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who else heard about this cassidy and meek mill beef smfhh
i heard cassidy diss track he killed him mill is dead lmaoo

and then the pics of meek on twitter LLMFAOOOOO! they got him with the f***ed up braids yo smhh its done theres nothing meek can say back with out owning up to everything cassidy said about him tsk tsk tsk
but i wanna kno wat anybody else think


he called him the f*** out though
he did his research lol
i want to hear what meek has to say
just to laugh at his goof ass

THANK YOU lik niggahs really want him to answer back but they dont know if he do he gonna kill his own carrer kus he has no choice but to answer eveything cassidy said and he knt lie bout bein w him before hw got famous kus there a pic of them both together and meek head look a damn mess lml


and even if meek come back with something
he would have to answer to everything
cassidy said lol that would make meek look dumb
so the battle is over

wats getting mad niggahs talkin bout meek better

0_0 smhh niggahs is stupid only d*** riding kus meek hot right now if he was from way back in the days lik cass then niggahs wud b lik cassidy won no niggahs just wanna d*** ride

i always f***ed with cassidy as a freestyle person
like that problem vs hustler was my s***..
so i knew he would kill meek