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Remember Me.

<a href="">Selena Moore</a>
<a href="">Blair Wilson</a>

"But when things start to go your way and you make it out of here will you still <em>Remember Me</em>?"


Aww! I wish we were all going to Kansas! Lol, I'm good at stale facing.
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Im feeling kinda sad Cause Lena and Blair leaving there bestfriends!
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"Push! Push! Push! Come on Selena get down defense!" I heard my coach yell.

I got down lower and put more defense on one of my teammates before she stumbled allowing me to steal the ball and break off for a layup. I moved my hand in a water drinking motion and my coach blew the whistle for a break. I walked to my gym bag and grabbed my Gatorade. I saw a few of the boys from the basketball team come in with sweats and gym bags. I looked over at <a href="">James</a> and blushed a little. He smiled and walked over to me.

"Hey Lena." He said attempting to hug me, I scrunched up my face.

"I'm all sweaty tho." I said leaning back and looking at him.

"So," he shrugged and hugged me anyway. "So you make a decision yet?" He asked while sitting on the bleacher by my bag.

I nodded my head, "just waiting for my magical letter." I said laughing a little.

I heard my coach blow the whistle and whipped my hair in her direction. I put the cap on my Gatorade and looked over at James.

"I've gotta go." He nodded in understanding before I jogged off to half court.

"Oooooh you and James?" Bre said nudging me and looking in his direction. He smiled at me and winked. "And I heard he's going to Kansas."

"Please, I'm not his type." I said looking over at him blushing.


"Damnnnnnn B! You just gon' sit yo big ass right in front of me? Yo daddy wasn't no glass maker!" My sister <a href="">Rissa</a> said. Well she wasn't really my sister but blood couldn't make us any closer.

"So Kansas huh?" She said getting serious. I just nodded and she sighed. "I'm gonna miss you Blair!" She said hugging me.

"Imma miss you too nugget." I laughed a little while she popped up and stale faced the s*** outta me. I kissed her cheek.

"So what we doing tonight?" She said wrapping her arms around my one arm.

"Damn I got practice in a little bit. But we can hook up after that." I said while she sighed.

"Awwwww ok." She said while leaning back on the couch.

I looked at the TV and looked over at Rissa, damn I was gonna miss this girl.

Blair and Selena in Kansas.
I smell Love and Basketball. Lol

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Aww I hope Selena don't leave me!
Aww s*** Blair gone be in Kansas!
We might have to go there!
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Ayy! Blair and Selena gon be balling!!
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I sat on my porch with my best friend <a href="">Bre'Lin</a> listening to her go on and on about her girlfriend. I put my arms behind me resting myself on them while looking up at the sky and closing my eyes. I took a deep breath and let the cool winter air consume my face.

"b**** you ain't even listening!" I heard Bre say in disbelief.

"I'm sorry boo. I just don't wanna hear about you and your homosexual drama." I said laughing a little.

"f*** you hoe!" She said laughing. "Coach said that the Kansas recruit is really interested in you." She looked over at me with sad eyes.

"I know, what's wrong?" I could read Bre like a book. Ever since 2nd grade, she was notorious for wearing her emotions on her face.

"Kansas is just so far." She put her head down and laid it on my shoulder.

"We've been friends for I don't even know how many years a little distance ain't s***." I said running my fingers through her hair.

I wasn't sure where I wanted to play basketball just yet. Bre had committed to playing for USC while I was getting my biggest offers on the other side if the world, maybe Kansas wouldn't be so bad.


I walked into the busy conference room with my hands in my pockets. I took deep breaths in and out before looking over at my mother.

"You'll be fine baby. You're making the right choice." I kissed her cheek and nodded.

I opened the double doors and cameras immediately began to flash as I sat down in front of the 8 microphones on the table. I smiled and nodded my head to begin the press conference.

"Mr. Wilson congratulations on your season it was tremendous." One of the reporters said.

"Thank you. But I can't take all the credit I had a wonderful team." I said flashing a million dollar smile.

"Let's cut the chat. I hear you made a decision." One of the bolder reporters say.

I chuckled and nodded my head. The reporters gasped a little and the cameras began to flash more. I looked over to my mother and she nodded her head. I pulled out the hat and placed it on my head.

"I decided I will be playing Point Guard for Kansas University in the fall." I said confidently.

The reporters went crazy, I heard congratulations and reports. This was it, it was official.

Ohhhh I like!! Sounds good, run it!

Ohh! I agree with Bre, he can get it.
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Blair all fine and s***!