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Love Too Soon {New Twister} - final chapter?

I wasn’t sure about where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere. Where I stood at the moment was nowhere and I was willing to get away from it. Twisted tales in my life drew me away from reality and now I needed to be elsewhere to get away from it all. I was falling quickly for each guy that came my way and I loved way too soon. So, I was always left behind with a new bruise on my heart.

Run or Kill?



I find it absolutely funny how every time I try to commit suicide, I always survive. Then shortly after, I’m put in danger, again close to death and then I always make it through. It’s like God was trying to show me that no matter how much I try to kill myself and no matter how many people try to kill me, He will always be there for me. He will never let me go and He will always have my life in His hands.

After Tevin was kidnapped, I spiralled into drugs and alcohol abuse for at least six months. I had another teacher at the institute keeping records of what was happening and my finance officer kept track of the money coming in and out. No-one knew what I was doing and I had wished to keep it that way.

I went back on the streets, trying to get back into the life I left behind in hopes that I would see Calvin, in hopes that I would be able to be reunited with my son. But nothing ever came of it. I roamed the streets at nights, and many men offered me good money for the smallest things, but I didn’t take up any of their offers. I couldn’t get back into it. I left that life because it made me feel dirty and even going back to the streets made me feel worthless all over again.

The last night I spent on the streets, I got a bad batch of cocaine from this guy and when I got back to my place, I started sniffing, not knowing what it was. I had a bottle of Goose beside me and I could feel my body flying. The room was spinning around me as I stood up. But I carried on. I somehow managed to reach my room and I went out to the balcony. This was the first incident that sent me to the hospital. I was put on suicide watch for at least six months which I used to start looking for my son. I took the matter to the police and they told me that they would let me know when anything new came up.

They did not make me aware that they were already after Calvin, but they did let me know that they would put it as a priority issue. I felt satisfied and left it there. Until two months later when it was Tevin’s birthday. My baby’s eighth birthday. I was missing it and the cops weren’t doing anything but drinking coffee and eating donuts at work, then when they left the precinct, they would go out for a beer.

At that point I started going into schools to ask if he had been registered there. I gave them his middle name and Calvin’s last name. I gave them his first name and my last name. I even asked for them to look for him under his first name and Calvin’s last name. I showed them his picture. I told them his age, his date of birth and he wasn’t showing up anywhere.

I went back to Calvin’s hometown to check all the schools there and I was still unable to find Tevin. I knew he was interested in martial arts and I went into all of the martial arts classes I could find in the area to see if he was signed up there but was still unable to find him.
On my drive back to my house, I was stopped by a young lady who had asked if she could get a ride the way I was going. I told her yes and she hopped in. Little did I know, she was watching my every move and was sent by Calvin to kill me. Twenty minutes into the journey, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw something shine and pointed. I shook it off and thought I was seeing things, until she told me to pull over on the left and take my hands off the wheel. When I turned to her I saw her playing with the knife.

“Look, you seem like a nice lady and I really don’t want to do this, so please work with me.” She started. “Calvin, I’m sure you know who that is, he asked me to watch what you were doing. We know about your unfortunate trip to the hospital and we know about your suicide watch. I don’t know why a pretty woman like you would even go into drugs.”

She placed her hand on my thigh and started running it up and down the inside of my thigh. She then placed her hand further up my skirt and pulled my panty to the side. I didn’t know what to do. My body automatically froze and my breathing started to increase. I felt her nails dig into me and I gritted my teeth trying not to show that I was in pain. But she dug deeper into me. She than leaned over, removed her hand and ripped my shirt. She bit my breast causing me to cry out. I wanted to fight her off but I remembered that she had a knife in her other hand. When she was finished, she got the knife and carved the word “dead” unto my stomach. She took my phone out of my purse, gave it to me and told me to call for an ambulance. I did what she said and once I got through, she left and got into another car that was parked on the other side of the road.

I stayed put until the ambulance came. I remember seeing a man watching me, his eyes was deeply hurt and I’m sure I could see a tear slip down his face. Now that I think about it, that same man then, was the same man now.


