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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****



Run It....

ana ana smh seriously u just bitter
run it!

Aww Lauren ha baby fever. I don't blame her I kinda do too, everyone around me is preggo lord... But Im glad Maurice agreed to try after there married. And Ana's a old jealous heffa, she just mad cause Maurice moved on with Lauren an is happy while she's miserable. RUN IT!!1

Ana just jealous and bitter..she messed it up with Maurice and now she cant take it that he has moved on with someone else..RUN IT

Run It!!!

run it!!


Run it

lol!!!! RUN IT!

i hate Lauren she need to stop praying to the hate gods and get some d*** in her life and maybe then she wont be worried about her ex and his life.
run it


"you have baby fever, don't you" keyanna asked snapping lauren out of her daze.
"what?" lauren asked with a chuckle.
"ever since we got to this mall you've been staring at every woman with a baby bump" keyanna told her.
"it's just that theres alot of them, it's like a whole new baby boom" lauren spoke looking around.
"girl i'm your best friend, you're gonna tell me the truth or not?" keyanna asked.

"i don't have baby fever, i just feel deep down somewhere inside.." she went on.
"girl just spit it our" keyanna said.
"i think it would be nice to have someone call me mommy" lauren spoke.
"have you spoke to maurice?" keyanna asked.
"no" she spoke."ever since the miscarriage he's been EXTRA careful" she added.
"you think he'll say no?" keyanna asked.
"i'm not sure" she answered.

"LAUREN!" she heard mimi's voice and looked over to see mimi running up.
"hey baby girl, what are you doing here?" lauren asked pulling mimi onto her lap.
"i'm with mommy" mimi spoke as lauren looked up to see ana walking up.

"hello lauren" ana said.
"hey" lauren said as she picked a peace of lint out of mimi's hair and smiled at her.
"how have you been?" ana asked.
"perfect" lauren said holding her hand in a way where ana would see her ring.
"oh my!" ana said looking at the ring."maurice?" she asked.

"duhh" keyanna said as ana looked over at her.
"i'm sorry who are you?" ana asked.
"keyanna, laurens best friend" keyanna spoke.
"oh" ana asked turning her attention back to lauren as lauren looked at keyanna give her a 'leave it alone' look.

"it's really pretty, congratulations" she said with a smile.
"thank you" lauren responded.
"okay, come on michelle it's time to go" ana said holding out her hand.
"bye lauren, love you" mimi said.
"love you too" lauren said kissing mimi on her check and letting her go with her mother.

"you know she mad right?" keyanna asked.
"mad about what?" lauren asked.
"her ex husband is marrying someone else, that has to sting a little" keyanna pointed out.
"i guess but she had her chance and she blew it" lauren spoke.
"true" keyanna agreed.


Maurice arrived in his office after losing his big court case and sat down slamming his suitcase on his desk. He began to relax but that was soon interrupted when he heard his assistants voice come threw the intercom.

"Mr Brown sir, Ms Ana Wilson is here to see you" she spoke as maurice sighed and pressed the talk button.
"send her in" he spoke.

A few seconds later ana walked in alone slamming the door behind her.

"wheres my daughter?" maurice asked.
"at my house with my mom, don't worry about her" ana spoke.
"so why are you here?" he asked her.
"you're really gonna marry this girl?" she asked as he looked up at her confused as to why it mattered to her.
"what i do is no longer any of your business" he told her.

"are you trying to replace me?" she asked."you're trying to find a new mom for mimi?" she added.
"no ana listen, you will always be mimi's mother nobody can take that away from you" he spoke as she smiled."but we are not together anymore, i fell in love with someone else and i'm going to marry her, end of story" he spoke sternly.

"i'm just saying to watch your back, she might be trying to trap you, thats how these young girls get by now and days" she spoke leaving out his office and slamming the door once again.

Maurice shook his head and prepared himself to leave his office and get home early. When he got home a few minutes later lauren was cooking diner in the kitchen and dancing to music. He walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist scaring her.

"i didn't hear you come in" she said turning to face him.
"thats because you're to busy jamming in here" he said pecking her lips and letting her go.
"how was your day?" she asked turning her attention back to the stove.
"rough, i lost the case and than ana come barging into my office asking me why i'm marrying you" he told her.

"what happened to the apology she gave us?" lauren asked.
"nothing but bulls*** i guess" maurice spoke."never mind her though, what are you making?" he asked.
"i got baked mac and cheese in the oven and i'm making chicken right now" she told him.
"good ol Soul Food from the south" maurice smiled.
"had to take it back for my baby, how they do it down in Virgina" she said with a smile as she turned around and winked at him.

"you spoil me" he said with a smile.
"you spoiled me" she said waving her ring in the air and laughing.

Once the food was ready she made maurice's plate first and sat it in front of him then made her's and sat across from him.

"mmm babe this is good" he said stuffing his mouth.
"relax, it's not going anywhere" she said laughing.
"i'm starving" he spoke."but seriously this is good" he said.
"thank you" she said with a smile.

