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Hood Love=Good Love ??? **Repost**

Being the wifey of a dope boy is never easy. dealing with the police scares, late night work,and not to mention the hoes tryna take yo place. but <a href="">i've</a> learned to deal with it. ya see i've been with my babe <a href="">Columbus</a> since i was 15 years-old and he was 20 so you know we done been through it all and three years later im still here. oh btw my name is Kween nd heres the story of my life.

Chapter1: Kween wants her King
Since the first day i saw Columbus i knew i was gonna make him mines no matter what. his milk chocolate skin was so sexy smooth and he stood 5'10" and had a body to die for. the only problem was he was my older brother <a href="">John's</a> bestfriend and i dont want that to be the reason he wont let me have him. everyday he comes over he always asks for a hug and a kiss the next time he comes imma give hime the best kiss ever.!
One hot summer day i was laying out on a towel in the grass with my two piece baby phat swimsuit on and columbus pulled up. i slapped on a quick coat of lipgloss and watched as he got out the car wearing his gucci everything(shirt,shorts,glasses,shoes,hat,belt,and the backpack) looking so sexy.
"hey kween what you doing out here with no clothes on.?" he asked with a smile. he was only saying that because i had the perfect frame for a 24 year old video girl. i wore a size 32C bra and a perfectly flat stomach and hips and ass like Beyonce
"columbus im hot that's why." i replied.
"yeah ok...wheres my hug and kiss.?" i took a deep breath,got up and gave him a hug and when he turned his head for me to kiss his cheek i turned it back and gave him the most passionate kiss on the lips then bite his bottom lip softly but seductively then i walked away and layed back on my towel smiling. for a few seconds he just stood there staring at me with a confused look but then he smiled and went in the house.
i watched as columbus went in the house and then hoped on the phone with my bestie <a href="">leasia</a> to tell her what just happened.
"kween i cant believe you really did that." she said cracking up laughing. leasia has been daring me to make my move ever since she got with her man <a href="">chris</a> who is 22 and she's 16. my bestie was very persistent when she went after chris and it didnt take long for her to get him either.
"leasia i told you imma get columbus by the end of the summer no matter what and this was just the step i needed to take to know if he was on what im on and i can tell he was."
"iight girl we'll see but shoot i dont think john is gonna like this at all."
"oh well this is what i want and its not abt him anymore."


OMG this seriously just happened to me lol my best friend/sister was feeling all types of sick and what-not and when i told her she was pregnant she didnt want to believe me...but of course i was right lol

wow john really took the "i lost my vcard" news hard i wonder how he is gonna take the "i'm pregnant" news

