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I need some serious help

What are the rules in this forum or where can I find them? I've been reading stories and I'm noticing the authors take every precaution to watch their language. Is it against the rules or something? Because I want to post my stories but I don't want to break any rules. Someone please help me out!


Never mind! I got this!!!!

<a href="">Strip</a>

<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>

<a href="<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>

Can someone tell me how to add pictures?


Thanks! I really appreciate your help! Now all I gotta do is pump myself up enough to post something.

basically for all words they claim to be inappropriate yup! But it definitely doesn't matter if you have a lot of inappropriate stuff in your story. If you got 'b****' 's***' 'maf***a' or whatever you have, then let it be. but i just shorten my words sometimes cause it got irritating to see the asterisks all the damn time bleeping my words out. And you're welcome! You ain't gon get kicked out, don't worry. do you.

So no matter what I write the words will be bleeped out by the site or something? Cause what I got is's intense at times. I wanna put it out there but I also don't wanna get kicked out. Ya know? Thanks for responding at all, I really to appreciate it.

man you can curse, cuss whatever! but it'll just be "bleeped out" there are no consequences besides the 'bleepin'. as for rules...i just checked the bottom of the site and there's a Terms & Conditions. i haven't read them,(until now go to 3. Content). However, i doubt anything bad will happen. we've been posting the way we have with no problems at all so just write however you want.