang and Chris walked out. “Hello, yeh, No I’m like 30 minutes away, ok I’ll be there” He hung up and looked at me “I gotta stop by my mother’s house she’s throwing a dinner for Terrance’s (his 20 year old brother) birthday. You wanna come?” I looked down at my clothes and shook my head “No” He nodded and grabbed my hand as we walked to the door. “Are you going to come over tonight?” He asked holding my waist. “No bae I gotta go to the shop tomorrow” He nodded. “Ok call me when you get home” I nodded my head and he pecked me “talk to you later” “Later” I said closing the door. “He’s starting to make me sick” Chris said looking down from the balcony. I smiled “Well go see a doctor”. “Stop with the smart ass comments and come help me finish your room”. I smiled and walked upstairs. It was 2am before we got finished with the last room and we both went home and fell right to sleep.

Thanks you guys :)

That last Chapter was supposed to be broken up in to two parts but I added them together by a mistake. So the next Chapter will be 15.

Im Happy She With Tray.... But I want her 2 Be With Chris..
Run It...

Run it!!!

Run it, trey is stepping his game up. Riley is trifling, but Chris is stupid for sticking around if he aint happy. i just love it.. RUN IT

Run it, trey is stepping his game up. Riley is trifling, but Chris is stupid for sticking around if he aint happy. i just love it.. RUN IT

Look at Treys jealous ass awwww. Bur Important glad she and Chris are at least on speaking terms lol. She show told his ass he better be at her spot ready to paint or she's gonna get in that ass lol. Im excited to see what's gonna happen at her place. And Trey ain't slick leaving them hickies on her neck. But Dqmn Trey and his bomb ass head tho lol. Only second to Chris. Hmm. RUN IT!!!