~Kween's POV~
me and Kelly ended up going out to lunch after leaving the bridal shop. i was too nervous about going back home to columbus. he was bugging out and it was kinda working my nerves. i know he was worried that i might be pregnant but damn it aint even that deep fareal.
we got back to the house after being gone for about three hours and john and columbus were in the front room blowing loud and playing madden online on the 360.
"yo you cool now baby.?" john asked not looking up front the game with a blunt in his mouth.
"yes john we got it taken care of." kelly responded.
"yea thanks to me. bubby this girl is so damn picky." i said laughing.
"yea i know." john said while passing the blunt to columbus.
"you know what fuxk both of yall." kelly said laughing and taking the blunt from columbus before he could hit it.
"naw that bubby's job im strictly diccly." i said.
"your what.?" john said pausing the game and looking at me.
"uhhhh." was all i could say. it completely slipped my mind that john thought i was still a virgin and now to top it off columbus thinks im pregnant and if i am this will kill him and he may even kill me.
"damn you just told on yourself." kelly said laughing.
"shut up Kelly." i said throwing a pillow at her.
"speaking of kween and i holla at you for a minute." columbus said as he handed the controller over to kelly.
"yea babe sure."
we headed to the bedroom and without another word he gave me the test and i walked in the bathroom and handle the situation. i had to wait about two minutes but it seemed like hours i closed my eyes and slowly looked at the test and sure enough the damn thing came back positive so i decided to take another one. after waiting this one came back negative and my heart sank. i was officially confused and i knew now columbus was gonna take me to the doctor and i hated doctors like a muthafuxka.
"come on babe what sup.?" columbus yelled out to me. i walked out with them both in my hand.
"well one came back positive but then the second one came back negative." i told him.
"so what that mean.?" he asked.
"hell i dont know."
"well then its settled."
"what’s settled.?"
"im just gonna have to take you to the clinic tomorrow so we can know for sure."
"is all this really necessary babe.?" i asked.
"what you mean kween.?"
"im just saying columbus i honestly don’t think im pregnant and I don’t wanna be wasting time and money just because you don’t wanna trust my instincts."
"kween your holding a positive pregnancy test."
"and im also holding a negative one."
"i just wanna know 100% that everything is fine please just let me do that."
"ok fine."
"as a matter a fact here's that the last one too."
"you have got to be kidding me."
"no im serious take it kween."
i walked back in the bathroom and once again peed on that stupid stick for columbus. i just cant believe he got me doing this shyt I know im not pregnant so whats the point of all this. i decided to not even look at the stick and threw it to him and began to walk out.
"kween wait."
"what.!" i yelled turning around.
"its positive" columbus said causing my mouth to drop.
"your kidding right.?"
"i wish i was babe."
he walked over to me and showed the test and indeed it said positive. i was stuck. in a way i do wanna be pregnant but in a way im just not ready yet.
"so what do you wanna do.?"
"i guess we're going to the clinic tomorrow."
"are you sure.?"
"columbus i wanna know for sure."
"ok fine."
"can you not tell john babe. i kinda wanna wait til i know for sure and then tell him
“no problem baby
we walked out the room and headed down stairs to the living room where kelly and john were of course kissing
“eww get a room.”
“hey i was waiting for yall to finish.”
“we did not just have sex kelly.”
“you better not have been having sex while im here.”
“chill out john it aint even like that.”
“yea bubby. columbus can last waaaaay longer than fifteen minutes.” damn here I go again. Oh well better now than later.
“uhh way to go kween.”
“what i do kel.?”
“i thought you said john didnt know you and columbus be having sex.”
“he didnt but now he does.”
with that john gathered his things and started to walk out the door and columbus ended up following behind him
“what did i say.?”
“kween come here and sit down.”
“what was so wrong about me finally admitting that i fuxk.?”
“watch your mouth kween and chill. theres nothing wrong with it but its just that john still sees you as his baby girl whom he has to protect and keep out of harm’s way. it was hard for him to even full be cool with you and columbus hell he just fully accepted it not even a full month ago and now you just lay out the news that columbus took your virginity john is kind of hurt.”
“but i dont understand why. from what i here he lost his when he was 12 at least i waited til i was a decent age.”
“that may be true kween, wait what 12.? nevermind, but as a big brother or even a father nobody wants to hear that their baby girl is no longer a virgin.”
“i guess kelly.”
“believe me kween he'll be iight girl.”
(i doubt it)i thought to myself
“well im really tired tell john imma call him tomorrow.”
“ok boo.”
i embraced kelly and then went upstairs and laid down but then it hit me.! it’s time for a conference call with my girls so i called Lisha and then she called Leasia then i called Bre’lin and as we all got settled i got ready to drop the bombshell on them i just hope they dont judge me too much.

How will John react to her being pregnant?
Columbus serious
But is he scared or what though?
He know she aint been between sheets with another guy
Damn girl you pregnant!
knocked up!
whatever other way there is to say this...


