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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


Ugh, swear whenever this couple gets a great happy moment, something comes and f***s it up. But damn I sure wasnt expecting Xavier to be connected to Julians past, aint that some ish. Im so scared for them now. Who knows what he'll do to them not that his cousin's dead. But Zaira needs to know Julian was only trying to protect her and there family. Ugh so the drama. RUN IT!!!

run it!!!

To be honest, she's tripping. That man was tryna save your life. I don't support that ride or die mess, but this is a special case. It's not like its her boyfriend...that man is her HUSBAND. She better fight for it!

Run it!

Fight for your right to love yea!! (in akons voice) . RunIt!!

Fight for your right to love yea!! (in akons voice) . RunIt!!


About two months pass and Julian and I are doing great!! We have both started our jobs and we both love them!! Also we moved into the house about a month ago we looked into with JJ and Alexis! JJ and Alexis are both really happy as well. They are doing great in school that started recently and they LOVE living with Julian and I. Julian and I are officially legal guardians of JJ and Alexis. We did all the necessary paperwork. We are all a happy family :) Our new home is perfect for us. We have such a comfortable life at this point! Karen has been so supportive throughout all of this. She is happy to have her house to herself, but she does admit she gets lonely at times. So every Sunday we have her over for dinner and she spends the night with us sometimes. We have a finished basement and Julian and I did a room for her when she wants to stay over and there is a bathroom down there as well. We are all doing great. My pregnancy is going really well! I am a little over 18 weeks pregnant now and I have a baby hump now. Working while I’m pregnant hasn’t been bad at all. I’m not really around any harmful chemicals and I sit most of the day so I don’t get too tired. I actually did another local commercial and got paid $3,000 and I declined the one in Atlanta. I just didn’t want to travel at this point in my life; it would be too difficult. Anyway it’s Tuesday morning and I am lying down in the bed. It’s about 8 am and Julian and I took off of work today so we can go to my second ultrasound. Doctor Wells is going to try to determine the sex of the baby today even though Julian is already sure we are having a girl! He has already started to buy baby girl clothes. I still think he’s crazy but he says he knows what he created. My appointment isn’t until 10:30 and Julian dropped the kids off at school but now I hear the garage door opening and closing. After a few minutes, Julian comes into our <a href="">master bedroom</a>.

“Hi beautiful,” Julian said.

“Hi baby. Come kiss me,” I said. Julian smiles and he gets on top of me and kisses my lips a few times. He then rubs my cheek and I just look at him and I smile.

“Why are you so gorgeous huh?,” Julian asked.

“You’re just too sweet for words,” I said. Julian just smiles and kisses my forehead. He then narrows his eyes at me and I already know what he wants.

“Julian don’t even think about it. We already had a round before you left this morning,” I said.

“What makes you think that is what I am thinking?,” Julian said.

“Baby I know that look in your eye. You think I don’t know what when my husband what’s some pussy?” Julian just laughs and nods his head.

“Ok you got me....we have time though baby,” Julian said. Julian gets off of me and lies down in the bed next to me and looks at me.

“Come get on this d***,” Julian said. I roll my eyes and I straddle Julian and he rests his hands on my waist.

“Why are you so aggressive when it comes to sex? That is not attractive,” I joked.

“Woman please you love that side of me. It turns you on,” Julian said. I just laugh and I lean down and I kiss Julian passionately. We have a quick round, then in the shower and then we both get ready and head to the hospital. We get there at 10:15 and we check in and then wait. We are called in at 10:40. A nurse takes my vitals and then Doctor Wells comes into the room.

“Hi Zaira, hi Julian,” Doctor Wells said politely.

“Hi,” Julian and I said in unison.

“Ok so I looked over your vitals and everything seems to be just fine. Your blood pressure is normal and so is your heartbeat. You have gained a bit of weight, but only about 11 pounds so far. How have you been feeling Zaira?,” Doctor Wells asked.

“I have been feeling great. I don’t get as tired as I used to in my first trimester,” I said.

“Well that’s great and sounds normal....any other changes you want to discuss? Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable?,” Doctor Wells asked. I look at Julian and then back at Doctor Wells.

“Well.....I was just it normal if my um....if my sex drive is incredibly high?,” I asked nervously.

“Oh yes very normal Zaira very normal,” Doctor Wells said while laughing.

“Really?? But I mean it’s really high. I just can’t get enough,” I confessed.

“It’s very how often are we talking?,” Doctor Wells asked.

“Well....every time I look at my husband Julian, I want sex. So we have been having sex at least three times a day,” I said slightly embarrassed.

