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~Roses N Blood~

<a href="">I</a> finished getting <a href="">dressed</a> for school then got downstairs to find my dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen. "'Morning dad" I said hopping atop of the kitchen stool, he smiled at me before placing a kiss on my forehead; "'Morning to you too" he said back. "Breakfast looks good today daddy" I complimented, he made me a plate of eggs,pancakes and sausages all made from scratch and a tall glass of OJ. "Well you know yo daddy puts it down in the kitchen" he said making this corny gangster gesture; "Oh no dad, don't ever do that outside the house lol" I said eating my food. "You know graduation's right around the corner, I can't believe it actually. Next thing I know my baby's gonna be off to college while I sit here rotting away lol" my dad said. "Aww but you know that I'll try to come visit you everynow and then when I get the chance." I said finishing up my food and OJ; "Gotta go dad." I said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing my bookbag.

A couple minutes later I was joined by my partners in crime <a href="">Diamond</a> and <a href="">Talisa</a>; "Besties!" I shouted as we dapped one another, "Dang Lola, you right on time" Diamond said. "SOOO glad that the semester's almost over, I felt like I was about to go crazy!" Talisa said; "You say that almost everyday and I've yet to see you go crazy lol" Diamond said. "Tsk whatever, so what did yo fine ass daddy cook for you today?" Talisa said; "D!" I said in shock. "What? Let's be honest yo daddy is fine as fck" "Uh huh and I'mma tell London you said that lol" Diamond said. "Oh please my boo know he got my heart, I just want her daddy on the side lol" Talisa said. "Girl you a mess lol." I said. We walked a couple blocks up more until we reached McKinley High, the yard was filled with kids meaning that the doors hadn't opened yet. "Uh oh, trouble at 2 o'clock" Talisa said with wide eyes, I turned in her direction and swallowed hard at what she was looking at, standing at the statue was Chris along with Talisa's boyfriend; when his eyes fell on me he threw me the most sexiest <a href="">smile</a> ever. Right away I could tell that today was gonna be bad, but as long as he doesn't talk to me I'll be fine. "Oh crap he's coming this way" Talisa said. Damn!

Run iT! <3