~Kween's POV~
columbus and i have been inseparable these past few weeks its crazy. it seems like every other night we come up with every and any reason to fuxk and last night was no different. we were watching Love and Basketball and decided to be like Q and Monica and act out their sex scenes right along with them. it was hilariously fun. waking up this morning i decided to make him his favorite breakfast strawberry french toast, cheesy scrabbled eggs, turkey sauage, and orange juice. as the sauage was cooking the smell was beginning to bother me so i cut on the fan over the stove and opened the window but right then i felt it and ran to the bathroom and threw up. i couldn't understand what was going on because i love turkey sauage.
i washed my mouth and hands real quick and went to finish my baby's food. right when i was making his palate he walked in the kitchen and put his warm arms aroumd my waist and kissed my neck.
"good morning beautiful."
"morning babe."
"baby i love it when you spoil me with food." columbus said coming up and pulling my face towards him and kissing me again.
"i bet you do now get to the table this plate is hot."
i gave him his plate and made one for myself and we sat down and ate
"baby did i hear you throwing up this morning.?"
"yeah it was wierd."
"why you say that.?"
"i was cooking the meat then all of a sudden the smell made me sick."
for a minute columbus didn't say anything to me
"babe whats on you mind.?"
"nothing kween im just enjoying this french toast."
"after we get done we gotta go to walgreens and pick up a couple things."
"thats fine im full now so imma hope in the shower do you wanna join me.?"
"not right now baby go ahead."
"oh ok."
i could tell something was bothering him but i just couldn't figure out what it could be. not knowing what to do i called lisha.
k:whats up kween
k:hey girl i need to talk to you
l:about what
k:girl columbus just out a little cold to me just now
l:what you mean what happen
k:idk i got sick this morning and told him why and he just stopped talking to me girl he didn't even wanna get in the shower with me like we usually do every morning we're here together
l:damn girl something aint right
k:thats what im saying and im so confused
l:so what ya'll about to do
k:go pick up a few things at walgreens or whatever
l:who decided that
k:he did
k:after i told him about getting sick
l:oh my god kween
l:i think he thinks your pregnant
k:no way what would that even be in your mind
l:kween what made you get sick this morning
k:the smell of the sauage cooking
l:kween your pregnant
k:no im not lisha thats ridiculous
l:have you and columbus been using protection when ya'll fuxk
k:most of the time
l:well then there you go your pregnant
k:no way lisha i can't be a mom
l:well you will be
k:whatever im hanging up so i can get in the shower
l:fine call me with the result of the pregnancy test
k:shut up
i hung up with her and got in the shower right after i got out columbus got in and when we got finished getting dressed we headed to the store and sure enough columbus got sandwich bags, rubber gloves, and three pregnancy tests
"what are these for columbus.?"
"there for you kween."
"so is this why you didnt wanna get in the shower with me.?"
"kween i just wanna know if you are or your not period."
"well im telling you im not so put them back." i said grabbing the test.
"no" columbus said snatching them back.
"fine." i said in defeat.
i walked out and got in the car and soon after columbus came out the store too. the whole ride back to the house i just looked out the window. i knew i wasn't pregnant but then again could i be.??? i mean granted me and columbus hate using condoms and he really hates pulling out but me being pregnant was just so unreal to me.
right when we pulled up to the house i noticed john's car was out front and i knew columbus wasn't gonna bring this up to him so i was in the clear for a little while longer. we pulled up and john and kelly were standing on the porch.
"whats up yall." columbus greeted them saying and dapped up john.
"aye C i need to borrow my future sister for a couple hours.?" kelly asked grabbing my arm.
"can it wait like 15 minutes.?" columbus asked.
"naw man she been freaking out about this dress all damn day please let kween take her off my hands." john said waving us away.
"baby it wont be that long i know what kelly likes and imma hook her up real quick."
"kween stop playing you know---
"columbus we will be right back i promise." kelly cut him saying and heading to the car.
"iight kelly take her away but kween"
"yea babe." i turned to him saying.
"by the end of the day imma get my answer." columbus warned.
"i know i know."
i hopped in the car with kelly and we drove off to La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique to search for kelly's dress. after about an hour in the store we found the perfect <a href="">dress</> for her.

run it.!!!

wow love the add look at kween getting it in..... i hope megan dont start more drama

Loool I know haha

Lmao toya I meant don't just say run it without details about the post

run ittttttttttttttttttttt

u cant do nothing if i say... so ima say...


need a lot more feedback before i run again.! please dont just say run it.!!!

wow kween gon b mommy at this rate... forget plan b

Young love! RunIt!!

*Columbus's POV*
its been two weeks since the altercation between kween and meagan and that girl is still tryna get me. i dont know what else to do to prove to this bytch that i dont want her. she keep on fuxking with me and imma let my pitbull kween get that ass again.
today kween told me she had some type of surprise for me and i just cant wait. this girl spoils me and her brother so much its crazy. just to kinda out do her a little bit im headed to jareds jewlrer and getting her that ring that she wanted so bad. and believe me <a href="">this thing</a> was not the least bit cheap and if i didnt love her as much as i do i would have said fuxk it and got her something from wally world. but thats my baby so i got it for her. i even went a step farther and got her <a href="">a necklace</a> to go with it. im pretty sure my gift will be shytting on whatever she has for me. lol