“Oh Zaira don’t be embarrassed it’s normal.....I know when I was pregnant with my twin boys, my husband and I had sex four to five times a day. So Zaira you are fine and nothing is wrong with you,’ Doctor Wells said. Julian and I laugh and nod our heads.

“Ok Zaira how about we check out the baby? I will do my best to determine the sex for you,” Doctor Wells said. I nod my head and I lie down and Julian holds my left hand tightly. Doctor Wells lifts up my shirt, puts on the warm gel substance and then starts to look at the baby. Julian and I just look at the ultrasound and smile big; there’s our baby!

“Your baby looks just fine. Now let me see.....mmm.....well congratulations Zaira and Julian you two are having a baby girl!,” Doctor Wells exclaimed. Julian and I just gasp in shock and I look at Julian and he smiles big at me.

“I told you huh?,” Julian said.

“You sure did baby,” I said. Julian kisses my lips a few times and then we look at the ultrasound.

“Would you two like to hear the heartbeat?,” Doctor Wells asked.

“Yes,” Julian and I said in unison. Doctor Wells pushed a few buttons on the ultrasound machine and the room fills with our baby girl’s heartbeat! I just put my hand over my mouth and Julian just smiles bit. Tears stream down my cheek and Julian quickly wipes my tears away. I just look at him and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“That’s our baby girl’s heartbeat....pretty amazing huh?,” Julian said.

“It’s so amazing baby,” I said softly. Julian kisses my cheek as we listen to our baby girl’s heartbeat. I’m just so amazed right now. Sometimes I can’t even believe that a baby is growing inside of me. I just know that I am blessed!! Julian and I are blessed. Once our appointment is over, we get pictures and then we go out for lunch. We call everyone and tell them the good news that we are expecting a girl and they are all so happy for us. Once we get home at around 1 pm, we go into the <a href="">living room</a> and Julian sits on the couch and I sit right in his lap and I wrap my arms around his neck. Julian smiles and turns on the television and then gently rubs my stomach and I just smile at him.

“I’m so happy baby. I can’t believe we are having a baby girl,” I said.

“I can believe it....she is going to look just like you. So beautiful,” Julian said.

“You’re so sweet she will probably come out looking like you though,” I said while laughing a bit.

“She’s going to be girl I can’t wait to meet you!! Are you ready to see mommy and daddy?? We are ready to see you beautiful. I told your mommy you were a girl this whole time and she thought I was crazy. But I saw you in my dreams baby girl, that’s how I knew. Daddy loves you so much,” Julian said sweetly to my stomach. I just smile and he leans down and lifts up my shirt and kisses me all over my stomach and then rubs it gently. He then puts my shirt down and kisses my lips.

“Zaira were you serious when you told Doctor Wells that every time you look at me you want to have sex with me?,” Julian said while grinning hard. I just laugh and hit his chest playfully.

“Yes I was serious,” I said.

“Damn I must be sexy as f*** then,” Julian said confidently.

“Shut’re alright, nothing special,” I joked.

“Oh I know you are joking. You know I’m sexy s*** you don’t even have to tell me I’m sexy.” I just laugh; my baby is so silly.

“You’re right’re sexy as f*** so how about we f***? That is if I haven’t worn you out for the day,” I teased.

“Oh we can f***! And you don’t need to worry about me. I will never get tired of making love to your fine ass. Now I might have to keep you pregnant all the time because sex has always been amazing with you, but when you want it three times a day it’s that much better. And your breasts and hips have gotten bigger and I love your body that much more,” Julian said sexily. I just laugh and I get out of his lap and I grab his hand and we go upstairs and we have two more rounds of sex. Gosh sex with Julian has been amazing lately. I just feel that it deepens our bond even more and I love that. After that we take another quick shower and then we go to pick up the kids from school. We wait patiently and at around 3:45 Alexis and JJ come out of the school holding hands. They are just so cute together!! They are like brother and sister and I adore their relationship. They make my heart smile. They run to us and I pick up Alexis and Julian picks up JJ. We hug and kiss their cheeks and then we switch.

“How was your day my gorgeous babies?,” I said.

“It was great!,” Alexis said.

“Yes great!,” JJ said. I just smile and Julian and I put JJ and Alexis in the backseat in their car seats and then Julian and I get in and we head home. When we get there, we all go in and we go into the <a href="">kitchen</a>. JJ and Alexis sit at the counter and I prepare fresh fruit for a snack for them.

“JJ and Alexis Zaira and I went to the doctor today.....we find out what Zaira is having,” Julian said.

