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Remember Me.

<a href="">Selena Moore</a>
<a href="">Blair Wilson</a>

"But when things start to go your way and you make it out of here will you still <em>Remember Me</em>?"


Blair is obviously in like, you can tell.
Corrine was feeling that s***. I was weak.
James, James. Why you acting shady tho?
You come across a group of girls and feel the need
to let her hand go? f*** you thought this was?
She need to check him

Run it!
Blair doing to much!
And James don't want his ass beat!

James needs to have a seat ASAP smh I ain't like that s***
And can Blair stop being a creep please. Poor Corrine just sitting there looking clueless

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james aint slick!
he was slowly letting go of her hand when they walked by them girls!
run it


I stood in the doorway of my dorm room with both Corrine and her friend staring at me. He was cute, not my type but cute. I waved a little and smiled walking towards one of my drawers.

"Selena, this is my friend...."

"Blair." He interrupted Corrine and held his hand out for me to shake. "But everybody calls me B." I shook his hand and nodded my head.

"Selena, but judging by the level of comfort your reached for my side of the dorm I'm assuming you already knew that." I chuckled a bit.

I saw out the corner of my eye that Corrine was turning green. I don't know why, I had a man of my own. I definitely wanted nothing to do with hers. Blair's state was intense, almost like he was trying to look into my soul. It was kinda creepy actually. I heard Corrine clear her throat and sighed lightly of relief. I began to fill up my gym bag with basketball shorts a tshirt and my Jordan 9's.

"Hey what time is that party tonight?" I asked Corrine making sure I had everything for practice.

"It doesn't start until 10, I was thinking we'd head over there about 11?" She said a little irritate by the way Blair watched my every move.

"Cool. I should be back from practice around 8." I said zipping up my bag an throwing it over my shoulder.

"Practice?" Blair asked inquisitively like he didn't see me put basketball s*** in my gym bag. But I've seen cheerleaders do the same so I couldn't judge.

"I ball." I said with a sense of pride.

"Me too." He said like I was suppose to jump for joy that we both played basketball.

"Cool." I said before saying my goodbyes and leaving.

I walked outside and saw James talking to one of his fellow teammates. I threw him my gym bag and he caught it slinging it over his arm.

"Let's go." I said grabbing a hold of his hand before we walked pass a group of girls and he slowly let go of my grip.

Awww! I miss my Forehead! Uh oh, Selena is going to get caught in a love triangle foreal. Khyri better not be cheatin, imma light his ass on fire.
Run it

I had a feeling he and Corrine were going to try and start something

loving this so far!!
I wonder what's gonna happen with all of them hmmmm I smell a love SQUARE lls

Run it boo

Uh oh, they finally met.

Run it

Uh oh Things are getting complicated!!!! I need to see how this all plays out. I hope its for the best.


<a href="">I</a> was walking towards Richmond hall when I caught a glimpse of James hugged up with some chick. Must be that girl of his. Whoever she was she had a fat ass. I rid the thought and swiped my card to enter the building. I flashed a smile to the RA behind the desk and made my way to the elevator. I got off on the fourth floor and made my way to room 420. I did a humorous knock on the door. Before <a href="">she</a> opened the door and bit her lip a little.

Corrine and I had met over twitter. She was talking big game and told me her roommate stepped off. I wanted to see what she was good for. She was cute though I ain't even gonna front.

"Wassup C," I said plopping on her roommates bed.

"Get off of her bed!" She said swatting at my legs. I laughed at her and hopped off and sat in her chair.

"Who's your roommate anyway?" I asked standing up and walking around the other half of the room. I was amazed at shawty's shoe game. She was probably a dike.

"This girl named uhhhhh" she put her head into her hands and began to snap her fingers like he was trying to remember. "Selena!" She yelled as I jumped back and saw <a href="">her</a>.

I looked at her and she looked at me and then at Corrine. She was gorgeous.

Adding more in a little bit!!!!!

Run it!
Real comment coming soon!

Run it!!!

Aw, she misses her bestfriend.
Thats so cute that she calling him early in the morning.
I really hope her boo isnt being shady.

Selena and James are so adorable.
Her roomate seems cool just a little uppity.

Run it

No love? :(


I woke up and took a look around my new <a href="">home</a> for the next few months. I heard the door open and looked over at my roommate <a href="">Corrine</a>. She smiled and looked down at her phone.