*Kween's POV*
im pretty sure columbus plans to go all out buying something to out do me with my gift but i doubt that fully. tonight is the night i plan to finally give myself to him completely. he is the love of my life and i dont want to share this moment with anyone except him. lisha was too excited about my news and i couldn't believe it.! she even took me to buy a plan b pill cuz she had the feeling columbus was not about to use any type of condom tonight so i had to be ready. we got back to columbus's house and i cooked a nice dinner of smothered chicken and steamed broccoli and carrots and for desert strawberry cheesecake. lisha also did my hair in large spiral curls pinned up with a few hanging down and i put a light coat of lipgloss on and put on a pink lingerie set with my pink satin rob and pink pumps.
"so how do i look.?" i said standing in front of her.
"totally fuxkable.!!! hell if i could i'd bang ya." she said smiling.
"shut up stupid." i waved her off.
just then columbus called and said he was outside. i put lisha out and cut off the lights and lite some candles ready for the night ahead.

*Columbus's POV*
once i got out the car i noticed lisha tryna sneak out the house like i wont see her. already i knew they had to be up to something. yet they still aint gonna have nothing on me.
walking into the house i was confused by it being so dark. i walked through the house and found kween in the dining room with a nice dinner set up looking so lovely.!
"damn babe whats all this.?" i asked.
"its just for you babe. i wanted to do something special for you." she said pulling my chair out at the table.
"i see." i said taking my jacket off.
i sat down at the table and got ready to smash. to my surprise all she just sat and watched me eat. i love this girl.
"so kween i got you something." i told her wiping my mouth and hands.
"what is it honey.?" she asked curiously.
i reached in my pocket and got her gifts out for her.
"aw columbus this is beautiful." she said looking at the ring and necklace.
"not as beautiful as you are."
"do i have to put them on myself.?" she asked.
"ofcourse not baby." i got up and walked over and slide the ring on her right ring finger and put the necklace on her neck.
"perfect just like you." i whispered in her ear.
she kissed me and began to lead me to the bedroom. what did this girl have on her mind right now i aint finish my food yet.

*Kween's POV*
my heart was pounding as we walked to the room. im just hoping i can fully go through with this
"babe whats going on." columbus asked.
"i got a little surprise for you." i replied back.
" aw shyt now." he said too geeked.
i laid him on the bed and started kissing him and taking off his clothes. the whole time i was shaking a little.
"baby are you ok.?" he asked noticing my nervousness.
"yea baby im just tryna cater to you honey." i said looking him in his eyes.
"naw baby." he said as he rolled over on top of me. "thats my job. always and forever."