“Oh yay!! Tell us! Tell us!!,” Alexis exclaimed. Julian smiles and walks over to me and wraps his arms around me and kisses my lips and then we look at the kids and smile.

“Well....Zaira is going to have a baby girl!,” Julian exclaimed. JJ and Alexis gasp in excitement and clap their hands!!

“Oh I am going to have a baby sister!! Yay!,” JJ exclaimed.

“I am going to have a cute little girl cousin! I can’t wait! I can’t wait to play with her and do her hair and dress up and her makeup when we get older!!,” Alexis said excitedly. Julian and I just laugh and we both hug JJ and Alexis and then we show them the pictures from the ultrasound. They both just look in awe. They can’t believe a baby is growing in my belly!! They then both rub my stomach and talk cutely to the growing baby. I just look at my family and smile. I am so blessed and I can’t wait until we welcome our new addition. I sit down at the stool and I go through the mail. I put all of our bills aside and then my phone rings. I look and I see a number I don’t recognize. I decide to answer it anyway.

“Hello?,” I said.

“Hi Zaira it’s Xavier,” a male voice said.

“Oh um....hi Xavier,” I said while looking at Julian. Julian looks at me and raises his eyebrows.

“I just wanted to confirm that you were not interested in doing the commercial in Atlanta correct?,” Xavier said.

“Yes Xavier that is correct. I sent you an email saying I wasn’t interested,” I said.

“I know I just wanted to be sure.....are you trying to get rid of me or something?,” Xavier said while laughing a bit.

“Xavier I just want to protect my marriage that’s all,” I said while going into the living room. Julian follows and folds his arms while looking at me.

“Xavier I have to go,” I said.

“Do you let Julian control everything you do? Is he with you now?,” Xavier said.

“Xavier don’t. Now you are crossing the line. What do you want from me? We are supposed to be professional and that’s it. You know I am married why can’t you respect that?”

“Oh I can respect a lot of things, but that husband of yours is not one of them.” I am so confused right now.

“You barely know Julian how dare you talk about him like that,” I said. Julian just looks at me and I look at him.

“I know Julian quite well actually. Ask him about Mario then let him know that Mario is now dead and it’s his entire fault for snitching,” Xavier said rudely. He hangs up and I just look at Julian as I drop my phone.

“Julian......why was Xavier talking to me about Mario?,” I said while standing up. Julian just looks at me and he swallows hard and his face flushes. I just look at him in shock.

“Julian! What are you hiding from me? Do you know Xavier? Did you know him before you met me?,” I asked. He just looks down and takes a deep breath and I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me.

“Oh my god....Julian! What is going on? Tell me!,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

“You know Mario is the nigga that stole money from Antonio but set my brother up. Mario is the reason my brother was Mario’s cousin,” Julian confessed. I just look in shock; this cannot be happening.

“...Wh-what? could? How could you do this? How could you not tell me this?! I have been shooting commercials with him and he had my phone number he has been around our kids! could you? How could you?,” I yelled.

“Zaira baby please calm down....I should have told you I know but Xavier is part of a family that runs drugs on the other side of town, outside of Antonio’s territory. That day when you first met Xavier in Orlando....he didn’t know you and I didn’t know me. When I found out though that he was related to Mario, I flipped. I went to confront him but him and his family has the upper hand. They threatened to kill me if I told you who Xavier was,” Julian said. I just look at him in shock. This is unbelievable.

“So now what Julian? Mario is dead!,” I yelled.

“What?!,” Julian said in shock.

“He’s dead! Now Xavier and his family could come after us! We have two kids and one on the way! How could you keep this from me?? How could you let me do anything with a man that has issues with you? How could you put my life in danger like that??”

“Zaira it wasn’t like that I swear!”

“How long have you known??”

“Only two months Zaira.”

“Only two months? That’s two months too long for you to not say anything! If I were to go to Atlanta to do a commercial with him, you would just let me??”

“Of course not!! I knew I had to tell you, but....I didn’t want to do anything to hurt me or you.”

“Julian.....I’m so hurt right now. kept a secret from me? You always said you would be honest, you promised broke that promise Julian.....I don’t think I can ever forgive you for this.” Julian tries to move closer to me, but I just back away and I look at him with tears running down my cheeks. He looks at me with a look of hurt in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Zaira. I’m really sorry.....I thought I was protecting all of us by not saying anything,” Julian said. I just shake my head and I run upstairs to my bedroom and I close and lock the door behind me. I cannot believe this is happening right now. I let out a scream of frustration as I pace the room. I then feel myself becoming more angry than sad. I am pissed at Julian, but someone wants to threaten my husband and take his life?! I don’t think so. All my life it seems that people have just taken my happiness from me. I have been hurt and lost people that I love way too many times. I cannot let this happen this time. I only have one choice; and that’s to fight for my happiness.

lol well that brought things right back to normal..RuN IT

run it!!!! love this story

Yes child, nothing like some makeup sex to do the trick lol. Zaira knew she wasnt gone resist Julians sex lol. And man did he put it on her, Im glad he let hes cool with her doing the commercial and Im even more glad he's going with her. True love concors all. RUN IT!!1


run it

Hey ladies thank for all your support!! Just want to let you know that this story will be coming to an end soon ;( not sure how many adds but soon.


