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This Boy Is Dangerous

Chapter One

Bre'Na's POV

Just imagine waking up in his bed. Knowing that hours ago you guys were f***ing. You can feel his touch, his taste, his sweet smell. You smile but then it quickly fades when you see a woman standing over you.

Who the f*** are you? She said looking at me with a stank face. I sighed feeling quite embarrassed myself.

Ummm h h hi I'm Bre'Na Mr. Brown's assistant. I bet your wondering where he is? Well Mr. Brown had to attend rehearsals so he wanted me to come in and tell you to leave. He said he's sorry if you thought it would last long but it was nothing more than a quick....nut. B b but thanks for being a good sport and here's a gift basket for the trouble. She snatched the covers off of herself and put on her clothes snatching the basket out of my hands and walking out of the room.

Tell him to f*** off!!! I was use to this happening. Oh let me introduce myself. I'm <a href="">Bre'Na</a>. I'm eighteen years old and go to private school because of who I work for. He says its best I don't have all the media following me around like they do him. I work for the one and only <a href="">Christopher Maurice Brown</a>. Yes that's right, I was his BEST assistant. But part of my job was kicking these weekly women out of his bed. See he had this thing where he would bring a girl back to the hotel every Friday. f*** her on Friday, take her shopping on Saturday and then kick her out on Sunday so he could have a new girl by Monday. I hated this being apart of my job because not only do I get yelled at I sometimes get attacked. One girl had the nerve to pull out a gun on me. Smh groupies these days, they should know not to trust a man like him. I'm surely gonna add this to my list of Cons For Mr. Brown. Which I secretly made since I started working for him two years ago. Mr. Brown was now on his Exclusive tour which made it even more stressful. for an eighteen year old he sure was immature. Anyways I called the maids in and they cleaned up already knowing the routine. I sighed walking into the elevator and heading to the lobby to meet up with Mr. Brown. I saw the limo parked outside and got inside. Once inside I could see Mr. Brown looking at an episode of Ed Edd and Eddy while doodling on his sketch book.

Is she tooken care of? He asked not looking up from his sketch book.

Y Y Yes sir. I replied while chewing on some strawberry flavored gum. That's one thing about me. You NEVER caught me anywhere without gum. I've been like this since I was 5. My mom often teased me calling me Bubbles cause I loved seeing how big I could make the bubble before it popped.

It's Chris for the millionth f***ing time. He said snatching a piece of gum out of my hands and chewing on it furiously. I rolled my eyes, one day I was gonna have enough courage to clock his damn tea.

Sorry Mr. Bro-I mean...Chris. It was weird calling him by his first name. I liked to be professional but he liked to get personal sometimes which I hated.

Why don't you have a man Bre? I mumbled under my breath. He was getting up under my skin again about relationships. But personally I wasn't ready to be in one. Especially if they were gonna be like him.

I haven't found Mr. Right that's why. To many men wanna be childish and treat women like dirt. You know they wanna sleep with them and then kick them to the curve like last weeks newspaper. I said hoping he would get the hint. I looked over at him to see if he got it, but of course his face expression was blank. Then he broke into a fit of giggles.

You'll find him one day Mrs. Independent Woman. I hid my face not wanting him to see the smile on my face. I couldn't help it. My mother raised a woman not a fool.

Maybe if you weren't so focused on your job all the time and stop being so uptight then maybe just maybe you could have a man.

This is what I do. It's my job, I must be professional all the time. I said defending myself while taking out his daily schedule.

We're heading to rehearsals now, afterwards you have hair and makeup, then you have to get fitted, and lastly you have a hour interview with Lisa Paige. You DID have a big meeting with the label company but I convinced them to give you a break. So I schedule for you to have a day at the spa. i said reading over everything making sure not to leave anything out. We arrived at the arena and I sat in the front as usual and watched him rehearse. I admired him while he was onstage. He was so creative with his moves. It's like everything came from his heart. This is the Chris Brown I liked. Not the one being a manwhore every week. While he was singing Poppin', one of his dancers, my new bestie <a href="">Elissa</a> walked over and hugged me.

Hey girllllllllll. She said smiling while sitting down.

Hey Elissa. I said continuing to admire my boss.

Why don't you just admit that you have feelings for ol' boy and get it over with. See not only was she Chris's dancer but also cousins. They treated each other like brother and sister but knew when to get down to business.

Me? Hell no!! There will never be anything between me and Mr. Brown. He's to stuck in his ways and plus we all know he with that b**** Rihanna. I said saying her name in my best Barbadoas accent. We started laughing like crazy. We all knew Rihanna was a straight up hoe! I mean she had a train ran on her pussy by every nigga in the industry. I mean Jay Z, J Cole, Mat Kemp, Ashton Kutcher, the list goes on. I know her pussy must feel like a black hole to Mr. Brown. He claims he loves her so much but yet their both out here acting like fools. Being in everybody else's bed BUT eachothers. They better be careful cause that burning sensation they get when they climax can also turn into a burning sensation at the damn clinic.

Come on though, I know he can be a hoe. But he knows how to treat women. Especially you, I mean what "boss" do you know buys his assistant a house! That was kinda true I mean he bought me a beautiful place. I took my phone out and scrolled til I found the picture of my <a href="">house</a>. I smiled remembering the day I got it. It was an amazing day, all I had to do was move into it. The furniture was already there. I couldn't have thanked him more. But that still doesn't mean he has feelings for me.....right?

He is a great guy but I don't see him as nothing but my boss. I said thinking that people didn't see the side that I often was exposed to. I'm not saying he's a monster but he is human like us all. Sinning and all. But the way he acted was just reckless and well quite frankly dangerous.

Your indenial girl, but I he knock that pussy out the frame you'll be flocking to him. I balled up a piece of paper and threw it at her while laughing.

Well it's true I mean look at him twerking. I looked onstage and sure enough he was popping that ass like no tomorrow. I couldn't help but wonder how good he was in bed. i mean is that why those groupies got so physical with me, when I'd have to kick them out? I was so into my thoughts that I didn't notice Elissa wasn't beside me anymore but onstage. He looked down at me and smirked while singing the lyrics as if he was singing to me.

Shawty, shawty
The way you wearing that top got yo boy so hot
Ain't no mistaking, playing, or faking,
You got me open and waiting, and popping
You keep me on and popping oooooh, oooooooh. He continued to sing I became a little uncomfortable. I wonder what all of that was about?

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Yeah she want the D lol
But that's good that she keeps it professional she's smart

Run it girlllllllll and here's another pic if you need it

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i wanna slap Chris
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Smh he needa get his attitude together.
But keep it coming me looove it &hearts;

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that will do and thxxies xD chapter two will be up soon!!!

Ahhh!! Lol Bre has a crushie pooh! What boss buys his assistant a house, a big ass one at that. Aye, get it Chris. -gets on stage and starts twerking with him- Twerk team!! Kmsl.
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<a href="">Pic</a> If you need another one it's just "badasshhh tumblr"