Time passed slowly and today I was being released from the hospital. I went back to the hotel, got my stuff and headed back to Chicago. Jamie came to see me every day in the hospital even though we had argued so horribly the day I woke up. We didn’t really speak; he spoke to the doctors mainly. Checking up on me, finding out when I would be able to leave.

He was the one who took me back to the hotel and booked my flight for Chicago. He was silent throughout the duration of the flight and I wasn’t willing to apologise, so I guess it stayed that way for a reason. Why this man cared for me, I would never know.

When we landed in Chicago, I took a cab back to the institute; I wanted to know what was going on with it. When I got there I was met by CJ who looked up at me with tears in his eyes. “I thought you died Ms Cameron.” I swallowed hard and knelt down to his level.

“Why would you think that CJ?”

“Because you left one day without saying goodbye.”

I smiled at him. His innocence was beautiful.

“Well I’m still alive baby boy. How are your classes going?”

“They are good.” He smiled a big smile and I could notice he had lost his 2 front teeth.

“Hey someone has a gummy grin. When did the tooth fairy take your teeth?”

“Last week.”

We walked down the corridor to his class when I saw Jean with a gun to her head. I couldn’t see the face of the person who had the gun, but I knelt down to CJ’s level and told him to run down to the TV room and I would get him soon. Once he was gone, I crouched down so the person wouldn’t see me and crept up to the door. I wanted to see if I could overhear what he was saying, well, he or she was saying to Jean. To my surprise it was a she and she was asking for CJ. The voice was familiar, but I couldn’t put it to a face just yet, so I kept listening. As she continued, I was able to recognise the voice was that of Elise.

“Look. He is meant to come to class…” Her sentence was completed with her shrieking in pain.

“Shut that noise up. It was only a slap.” Elise said coldly. “Just give me a straight answer and stop taking me for a damn ride.”

“He aint here!” Jean shouted back.

I moved back from the door and stood up. My decision was to walk to the door, but I had to text Jamie to get the cops here. I knew that Elise wasn’t aware that he was an undercover cop, so couldn’t get him as involved as I would have. When he replied to let me know that the cops were on their way, I walked in the room as though I didn’t know what was going on. I saw the gun being point to me and immediately froze in my tracks.

“Look who it is.” She said with a smug smile on her face.

“Elise what do you want?” I said trying to sound as brave as I possibly could. I noticed Jean started to edge away from her as her main focus was now on me. It’s been three years since I last seen Elise and looking at her I could tell she was at least three months pregnant. She had lost a lot of weight and now looked more like a skeleton than a living human. Her skin was beginning to cling to her bones and her baby bump was still looking somewhat healthy, if that makes much sense.

She smirked when she noticed my eyes were on her belly. “Well, you weren’t looking after Calvin, so I decided to take your place.”

“Let Jean get out of here.”

“Nah baby, she gotta stay. I need CJ.”

“How do you know if she has any idea of where he is?”

“She is his teacher isn’t she?”

“CJ isn’t coming to class today though. I was told that he wouldn’t be able to make it in today so you have to find some other way of finding him.” I lied. Just as those words left my lips, I heard the door behind me open and I saw the look on Elise’s face change which made me realise it was CJ who had entered.

“Hey CJ, come here baby.” She said still pointing the gun at me.

I put my hand out and instructed for CJ to come to me. He ran over and held my hand and squeezed it. I couldn’t let her take another little boy from me. She would only get him if she killed me. Every time I got close to finding Tevin over the past three years, something always came up. This time, I wasn’t going to allow anything to happen to this little boy. I knew he would be able to lead me to my baby and I was not going to let a pregnant skeleton looking duck get in my way.

“He isn’t going anywhere with you Elise.”

“You can’t keep my son from me whore.”

“If he is your son you will have to get him from children services because I will not let him leave here with you.”

She pulled the trigger and the next thing I know, I was lying in a pool of my own blood. CJ still held on to my hand and Jean was now standing over me with tears leaving her eyes. Next thing I know, Jamie was again standing over me in the hospital. I thought I was going to die, but it seems there is a force keeping me alive. I looked up towards the ceiling and thanked God for sparing my life again.

