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Hella Bootsie.

I went to go get my nails done.
So while i'm there i'm like let me
kill two birds in one stone and get
my eyebrows done as well. So when
i'm laying on the little cot she's preparing
the wax and s***, i'm laying there comfortably
and then she lays the wax on ny eyebrow
and it's hot as f***. When she finished I got home
and realized the bottom of my eyebrow was burnt.
The b**** burnt me! I'm pissed as hell. I should have known.
And that b**** still got her tip and money. Got me f***ed up!

I know i'm ranting but wassup?
Nothing much? Okay, cool!
How did you pass your Christmas?


Yeah, Um Cheeeeeeeeck beautifuls.

I'm leaving now I thought Sneak was here
But it's just y'all :( lololol




Nooooooo sis lulz X'D

Juiced all over this post



Check it guys.

Check Kay.

Make that money girl.
You think you can get me a spot there?
I need some damn money.

I might graduate high school early! * does the happy dance *
But im in need of some advice so check your inboxes Bree & Dany (:

Lol @ House of Diamonds

That got a ring to it.... That might be my lil strip joint in a minute.

But yeaaa Chyna on maternal leave for a little moment. She might be back tho.

Yes! I wish I could eat all day! I want some ice cream & pickles. And chips! Lol.

i been making this money
i took chyna's top spot
at the House of Diamonds

nah but i been chill at
home, sleep or watching
movies all day.

On the pole...

Sneak! Where your ass been girl?


I feel the same way.

man i miss all you
i have had no one to talk to
on these dry ass sites lol

s***, we've been busy I guess.

I know I have.

hey dany too short where the
french toast have you guys been

Hey Ana!!!

heyy guys
yea i do threading it does last longer
only thing you have to watch them b****es because
sometimes they be trying to put the thread in their
mouths.. ewww

but hey guys i missed you all

Me too.
Next time i'm having my momma take me to do that instead.

Aww lol... Poor eyebrow!

But yeah... I ain't f***ing with that wax s*** if they doing it like that.

I would like to try threading though. I heard it lasts longer than waxing.

Hey there partna.

Mine went suckish, but thats life I guess.
Hey though :)

My Christmas was good, had all the fam over at my house, since we hosted this year. Went shopping with my Christmas money today and yeah, that's about it.

Damn sis that's messed up. She certainly wouldn't have gotten paid especially since she knew. But how was your Christmas? :D mines was amazing!!!! I took some of my Christmas money & got my nose pierced that s*** hurt like a mug. My mama had to sign though since I'm only 16. It still hurt but it was inspired by Breezy, i was determined XD