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Learning to Love

<a href= >I</a> was getting ready in my room waiting for my friends to show up. We were going to the club to party. It was birthday and I just turned 21 so what better way than to party and drink.... legally. As I was putting my fitting black dress on I heard my door open.
"Taijah!!!" I heard Amy yell
"Up here" I yelled back
<a href=>Amy</a> came in dressed to impress.
"Well damn, if I knew you were gonna pull the little black dress look then I would've done it up" she said
"Shut the hell up girl you look fine."
"Oh I know..." she said sitting on my bed on her phone.
"Oh my gosh guess who is making an appearance at Rocky's tonight while we are there..."
"Who Amy?"
"Chris Brizzle, A$AP, Tyga.. every the f*** body."
"Ok and..." I said trying to play like I wasn't excited
"And.. it's your birthday so tonight I will make it my mission to get us in the VIP section."
"And how exactly are you gonna do that?" I said turning around after finishing with my makeup.
"Well I always heard A$AP had a little vanilla fetish in him.. so"
"Girl... most niggas have a little vanilla fetish in them" I said cutting her off
"Well damn... just play me. Either way we will be up there girl"
"Yea... sure, you ready?" I asked
"No.. I was waiting for you to dive in... yes b**** I'm ready.. let's go." she said getting up.
"Girl let me walk in front...your ass makes me wish mine was bigger so I'd rather not look at it" I said hurrying out the door with her behind me laughing