It’s been a few days and Zaira and I aren’t really talking. I hate how things are between us. We are both stubborn though, so it’s hard for us to talk without fighting again and also we can’t understand how the other feels. I just want Zaira to understand what I am feeling. She needs to understand that Xavier does not just want to be her friend; he wants to be more. He doesn’t respect me because if he did he wouldn’t ask Zaira out repeatedly or call her at inappropriate hours. Well it’s Saturday afternoon and I am just relaxing at my mom’s house. I was downstairs with the kids and they fell asleep, but I decide to check on Zaira. I go upstairs to our bedroom and I see Zaira lying across the bed watching television. She looks at me and then quickly looks away.

“Baby do you need anything?,” I asked.

“No,” Zaira said quickly. I just sigh and I look at her.

“....Are we going to be mad at each other forever?”

“You tell me Julian,” Zaira said while looking at me.

“....Everything is always my fault huh?,” I said while laughing a bit.

“I’m glad you think this is funny Julian. You have serious trust issues and that’s not funny,” Zaira said while sitting up.

“I don’t have trust issues Zaira. You are just too nice and you don’t see when men are flirting with you! How do you think it makes me feel to see another man flirting with my wife? Huh?,” I half-yelled.

“Don’t yell at me,” Zaira said softly. She puts her head down and I see tears stream down her face. Damn!! I hate it when my wife cries ugh!

“Zaira stop. Stop crying,” I said. I go to wipe her face and she backs away from me.

“Zaira this is so stupid. Our argument is so petty it really is.....why do you care so much that I deleted Xavier’s number from your phone? Why do you care so much about him? You like him or something?” Zaira just glares at me. I know I shouldn’t have said that.

“You are unbelievable Julian.....just get out I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” Zaira said while lying back down in the bed.

“I’m sorry Zaira I didn’t mean what I said,” I said.

“Julian leave me alone. You are stressing me out and making me so you think either of those is good while I am pregnant? Huh?,” Zaira said as more tears ran down her cheeks. I just look at her in shock; I had no idea it was this bad. I don’t want to do anything to risk her or the baby’s health. I stand up from the bed and I close the door and I look at Zaira and she just rolls her eyes. I take off my shirt and Zaira just looks at me strangely. I then take off my boxers so I am completely naked. Zaira just shakes her head at me. I walk over to the bed and I get under the covers with Zaira on my side facing her. Zaira tries to turn away from me but I stop her and I turn her to face me.

“Stop running from me.....I haven’t even used my tongue or anything and you’re already running from me?,” I joked. Zaira purses her lips closed to hide her smile. I smile and I lean in and I kiss her forehead. I pull her closer and I slide my hands inside of her panties and I gently rub her clit and folds. She is already wet for me ;)

“Julian no I don’t want to do this,” Zaira said while squirming a bit.

“Oh yeah you don’t? Your pussy says different. She’s wet for me,” I said softly. She turns her head away from me, but I grab it gently to face me and I look in her eyes.

“Say you forgive me,” I said.

“No I don’t,” Zaira said sternly.

“That’s what I thought. I know I have some work to do.” I try to take off Zaira’s shorts and panties but she closes her legs to stop me.

“Stop fighting me Zaira. I know you want this,” I said. She just looks at me and opens her legs and I sit up a bit and I strip off her bottoms. I slide a finger inside of her and she jumped a bit and moaned lowly.

“Mmmhmm I know you like that.....damn you’re wet want me inside of you?,” I said. Zaira just shakes her head while looking at me and I smile a bit. I take my finger out of her and then I lick it slowly while looking at her. Zaira just looks at me eagerly. She then narrows her eyes at me and I smile at her.

“What do you think you’re doing? Is this supposed to make me forgive you?,” Zaira asked.

“It should.....I know I can make you forgive me,” I said while looking down at my d***. I take my d*** in my left hand and I stroke it gently. I then take Zaira’s right hand and I make her do it. At first she didn’t want to, but she quickly changed her mind.