Chapter 14 part 1
Marking His Territory

When Chris and I got home I headed upstairs and started packing things that I wanted to take with me to my place. Chris came and stood at the door “You know my mother doesn’t want you to leave” I nodded “Yeh, but I need to go. I’m grown and what I look like bringing men to my mother’s house?” He raised his eye brow and shook his head “You are a mess”. I laughed and walked over and picked up a teddy bear. I looked at Chris and he smiled and walked over. “Wow you kept her” he said taking it from me. It was a teddy bear he won for me at the fair playing basketball against Mike. “I guess I did” “You remember that night?” I nodded laughing “Yeh that was the only thing you won” “Whatever I let you win” “And that’s always been your story”. “The fair will be in town this Saturday, you want a rematch”. I shook my head “You were always competitive. We went for 4 years and this is the only thing you won” I said now laughing. “Whatever” “What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked and he looked at me “Nothing why” “I need someone to help me paint and since Trey isn’t off until Saturday that person is going to be you.” I told him. He shook his head “I don’t think ya boy boy like you around me” I made an ugly face. “I don’t see you not” “Uh maybe because that nigga has been liking you since high school and he knows that we were together”. I shrugged my shoulders “Key word: “were”. He shouldn’t have a problem with it I mean we just started like really talking today. I mean you’re my step brother”. He laughed “Wow” “What? You are.” He nodded his head. “Yeh I’ll help you paint” I clapped “Good because if you didn’t I would’ve hired someone to drag your ass to my house” “Why won’t you hire someone to paint” “Uh because we can paint! The f*** I look like wasting my money on a crappy artist” “WE can paint? Or I can paint” I made a stupid expression. “Chris don’t act like I can’t paint” He laughed “If you call stenciling Chris and Paris a million times in the game room painting, the yes Paris you’re the best painter of them all” I hit him “shut up”. My phone rang and it was Trey. I picked it up “Hi baby” “What you doing” he asked as Chris made the teddy bear kiss me. “Packing up why?” I asked swatting at Chris. “I wanted to know if you wanted to spend the night with me” I smiled “Sounds good” “You want me to come get you.” I shook my head “No I’ll drive. I’ll text you before I come” “Iight” “Are you going to cook?” “Nah I’ll order Chinese” “Ok I’ll see you later” “k”. I hung up and snatched the teddy bear from Chris “You don’t have any good sense” He smiled.
I washed and put on some orange PINK sweat pants and a white PINK tank top with some all white air forces. I put my hair in a curly pony tail and grabbed my over night bag and walked over to Chris’ room. He was standing in his closet in his boxers. He didn’t notice I was there until I laughed. “The f*** are you laughing for?” “Because you have skinny legs”. He made a stupid face “What u want” “I wanted to come over here and tell you to have your ass at my house by 9” He looked me up and down “Who the f*** are you” “Don’t act like you don’t know” He shook his head and pulled out a shirt. “And if I don’t” “You’re dead”. He shook his head and I walked out.
When I got to Trey’s house he greeted me with a hug and a peck on the lips. He then took my bag and took it in his room as I took off my sneakers and got comfortable on the couch. He came back moments later and sat next to me. “We need to talk” I looked at him and raised my eyebrow. Its only 2 days, what could I’ve possibly done in two days? “What’s up baby” “I don’t like you with Chris” he said bold af. “Come again” I asked as if I didn’t hear him the 1st time. “I don’t like y’all together. It’s not like I don’t know what y’all had and what happened to y’all. I’m not some new cat that just popped up in Cali that don’t know that he’s more to you than just your step brother.” He explained. “I haven’t talked to Chris like that in years so for you to even have an issue with that is stupid” “It’s not stupid Paris. If he never left y’all would probably be married by now. He still has feeling for you”. I knew that part was true, deep down inside I had feeling for him too. But we weren’t going there. “Trey let’s not go there. You and I are good. I’m not worrying about Chris and neither should you. Since he’s been here he hasn’t even tried anything stupid. You have to learn to trust me” “I trust you I just don’t trust him, I see the way he looks at us” I laughed “Yeh it’s the same way everyone looks at us when he’s around because you be trying to make me choke with your tongue.” He shook his head and laughed a little “You noticed that?” “Hell yeh” “Sorry. I gotta let him know. It took me a long time to get “with” you and I’m not letting anyone take you away from me.” I pecked his lips “You have nothing to worry about”. He nodded. “Just to let you know he’s helping me paint tomorrow”. He shook his head “Iight, I’ll be there when I get off”.
Later that night I was lying in Trey’s bed in his t shirt and my panties waiting for him to get out the shower. He was taking too long so I fell asleep. I woke up to head, spectacular head at that. I was moaning and screaming so loud. I never knew Trey gave head this well. He was up there with Chris. Why was I even thinking about Chris when he’s doing this to me? After 5 minutes I came and he kissed and sucked his way up to my neck. I knew he was leaving marks but it felt soo good. He reached on the night stand and put on a condom and we got it popping.
The next morning I woke up and looked at my phone it was 7:32 and Trey sitting in his computer chair he only had on his boxers. He was looking over files. I got up did my basic hygiene and straddled him and he pecked my lips. “Why aren’t you gone?” I asked him. “I need to finish this up and I don’t go in until 9:30” I nodded “How much more you got?” He typed in something “Nothing now why?” I didn’t reply I just lightly sucked on his neck and he gripped my waist… he knew it was on.
After we washed he got dressed in his business attire and I got dressed in some jean shorts with red belt, a white tank and some red thong sandals. I put my bushy hair in a high bun and looked at my hickies in the mirror. “Trey!!” He walked in fixing his tie. “What’s wrong baby?” “Look at my neck” He looked and kissed my hickie “Love marks”. I shook my head “You not slick”. He smiled and kissed my lips “I gotta go. I should be off by 5” I nodded “I’ll see you then make sure u lock up” “Bae I’m not 3” I said as he laughed and walked out.

That Was Good...
Run It....

Lmao at Mike and Brooklyn. Baby Makiyahs here aww. I see Treys not a big fan of Chris being around Paris. Im glad Paris still comforted him. Even though they ended bad. Rileys a hoe. Damn shame how she did Chris. Paris you can't be Captain save-a-hoe. Chris gotta learn to handle this on his own. Lmao at Trey making sure he let Chris know Paris is his. Least he ain't gotta worry about them living together no more tho. Run It.