"Good morning sleepy head!" She said hopping on her <a href="">bed</a>.

"What you getting into today?" I said going into our connected bathroom and brushing my teeth.

"I don't know. What about you?" She asked.

"Hanging with my boyfriend for a little while I have practice later." I told her peeking from behind the door.

"Same here! What do you do?" She ran to the bathroom excitedly.

"I play ball." I told her with a mouth full of toothpaste.

"I run track." She said excited that her roommate played a sport too. "Let's hook up later? I heard they'll be a Kappa party tonight." I nodded in agreement before getting <a href="">dressed</a>.

I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my purse, keys, and phone. I said goodbye to my roommate and left the room. I called James and my call was answered almost immediately.

"Where are youuuuuuu?" I sang into the phone.

"Walking by the union." I could tell he was smiling.

"Come to Richmond Hall it's right there!" I said walking out of my building towards where he'd be.

"Ok, is that you? With like orange shorts?" He said excitedly. All I could do was hang up my phone and take off towards him.

I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him and kissed his lips repeatedly. I unwrapped my legs and just hugged him.

"Damn I missed you." <a href="">he</a> said kissing me again.

"So what we doing today?" I asked hopping on his back for a piggy back ride.

"Whatever you want." He simply responded.


Sorry y'all I'm tired I'll add more tomorrow!!!!!

Run it!!!!!!


"Please tell me why you're calling me at 2 in the morning." I yawned and sat up while I listened to Rissa breathe.

"I was on my way to your house and I remembered you weren't there." Her voice cracked a little.

"Awwwwwww aren't you missin a nigga." I said sitting all the way up and rubbing my eyes. I turned on a desk lamp by my bed and looked over at my snoring roommate.

"What are you doing?" She asked trying to make conversation.

"Sleep!" I said laughing a little. "What's up with you?" I rubbed my eyes and threw on a hoodie and some slides to step outside.

"Nothing just Khy getting on my nerves." She sighed a little and I quietly shut my room door walking out the side door of my dorm building. I saw a bench nearby and took a seat.

"What you mean?" I asked looking over at KU's campus from the bench.

"I don't know it's just like ever since you left he doesn't have time for me anymore. He's just acting funny. I don't wanna jump to conclusions and say he's cheating but all signs point to it." She sighed a bit and I shook my head.

"He ain't cheating on you cause I'll make my way back up to LA and whoop his ass personally." I said causing her to chuckle a bit. "Yo I'm really out here on the phone with yo brick head ass at 2 in the morning!" I rubbed my head with my hands.

"Cause you love me!!!!!!" She teased while making kissy noises in the phone.

"Yeah yeah yeah shut up." I laughed before I heard us both yawn into the phone in unison. "Sounds like you need some rest. Take yo big head ass to sleep and text me during regular people hours." I yawned again before she agree and we said our goodbyes.

I put my phone in my pocket and swiped my ID to get back in the building. I opened my door quietly and slid my shoes off and took off my hoodie. I got in the bed and shut my light off. I had a long day ahead of me.

Damn, I would hate to leave my girls too.
So she dating James now?

Run it


I packed up the last of my things and plopped on my bed. I grabbed a picture of me and Bre and felt a tear drop and threw my head back to stop anymore from falling. I heard a knock at my door and sniffed a little. I looked up and saw Bre standing there with her beanie covering her face. I stood up and walked to her and wrapped my arms around her.

"I know babe." I said letting the tears fall freely.

"Is this real? I swear we were just trying out for JV a few weeks ago." She laughed a little.

"Promise you won't forget about me!" I said wiping tears from my face.

"b**** I should be telling you that!" She said pushing my shoulder a little. "Come one let's get these bags." She walked over to my bed and picked up a box while I grabbed a suitcase.

"You ready honey!" My mom asked while my dad loaded up the rest of my things.

"WAIT!" I heard someone yell down the street and up ran Ari with her footlocker shirt on and a shoe box with a bow. "I wasn't boutta miss this for anything!" She hugged me and kissed my cheek while a stray tear fell from her eye.

"Stop! You're gonna make me cry hoe!" I said wiping her tears carefully so I wouldn't mess up her eyeliner.

"Language!" My mother and father yelled in unison.

"Here, Bre told me how much you wanted the Bred 11's so I picked up a special pair for you." She said handing me the box. I squealed and hugged them both.