*Columbus's POV*
we kissed fervently, our arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. suddenly she pushes me away. her eyes burning into mine for what seems forever. mine searches for a reason, any reason she has to abruptly stop what she started. this girl sure does know how to tease a nigga.
"Columbus, do you really love me?" she asked with a very concerned face.
"ofcourse baby. i love you past the moon. i love you so much it hurts" i truthfully answer her.
"make love to me." she says, her eyes smoldering with desire. i stare at her in disbelief of her forwardness but i comply with her wishes. i slowly undress her admiring every inch of her. she is so beautiful. its been so long since she's has even let me see her naked i most busted on myself just taking her clothes off and feeling a smooth skin against mines. this girl got my nose wide open and i aint ashamed to admit it. tonight will be a night i’ll remember forever, i spent almost an hour caressing and licking her breasts and kissing her soft mouth. she has always put her hand on my dicc outside my pants and enjoyed messaging it through my pants but tonight was the first time she slid her hand inside my pants and held my dicc in her bare hand. it felt so good. soon I warned her I was about to cum, but she just continued to squeeze until I came. welp looks like i gotta buy new sweats TOMORROW.
I have seen my share of naked women, fuxked them, looked at them in in magazines and movies, but kween by far is more beautiful than any of them. her breasts feel good against my hands.
"make love to me. i want to make love to you." she whispers to me again.
i kiss her lightly. she dont have to ask again. i love her, and believe me i wanna make love with her.
our naked bodies embrace and open mouths tangled deep inside each others. i kiss and lick my way down her neck and shoulders and chest. lingering at her breasts, licking kissing, sucking. then I kiss down her body, wanting to examine her, wanting to love her, i lick her navel, then kiss the very top of the tight thin slit of her puccy. kneeling on the floor my face inches away i can smell the heat coming from her. i gently open the soft lips with two fingers. i sniff closer, then gently kiss her lips. she moans softly, i lick as deeply into her as i can. her hands grab the back of my head and pull my mouth into her pussy. i kissed her lips and fuxked her with my tongue. she was sweet. my dicc was harder than it had ever been and iwas sure i might cum again without either of us touching it. her hips began to rotate and soon she was panting and moaning.
"yes, yes, oh fuxk yes." she chanted.
then i was rewarded with a flood of the sweetest warm liquid i had ever tasted. she had cum in my mouth, the nectar of the gods delivered from my angel, and i lap it all up. we kiss deeply sucking each others tongues.
"you taste so good. i been missing this baby." i tell her.
"i bet you have." she giggled. "now, its my turn."
she went down to examine my dicc. she fingered it all over and gently felt my balls. she giggles and kisses the head then gently licks it all over then licks my balls then back to my dicc. she wraps her right hand around it. she looked up at me and then lowered her head and took about half of it into her mouth going to town on my dicc. i tried to push her away when i felt the cum pulsing through my dicc. she looked up at me in time to take the first squirt under her chin. she quickly went back to sucking and took all the rest of my cum in her mouth. when i was finally dry she looked up with her mouth full of cum, then swallowed it.
we sat for almost an hour, talking, caressing, and softly kissing. then our kisses become more urgent. without either of us realizing it, we had worked into a position where she’s on her back, my dicc pressing into her pussy.
"fuxk me." she whispers.
i raise my hips and she takes hold of my dicc and guides it to her opening. i lower my hips and the head slips in.
"STOP.!" she cries causing me to jerked back.
"no, she laughs, don’t stop, stop, just be very gentle and put it in very slowly."
i smiled and leaned down and kissed her pussy, licking the inside.
"stop that i want my daddy dicc."
i lay on her and glued my mouth to hers. she works her hand between us and takes my dicc and guides it to her again. very slowly I push my hips and this time about 4inches slide into her. she moans loudly. i hold still. she raises her hips and another 2 inches penetrates her. she was so tight. i have never felt anything like this before. i push a bit harder and a little more goes in. she cries out a little. finnaly she grabs my ass with both hands forcing me deeper and sliding in the other 3 inches into her tight depth. we are closer than close, we are one.
"oh shyt this feels so good kween." i moan as i rock back and forth inside her. i press my mouth to hers.
she giggles softly.
"girl you are something." i say.
"yea but im your something."she whispers. "i love you columbus."
"i love you too." i reply, sincerely. She relaxes and begins to grind gainst my dicc and with no other warning she climaxes, sending a gush of cum on me. that sends me over the edge and after a few more pumps i exploded on impulse. after another hour or so and kween cumming six more times we laid still, out of breath, and cuddling each other as we slowly fall asleep.

run it.!!!

Have a glass of water for yo thirst ass. -Wale RunIt!!

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Dam Meg stop being thirsty

*Megan's POV*
after being at sharon's for another hour or so i decided to drive by columbus's house to see if he was home. when i pulled up i saw his car so i decided to stop. i walked up to the door and knocked. after three minutes that little bytch kween answered the door.
"what the fuxk are you doing here.?" i said.
"i live here what the fuxk do you want.?"
"i need to see my man." i said walking closer.
"he is clearly not your man." she said smiling.
"oh really.?"
"duh bytch. i live here, im with him every night now, i cook for him, and anything else he wants to needs i do so your basically irrelevant now so good bye." kween tried to close the door but i put my foot in the door.
"bytch what do you want.!" she asked clearly irritated but ofcourse i dont care.
"clearly you didnt here me when i said i wanted to speak with columbus."
"he's not here"
"bytch his car is right there"
"oh im know because im driving it. im surprise you didnt notice when i was at yo job earlier." she said grabbing the keys and waving them in my face.
"bytch boom you aint driving shyt columbus would never let a trick drive his car."
"exactly but clearly im WIFEY so i can do that. now if you dont want that ass tapped i suggest you get the fuxk on some where."
"oh babygirl i been waiting for you to say that.!"