Chapter 13 (2 days later)

I was just waking up and I was 11am. I decided not to go to the shop today. Kirk seemed to have everything on lock yesterday, but I told Tina to call me in case of an emergency. I got up and looked at my phone and saw 2 missed calls and a Text from Trey. I opened the text first.
Trey: Good morning baby hope you have a good day
I smiled and opened my missed calls, both were from Ms.J so I called her back. “Hello” she answered. “Yeh ma you called?” “Yeh, did you speak with Chris yesterday?” “No why” “Something’s wrong with him he’s been in the gym all yesterday and didn’t come out to eat. Then when I got up this morning he was there again. Can you at least take him a sandwich” I nodded “Yea I can do that” “ok gotta go shampoo this relaxer out call me later” “k”. I hung up and went in the bathroom and did my basic hygiene. I had on a white beater and some boy shorts so I put on a bra and some grey yoga kapris and walked to the kitchen. I looked in the refrigerator and pulled out eggs, turkey bacon, cheese and butter and I started cooking.
I made us a bacon egg and cheese sandwich with some orange juice and I walked downstairs to our gym. Chris was on the treadmill running with his earphones in his ear so I sat down by the mirror wall and ate. By the time I got done he pressed stop on the treadmill got off and got some water. When he turned around he looked down and saw me. Then took his earphone out “I brought u a bacon egg and cheese” I said pointing to where I put his plate. “Nah I’m good” He said kinda dismissing me. “You need to eat your mother is worried”. He looked at me “Is she the only reason why you’re here”. I shook my head no “I’m worried about you too. Last time you came down here is when David (his God father) died”. He looked away and leaned against the wall. “If you wanna talk I’m here”. He looked at me and huffed “Two days ago you didn’t even wanna be in my presence” “I know, I have issues but you said you wanted to talk”. He exhaled “Riley is killing me” I looked away not knowing if I’d be comfortable with this conversation. “For the past two years I’ve wanted to kill her” “Well, why are you with her?” “Because she’s the coach’s daughter and If I wasn’t with her she would have told him to bench me” I looked confused “Aren’t you finished with college?” He nodded “Yeh but I kept getting her pregnant” I looked away. “Every time I was going to call it off she’d be pregnant. We’ve gotten abortions, she’s had miscarriages and the whole nine but this time they said she had a fibroid and this would be the last chance for her to have a child so that’s what we did. Only reason I proposed to her was because I thought she was having my child…” He looked away “What do you mean you thought she was having your child?” He laughed “Last night she told me that Christian wasn’t mines” his eyes glossed “I know there were rumors in college that she was out there but damn. I’ve been there for him since day one and I know he’s only 4 months but I love him. How could she do me like that”. I looked at him and I knew he wanted to cry. That s*** wasn’t right. My sister did a number on him. I got up walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. I felt bad. Moments later I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and him burying face in my neck as his warm tears collided with my skin. I just held him and rubbed his back. I knew this had to hit him hard because Chris didn’t cry easily. But I understand though, you can’t just f*** with people’s emotions. Riley was wrong for what she did and he was dumb for not getting a dna test. After like 2 minutes he pulled away “Sorry, I feel like a b****” I smiled and wiped his tears “It’s ok 2 be a b**** sometimes” I joked and he playfully pushed me “Even though you hate me, thank you for hearing me out” I sighed “Chris I don’t hate you” He nodded and my phone rang. I looked down and it was Jonathan my contractor “Hello” “What do you think about a house warming this Saturday?” “Say Word!” I yelled excitedly. “Word baby we are finished”. I started twerking “That’s what I’m taking about!!” “Come meet me at your place so I can give you your keys” “What time baby” “Asap” “This would be the only time I leave the house looking like s***, but I’ll be there in 15” “ok”. I hung up and continued to dance forgetting Chris was right there until he laughed. “You always did dance like a white girl” He joked. “What the f*** ever yo, my place is done!!” I said putting on some black and white j’s and a black zip up hoodie. “Really?” “Yup I’m going to go pick up the keys now, you wanna come?” He started to shake his head no but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him “What the f*** are you doing?” he asked and I laughed “You don’t have an option you’re coming with me to get my key” “Only if I drive” “Chris what’s wrong with my driving” “You can’t drive” he laughed “It’s been years I’ve gotten much better” “Ok”.