As soon as we got to the club we saw it was packed. I guess everybody read the same thing Amy read because Rocky's usually is never this packed. I was about to go to the back of the line when Amy gripped my arm up and pulled me to the front where this big burly man was standing.
"Ladies" he said in a husky voice as he opened the rope.
I followed Amy in surprised that that just happened,
"Umm.. what the hell..." I said looking at Amy
"What? Don't give me that look, you know I know everybody."
"Yea.. either that or you f***ed them..." I mumbled
"I heard that slut..." she said making her way to the bar
"Just kidding..." I said following her
After getting our drinks I was dancing with Amy grinding her big ass on me. We get wild when we party.. so this is a usual thing. We switched it up with me twerking on her. Haha.. we play too much.
"Girl... I will be right back..." Amy said
"Wait.. where are you going?"
"Don't worry about it... here," she said looking around and pulling a guy away from some girl who was dancing on him "Dance with him k? I will be back" she said leaving me with him. I will be honest he wasn't bad looking but I didn't know his ass
"Whatsup... so we gonna dance or not?" he said pushing up on me..
Oh hell no... " Umm haha, I fake laughed" I will be right back" I am not drunk enough for that s*** I thought as I went to look for Amy. Where the f*** is this trick at?
Just then a big burly guy came behind me and picked me
"What the f***... put me down.." I said hitting him
"What the f*** is wrong with you"
About 2 minutes later he put me down and I was so mad I didn't realize he led me to the V.I.P. section. I looked aroung confused as to why I was up here until I saw Amy and A$AP chatting on a couch. I walked up to her
"You sneaky b****..."
Amy looked at me laughing.. "You were scared weren't you?"
A$AP started laughing next to her, "Don't worry Ron won't hurt a fly, unless he has to." he said
"Oh s***... I'm sorry Mr. Rocky Sir.. I totally didn't mean to disrespect you.
<a href=> He</a> looked at me like I was crazy, then looked at Amy and started busting out laughing.
"Yo calm down.. call me Rocky" he said holding out his hand. "You are too funny" he said still chuckling and shaking his head.
"Uhhh thanks.. sorry I was just getting over the fact that my best friend had me get hauled over the shoulder by the Hulk in order to get me up here. I mean normal friends just come get you." I said staring at her
"And that's why Im your BEST friend b****. Anyways enjoy yourself. Get to talkin with Tyga, and Chris. They are pretty cool." she said nodding her head to the left where <a href=>they</a> stood.
I stood there staring a little starstruck.
"OMG I see this is gonna be a problem.. come on." Amy said standing up and taking my arm leading me towards them with A$AP behind us, most likely looking at Big Booty Judy over here. We stopped in front of them and they looked up. A$AP dapped them, "Wassup yaw, this is Amy and I'm sorry I didn't get your name?" he said looking at me.
"Just call me Taj"
"And Taj.. they came to chill with us, it's Taj's birthday so show her a good time." he said grabbing Amy back from me and leading her somewhere.
I turned back to see them staring at me.
"Umm hey..." I whispered
"Why you actin so shy... god damn girl" Tyga said
I laughed..." I m sorry I just gotta get used to you or maybe get a little alcohol in my system and you will see the true me." I said to him
"I heard that... bring some more bottles" Tyga said
Chris was still staring at me and honestly I didn't mind... I mean who would?
The bottles came and Chris broke out of his trance.
"So how old you turn today?" he said looking me in my eyes
"21... I'm legal baby.." I said taking a bottle and chugging straight from it.
"Woah... slow your roll.. you gonna be faded before the night even ends"Tyga said taking the bottle back
"Thanks but I have been drinking for awhile.. I can hold it" I said taking the bottle back.
"I like her" Chris said lowly... making it seem like he had a double meaning.
"I will be right back" Tyga said walking over somewhere else.
I laughed and chugged more as Chris stared at me.
"Are you okay?" I said
"What... no.. yea.. I am just lost in thought."
"Okay..." I say turning around and hearing Bring It Back by Travis Porter come on.
"Oh s***... " I said turning back around, "Dance with me" I said grabbing Chris and putting down the bottle..
"Now I didn't know you had a speech problem but I know your ass can dance.. so come on"
I push up on the rail to the V.I. P. section and began twerking on him bringing it back as much as I could.
After awhile I felt his hands being placed on my hips
"God damn" I heard him say under his breathe.
I chuckled slightly and continued putting my torso leveled with my waist bending over even more
All of a sudden I felt a slap on my ass. Oh hell no.I turned around looking at him like he was crazy.
"Why you stop? What happened?" he said looking at me like I was crazy
"Your hand happened..." I said giving him a duh look.
"But you..." he tried to get out
"But I'm not a hoe..."
"I never said you was..." he said
"Umm look only hoes get slapped on they asses at the club"
"And where did you hear that?"
"I don't have to hear it, I know from experience." I said quietly
"Wait wait wait... did you used to be one of those girls?"
"Maybe" I said quickly smirking
"Oh really? Was you one of those hoes who knew how to twerk to every song? Cause to be honest not every song was a twerk song."
"Ummm yes.. every song can be a twerk song, you just gotta find the right hoe..."
"Well how about you? he said
"What? I ain't no hoe"
"No.. no I mean you said you used to... nm"
I started laughing "Im just kidding calm down. Fine I will show you how every song is a twerk song, or you can try and find a girl here who you think can do so"
"I will go with the second option cause I really don't believe you can do it..." he said smiling
"Oh really... okay.. well pick" I said looking out into the crowd
"Okay.. " he said turning around and looking out towards the crowd
"I choose..."



Imma update tomorrow night guys

lol mijo is funny.."is my mohawk really crooked..cuz i thought it looked pretty good" haha hilarious..but dang chris u really had to go thru all of that to see if she was feelin was cute RUN IT!

Run It...

lmfao mijo ! i could hella picture this
run it

Run it!

that was cute

run it run it girlie!!

Mijo though. Lol RunIt!!!

LOL, Run it!!!!!

Run It?

Run it

Chris' P.O.V.

Taj was staring at me so intently. As I was looking at her, her eyebrows were furrowed seeming like she was thinking about something. She bit her lip as she did this which made her look so sexy. So I did what I was thinking, I leaned in to kiss her but I wasn't paying attention and ended up bumping heads with her while she was leaning in to do the exact same thing.

I was stuck rubbing my forehead to realize that she was walking away. s***

Taj's P.O.V.

