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My Boy's Sister REPOST


i drove around for hours. I needed to calm down. a part of me wanted to go back and finish Kirko off, and that wouldnt be a smart idea.
i know, it was trifilin to say i slept with Kaeloni when i didnt. but i was so mad! my nigga since i was 3 f***ed my girl. well, ex girl.
Kaeloni was gonna kick my ass, that was for sure. if she ever talked to me again.I sighed. i hoped she did,i liked having kae in my life. and i didnt know why...
speak of the devil, there she was walking. i pulled up beside her.
"get in."
"f*** off."
"get in the car, kaeloni."
" i said f*** OFF."
People passing in cars were staring, prolly thinkin "omg, this nigger is tryna kidnap that poor girl and make her his sex slave."
" Kae, come on. i know you're mad at me. but please, just get in the car. "
she sighed, then got in the car. i sped off as soon as the door was shut. She let me have it.
"Why the f*** would you say that we slept together?! in front of my brother? are you crazy?"
" We didnt sleep together."
"what the f***! why did you say that?! you see my face? its swelling. my brother hit me cuz YOU were butt hurt about a b**** who aint s*** anyway."
" im sorry. im shouldnt have said it."
" no f***." she rolled her eyes.
" ima take you home now, okay."
" no." kaeloni said.
"You're drenched, i dont want you to get pnuemonia."
" i cant go back."
" why?"
" my brother hit me again, so i stabbed him."
my jaw dropped. "is he-"
"hes alright, i didnt do it deep. but i cant go back, he'll start with me again and then i'll slit his throat."

this girl was the true defintion of a "dont f*** with me " type chick.


Run It....

Run it


"Sé dónde está." Tuti said to Papi.
From the jump, Tuti never liked Kae. Papi favored her and tuti never liked that. Then, when that s*** happened with Javi, papi started favoring tuti. but tuti was convinced to keep kae outta the picture.
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

"estoy escuchando." Papi never really liked tuti. she was something to bust a nutt off of occasionally. He didnt like what she stood for. here she was, about to rat her own sister out. what kinda s*** was that??
"818 norte Shippen calle"
Papi lit a blunt. "¿Seguro de?"
Tuti nodded. "yeah. fue lo último que me dijo antes de irse."
Papi blew out smoke. "muy bien." was all he said.
" usted necesita que haga algo?" she asked.
"conseguir billetes de avión. 5."
"okay.voy a hacer eso. ¿Algo más?"
well... he did need to bust a nutt..
"caer de rodillas." he whipped his d*** out.
Tuti resisted the urge of rolling her eyes. she didnt want papi to hit her again. so she dropped to her knees.
Tuti sucked(no pun intended) at this. Kae was much better. But soon enough, he'd have her back....


I needed 27 stitches. All because of my f***ing sister.
" you kinda deserved it." my dad said.
" dad, she -"
" when will you realize that shes not 5 anymore? she is 21. a woman. if she wants to sleep with people, we cant stop her."
"alright, but with my nigga tho?"
" how many of her friends have YOU slept with?"
Touche. but still. breezy was my nigga. he violated. and i know how that nigga is. he'd break her heart. and i didnt want that to happen to her.


he is lucky that im so attracted to him, cuz if not i prolly woulda stabbed him too.

" talk to me.please."
" f*** off chris."
" im sorry."
" i stabbed my brother. because of you. not saying i wouldnt have eventually, but s***, let me do it on my own terms."
" im sorry."
i sighed. " where we goin?"
he shrugged. "idk."
" Im hungry."
he pulled into taco bell. " what you want?"
" the dorito taco thingy."
" doritos locos taco?"
" you know what tf i mean. s***."
he chuckled. ugh. why was i finding him so damn sexy???

run it

Ahhhhhh sh*t just got real lol.

I'm happy you're doing this story again I missed it run it

Run this mfcka forreal I'm sorry but this seems exciting I mean she stabbed her own brother wtf and Chris lied about f***ing her this is really good