When we got there Chris jumped out of the car and kissed the side walk. “WHAT?” I yelled. “You don’t follow rules, you exceed the speed limit by 20, you don’t use signals when you switch lanes and you were driving on the curb” I laughed “Calm down it’s not that serious” He shook his head. We went inside and checked everything out. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms a basement kitchen living room, den and a lot of closet space… This was my home. I got the key from Jonathan and he left. I sat on the island and smiled. “This is a nice place” “Yea I know” “I’ma be over here all the time” “um no you not” “Um yes I am. This is too much space for you” “don’t worry about that I’ll have company” He made a stupid face “Who Trey?” “Maybe” “What’s going on with y’all” “I like him” I said and Chris turned his head the other way. “He must be doing something right” I smiled “he actually is.” Chris looked at me and smiled “Well as long as you’re happy I am too”. “Do you mean that” “Yea I mean it. You deserve someone one that makes you happy. But if he ever slips up I got you only thing you gotta do is call”. I laughed and my phone rung it was Brooklyn “Hi preg—“ I was cut off by Mike “OH MY GOD HER WATER BROKE AND SHE’S HAVING CONTRACTIONS… SHE’S SQUEEZING MY HAND” I laughed “Mike calm down where are y’all?” “WE’RE AT THE HOSPITAL!! PARIS THIS BABY IS 3 WEEKS AND 6 DAYS EARLY!! WHAT IM GONE DOOOOO” He was so dramatic and he usually acted so tough this s*** was hilarious. “Just stay calm and breathe do you need me to come up there?” “I don’t know, baby yo-you want Paris to come?” “I DON’T CARE NOW GET OFF THAT MOTHER f***ING PHONE AND FAN ME!!” I heard Brooklyn yell “HELP MEE” was all Mike said before the phone hung up. I was doubled over laughing “What’s wrong?” Chris asked “Brook-Brooklyn is in labor and Mike’s scared” He shook his head. My phone rang again it was Trey and I picked it up “Hi baby” I said still laughing “Hey bae what’s funny?” “Mike just called Brooklyn is in labor” “Yeh he just called me too, I’m off for the day you want me to come scoop you” “No, I’m at my place” “You still with Jonathan?” “No I’m here with Chris” The line went silent “Hello?” “Yeh I’ll meet you at the hospital” “k”. I hung up the phone and looked at Chris “You wanna ride with me to the hospital?” He looked scared and shook his head no “Alright you can drive”.
When we got there Trey wasn’t there. We went in the room and Mike hugged me. “You ok” “Yeh man I need some alcohol for this s***” I shook my head as he greeted Chris and I walked over and kissed Brooklyn’s head… she was out of it. “What did they give her?” “I think Nubian or some s***… thank God”. Trey walked and daped Chris and Mike up. Then he walked over to me and pulled me by my waist and kissed me. He wasn’t slick he was making a statement. “I missed you” he cooed. “I missed you too” I said back as he let go. I looked over and saw Chris shake his head.
After 3 hours, every motherf***er in the book, 2 cups of chipped iced, and an epidural Brooklyn gave birth to Makiyah Asani Stevenson. She was 6lbs 7oz and 19 1/4inches long. She was the cutest baby ever.
I wanted to give them family time so Chris Trey and I left. When we got outside Chris got in the driver’s side and Trey made a face. “What’s wrong” I asked “So he driving your car?” “yeh you got a problem” I asked and c**ked my head to the right. “We’ll talk about it later” I shook my head “Iight, can you help my decorate Thursday?” “I gotta work bae” I looked down “I can call out” I shook my head “No it’s ok, I’ll call you later”. He grabbed me and pulled me close “Make sure you do that” he whispered and pecked me. I got in the car and Chris pulled off shaking his head…