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her breaking point came at a time
when she had a way to get her child
back but instead she was ready to
end it all and for what.? its not
like her son ever gave up on her
it s clear in the phone calls he
makes to her so why would she try
to give up on herself.? she just
all around pisses me off and im
getting worried for tevin.

btw....who is the woman asking for
cj.? could it be his mother who has
been searching for him as well.?

run it

Yh, but in reality we all know some many mother's wouldn't have even managed to have the strength to hold on for so long. Think of it as she has Now reached breaking point.
Every woman got a breaking point... Right?

She irritating she suppose to fight for her child runnit

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She just has to keep trying I know she can get him back and who is this woman asking for cj run it

"I couldn’t see the face of the person who had the gun, but I knelt down to CJ’s level and told him to run down to the TV room and I would get him soon. Once he was gone, I crouched down so the person wouldn’t see me and crept up to the door. I wanted to see if I could overhear what he was saying, well, he or she was saying to Jean. To my surprise it was a she and she was asking for CJ."

see i thought u would have felt sorry for her
instead u making me hurt for her
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Oh hell no this bytch better pull herself
together ASAP.!!! Suicide is not gonna
solve yo problems and the fact that she
actually tried pisses me off.! Im glad jaime
found her but him being a cop didnt even
come to my mind when he was introduced.!
His captain is a jerk.!

Run it.!!!

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It’s been a month since Jamie told me he was an undercover cop and had been working for the last 5 years to try and put <a href=”” Calvin </a> behind bars. He had so many kids with women who were just like me. Prostitutes. Well, we once were. Now we were all doing well in whatever job we went into. Jamie told me that Calvin took it upon himself to hang it over the mothers’ heads that if it was not for him, they wouldn’t have reached where they are today. He said what made me different, was my love for Tevin. I felt ashamed when he said that for when I did have Tevin with me, he came second to the worthless men I had in my life.

But Jamie realised that I wasn’t like the others who were quiet and didn’t file any missing child report with the department. The police wanted a woman like me. With my determination and drive to pursue Calvin, they knew they would get somewhere. I guess that is where Jamie saw my love for Tevin.
I left state for a while, just to get a clear mind and plan a way to get my son back. I was told that the security at Calvin’s trap is tight, which didn’t surprise me one bit. I was also aware of how many children Calvin had, but was reassured that he did not abuse them in any way shape or form.

Jamie has been great support for me. He called me every day to see how I was doing. He gave me feedback on the operation. He made me feel at ease.

The operation was far from over, but for me, I was getting closer to getting my son. The thing I did fear though was my life. I would possibly need to go to another state in witness protection. I was not looking forward to being another test subject to see if I’d survive as a different person. I have changed my life once before and wasn’t willing to change another time.


“I miss Chicago Jamie.”

“I miss you being here.”

“When will I be able to come back?” I questioned.

“That, I no longer know. I was so close in getting Tevin out of there and…” He went silent and I started becoming a nervous wreck again.

“And what Calv… I mean Jamie?”

“They took me off the case.” He softly said.

“How the hell could they take you off the case if you were close to getting Tev out of there?” I started to feel anger build up within me.

“I don’t know ma. I think they got dirty cops working in there.”

“So that means Calvin knows you’re a cop?”

“I aint got a clue. My captain took me off the case even though I was begging him to keep me.”

I sighed upon hearing Jamie’s last statement. My world was crumbling before my eyes and I just couldn’t do anything about it. I was stuck, sitting here helpless. Each step I took was filled with more pain and I couldn’t understand why my past was catching up with me now.

I went to the shop and bought me bottles of liquor and went back to the hotel room I was staying in. when I got there I placed the bottles on the table and went back out to buy some tablets. If I couldn’t get my son back then to hell with life. No-one was trying to help me and all my efforts came back with a negative on them.

I got back with the tablets, pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. I went to the balcony and blew the puff of smoke away from me. I started feeling a little relaxed and with each puff I let out, the more at ease I was. When I finished with that cigarette, I took one of the bottles and started drinking. I had put 3 tablets in it and I had another 9 more tablets to mix in with 3 other bottles.

My phone was ringing but I refused to answer it. Jamie was trying to contact me but I didn’t want him to know what I was doing. That man was trying to do something good for me, but what do you know? His captain took control.