"I'm gonna miss you guys so much!" I said hugging them again while my dad started honking the horn impatiently. "I'll call you guys as soon as I land!" I said hugging them again before walking off and waving good bye.

I got in the car and let the tears fall while I watched the best people I've ever met grow smaller and smaller in the distance. I grabbed my phone and posted a picture.

<strong>KU bound! But <a href="">I</a> miss my homies already :(</strong>

Once the picture uploaded I scrolled down my contacts and found James and shot him a text.

<em>2 weeks to long! I'll be reunited with my baby in 5 hours!</em>

I put my headphones in and played some ASAP Rocky checking my phone when I felt it buzz.

<strong><em>Can't wait to see you baby!</em></strong>

I smiled to myself before dozing off to sleep hoping that when I woke up I'd be in Kansas already.

I forgot to say I'm in love with the name Khyri!! It's so unique yet simple.
Run it......again.

Im back now!
Aww Blair And Leana are so cute!
And why James kissing on My boo like that!
I want them to meet so bad!
'Run it!

Lol, I was weak when Ari was talking about the love seat. Oh Chris fallin for Selena!!
Run it

Oh s*** Blair wants Selena!! Lol He tryna cuff her. Lol I can't wait to see what happens when they meet. Run it!!


I sat in my car with Rissa and <a href="">Khyri</a>. I lit the blunt and took a few puffs before passing it to Khyri.

"When you leave my dude?" Khyri asked while exhaling and passing the blunt to Rissa.

"June 8th" I responded looking out of my windshield.

"Damn that's 4 months away!" Rissa said passing the blunt back to me.

"I know! We gotta live it up!" I said making light of the situation. "Let's get some grub." I said starting up my car. I don't know why but I felt like going to McDonald's in Long Beach.



"Think about it, you can't even sit in that chair if you ain't in love. Cause it's a love seat!" Ari said analyzing the chair. She was high. Bre and I busted out laughing.

"Y'all hungry?" I said craving a mcdouble. They nodded and we got up and put our jackets on. The McDonald's in Long Beach was like 5 seconds away so we decided to walk.

We clowned around and lit another blunt on the way to McDonald's making us even higher than before. We laughed until we got to the counter and each placed our orders. We couldn't stop laughing and just clowning around making the cashier a tad irritated.



We walked into the McDonald's and saw three girls clowning around making the cashier mad. They were all attractive from the back and they were clearly high. I looked over at Rissa and Khyri. Rissa rolled her eyes at the girls and I shook my head she ain't like girls to much. I watched one <a href="http://f***">girl</a>. She was beautiful. She had on a Kansas University beanie. Was she going there?

"Stop staring and go speak damn!" Rissa said loud, but the girls weren't paying attention.

"Shut up!" I said shoving her lightly.

I walked up to the cashier to place my order and heard some of the girls conversation.

"Y'all ready for the championship!" The one with the short hair said.

"Hell yeah! I don't know who we're playing though." The one with the fat ass said.

<em>Does she ball?</em> I thought to myself.

"Yeah practice is gonna be crucial this week." The girl I had been admiring finally spoke. Her innocent voice matched her face. "Coach said she might take Olivia out the starting line up." When she said that my face lit up. This was my dream girl!

"Yeah well all I know is we better win." The big booty girl spoke again.

I completed my order and walked towards where Rissa and Khyri were sitting.

"Who has a championship game this weekend?" I asked Khyri knowing that he would know.

"Centennial and Santiago." He said biting into his burger. I nodded my head.

I know where we're going.

Awww Selena and James are soo cute!!! I wonder what will happen when they go to Kansas. I can't wait to read more. run it!!


"I got in!" I said excitedly while walking through Bre's door.

"I'm so proud of you." She said taking a seat next to her girlfriend Ari.

"What happened? I wanna be proud?" <a href="">she</a> said while laying in between Bre's legs.

"I got into Kansas." I said with the same smile from earlier plastered on my face.

"Ahhhhhh that's good!" Ari said hugging me. "Now ladies lets talk prom!" Ari said giddily. I wasn't going to prom.

"I'm not going. No one has asked me and I don't wanna get all dolled up for one night." I lowered my head.

"Bulls*** you're going!" The both said in unison.

"Can we just focus on our game tomorrow for now, please?" I said pleading with my eyes they shrugged and we held small talk.