Officially unofficial. Aww well I hope Paris and Trey become more. What the hell does Chris wanna talk for? He f***ed up. Man can't belive Paris heard that convo Chris had with Riley Rileys a whore and I already know what she told Chris. Hmm this is getting deep. Team Trey all day.

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Wow Riley is full of drama

Yay yu added nd poor chris. Riley was cheating? This is crazy. Paris is enjoying trey. Hope she dnt let chris ruin that for her. He cnt have his cake nd eat it too. Run it

Chapter 12
Unofficially Official

I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone. I had a 2 txt, 1 from Brooklyn and the other from Trey. I opened Brooklyn’s message first
I laughed and Texted lol back. I opened Trey’s next
Tremaine: Good morning Beautiful. Call me when you wake up.
I smiled and called him. The phone rang twice before he answered “Morning” “Good morning” I said back smiling. “You just waking up” “Yeh” “I wanted to know if you wanted to go out for lunch” “I’d like that” “Cool” he said and I could tell he was smiling. “What time you wanna meet and where are we going” I asked standing up and stretching. “If it’s ok with you I’ll come get you and we’ll ride until we find somewhere” I laughed “Sounds good” “How long you need to get ready” “Give me about an hour and a half” “ok see you then” “ok” I said hanging up my phone and opening my bathroom door. I walked in and saw Chris “shaking it” and flushing the toilet “Oh my God! Do you not know how to lock doors??” “My bad I thought you were gone” he said washing his hands. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my sink and began to brush my teeth. “Why you acting like I did something to you?” he asked. I spit and looked over at him “What are you talking about?” “When we were in Virginia we were cool you even let me spend the night with you and now you act like you got an attitude every time I come around.” I raised my eyebrow and huffed. “The f*** you huffing for? I know I f***ed up. I said we were going to get married and I moved and proposed to someone else. I apologized already. I said I only wanted you to have my kids and I slept with your sister. I apologize.” I cut him off “I don’t wanna hear that” “Well you need to hear it Paris I’m sorry for everything I put you through” I turned back and looked at him through the mirror “I don’t wanna hear it Chris. I don’t wanna think about you and “your family” I said truthfully but laughing. “What’s funny?” he asked. “Nothing can you get out I need to take a shower” “Where are you going?” “Out. Do you mind” I asked not really caring if he did or didn’t. He shook his head “But after you come back can we talk?” “about what Chris?” I asked now looking in to his eyes. He looked me back in my eyes and I knew something wasn’t right. My facial expression changed and I know he noticed it because he looked away and cleared his throat “I just wanna talk to you”. I nodded and he walked out of the bathroom.
The whole time I was in the shower I couldn’t get Chris’ eyes off my mind. I wanted to know more, but I knew I had to wait. I got out the shower and walked into my room and started to get dressed. I put on some dark blue ripped jeans with a cute leopard printed shirt a brown belt and some leopard print flat thong sandals. I left my hair out curly threw on some accessories and grabbed my brown oversized Gucci bag and went down stairs. “Don’t we look pretty today” Ms. Joyce said kissing my forehead. I smiled “Just a little bit” I replied back. “Just a lot” a male voice said and I looked over and saw Chris sitting on the island. I made a stink face at him and he did it back “What time are you coming back?” Ms. J asked “I don’t know I don’t even know where I’m going” I said truthfully. I heard a car pull up. “That’s my ride I’ll see you later” she nodded and I walked out.