*Kween's POV*
this bytch really thought she had a chance against me in fighting. girl i am a former boxer. i stopped right before i had to get my hands licenced because i still wanted to be able to handle little bytches like her with out getting arrested for it. she pulled off her earing and tied up her nappy ass weave and went in the yard ready to fight.
"come on little kweeny get yo ass down here."
i walked slowly down the stairs and got ready for war. she swung and missed. then she went in to grab my hair but i blocked her hands then hit her with a two piece causing here to fall on her ass and giving her a busted lip. she got up trying to tackle me but i swung her off making her fall again. i went to kick her in the face to end it all but right at that point john and columbus pulled up.
"KWEEN LASHAE FORD WHAT THE FUXK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING.?" john yelled getting out the car.
"meagan what the fuxk are you doing at my house." columbus asked coming in the yard.
"baby i came to see you but this bytch tried to tell me i couldnt." meagan said trying to hold him.
"he's not your fuxking baby bytch and if i dont want you near my man then oh the fuxk well he's MY man bytch." i yelled about to charge at her again but john had ahold of me.
"meagan im not you man and i never was get that through your head and move the fuxk on already. dont come by my house or fuxk with my girl because the next time you do imma be the one whooping your ass."
i could see the hurt and embarassment on her face as columbus spoke to her and honestly i couldnt give to flying fuxks because she brought it on herself tryna be a smart ass.
she walked to her car and as she got in i saw her wiping tears from her eyes and nodding her head about something. this wasnt the last time we would see the girl and im sure if it.

run it.!!!

Meg has no shame
if dude left u for a younger chick
get over it and find yourself an older man that sees u as a younger chick
happy for john and kelly
run it

Yay!! Love is in the air. And apparently so is jealousy!! RunIt!!

Run it

*Kween's POV*
the whole luch was great except when the waitress came over i dont know what her problem is but i will get to the bottom of it. after we finished eating we each ordered our favorite kind of cheesecake to go. as we were walking out our waitress walked towards our table.
"so first you take my man and now you too good to leave a tip."
"excuse me who the fuxk are you talking to." lisha asked.
"i know who she talking about lisha. baby girl he was never yours so chill out before you lose this little job you got." i said before turning to walk away.
"i dont know who lied to you little kweeny but he was mines for two years bytch." she responded.
"thats funny because he's been at my house for four years all day and night. thats why he's mines now." i walked to her and said.
she had no response so with that said we walked out and i immediately called columbus

c: hey baby how the shopping trip.
k: who megan.?
c: huh.?
k: if you can huh you can hear. who is she.
c: just some girl i use to mess with. why.?
k: the bytch was very disrespectful to me saying i stole you from her and other bullshyt like that.
c: well babe you kinda did take me from her but she wasn't my girl just somebody i use to fuxk thats it.
k: you promise babe.?
c: i put that on my granny's grave that she was only a duck-off and nothing more
k: ok imma see you when we get done here.
c: baby are you telling me yall still dont have anything to where.
k: yea pretty much
c: damn babe ok call me as soon as yall leave.
k: ok
c: i love you baby
k: i love you too. bye

i felt sorta better after talking to him. this bytch really almost got to me but im over her.

*Megan's POV*
i cant believe that little bytch had the nerve to disrespect me at my job. and what the fuxk was columbus telling her.? he was my man and he will be mines again.
i finished my shift and went over to my girl sharon's house. she always knew how to cheer me up when i needed it. i let myself in and plopped down on her couch as she was walking out the kitchen.
"hey meg whats up." sge greeted me saying.
"columbus really played me for a little ass girl."
"what are you talking about.?"
"that bytch kween he left me for is a baby. she looks to be like 15 or 16 girl."
"damn girl thats fuxked up. so what you gonna do.?"
"im getting my man back sharon."
"and how do you plan on doing that.?"
"i dont know yet yet but trust i will have him back where he belongs."

*John's POV*
i must admit i was wrong about my boy being with my sis. him being with her was really giving me time to get even closer to Kelly. i think i may be falling in love with her. we've been together six months today. im taking her out and i think i may do something crazy tonight.
i take her to a nice dinner and then we took a walk in the park.
"baby im so happy i have you in my life." she said leaning her head on my shoulder.
"im happy too kel. there have been times i wasnt sure but everytime we're together i know i want you in my life forever."
"what are you saying john.?"
i stopped right on the bridge, looked kelly in her eyes and then eased down on one knee.
"kelly monroe i love you with all my heart and soul. we've had our ups and downs yet you have stuck by me through it all. i never knew i could ever love someone until you and now all i want is you. will you marry me.?"
"yes. yes i will marry you john."
i pulled out a 12 carat diamond ring with white gold band and slide it on her finger. getting and picking her up swing her around kissing her. i got my angel and cant nothing fuxk this up for me.

run it.!!!