"Selena push it! Set up the box! Box!" I heard my coach yell from the sideline.

The gym was packed it was the final game of the semi finals whoever won this was going to the state championship. The score was 68 to 67 with :29 left in the 4th quarter. We were down.

"Box! Box!" I yelled holding two fingers in the air.

I picked up my dribble and passed the ball to Bre. She attempted to break for a layup but got stopped. She threw it to Olivia who threw it back to me. I dribbled for a minute looking for an open teammate. The clock was ticking :06. I looked over at Bre who was wide open. I tossed her the ball and she shot it. The buzzer sounded and the ball went in. We won! The crowd went crazy and we all group hugged holding up one finger. We had gone all season with one loss.

"Ok ladies shake hands and head to the locker room!" Our coach said with so much excitement in her voice.

We lined up and shook hands saying our good jobs and good games. We celebrated a little more before we all went to the locker room.

After about 30 minutes I walked out of the locker room with my gym bag across my chest. I was listening to Kanye and was in my zone. I felt a hand pull me back and turned around to see James. I smiled a little and took an earbud out.

"Hey," I said looking at the empty gym with a few students scattered here and there.

"Good game!" He said trying to make small talk.

"Thanks. I got in to Kansas." I said while his eyes got bigger.

"That's a bet! Do you need a ride home?" He asked a little nervous again.

"No my parents are waiting outside. Thanks though." I said beginning to walk towards the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he shouted out a little bit. I turned around to look at him and smiled and waved. I walked away and felt him pull my shoulder back. "Yes James?" I said turning around for the hundred time.

But this time was different I was greeted with his lips brushed up against mine. My eyes got big until I lingered in the kiss. This was so sudden but it felt so right. He pulled back and I slowly opened my eyes and bit my lip. He grabbed my phone and put his number in there.

"Text me later Lena." He kissed me again and winked before walking away.

I slowly walked to the car smiling and threw my bag into the backseat. I heard my parents make small talk but I was focused on what James had just done. This was the best day ever.

love & basketball type of story well kinda anyways i like it
run it

Yay she git in! Run it!!!!


I grabbed my gym bag from the locker room floor and headed towards the gym. I walked across the court and out the door. I pulled out my iPhone and placed the headphones in my ear.

"Lena wait up!" I heard. I stopped in my tracks and turned around slowly only to see James trailing behind me with a gym bag.

"Hey James." I said looking at him curiously.

"Are you walking home?" He asked a little winded.

"Yeah. It's just down the street." I said pointing in the direction of my house.

"Let me drive you." He asked, I was a little slow at putting two and two together.

"Really James it's down the street." I said beginning to slowly back up.

He chuckled in astonishment at my slowness. "Damn Lena! I gotta beg to spend time with you?" I stood there confused for a minute before the lightbulb went off.

I laughed nervously and slightly embarrassed and blushed. I didn't speak I just walked towards his car.


"So Kansas?" I asked while James stopped at a red light.

"Yeah they had the most perks and my best interest as far as basketball." He said looking over his shoulder before making a left turn. "I heard you were looking into Kansas too." He smirked a little.

I bit my lip and nodded. "That's been my dream school since I first started balling." I said not even noticing we were at my house.

"Well thanks for letting me drive you." He said a little nervous.

I laughed lightly and nodded my head, "no problem." Our eyes connected and I turned away sheepishly and stepped out of the car. I waved good bye and proceeded to walk to my door.

I reached it and opened it before I heard his car drive off. I smiled a little at myself and closed the door behind me.

"Selena!" I heard my mother call from the kitchen. I walked in to her and my father sitting in front of the counter with an envelope.

"What's up?" I said dropping my gym bag and going to get a water from the fridge.

"It's here." I heard my father.

I turned around slowly to see a small envelope from Kansas University. My heart skipped one beat and then another. I put my water down and reached my hand slowly. I grabbed the letter and looked at my parents. I tore the letter open carefully and pulled the letter out. I opened it but quickly closed my eyes. I peeked my left eye open and then my right.

"I'm in." I said lightly before my mother shrieked in excitement. My father jumped up and hugged me.

"I'm so proud of you." He said before kissing my forehead.

<em>I got into KU. I have to call Bre.</em> I said to myself with a smile plastered on my face.

Look at Lena macking on these dudes.
Aw Blair and his bestie are cute.

Run it