I felt the alcohol kicking in when I got to my second bottle with tablets. It slowly seduced my mind. My heart was falling for its lies and I was no longer able to stand up right. I sat on the balcony with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. This was the life I was missing out on. This was the life that was able to embrace my mood and I was loving every second of it.

I woke up unable to move. I looked around and found things hooked up to me. I heard a strange beeping and my head was pounding. When I realised where I was I began cursing under my breath because I failed to kill myself. I knew then, that next time I would have to cut my wrist.

“Baby you’re awake.” I heard his voice and smiled a little. He cared enough and came to see me. When I remembered who he was, I frowned, for maybe he was here to arrest me instead.

“Why are you here Jamie?”

“I came to your hotel looking for you and you wouldn’t answer the door, so I had to get your key from reception and when I came in, you were on the floor.”


“You don’t want to die Amelia.”

“Said who Jamie? Who the hell told you that?”

“Says me!”

“I don’t need you caring for me aight. Just get the hell out.”

“Do you really want your son to hear that his mother committed suicide instead of fighting for him?”

“Jamie I don’t care no more! I can’t even get him back anyway!”

“Yes you can dammit!”

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Jamie better help her or I will stab him she don't have no friends this is horrible ugh OMG she needs to find her kid f*** everything else rescue her little boy

if these were different circumstances i would
of thought this was kinda cute between her and
jaime. i hope she does end up finding him soon.!!

run it.!

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Jamie skydives
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“You got to leave.” Jamie said to me with concern in his eyes.

“Excuse me?” I asked looking at him.

We were sitting at a table at my favourite restaurant and this was our second date in 2 weeks. I told him I had a son but I didn’t tell him that he was stolen from me right before my eyes. I couldn’t understand what he meant when he told me I had to leave. All we were talking about was my institute and nothing else.

“You will hate me for this, but I know about Tevin.” I placed my knife and fork neatly on my plate and looked at him quizzically. Why was this happening to me yet another time? I haven’t dated anyone in the past three years and the first guy I get involved with, knows about my baby.

“Jamie.” I said looking at him. He hung his head low not allowing me to look into his eyes. He knew now that I read people through their eyes more than using their body language and he hated it. “What do you know about Tevin?”

“I know where he is.” He replied still with his head down.

“Where is he?”

“There is no point in me telling you. You still won’t get him back.”

I could barely believe what he was saying to me. What did he mean I wouldn’t get my son back? How did he even know where Tevin was?

“Look, I spoke to this kid at the house, asked who his mom was and he told me it was you. He told me everything about you. Though he aint seen you for three years, he still remembers your face. Told me you love speaking in French.”
I continued eating in silence not knowing what to say. I didn’t want to create a scene by getting loud. Nor did I want to leave him at the table feeling embarrassed. That would only indicate to others that we had a disagreement. I did not want anything of that sort. Once I was finished eating, I signalled for the waiter to come over and asked for the bill. When the bill came, against Jamie’s wishes, I put down what it had cost for my portion of the meal. I said my goodbyes and left.

Why did this have to happen to me? Of all people. Me! Did God hate me so much that he had to mess with my life like this? All I wanted was to get my son back. I would not leave Chicago without him no matter what anyone said. I got a cab and went straight back to my house. When I got there, I noticed that things weren’t as I left them. There was a note on the table in the kitchen and I could not believe my eyes. This guy was just popping up more and more.

Maybe Jamie was right. Maybe I did need to leave. But I did not want to leave without my baby by my side. I went to my room and packed some things. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. The note. It was cold. He warned that if I ever tried to find Tev, then he would kill him before my eyes. I didn’t want my baby hurt, but I know I had to look for him someway somehow. I decided I would stay at a hotel for the night, just to get my mind right. I didn’t bother taking my car instead, I got a cab. When I got to the hotel, I received a text from Jamie telling me he wanted to meet me and talk me through things. I looked at the phone and decided against replying to him.

That night was a difficult one for me. I just couldn’t seem to get my mind off the note or what Jamie had been saying. I wanted to hear more, but I was scared to. I got another text from him telling me where to meet him and he couldn’t risk calling me because he felt that my phone was tapped into anytime I made or received a call.

I left the hotel and headed to the location he had asked me to meet him. He asked me to go with him to a different location and I noticed he looked different. There was something about him that had changed and it was welcoming, yet I still had my guard up.