“You love this d*** huh?,” I asked. Zaira glares at me and then sticks out her tongue and I lean in and I suck on her tongue. Zaira quickly pulls away from me and hits me playfully.

“Stop being nasty,” Zaira said.

“Why? You like it when I’m nasty,” I said.


“Can I be nasty with you?”

“Maybe....what do you want to do to me?”

“Put this hard d*** in your wet pussy.” Zaira just bites her lip and she releases me from her hand and then sits up. She takes off her shirt and bra and I quickly get on top of her and she laughs. I kiss her lips, down to her neck and I kiss her all over her breasts. I swirl my tongue around her nipples and she rubs the top of my head as she moans lowly. I get in between her legs and I rub my d*** against her clit and she rests her hands on my waist.

“Baby stop teasing me. Put it in,” Zaira moaned.

“You forgive me?,” I asked.

“Not yet,” Zaira said while smirking. Oh no she is trying to play me? I don’t think so.

“Oh so now you want me huh? A few minutes ago you wanted me to leave what changed your mind?,” I asked.

“Your d***. Now shut up and get inside of me,” Zaira said. I just laugh and I slide right inside of Zaira and Zaira closes her eyes turns her head to the side.

“I want to see your eyes Zaira. Look at me,” I said. Zaira turns her head forward and opens her eyes to look at me. I bend her legs back so her feet are up by her ears and she just looks at me as I start pumping in and out of her deeply and fast.

“ know I trust you right?,” I said.

“,” Zaira said through moans.

“Yes who?”

“Yess Julian! Yess!,” Zaira said somewhat loudly.

“Hey don’t get too loud.....and you know I did what I did to protect our marriage right?”


“I didn’t hear an answer,” I said while pumping even faster. Zaira bites her bottom lip hard to contain her screams. I pull out of her and I flip her over so she is flat on her stomach. She needs to scream into the bed or else she is going to wake up the kids. I slide right back inside of her and I wrap my arms around her shoulders and I thrust in and out of her deeply.

“Let me ask you you understand why I did what I did?,” I asked in Zaira’s ear.

“Mmmm’re so deep!!!,” Zaira yelled in the bed. She is playing with me.

“I know baby I know.....but answer my question,” I said.

“Ahhhh you feel so good,” Zaira moaned. I laugh a bit and I take my right hand and I slide it right to Zaira’s clit and I rub it gently.

“N-no Julian don’t!,” Zaira said.

“Ok last time you understand why I did what I did? Huh? Say yes!,” I said sternly.

“! Julian yes!!! I understand!,” Zaira groaned in pleasure.

“Ok I’m sorry because I should have asked you first. Do you forgive me?”

“I....Julian I...,” Zaira said while panting. I think she is about to cum.

“Oh no you cannot cum until you say you forgive me,” I said while slowing down my pace.

“Julian don’t stop! Go faster!,” Zaira yelled.

“Tell me your forgive me,” I said while picking up my pace again.

“Julian I forgive you!!! I forgive you baby! I forgive you!,” Zaira yelled. I just smile and I lean down and I nibble on Zaira’s ear as she reaches her climax. Her body contorts under me as I reach my climax and I release inside of her. I collapse on her back and we are both breathing heavily. Zaira turns her head to me and puckers her lips and I smile and I kiss her lips multiple times.

“You really forgive me baby?,” I asked.

“Yes baby I do....but can’t you understand my point of view too?,” Zaira asked.

“Yes baby I can....and if you want to do the commercial I will be right by your side. I know you are only doing it for our family’s future and I love you for that.” Zaira just smiles at me and I pull out of her and she turns around on her back and we hug each other tightly. We are back to our happy marriage :)

run it

I hate when they get into petty arguments oer irrelevant people like Xavier and Shantel. I know Julian trust Zaira and knows shed never hurt him on purpose, but I can understand where he's coming from when he says he doesnt trust Xavier, his intentions could be more and we all know he likes Zaira. i know she wants the money to secure a future for them, but like Julian said just be cautious. Now they need to put this behind them and have good makeup sex lol. RUN IT!!!

run it!!!