That was so f***ing awkward. IF he wouldv'e just let me do my thing or vice versa we could have been... ugh. I just had to walk away after that, it was so embaressing. I walked in the living room to find no one... hmm, that's weird. <a href=>They</a> were just here a second ago. I walked into the kitchen to look for them, nope not there.. where the f*** is this b**** I need to tell her what just went down.
I walked outside where the pool was, nope not there. I started up the stairs only to hear what sounded like screams, the good kind, coming from the bedroom. Okayyy then. Guess I will just have to be stuck in this awkward ass situation with Chris I thought as I walked back down the stairs.
I walked in the living room to see Chris there, staring at the TV but not really watching it. I came in and sat down on the couch and he turned to face me.

Chris' P.O.V.

f*** was all I could think of as I walked into the living room thinking about the situation. I mean she was leaning in too so that has to mean something. It's just how do you confront a person after that awkward ass situation. I felt a shift on the couch and I looked at her to see her looking at me. Our eyes connected and I think we thought the same thing cause we both started busting out laughing.
After a while a stopped laughing but her ass was still over there acting goofy. Her laugh was amazing, I know I sound like a pussy but I don't care. These past few weeks we've grown closer and I am honestly not about to keep sitting here acting like I wanna be just friends. I took her face in my hands and she stopped laughing as I leaned into to kiss her.

Taj's P.O.V.

He leaned in to kiss me and I did the same until our lips connected. Success!!! I moved my hands to the back of his head running my fingers through his curls as he deepened the kiss. He kept leaning forward so I started to lay back onto the couch. He got on top of me lightly and we kept making out. His fingers running through my hair and mines through his. He started to kiss my neck sucking on it lightly.

Chris' P.O.V.

I broke the kiss and started sucking on her neck leaving hickeys everywhere I sucked. Her moans filled my ear as she lept her hands in my hair. I felt her hands make there way down my chest, abs and then to my belt buckle. Oh no... hell no. I got up quickly and I immedietly saw her face grow confused.
"We ain't together ma and I don't wanna rush you" I lied to her. She took the answer and pulled me back on to her as she started kissing me again.
The real reason I don't wanna go there with her is because I feel like she ain't ready honestly. I feel like she doing this because just because... there is no reason behind it.

Taj's P.O.V.

I don't know why Chris didn't want to take it there but I was really horny so even if he wasn't going to go that far I wasn't going to stop kissing those sexy lips. i do appriciate him stopping me though, I honestly don't think I am ready anyways.
As the kiss became hotter his hands wound up in <a href=>my</a> shirt inching there was up towards the goods. His hand started caressing my left breast until I heard someone clear there throat behind us. We both jumped apart just to turn around and to see this <a href=>nigga</a> Mijo standing there eating some fries out of a McDonalds bag.

"Mijo man what the f***.." Chris said clearly upset making me giggle a little

"Oh forreal that's what we do Chris, you give niggas keys to ya crib and expect them not to appear at random times." he said without a care stuffing another fry in his mouth

Chris looked at him with a dumb expression. Clearly he was pissed he didn't say anything and just sat there still giving Mijo an evil glare

Mijo looked at me and walked forward holding out his hand, "I'm Mijo"
I took his hand and shook it, "I'm Taijah or you can just call me Taj"
"Or I could just call you the flavor of the month" he whispered not expecting me to hear him
"Excuse me?" I said looking at him clearly pissed off
"Hey... I'm just saying how do I know you not one of them money seeking whores who just likes Chris for his fame..."
I stood up and got in his face, "Because these past months have made me realize how much I like him. He is goofy and artistic which makes you think he is always playing but at the same time he has his moments where he dead serious and doesn't play aroung at all and he has a heart despite what the media says.I was hoping he felt the same way but I guess not seeing as he didn't stick up to your crooked mohawk having ass, keep wearing snapbacks nigga cause if you take that s*** off its a wrap. You cute but you ain't that f***ing cute..." I said still fuming in his face.

