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Remember Me.

<a href="">Selena Moore</a>
<a href="">Blair Wilson</a>

"But when things start to go your way and you make it out of here will you still <em>Remember Me</em>?"


How are the really cute ones psycho and insecure?! That girl better start wearing bullet proof vests or take up Tae-Bo or something if she's gonna survive long enough to play a damn game. RUN IT!

Oh hell no!
Im bout to beat that nigga ass!
James we bout to plan you're funeral!
Run it boo!

James, Imma bust you in yo s***! Your pissing me the f*** off. Blaire should've stopped him, but then again. It wasn't in his place to do it, I get that. Corrine seems cool as f*** when she isn't jealous. James, Bre and I are coming for that ass.
Run it

I would've have f***ed James b**** ass up!!! The moment I recovered from that slap, would've been the moment I saw red!!!!! Ohhhh I'm telling you. I'm glad Corrine gave Blair the go ahead on Selena, but I hope they can help her!! Run it!!

James is sick I swear.
Because of him she probably suffered a concussion from hitting her head so much.
Blair should have followed her.
Corrine is cool in my book now.
I hope Selena is okay.

Run it


<a href="">I</a> sat in the back of the party with a drink in my cup and high as a mothaf***a. This girl sat down on my lap and gave me a lap dance. She ain't know what the hell she was doing but her ass was fat. I had kept my eye on the door and hadn't seen any sign of Corrine or Selena. I was worried about Selena because of the way James looked at her before I left. Something told me to stick around but it wasn't my place to do anything. I looked at the door again and saw Selena and Corrine both looking bomb. They went to the kitchen. The girl was still dancing and she was hurting my d*** so I removed her from my lap. I stood up and walked towards the kitchen before I was stopped by another female I declined her and turned right into Selena.

"Blair!" She said throwing her arms over my shoulders. She was drink as hell but she smelt like weed.

"You drink? And smoke?" I asked while walking to the couch to sit down with her.

"That I do." She slurred terribly. I laughed she was cute. "Ooh this my song! Dance with me!" She said sitting on top of me. She was getting me hard.

She began to roll her hips to Rihanna's pour it up. She knew what she was doing and had mad skills. She never surprised me. I looked over to see James and quickly pushed her off of my lap gently. I wasn't scared of the nigga I just know what it feels like to see your teammate disrespect your girl in from of your face. He spotted Selena who was singing along with the words not even noticing I had removed her and charged over there angrily. He grabbed her by her arm and she immediately became sober. At least that's what it looked like.

"Yo chill out Jay!" I said intervening. No man should put his hand on a woman like that.

"Nigga shut up!" He spat. "Come one Selena." He said jerking her towards the back.

"But James I wanna..." She whined.

"I said let's go." He gave her a face and her eyes widened and she walked with him the best she could.

I got up to follow them before I bumped into Corrine.

"Hey." I said hugging her she did the same and looked off towards the way Selena had walked.

"I'm worried about her." She said noticing I was looking in her direction.

"Why?" I asked to see what she knew.

"Because she came in the room earlier and her face was red and puffy and her eyes were bloodshot red from crying. she Said her and James had gotten into an argument and that she was fine." Corrine and I both knew she wasn't. But neither of us were close enough to her to give her our opinion for her to even care. "It's cool by the way." She said turning away an dancing to the music.

"Whats cool?" I asked confused.

"You and Selena. If it ever happens. I see the way she looks at you and vice versa. It's kinda like y'all were made for each other." She shrugged and walked off. I smiled a little glad that that was out of the way.

I was still worried about her.



I stumbled into the bathroom while James threw me onto the floor. I hit my head on the toilet and shrieked in pain. The room was spinning and me being unable to comprehend ANYTHING made it worse.

"I told you about him Selena!" James yelled standing over me. I was so scared and drunk that all I could do was cry.

"I'm sorry!" I tried to slur out while my tears choked my throat.

"You damn right you are!" He slapped me across the face and kicked me in my stomach. I groaned in pain the tear were nonstop. Why was he doing this to me?

He turned his back and I tried to crawl my drunk ass to the door and get out before he yanked my hair back and threw me in the tub I had hit my Sid that he kicked an shrieked again. He slapped me in the face and punched my ribs.

"Don't let me have this conversation with you again! Now clean yourself up!" He said throwing a towel at me before locking me in the bathroom.