I wake up the next day, Thursday at around 8 am. I sit up in the bed and I yawn and I look next to me and I see Julian sleeping peacefully on his back. I smile and I lean down and I kiss his cheek. I check my phone and I see a new email notification. I go to my email and I see one from Xavier. I open it and I see details about a commercial two months from now. The pay is $5,000; sounds great to me. I read through the details and the commercial shoot is in Atlanta. Wow I wonder if I could take off work? I will have to look into it. I wonder how they would feel using a pregnant woman as the star. I will be a little over four months pregnant and I will be showing a bit. I also see a side note in the email and it reads: “Zaira I called your phone last night, but Julian answered. I realize it was late I just wanted to give you the details immediately. He sounded upset and I apologize.” Julian answered my phone? I don’t mind I just wonder what he said to Xavier. I send Xavier a quick email with a few questions and then I look through my accepted calls and I see a call from last night, but it doesn’t have Xavier’s name as the contact, just the number. I know it is Xavier’s number by the area code though. Did Julian delete Xavier’s number from my phone? I just sigh and shake my head. Julian acts like he doesn’t trust me. I get out of the bed and I go downstairs and I see JJ and Alexis eating cereal. I smile and I go over to them and I kiss both of their cheeks. I make a bagel and fresh fruit and then I sit at the table and I eat with my babies. By 9 am, Julian comes downstairs to the kitchen and smiles when he sees all of us. He kisses JJ and Alexis’ cheeks and then kisses mine.

“Julian can we talk?,” I said.

“Sure what’s on your mind baby?,” Julian asked.

“In private please.”

“Sure let’s go on the patio.” I stand up from the table and Julian grabs my hand and Julian and I walk outside to the patio. I close the patio door and I look at Julian.

“Julian do you trust me?,” I asked.

“What? Of course I do. What kind of question is that?,” Julian questioned.

“If you trust me, why did you delete Xavier’s contact from my phone?”

“Why is that nigga calling you late at night?”

“You would have to ask him that....but that’s not the point. What gives you the right to delete his number from my phone? He is a professional contact.”

“It’s not professional to call a married woman late at night is it?”

“Julian stop. Why did you do it without asking me?”

“Why are you making a big deal out of this? You make it seem like you want the nigga’s number.”

“Oh please.....I never deleted Shantel’s number from your phone. She was your friend and I respected that until she tried to make a move on you. I trusted you and I deserve the same from you.”

“I do trust you Zaira I just don’t trust him!”

“You clearly don’t trust me! You act so possessive around him like he could take me away from you but you know that’s not true.”

“Whatever....I don’t want you doing any commercials that he is involved in.”

“Excuse me? So now you’re going to control me is that what you’re doing? I don’t think so.”

“So you’re going to do this commercial just because I don’t want you to?”

“If I do the commercial it will be because I want to....why are you so threatened by Xavier? Huh?”

“I’m not threatened by that nigga.”

“Clearly you are or else you wouldn’t be acting like this! are my husband and I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you I swear. Why don’t you trust me?,” I said as tears run down my cheeks.

“Damn Zaira don’t cry,” Julian said while sighing. Damn these hormones they make me so emotional for no reason ugh!! Julian tries to wipe my tears but I turn away from him.

“Zaira baby don’t be like that. I’m sorry,” Julian said.

“You’re sorry for what?,” I said while turning to look at him.

“....I’m sorry that you don’t understand why I did what I did.” I just roll my eyes in disbelief.

“That’s your best apology? You are so stubborn sometimes I can’t believe it,” I said. I open the patio door and I walk in and Julian follows behind me.

“Zaira come on this is stupid,” Julian said while sighing.

“Is it? If it is, it’s because of you! You’re the one being stupid! I have never done anything to disrespect you and you are treating me like I have! You’re so stubborn and I hate that about you Julian!,” I screamed in frustration. I just look at everyone as they look at me in shock. I don’t think I have ever lost my cool in front of them like this. I just cover my face with my hands and I run upstairs. I go into the bedroom and I slam the door shut. I lie across the bed and I just sigh. I could care less about Xavier. He may have asked me to go to dinner with him, but I have always declined. Julian makes it seem like I have done something wrong and I just don’t know what. A few minutes later, Julian comes into the room. I look at him and then I roll my eyes and I look away. He closes the door behind him and then sits next to me on the bed.

“Zaira baby I’m sorry. I’m sorry for deleting Xavier’s number. But I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. What do you need his number for? You can email him anything you need to say.....I don’t like how he can just call you whenever he wants to,” Julian said honestly.

“This is more than don’t trust me Julian,” I said while looking at him.

“You know that’s not true,” Julian said defensively.

“It is though.....what do you think Xavier and I talk about? Whenever he calls me it’s always about commercials and that’s it. He never asks me anything else, just how you and our family are doing but that’s it....we can’t keep doing this. We need to trust each other no matter what do you understand?”

“I do trust you ok? I told you I don’t trust him.”

“But you act like you don’t trust me.”