Trey and I ended up at the lake behind his mother’s house. We always used to go there when we were younger. I stood there admiring the place and he stood next to me. “I almost forgot how short you are” he said looking down at my feet. “I’m not short your just a giant” “Oh yeh” he asked smirking. “Oh hell yeh” I said and he picked me up and I screamed “PUT ME DOWN” “nope, not unless you say sorry” I laughed. He started walking closer to the lake “Ok I’m throw you in” “No! I just got my hair done” “Oh well giants don’t give a f*** about ant’s hair” I gasped “ANTS!!” He laughed “Yea ants now apologize!” He demanded. “Only if you apologize to me” “I’m sorry baby” he cooed and put me down. “I’m sorry giant” I said back laughing. “Damn if I’m a giant can I at least be a cute one?” I shook my head and smiled “No, you’re a gorgeous one” I said pecking his lips. He bit his bottom lip and looked away. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He looked back at me “Yesterday when I was about to leave and I kissed you it was like you didn’t wanna kiss me. Did it make you uncomfortable because I did it in front of Chris?” Damn, why’d he have to call me out? “Yeh it was awkward” I said truthfully and he nodded. “So you still have feelings for him?” I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head “I tell myself I don’t but there’s unfinished business between us” He nodded. “I won’t do it again” “Are your feelings hurt?” I asked and he looked back at me “You think I’m some weak ass nigga?” he asked and I nodded. He grabbed me and gently tackled me on the blanket that he laid down when we first got there. He was on top of me and I was laughing. “I can’t believe you think I’m weak” “It is what it is” “I just really like you. I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I thought since you wanted to have sex again that you wanted more than us being just friends” I looked at him and I kinda felt bad for sending mixed signals but what was done was already done. “I’m sorry. Like don’t get it confused I like you. I enjoyed having sex with you and everything but I’m not ready for a relationship. Like we can kick it or whatever but I don’t want a title” “So you’re saying it’s like we’re dating but were not dating?” He asked confused. I smiled “Like unofficially official” “What the f*** does that even mean” I laughed “ It’s like to the world were just friends but to us it’s a little bit more.” “You’re confusing the s*** out of me” “Ok I don’t want to call us friends because kissing and sexing are things that lovers do. I don’t want to be your girlfriend because it’s too early. I just wanna enjoy my time with you. If it escalates into something more then we will add titles. Can you dig it?” I asked. He nodded “Do I have to worry about you and Chris” I shook my head and he kissed me “I guess we’re unofficially official”
The rest of the day with Trey was cool. I really enjoyed his company. He took me back home around 11pm and I was kinda happy. I hoped everyone was sleep… well Chris at least. I went into my room took off my shoes and hung up my bag. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door for Chris’ room when I heard him yelling. “SO WHAT THE f*** NOW? (PAUSE)I ALREADY TOLD YO DUMB ASS THAT BEFORE I CAME OUT HERE! (pause)DON’T THREATEN ME WITH THAT s*** RILEY! (pause) Riley you know damn well that everything Christian has comes from me (pause) yo ass don’t even work so don’t try to run that s*** on me (pause) You’re mad because I came out here for my mother’s birthday? (pause) Tell your mother to watch him if you wanna go out that bad (pause) IIGHT IIGHT WHAT EVER RILEY I DON’T f***ING CARE ANYMORE. YOU CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THE f*** YOU DO AND WHEN I COME BACK I’M TAKING CHRISTIAN. (pause) Yes tha f*** they well give me custody because he’s my son and I provide for him (pause) WHAT? (pause) RILEY what the f*** did you just say to me (pause) f*** YOU YO. WHEN I COME BACK YOU BETTER HAVE HIS s*** READY BECAUSE WE’RE LEAVING. (pause) I don’t give a f*** what you just said he IS MY SON. (pause) WE’LL SEE. I heard something get thrown across the room and what sounded like furniture moving and then it got quiet and all I heard were soft sobs. I wanted to go in there and hold him and find out what was wrong but I didn’t. He wasn't my business any more. I stripped and ran the shower water. I got in and pushed Chris to the back of my mind and smiled Trey and I were unofficially official <3

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@RedBottoms Hi and welcome :) Thank you, I'm glad you like my story!!

Aww, Chris know he still wants Paris. Stairing mighty hard. Ms. J so sweet with Paris calling her her daughter and wanting her by her side to blow out the candles on her cake too. LMAO at Brooklyn knowing Paris had sex, just by looking at her lol. Then when they found out it was Trey lol, a mess. Whattt Trey and Chris around at the same time. Oh, the possiblilities lol. Damn know Chris was jealous when he seen Trey kiss Paris... He's bought to be home for two weeks, yeah it's about to get interesting lol. RUN IT!!!

I love this story! Paris and Brooke are totally like me and my fav. cousin! I love kevin please bring him back he had me rolling! Trey could get it anyday Im just saying! Mama J is my mf'in girl for life! I loved how they played that s*** off when she was younger with her dad. I laughed so hard! Chris and Paris.....idk add soon! I loooooooooooooooooooove mike he's like the male bff I always wanted. Not to fond of kirko...his parts in this can be very short and simple lol

I love this story! Paris and Brooke are totally like me and my fav. cousin! I love kevin please bring him back he had me rolling! Trey could get it anyday Im just saying! Mama J is my mf'in girl for life! I loved how they played that s*** off when she was younger with her dad. I laughed so hard! Chris and Paris.....idk add soon! I loooooooooooooooooooove mike he's like the male bff I always wanted. Not to fond of kirko...his parts in this can be very short and simple lol

Uh oh!
Run it!