I sat there silently and cried to myself. I dragged myself across the bathroom and stood up only to fall back down again. My head was spinning all over the place my rib cage was on fire and my face felt like it had been hit with a wrecking ball. I tried my hardest to focus on myself in the mirror before I saw a black eye beginning to form. I lifted up my shirt and saw two big red splotches and a cut on the side of my arm that was bleeding horribly. I cried even harder before I heard a knock at the door.

"Just a minute!" I managed to say straight. I fixed myself up the best I could before exiting the bathroom with my head low. I found an empty room and sat on the bed. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and dialed the only number I knew by heart.

"Hey boo I miss you!" I heard on the other end of my line almost immediately. It made me cry even harder. "Babe what's wrong?" I heard Bre say into the phone.

"I need you." Was all my body would allow me to say.

"My classes are cancelled tomorrow and Friday mommy just put $400 in my account I'll be on the first flight there tomorrow afternoon I promise." She said not asking any questions.

"Ok, I love you." I said almost in a whisper.

"I love you too and I do NOT mind going to jail in Kansas trust me. Bye babe call me later." She said before hanging UPC

I swear I had to have the bestest friend in the world. I went to stand up to leave the party but that wasn't happening. Next thing I know I had fallen and everything went black.

James done lost his mind!!! Glad to see Corrine ain't holding no grudge on Selena because Blair was all up in her face.

Run it

They turnt the f*** up!
Inhale the good s*** exhale the bulls***.

Run it

Aye!!! Turn up time! They are too funny. I hope James won't be at the party. He just urks me. But I do hope Blair is there. Haha that rhymes.
Run it


I opened my door slowly and saw Corrine applying make up to her face.

"Hey Roomie!" She said excitedly. I half smiled and waved. "Are you ok?" She looked away from her mirror and walked over to me. She pushed some hair behind my face and saw my face bright red and my eyes dry with tears. "Oh no Selena what's wrong?" She asked her face full of concern.

"Me and James got into it." I said shrugging it off.

"I'm sorry honey. Are y'all still together?" She asked holding my face lightly and hugging me. I nodded. "If you need anything love you can talk to me." I nodded and decided to take a shower.

I was still going to that party and I was gonna get f***ed up too! After I got out the shower I did my make up and put on <a href="">this</a>. I pushed my hair to the side and smiled in the mirror. I looked over at <a href="">Corrine</a> and she smiled.

"Ooh b**** we bad!!" She said posing in the mirror. I laughed at her and went to my drawer.

"You smoke?" I asked her before pulling out my stash.

"HELL YEAH!" She said going through her phone. I smiled and snatched my Baggie full of weed out of my drawer.

"Roll up?" I said holding the bag up.

"Oh s***! Where have you been all of my life!!!!" She said going to her purse and pulling out purple rolling papers.

We sat down and got grinders out and prepared 3 blunts each for the both of us.

"I see the start of a beautiful friendship!" She said while putting the blunts in her pocket. I nodded in agreement. "You drink?" She asked, I nodded. "I'm convinced you're my soulmate." She pulled out a bottle of dragon berry Bacardi and 2 shot glasses.

The party was only down the street so I didn't mind pre-gaming. She poured us a shot and we tossed it back on three then she poured another one and another one.

"Let's go!" I said grabbing my phone wobbling a little. She laughed and followed my lead. I pulled out my phone and Instagram'd a picture of me and Corrine.

<Strong>And let the party begin!</strong>

Umm HELL NO!! James who the f*** do you think you are? Your not her damn dad, I know that for sure.You just a pussy nigga. And I don't like pussy niggas. I hope Blair saw his ass!
Run it

Aw look at Blair and Selena.
They're meant for eachother.
Oh hell noa can I beat James' ass?
He is one shady ass nigga!
Selena better tell someone.

Run it


I looked over at Blair who was sitting on the half court line playing with the basketball. I walked over to him and took a seat across from him.

"So what's up with you and Corrine?" I asked looking at him. He shrugged a little.

"Nothing. I met her over twitter she gave me her number we've talked occasionally. She said you were gone and told me to come over." I laughed a little.

"Didn't know she was that kind of girl." I shrugged a little. "So where are you from?"

"Originally from DC but I moved to LA before I started middle school." He said looking at the ball and then at me.

"You're from Cali? Me too!" He smiled and looked at me nodding his head.