“Well I’m sorry for that.” I just sigh and I look away. I don’t feel like Julian is genuine in what he is saying, he just wants to keep the peace.

“As your wife do you know how it feels to feel like you aren’t trusted?,” I said while looking at Julian.

“I’m sorry to make you feel like that because I do trust you. I would never want to make you feel like I don’t trust because I do. I truly do,” Julian said.

“Prove it then.”


“Let me do the commercial, come with me and be genuinely ok with it.” Julian just laughs a bit and shakes his head.

“You can do the commercial. You are a grown woman and you are going to do whatever you want anyway,” Julian said. He gets up from the bed and leaves the bedroom closing the door behind him. I just sigh and I lie across the bed. If Julian is so against this, then I won’t do the commercial. I just want to do it to secure our future for our family financially. Am I wrong?

he really feel threaten' it

Aww they got to see there little baby for the first time, how cute. Julian just insist it's a girl even got the kids thinking it lol. But that was a sweet moment for the whole family to be apart of. That house is lovely. It's nice they can truly afford it. Julians going above and beyond for his family aww. Xavier trippin he know damn well then to be calling Zaira's phone so late. Thats why Ju checked his ass, I hope Z dont get mad when she finds out he deleted his number. Loved it. RUN IT!!!

run it!!!!


So five days pass and the family is doing great!! I cannot even explain how happy I am to be back with them. I missed them all like crazy. Since I have been back, Zaira and I have been f***ing like rabbits!! We just had to make up for lost times ;) Anyway, it’s Wednesday and today is Zaira’s first ultrasound. To say I am excited would be an understatement. This is the first time where Zaira and I will actually get to see a 2d image of the life we created, our baby girl. Sometimes I still can’t believe that Zaira is pregnant, but I am so happy that she is. I can’t wait to welcome our child into this world. Our appointment is at 10 am and everyone is going. Once we get to the hospital, we all wait patiently and we are called at 10:15. We all go in and Zaira sits on the table and a female doctor comes in.

“Hi Zaira I’m Doctor Wells,” the doctor said.

“Hi nice to meet you....this is my husband Julian, our kids JJ and Alexis and Julian’s mom Karen,” Zaira said.

“It’s nice to meet all of you. Now Zaira I have a few questions for you. Overall how has your first trimester been?,” Doctor W
ells asked.

“It’s been great so far. I haven’t had any nausea or morning sickness. I do get tired quite easily though but that’s it,” Zaira answered.

“Oh you are one of the lucky ones,” Doctor Wells said while smiling.

“Yes you are right,” Zaira said.

“Now this is your fits pregnancy correct?,” Doctor Wells.

“Yes ma’am.”

“ if you have any questions about anything you are free to call the office anytime ok? Now I would like to put you on a prenatal vitamin regimen that I would like you to start immediately. Just one vitamin every day ok?”

“Ok sounds great.”

“Now have you noticed anything unusual with your body? Anything that you don’t think should be happening? Any emotions you want to discuss?”

“No everything has been really good so far. I don’t have any questions.”

“Ok about we take a look at the baby.” Zaira smiles big and looks at me and I smile big. Zaira lies across the table and lifts up her shirt. Doctor Wells sets up the ultrasound equipment, puts the warm gel across Zaira’s lower stomach and then looks at the screen. After a minute, I think I see the baby.

“You see the baby?,” Doctor Wells said while pointing to the screen. Everyone just looks and we all gasp when we see the baby.

“I see her! Wow!,” I exclaimed. Zaira is just smiling big and I grab her left hand and I hold it tightly. I lean in and I kiss her forehead.

“Mommy this is amazing! That’s my little sister!,” JJ said.

“And my little cousin!,” Alexis said.

“Oh look at my little grandbaby,” my mom said. I just smile at all of them as they look at the ultrasound equipment screen.

“Your baby looks just are a little over ten weeks correct?,” Doctor Wells asked.

“Yes that’s correct,” Zaira said.

“Well everything seems to be perfect....would you like pictures?,” Doctor Wells asked.

“Yes please,” I said quickly. Zaira just smiles at me and I pick up her hand and I kiss it multiple times. Once Zaira is cleaned up, I help her sit up. The doctor prints out pictures for us and then we all leave. We eat lunch and now we are all on our way to an open house. Zaira and I set up this appointment earlier this week and we are very excited to look at a house of our own. Once we pull up to the <a href="">house</a> we all just look in shock. It looks even better in person than it did online.

“Baby oh my goodness it’s beautiful.....are you sure we can afford this?,” Zaira asked.