Brooklyn's right though forget Chris at this point he moved on so now she need to move on and be happy

Awww s*** hope she cn last that lng wit out slipn up run it

Yu just made my day nd 2week is a lng time to ignore someone. Run it

Chapter 11 part 2
Chris smiled so brightly as everyone screamed and he approached his mother with a big hug. Ms. J hit him 2 times before she hugged him back and kissed his cheek. “Was that a surprise or what” Zoe yelled into the mic as the rest of the family went up and hugged Chris. I walked over to Brooklyn, Mike and Trey. “Hi beautiful” Trey cooed. “Hi handsome” I said back and he blushed. “What the f*** is going on?” Mike asked confused. “Don’t worry about that” I replied and looked at Brooklyn. Her face when from confused to excited “You got d*** last night!!” Brooklyn said excitedly. I turned my head because I began to blush and Trey smiled. “What that f*** you mean she got d***?” Mike asked. “I knew her since she was 13 and that glow is the “I got d*** last night” glow” she explained. “Damn Brooklyn thanks for the girl talk. You didn’t have to tell Mike—“ Mike cut me off “What do you mean she didn’t have to tell me? Don’t you mean she didn’t have to tell me and Tr—“ He cut himself off and grinned hard as hell and gave Trey dap. “What” Brooklyn asked. “It was Trey” Mike laughed. “How you figure” I asked and looked at Trey. “Because y’all went out last night and I called him this morning at 11 to see if he wanted to go shoot some hoops and he was still sleeping—“ “SO” I said cutting him off. “Sooo I’ve been knowing this nigga since 3rd grade and he wakes up before Jesus everyday unless a. he’s sick or b. he got some pussy. Am I right or am I right?” Mike asked nodding his head and Trey and I both looked the other way. “That’s a hell yeh” Brooklyn said and then continued “I’ma need details b****”. I shook my head. “I need to talk to u like now Brooke” She nodded and got up and walked with me inside the house. “Wassup” “Chris is here.” I blurted out. She gasped “I didn’t see him” “Yeh because y’all were sitting all the way in the back. He just jumped out of the f***en cake” I said pacing back and forth. My palms began to sweat. “Calm down, he might be leaving tonight” “I hope so. I’m try my best to avoid him” “Yeh with blonde and big boobs I don’t think he’ll see you” she said sarcastically then she poked my boob “What was that for?” I asked. “I wanted to see if u had extra padding. After this baby drop and my boobs go back down I’ma be needing that bra” I laughed. “Brooklynnnn!” “ok ok just act normal” “there’s no normal around him anymore. It’s all awkwardness. And to top it off I f***ed Trey last night so for both of them to be here is like ahhhhhh.” She laughed “Ok this is how it goes. f*** Chris.—“ I cut her off “WHAT?” “No as in sleep with him but forget about him. He’s obviously moved on so you move the f*** on too. Do you like Trey?” I bit the inside of my lip and thought about that question. “Kinda. He’s cute. We’ve always gotten along. He’s good company. And he put it the f*** down last night!” I almost screamed. “So y’all did f***?” she asked “Yes girl I think I already mentioned that” Brooklyn smiled “Wow, I know your “I got d***” look. It never fails me” I laughed and she continued “Take things slow with Trey. You’re all he ever talks about. Mike wanted to hook y’all up so bad. But I had to put his match making ass in his place.” I laughed again. The door opened and Zoe walked in. “What are y’all doing in here?” she asked “Talking” Brooklyn and I sang in unison. “Well talk y’all asses outside She’s about to cut the real cake—“ I cut her off “Why” Zoe rolled her eyes “It’s getting late and Kevin has an appearance in Vegas and he wants a piece of cake to go” Brooklyn and I laughed. “Come on”. Zoe, Brooklyn and I walked outside and around the table. Chris was standing on the right side of his mom smiling at the cake. I saw her look around at the crowd. Zoe walked over to light the candle and she stopped her and whispered something. Zoe looked around and pointed at me and motioned for me to come over. I shook my head no. And she nodded her head and mouth “Yes damn it”. I smiled and made my way to the left side of the cake. I took the lighter from Zoe and leaned over to light the candle and I felt someone burning a hole through the side of my face. I looked over, saw that it was Chris and stood back up as everyone began to sing the birthday song again. When the song finished Ms. J grabbed the both of us and we all blew out the candles. “What did you wish for?” Vanessa asked. “Nothing I have my son, my daughter and my family here with me, what more can I ask for?” “A Hummer sitting on some 28’s” Kevin yelled and everyone laughed.