"I know. You went to Centennial." He said while I looked at him wide eyed. f***ing creep! "Chill out aunt nobody stalking your lil ass. I just know basketball and everyone knows who Selena Moore is." He said pulling a curl and watching it bounce back in place.

"I guess. No girlfriend for you?" I asked looking at one of the many tattoos that made his arm sleeve.

"Nah. I don't do girlfriends." He said scrunching up his nose.

I laughed at his facial expression. "Why not?"

He shrugged, "I don't like girls. They're too much drama. They give you headaches, they don't tell you what they want. They're too much work."

"That's because you're dealing with girls." I said subconsciously flirting. "When's your birthday?"

"August 1st" he smiled and I laughed. "Why, when's yours?"

I scratched my head, "August 20th."

"Two Leo's? This should be interesting." He chuckled before looking at his phone. "Damn it's 9:30. I'll walk you back to your building."

We got up and grabbed our bags and headed towards my dorm.

"You going to the kappa party tonight?" I asked pushing some hair behind my ear.

"Probably, will I see you there?" He asked looking over at me.

"Maybe." I said blushing a little before looking over at my building to see James standing outside of it. He screwed his face up and looked over at Blair. My face dropped.

"Talk to him. He won't know how you feel until you do." He said nudging me.

I nodded and bumped fists with him, "I'll see you later." He nodded and walked off.

I walked over to James and nodded. "Wassup?" I asked while getting my ID from my bag so I could get into the building.

"What you walking with James for?" He asked jumping to conclusions.

"We played ball that's it. He's good company I got s*** off my chest." I said over the conversation already.

"He's not who you think he is Selena. I know niggas like him. He's just tryna f*** and you're basically throwing it his way!" He said getting louder with each word. I turned my head in disbelief.

"Are you f***ing kidding me? James go on before I do and say something I regret." I couldn't find my keys and it was pissing me off even more.

"You know what Selena say it! You've been with this nigga since you left practice and he ain't show up for practice you think I can't put two and two together!!" He shouted.

"You sound f***ing dumb! You don't know anything. I'm YOUR girl not his! How the f*** you gon think I'm cheating on you when I barely even f*** you!" I was mad now.

"Get out my face Selena!" He shouted getting closer.

"Or what?" I asked getting just as close. He clenched his jaw before he raised his hand and slapped the s*** out of me.

I looked around and then at him. How could he do something like that to me. The tears fell as I held my face. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

"You listen to me. Don't you EVER test me like that. I said you gon stay away from him so that's what the f*** you're gonna do. You understand me?" He demanded. His face was so scary, I was terrified of what he was gonna do next. I nodded my head slowly before he threw me on the ground causing me to scrape my elbow. "I swear to God Selena you tell anybody about this it'll be your last breath."

He looked around and made sure no one saw him before he walked away. I slowly got up and walked into the already open door. I let the tears fall silently while walking to my room. The best day had turned into the worst almost in a flash.

OMG thanks y'all for reading!!!!!!
I'm glad y'all like it!!!!
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NEW READER!lovin this story..james is outta line..but thats how dudes do ya..they will def have u thinking everything is all good and out of nowhere change on ya..but im liking how blair is showing interest and actually caring abt selena! cant wait to see wat comes next! run it

Uh oh!!! James messing a good thing up. Blair about to come up tho. He wants Selena and I know he gives 0 f***s about Corrine's feelings. I just hope he don't lead her on or let jealousy ruin her relationship with her roommie.

This is a really great story!!!

Run it run it girlie!!!

James gone get his ass beat!
Blair bout to get my bestfriend!Run it!

curiosity led me here and i quite like this run it

Mmmmmmmmmmmm *snaps fingers in a Z formation* James f***ing up and Blair about to luck up. smh Corrine about to be salty as s*** smh

run it

O_O!!! James bout to be kicked to the curb and Blair gon get it. That was dirt hw he just let go of her hand like that. Smh, somebody needs to whoop his ass.
Run it

ahhh ! dam james is screwing up!
blair gonna get her
run it

Oh snap!
Do I see a love and basketball type of love?
Minus the hate and everything.
I can see the wheels in Blairs mind turning.

Run it


I walked out the gym with my bag and saw Selena still standing there. I smirked a little an she did too.

"So where to?" She asked looking around campus.

"Wherever our feet take us." I said looking down at her. She was really small.

"How tall are you?" She asked looking up at me.