It was silent as they continued to eat. Lauren looked up at maurice trying to find the right moment to say whats on her mind, and trying to find the right words to say.

"something on your mind?" he asked looking at her and seeing she was in deep thought.
"i've been thinking about something" she spoke.
"about what?" he asked taking another bite of his chicken.
"uh well about having....a baby" she spoke looking at him as he looked at her.
"you want to have a baby?" he asked.

"i mean not if you don't want" she spoke."it was just a thought" she added as he stood silent and she tried to search his face for what he might have been thinking.
"lets make a deal" he finally spoke.
"uh okay" she responded.
"if you can wait until after we're officially married then we can try" he spoke."deal?" he asked.
"deal" she said with a smile as she leaned across the table and pecked his lips.

"now lets get married tomorrow!" she added.
"what?" he asked.
"i'm just kidding" she laughed.
"real funny" he joked.

Run it

Damn they having morning sex and s***?!?! It aint even the honey moon yet!!! Wiiiiillllldddddd :))) Lol but I hope Lauren really do play match maker for keyanna though. My dawg getting lonely and s***!!! I feel another baby on the wayyyyyy. Lauren having baby fever, but they need to actually talk it over this time so there's no mistakes. And Anna ass better not try to get in the middle of s*** neither or I might have to beat her ass!!! Run it!!! :)))

LOL Lauren almost making Maurice late by using her sex too keep him there. But hey least he caved in and gave her some lol. Aww Im sure seeing that pregnant couple bought some sad feelings to for Lauren, but hopefully she and Maurice will try for another baby soon. RUN IT!!!


i love this story and those two relationship . run it please :)




Awwwww..I feel bad for her



The next morning maurice's alarm clock rang waking lauren and maurice up 8am in the morning. Lauren popped her head up from mauric's chest. She looked at her ring finger to see last night wasn't just a really good dream it was reality.

"i really don't want to leave this bed right now" maurice said with sleep in his voice.
"don't" she responded.
"i have to, i gotta be in court in 2 hours" he said.
"no, i'm holding you prison" she said getting on top of him and holding his wrist over his head.
"if i'm late the judge will be very upset with me" he spoke to her but hoping lauren would stay right where she was.

"so" lauren said leaning down and kissing his lips and leaving a trail of kisses down his chest.
"you're gonna make me late" he said biting his bottom lip.
"you can move if you want" she going down to his tip and putting him in her mouth making him gasp.
"damn" he moaned as he looked down at her before closing his eyes and enjoying it.

Their morning session went from a quickie to a hour as maurice put lauren on her back and positioned himself in between her legs.

"it's really not fair this effect you have on" he said as he entered her making her arch her back and moan loudly.

When they were both done maurice only had a hour left to get ready and get out on the road. He washed and got dressed quickly as lauren made him some coffee to go and have him a muffin.

"bye baby, love you" maurice pecking lauren on the lips.
"love you too" lauren said as maurice walked out.

Lauren spent her day cleaning and washing clothes, towels and bed sheets. Once she was done came he part of the day she loved, where she could sit back, relax, and do whatever she wanted. She decided to get dressed and head out to the mall. She hopped into the other car and pulled off out the drive way.

"hello" lauren picked up her phone as it rang and put it on speaker.
"what are you doing? lets hang" keyanna said on the other line.
"i'm on my way to the mall, i can come through and scoop you up" lauren told her.
"sounds like a plan" keyanna agreed.
"wheres steph?" lauren asked.
"probably with lance, those to are inseparable" keyanna asked."you need to play match macker with ne" she added.

"i got you don't worry" lauren laughed.
"call me when you're outside i gotta finish getting ready" she spoke.
"alright" lauren said as she hung up the phone and continued to drive.

She stopped at a red light and looked out her window to see a <a href="">couple</a> posing for a picture. What really caught her eye was the womans baby bump and lauren began to replace them with maurice and herself. She was deep in her thoughts until the car behind her honked their horn.

she snapped out of her daze and continued to drive forward heading towards keyanna's house.

(i know its short but its like 1am and i gotta be up at 6am more tomarrow!!)


I'm sooooo happy they git it right now!!! And since they been back together they f***ing has been ON POINT!!! Lol. Anna need her ass beat!!! How she gone have the nerves to tell maurice she want him back and disrespect his girl in his house, at they daughter birthday party AND while Lauren was right there!!! Smdh, hoes these days boyyyy. I'm glad Lauren did give her tht quick one peice s*** I would've done more!!! She kept asking for it though, and then expected Maurice to do something bout it!!! Sike b****!!! I'm happy they both came to the conclusion that marriage is good for them. I know they both love each other and mistakes have already been made and repercussions have already been paid so they definitly gone hold each other down. Tht proposal was soooooooo cute!!! Had me tearing up :'( RUN IT!!!

run it

Maurices proposal was so sweet, They make a wonderful couple. He cooked breakfast for his boo aww. I love these two. Im glad Lauren said yes. Love the add RUN IT!!!!

Run It!!!

Run it

Yay!!! She Said Yes...
Run It...


run it!!!

that was so cuuuuute!!