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Forever and Always *Chapter one*

Forever and Always


<a href="">::Robyn::</a>

I sat there staring into the bathtub if water I was sitting in. It would soon be the last place I would be in this life time. Everything I wanted in life was gone. My family, my fiancé; Everything. And to think that it was all for him. I led a lie that I called life. Only to be hurt in the end. "God please forgive me" I said aloud to myself as I took a handful of pills and stuffed them into my mouth, along with some of the bath water. As soon as I swallowed I heard my front door crash open. I just sat back and let the pills take me. "Ro. Robyn" His voice rung through the walls. Followed by some banging on the door. Soon I blacked out.

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Lol, I wonder if she got ole dude's number. Obviously she's drunk. Why waist your time telling her off when she won't even remember tomorrow. I mean really. Lol, Robyn I feel your pain.

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Chapter One Sneak peak
*Several Months Earlier*

<a href=">::Robyn::</a>

I sat at the bar. Drinking my life away, today by far has been one of my worst. My girlfriend and I argued repeatedly today over the stupidest s*** ever. I'm 22 years old, why the hell am I stressing over one b****. My thoughts was interrupted by a man coming to sit next to me. "Hello beautiful" He said upon sitting on the stool. I have him a small smile and replied.

Tonight was a pretty normal night for me. Argue with Alana go to the club get drunk and head home. But for some reason I felt as if someone was looking for me. Like someone was watching out for me. As I walked to my car I realized it was midnight. I know Alana is going to say something about me coming in late but I'm so drunk I don't even care. I got in to my range rover and prayed that I got home safe. I drove down the rode thinking of my ex. He meant alot to me, after he left he was the reason I turned Bi. Memories flooded my mind of us in high school.


"Chris are you serious" I asked jumping on him and kissing him all over his face. He just told me he got signed to Jive records. "Yes Ro. Im serious, do you understand what this means! Nobody has to worry about anything anymore" He said hugging me tighter. This was what he dreamed for, for as long as I knew him. "Did you tell mama J" I asked letting go of him. He knows as well as me that mama will not approve.


Suddenly I heard horns blaring behind me. I had been sitting at this light for lord knows how long and I'm pretty sure slot of these drivers was mad at me. I shook my head quickly and preceded to drive back home. I pulled up to my house and took in a deep breath I was trying my best to prepare myself for what might happen when I walk through the door.

I walked into the house and to my shock Alana was asleep on the couch. She looked pretty as ever, I mean I would have kissed her but she probably would have slapped the s*** out of me. I stepped on to the living room floor and it squeaked causing her to stir in her sleep. "Babe" She said wiping her eyes slightly. I let out the breath I was holding and replied. "Hey <a href="">Boo</a> " I said pulling her feet from the couch and taking there spot, placing them in my lap. "Where were you tonight" She asked placing her pointed nail in between her teeth. I inhaled. "At Onyx" Was all I said she rolled her eyes after snatching her feet from my lap. Here we go with this s***.


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Robyn crazy as hell, somebody needs to get her! Bre you already know what I think you should do.
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