He need to turn thug forreal and tell him to take her to her child no lie forreal that's not right run it I hope she find her baby


“How is CJ doing?” Jamie asked as he walked with me down the corridor.

“Well, I wish I could give you an answer, however, I’m not his teacher, so you would need to talk to Jean.” I said as we approached the TV room.

“Ok.” He nodded his head and led me over to the sofa. I very rarely ever came into this room all because it reminded me of when Tevin would come and wait for me. He was the reason I even got a TV for this room in the first place. I looked around as though it was my first time entering. My eyes stopped in the corner of the room over where the TV was. His favourite blanket was here all this time and we thought he had lost it elsewhere. I remember the night he came home and couldn’t find it. He tossed and turned throughout the whole night and did not sleep a wink.

“Is everything ok?” Jamie asked as he placed his hand on mine.

“Yes. All is well.” I replied whilst standing up. “I must make my way back to the office.”

“I would prefer if you stayed here with me, or we could always go for a stroll.”

His eyes told me he wouldn’t harm me. But my heart was bleeding too much to believe what my eyes read.

“You always go back to the office looking like a zombie and anytime we approach this room you freeze up.”

I was shocked upon hearing this. He read me like a book, but I still was not prepared to trust him. I did however agree to go for a walk with him. I think I needed to do that right now. Things were getting too much for me and I just didn’t know how I was going to be able to cope.

We walked in silence around the school and Jamie led me into one of the empty rooms. I felt my heart rate increase and my breathing started to get shorter. I planned to stand by the door as Jamie walked over to the piano. He sat down and started playing something. I had never heard it before but the composition was amazing. The structure of each note, the way there were accented notes placed across. The softness and tenderness of it all. The notations were impressive. I was in loce with music all over again.

Fortunately, this was the room I kept my spare mouthpiece for the saxophone and I walked over to the cabinet I kept it in and took a saxophone and warmed up a little before joining in with Jamie. The way our notes intertwined and danced around each other sent shivers down my spine. I could feel them caressing my heart and sending me off into a different world. I felt love take its seat in my heart. We played for a while until his phone went off and we stopped to find out that CJ’s lesson was now finished. We headed back towards the room he had his lesson in and on our way back I thanked Jamie for the musical time we spent together. I left him as we neared CJ’s room and headed down the corridor into my office.

I logged on to my laptop and checked my emails to see a new email from someone I didn’t recognise. I opened it praying that it didn’t contain any virus to see a picture of my baby. He had grown so much and I could tell he was unhappy. His eyes still were unable to hide the truth.

>> You will never see him again. So cherish each picture you receive. <<

Were the words I saw under his picture. My eyes started to fill with tears yet again, but I quickly wiped them away when I heard the door. “Come in.” I said as I tried to hold my composure together. CJ came walking in as I saw Jamie standing at the door waiting for him.

“Chuck I’ll be there soon man. Just waiting on CJ that’s all.” Was what I managed to hear Jamie say as he tried to whisper to the person on the other end of the call.

“This kid at my house asked me to get this to you.” CJ said shyly. “You are the owner right?”

I smiled and took the folded piece of paper from him. He quickly headed back to the door and Jamie smiled at me before they left. When I opened the paper, I saw a number on it which looked very strange to me. I thought it was possibly Jamie’s number, but he was too bold to have left it for CJ to do. When I looked back at the paper I could see that the child who had written it was scared of being found out, so crossed out their name several times in hope to hide it. However, I was able to decipher and tell it was Tevin’s name that was under the number. I wanted to call him back but decided I would take it to the police and see if they could help me and possibly trace the phone back to its location.

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i kno u recognize that name and i know you saw taken. come on now get on yo liam neesen s*** and get yo son back.

just tell him to give the phone to whoever catches him, and say "i know who you are and i think i know what you want. what i am positive about is that i got that little boy cj at my school and a whole lot of money. this info that i just told will you help me find you. i'm going to find you and i'm going to kill you.....and that chicken head elise"

or you can do what he did and just use Jamie to get on the inside

wateva she decides to do...although i prefer the first way lol...RUN IT

Aww my baby boy !!!

Come on ma get smart, look through the school records for cj address, hire some goons and set it off..
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