“I’m 100% sure baby. Come on let’s go inside ya’ll,” I said. We all get out of the car and walk up to the door. The realtor gave me a key to use, since she was unable to make the appointment. She is a close friend of my mom’s, so she trusts me with the keys. I unlock the door and we all go in and look around. The kids run around the first floor. Zaira just looks in awe.

“Baby....this is amazing. Wow,” Zaira said.

“Julian this is great. It’s the perfect place to raise your family baby,” my mom said while rubbing my back. I just smile at her and I hug her tightly then I kiss her cheek. We all look around the living room, kitchen, and dining room and even in the backyard. There is tons of space and a nice patio. We all then go upstairs and the kids go into the rooms they like and my mom take a look around too. Zaira and I go into the master bedroom. It’s so spacious and has its own bathroom.

“Gorgeous how do you like it?,” I asked.

“Oh Julian....I love it. I truly do. It’s everything I could want and so much more,” Zaira said. She just looks at me and then hugs me tight. I smile and I wrap my arms around her and I hug her tight.

“Baby thank you so much. Thank you for taking such good care of me and our family. I appreciate you so much,” Zaira said.

“Oh baby you’re welcome and I’m not alone. You have helped just as much as I have. We are in this together Zaira,” I said. Zaira just nods her head and pulls out of the embrace and kisses my lips a few times. I just smile at Zaira and she smiles back. I swear ever since she has been pregnant, she has been glowing nonstop and I absolutely love it. I grab Zaira’s hand and we leave the master bedroom and we find JJ, Alexis and my mom in the room down the hall.

“So what do you all think? I want honest opinions,” I said.

“Daddy I love it! I think it’s great. We have lots of space,” JJ said.

“Yeah Juju it’s perfect. I like the backyard me and JJ can play back there,” Alexis said.

“Baby I think it’s perfect. It would be a great place for you all and for me to come visit,” my mom said.

“I’m glad you all like it.....if everything goes as planned, we can move in the next couple of months,” I said. JJ and Alexis clap their hands in excitement. Zaira just hugs me tightly and so does my mom. Once we take a tour of the entire house, including the basement, we leave and head back to my mom’s house. We eat dinner and then put the kids to sleep. Zaira and I are going to stay with my mom just until the end of this week, and then we will go back to our apartment. Once the kids are sleep, Zaira and I go into our bedroom. We both change into our pajamas and lie down in the bed. Zaira yawns loudly as she cuddles close to me.

“Tired already baby?,” I said.

“Yes I am exhausted,” Zaira said while closing her eyes. I smile and I lean down and I kiss her forehead and I rub her back gently. 15 minutes later, Zaira phone starts vibrating on the nightstand. I pick it up and I see Xavier is calling. What does this nigga want at this hour? I look and I see Zaira sleeping. I push the “accept” button and I put the phone to my ear.

“Hello?,” I said.

“Julian?,” Xavier questioned.

“Yeah it’s me....can I help you?”

“Just wanted to tell Zaira that she has the opportunity for another commercial, in two months.”

“Ok well send the details to her email.....please don’t call Zaira this late. It’s inappropriate.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Listen you need to back off. Zaira and I are happily married and you need to understand and respect that.”

“Of course. I will send the email tonight with the details.” He hangs up and I just sigh. I look at Zaira and then I delete Xavier’s contact from her phone and then I set it on the nightstand. Everything is going so perfectly for Zaira and I and I can’t let anyone get in the way of that.

so glad he is back home!! and why is xavier so pressed about going out when she has declined numerous times..get the hint..RUN IT!

Thanks for the love ladies!! I will add to this probably tomorrow. Also if you are interested, I have a new story called "To Be Loved" on the Elite Creativity website. I would love your feedback! Here is the link to the website: <a href="">click here</a>. You do have to make an account but once you make an account, go to the Stories section and then you will find tons of great stories! Love ya'll <3


Run It!!!!!

The commercial shoot went well. Im proud of zara for doing it, and I'm also glad she didnt take Xavier up on that dinner offer. Yes Julians home, what a pleasant surprise to come home to. Aww Zaira and her hormones crying and ish she really missed her Juju. I hope they find a good house. And it's too cute to see Julian talk to her belly. He's really contentand sure of himself that it's gonna be a girl how cute. i do want it to be a girl tho. They some freaks too, how he gi from talkng cute and sweet to her belly, to whispeing in her ear that he's the f*** the s*** outta her lol, they too much. RUN IT!!!!

run it

im happy they didnt go on that dinner
especially with out julian and she gave a great explanation
julian back !
run it

Sorry I forgot the outfits!!

Zaira has on <a href="">this</a>

Xavier has on <a href="">this</a>