Meg bout to get soup slapped!!

Run it

i had a wonderful time with kween yesterday. that girl is officially my heart. so now its time for me to get rid of my hoes that i ben involved with. my first is to this girl <a href="">meagan</a> house. she wasn't nobody serious but i did fuxk her the most outta all the girls i got, plus she gave me a key to her house.
i walked in the house and found her in the kitchen cooking in a tank top and some boyshorts.
"hey baby you came just in time for breakfast. im making pancakes eggs sausage and biscuits." she said.
"ok meg lets eat." i said sitting at the table.
we sat down and ate in silence. the food may be the only thing i miss about her. but then again my kween can cook too so that makes this so much better.
after we got done eating i got ready to tell her its over but she had other plans for me. she walked me to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed and started to slowly strip for me.
"megan stop we need to talk."
"baby that can wait til later."
"no it can't."
"why baby."
"because there wont be a later." when i said that she stopped dancing and just looked at me confused.
"come here and sit down." i said grabbing her arm.
"columbus whats going on.?"
"this thing between us has to end. im sorry but im in love so we cant do this anymore."
"but columbus i love you." she replied with tears forming in her eyes.
"im sorry to hear that. i dont feel the same towards you."
"oh really. so what the fuxk have we been doing all this for.? i gave you a key to my house and now you telling me you never felt anything for me."
"thats not what im saying meg."
"then what are you saying.?"
"im saying i dont love you and im moving the fuxk on damn i never gave you the title as my girl so stop bugging. heres yo key so im out."
i got up and left she continued to follow behind me yelling that this aint over and alot of other shyt i didnt really care too much about. when i broke the news to my other four hoes they took it sooo much better and i was glad. now its just me and my KWEEN.
after finishing with all the females i went back to my baby kween. she was asleep in john's bed looking so peaceful. if it was her bed i would have woke her up like i did when she was at my house, but outta respect for my boy imma just do it the normal way i guess. i crawled up beside her and gently tapped her on her shoulder quietly saying her name.
"no i dont wanna get up bubby please let me sleep." she cried out in her sleep.
"kween its me."
when i said that she slowly opened her eyes then a huge smile formed on her face.
"hey babe.! i didnt think you were gonna make it back here tonight."
"baby i told you i was. now get up."
"aw man. i was enjoying giving this pillow head" we both laughed and since she didnt wanna get up i lifted her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to the livingroom.
"babe come on you know im scared of heights."
"kween your barely off the ground."
"babe you are tall plus if my feet are off the ground tht means im too high up."
"you are a mess babe."
i lay her on the couch and sit next to her and we just stare at each other for a minute.
"what are you thinking about kween.?"
"im just wondering how i got you to finally crack and let me have you."
"you wanna know the truth.?"
"all the time.!"
"well i've always wanted you kween but i didnt think you were really that interested. you always use to call me old and shyt like that so i fell back and just considered you my boy's lil sis. but when you kissed me that day it just brought all them feelings that i had back up and i wanted you all over again."
"well im glad babe because now i have you and aint nothing gonna tear us apart."
"that's right baby."
the rest of the night kween and i sat up just talking about everything and it felt good to have someone that i can really have a serious full conversation with without having it be just about sex. kween is all i ever need and im glad john let us be together.