While everyone ate their cake Trey grabbed me. “About last night—“ he started “I’m sorry” “for what” I asked confused. “You were obviously intoxicated… I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that. If you don’t ever talk to me again I understand” he babbled looking down. I smiled, lifted his chin and pecked his lips “After the way you put it down you know damn well I’m be talking to you again” I joked and he smiled. “We both wanted it so it happened. But I will tell you what didn’t happen.” He looked at me “what’s that?” “A condom didn’t happen—“ “f***” He yelled. “It’s ok I took care of it. We just have to be more careful next time” He smiled hard as hell “Next time?” I smiled back at him “yeh next time. You are ok with a next time… right” “HELL YEA” he yelled. We both laughed and were interrupted by someone walking up. We both looked back and saw that it was Chris. “What’s good” Chris asked Trey as he dapped him up “Nothing man, haven’t seen you around” “Yeh I know I moved to VA—“ He continued to talk to Trey and I took it as my opportunity to walk away and I did. I stood in the front of the house pacing back and forth hoping Trey wouldn’t say anything. But why tha f*** would I care. f*** Chris. He wasn’t nobody, and if I did f*** Trey that was none of his motherf***en business. I took off my shoes and turned around and Chris was standing there watching me. “What that f***” “Hi Paris” “Christopher” “How’d we get back to the Christopher stage?” “When you became someone that I obviously don’t know” I spat. He nodded “You look beautiful” I shook my head “What do you want” “Just to talk to you. Since I jumped out of the cake you’re the only one I haven’t talked to”. I bit my lip and looked down “Thanks for being here for moms”. I looked back at him “you don’t have to thank me, she’s my mom too” He looked at me and then looked down “I remember when I used to make you look like that”. What the f*** was he talking about? “What?” He looked back at me “You’re with someone” “What are you talking about”. The door opened and Brooklyn, Mike and Trey walked out. “We’re leaving. Remember what we talked about” Brooklyn said hugging me. I nodded. “Yeh remember what tha f*** she said for I come back here and it’s gone be some motherf***ing problems” Mike said hugging me. “You don’t even know what I said” Brooklyn argued. “I just like being heard” Mike said and we all laughed… well except Chris. Mike and Trey dapped Chris up and Trey turned to me and hugged me “I’ll call you tonight” I nodded and he pecked my lips “Later Beautiful” “La-ater” was all I could say. I can’t believe he did that in front of Chris. It was like he was letting it be known that there was something between us. I felt my cheeks get hot as I blushed and watched them pull off. I couldn’t even look at Chris. “So you’re with Trey now?” I heard him ask. I shrugged my shoulders. “Well I hope he makes you happy”. I looked over at Chris and our eyes locked. He seemed somewhat sincere. “When are you leaving?” I asked above a whisper. “2 weeks” He replied back. I nodded my head and walked back in the house. That means I have to live with him for 2 weeks? This was truly a surprise…

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Just messed up that good ol' cake like that! I thought Chris was being a b****, but I'm happy and excited he made it...Kevin a fool man

Momma j is all happy now i bet but paris still not going to speak to him.Run it please

Damn Paris would run into Laith ass, when she was picking up a plan B lmao. Oh well better safe then sorry. Now I was bout to flip that Chris's ass hadn't called Mamma J and wished her a happy birthday, ol punk. She was so hurt even tho Paris was doing everything to make her day special. It was nice of her to plan that tho. Kev's crazy ass makes a party, he's a fool. I was wondering why Zoey wanted to get to the cake so early, wasnt expecting Chris to pop out that cake, tho and mamma J was ecstatic.Hmm will he and Paris speak??? RUN IT!!!

Awww I like dat Chris ain't let his mom done run it