"6 foot 4," I responded while her eyes got big. "How tall are you?" I asked put my elbow on top of her head. She swatted it away and laughed.

"I'm only 5'3." She said blushing a little bit.

"Damn! Tiny as s***!" I laughed and she did too. "So what happened in the gym?" I asked her, she got quiet.

"Maybe I'm just overreacting." She blurted out quicker than I thought. "I mean before we got here everything was fine. Well at least before I got here. I mean he was all over me and then he sees one of his ex girlfriends and now he's acting like he doesn't wanna be seen with me. I just don't understand it." She had subconsciously walked to the basketball court. I was just following her lead. This was probably where she let her emotions out because I did the same from time to time.

I watched as she sat down and took off her slides and put her Jordan's on while grabbing a basketball from her bag. She got up and and started to dribble. Crossing from left to right, going in between her legs.

"Am I wrong for being mad?" She asked while holding the ball at her hip.

"I'm gonna say no just because that's his ex girl. He shouldn't be worried about ANY other female. Especially if he has you but I mean that's my opinion." I said sliding up my shorts and getting into my defensive stance.

She started to dribble and got low with me. She was asking for it. Before you know it we were having a full on one on one game of 21. James better get it together before someone....anyone takes this one off his hands and he doesn't wanna lose this one.

Aw, he actually cares.
James needs to get over himself.
Corrine have respect for yourself girl

Run it


"NO!" Corrine said sternly while putting her noodles back in the microwave for the 3rd time.

"Why not?" I whined putting on my pouty face.

"Because I saw you first!" Corrine said whipping her head around towards my direction. I saw this coming.

"I mean we aren't anything though. But if you're gonna feel some type of way then I'm good." I said throwing up my hands.

"Good." She said while biting her lip and walking seductively towards me. "So what you come over here for again?" She said tugging at the string on my sweat pants.

I smirked and put my hand on top of her head and she winked before getting in her knees. Yeah I definitely had to keep her around.

<em>2 hours later....</em>

I tied up my Jordan 2's and checked my phone. I had a message from Rissa.

<strong>Don't get caught up Blair</strong>

I chuckled a little because I had told her about the whole Corrine and her roommate thing. I walked into the gym with my gym bag slung over my arm and watched the girls practice. I spotted Selena and smiled. She had two French braids in her hair and was on point with her s***. Shawty had game! She dribbled the ball down the court and patted the top of her head signaling a new play. She passed the ball to a teammate and weaves to the right. When she finally got the ball back she shook up the girl that was checking her and drove to the basket completing a lovely layup. The coach blew the whistle for them to huddle up. Once they were done I saw her go over towards her gym bag and get some Gatorade. She was talking to James but it looked like he was kind of blowing her off.

I watched her storm out of the gym and felt the need to follow after her. Oh no s*** was getting messy.

"Hey! Wait up!" I said jogging trying to catch up with her. For her to be so small she could move. I caught up with her finally and tapped her shoulder.

"WHAT?!" She shouted before turning around. I could see the anger in her eyes but when she saw me she softened up a little bit. "Oh I'm so sorry. Blake right? I thought you were someone else."

"It's Blair. And yeah I saw in the gym, are you ok?" I asked actually caring about whether she was or not.

"I'm fine." She said plainly.

"No you're not. My best friend is a girl I'm hip to this." I said leaning up against the brick walk. She chuckled a bit.

"Really I'm fine. I don't want to bother you with my problems." She said shoving her hands in her pockets.

"It's cool foreal, lets take a walk?" I asked while she widened her eyes a bit.

"Don't you have practice?" She said a little unsure.

"They won't miss me. Let me just go get my bag and we can go." I said as she nodded and sat on the step waiting for me to come back out.

Thanks for the love y'all!!!!!

I'll be adding more later this evening!!

Umm James...where did that s*** come from?? How you gon let go of her hand? What you don't wanna claim her? I don't like that s***. Blair is a lil too intense right now, he remembers her, but she don't know you sir. He needs to calm down and stop being creepy. Poor Corrine she thinkin ol boy into her, and maybe he is/was, but he aint no more. Lol Run it!!

Run it!!!!

Blair is obviously in like, you can tell.
Corrine was feeling that s***. I was weak.
James, James. Why you acting shady tho?
You come across a group of girls and feel the need
to let her hand go? f*** you thought this was?
She need to check him