*Kween's POV*
(one month later)
columbus and i have been insepartable he is just so good to me and im loving him more and more everyday. john is even loosening up more when he sees us together which is even better. but the strange thing is im beginning to get these wierd phone calls from blocked numbers. they dont say anything though they just sit there breathing heavy on the phone so next week columbus is taking me to get a new phone and to get my number changed.
today im going out with leasia, bre'lin, and lisha to get a few outfits because it's chris's birthday this weekend and he's throwing this big bash at his cousin's club. we stopped everywhere, Forever 21, Gucci, Macy's, White House/Black Market, Nordstrom, EVERYWHERE.! so we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for a break.
"man this is the longest we ever took to find each of us one freaking outfit.!" lisha said.
"thats what im saying lisha and its crazy. i know its my baby's birthday and all but hell im thinking about wearing some straight leg jeans and a nice shirt with some nice heels and calling it a day." leasia agreed.
"you better not leasia you the main one that gotta shyt on these bytches that come to this party becuse you the wifey. after we eat we can hit up Francesca’s Collections and find you something." i said.
"watever you say kween. lets just order something already. excuse me miss we're ready."
"hello ladies my name is megan and i'll be your waitress. can i start you off with some drinks.?"
"yes and hi im kween, i'll have a dr. pepper light ice, i know leasia will have a sweet tea, lisha didn't you say a sprite.?"
"ok she wants that and bre'lin."
"i'll have a sweet tea as well."
"ok then i'll be back with those for you."
"was it me or did that girl have a major attitude when you told her your name.?" bre'lin asked.
"i know right.! she better watch it or else i'll buy the soup just to throw it in her face." i responded looking at my menu.

run it.!!!

columbus spoiling her!

~Chapter 2~
Kween got her King

i could not believe john gave me his blessings.! after he left i called my baby to tell him the great news. he answered after three rings.
"hey baby whatz up.?" columbus asked.
"baby i have great news you wont believe.!"
"what is it.?"
"john gave us his blessing."
"are you serious baby.?"
"yes babe he just left out the room from telling me."
"thats great babe.! after i get done with what im doing im coming back to get you and take you out somewhere."
"ok baby i'll see you when you get here."
"ok. start getting ready now because you know it takes you forever. i love you"
"i am babe. i love you too."
we hung up and i started a conference call with me,leasia,lisha,and bre'lin to tell them the about it.
"get the fuxk outta here john really letting be with columbus.?thats a miracle." leasia said laughing.
"shut up." i responded.
"naw kween this is shocking john never let you have a man." lisha said laughing
"ya'll are something else." i said shaking my head.
"but fareal kween im so happy for you girlie." bre'lin said
"we are all happy for you mommas." lisha said they all agreed.
"thanks guys. he's coming back later to get me so we can hang together."
"thats good honey hope you have a really good time love." leasia told me. right then i heard a knock at the door and it was columbus.
"hey girls i gotta go my man is here and he is about to kill me for not being ready yet."
"ooohh ok then bye honey." lisha said laughing.
"bye girls." i said as i was putting on me gret form fitted dress.
"bye." they all said in unison. we hung up and i threw on my grey flats, threw my hair in a messy bun then ran to open the door.
as soon as i saw him i jumped in his arms.
"damn kween did you miss me that much.? i was only gone a few hours" he said with a smile.
"no babe im just excited that i finally have you and now the sky is the limit to how much i love you."
"im feeling the exact same way babe. that's why today is all about me catering to you. baby everytime i came over here for whatever you did every and anything me and john asked you to do. now its my turn baby so i got a full day planned for you."
i was beyond excited at this point. i made him wait a few more minutes because i decided to change my outfit. i got my C&C California black scuba leggings and i put on my pink classic Hi-Lo twist crew shirt and my pink versace heels. i wetted my hair and left it down to crinckle up.
"damn babe i love it when you do your hair like that." columbus said standing up and meeting me at the door.
"i know." i said with a smile.
"how." he asked.
"because everytime i had my hair like times you always found a reason to touch it."
"so you think you know me huh." he asked
"baby i know you better thn i know myself." i responded and headed out the door.
he smiled and followed behind me. he opened the car door for and and once we both were in he drove off.
i have no clue where john went so i left him a note letting him know i was with columbus and that i'll be back later.
our first stop was to the mall. we went to ofcourse gucci, hot topic, hollister, victoria secrets, forever21, Louis Vuitton at Saks Fifth Avenue, and pretty much everywhere in between.
next we went to kay jewlers and got me a pink diamond neckland and the tennis bracelet to match. we wrapped up our evening with a lovely dinner at Cantina Laredo.
i can honestly say this was the best night of my life.

run it.!!!

Kween is still a youngin though
John Did well, didn't kill Columbus,
There's a thought,
If he kills Columbus and hides the body
Then he won't need to worry bout him and Kween
*Evil grin*
these lil girls way too grown for me

Awww run it

Blood is thicker than anything!! Love it RunIt!!

run it