It was dead silent til Chris started dying laughing along with Mijo. It was only after a moment that I realized these <a href=>niggas</a> set me the f*** up.
I was at a loss for words. b**** really let me get disrespected just so he could find out if I liked him or not...
Chris stopped laughing and looked up at me seriously standing to his feet, "I like you too... alot" he said with that signature smirk
"Nigga f*** outta here.." I said slapping his hand away only to have him pull me back
"Come on girl, I just didn't want to get into something with you until I knew you were feeling the same too..."
"You should have done that before we started making out.."
"Clearly... but this nigga was taking too f***in long, his fat ass just had to stop at McDonalds" he said pointing to Mijo who snapped out of his trance.
"Is this a day I don't know about..." he said looking at us both.
"What...?" me and chris said clearly confused
"The day where yaw continue to grind me up after I just helped yaw out.."
"I'm sorry Mijo, I thought you were tryna play me.." I said giving him a pout face
He smiled and pulled me into a side hug , "It's cool" he said letting me go and looking at Chris "Nigga whats your excuse?" he said
"I ain't sorry if that's what you mean.." Chris said digging in the McDonalds bags that Mijo had set on the table before
I went over and slapped the back of his head
"s*** ma..what was that for.." he said turning to face, wincing
I motioned my head over to Mijo who was standing there faking sadness
"Man I'm sorry bruh" Chris said dapping him up
"You cool..." Mijo said smiling and walking to the table as we all sat down eating the food he so kindly brought for us.
I was staring at Chris as he ate and giggled, making him look up and wink at me.
It's like we were having a conversation with our eyes. We both confessed our feelings and it seemed as if we were seeing each other for the first time. I smiled and he did so back.
But of course Mijo had to ruin the moment, "Is my hawk really crooked though.. I mean cause I thought it looked pretty good..."


Lovin your story!!!

uuuugggggghhh, why you have to hit us with the cliffhanger though!!! "/ :)

*randomly wondering where Blake abusive head A$$ at!!??

anyways, lol run it run it girlie!

She should lean it but hesitate and Chris just grab her face and they passionalty kiss
And she most def gotta find out bout Blake
Haha that what u get for showing up unannounced and unwelcomed
Run it

Awww s*** run it


Run It?

she betta kiss him! shooot i most definitely would..with no regrets!lol RUN IT

She Better Kiss That Sexy Man Lol...
Run It....

Kiss him but find out about Blake, pleaseeeeee!

Girl how you gon leave us hanging like that lol
Run It

Run it!


Not as long as I promised but it is still something. I am still so busy. Hopefully if I get enough feedback it will give me the extra push I need to post quicker...

A$AP's P.O.V.

I know what my baby is doing is wrong, but I understand where she is coming from. That's her brother regardless of other s***. I love this chick so imma stick with her no matter what. I just hope Chris don't find out I know about Blake, he would whoop my ass. Especially since I had that whole meltdown the first time. I just can't let Amy go though, I feel really strong towards her.

Amy's P.O.V.

I really do love Rocky but if he let's it spill that Blake hasn't been arrested yet, I will kill him. You gotta understand that's my brother regardless of how f***ed up he is, family has got to stick together. Even though my baby had a meltdown earlier about this whole situation... let's just say I got him under my spell.

Chris' P.O.V.

It's been a couple weeks and me and Taj have been growing closer everyday. She has been cheering me on the side of the stage which helps me with my confidence. Whenever I feel like I'm about to mess up I look next to me and her smile pulls me back together. I know that's corny as f*** but whatever, it does. I have yet to tell her I'm feeling her though. I'm thinking bout asking her out though.

After my show Taj, me, Amy, and Rocks decided to just chill at the crib. I was tired after that show and I ain't feel like partying. We were just chilling watching a movie, as I was about to put my arm around <a href=>her</a> shoulder my phone rang. She looked at me with my arm raised and I scratched the back of my head and smiled at her. I looked down at my phone and of all people it had to be Rih to c**k- block me. Was this crazy hoe spying on me? I picked it up and went into the kitchen as I did. Deciding on making some popcorn I heard Rih say "Hello" louder. I rolled my eyes,
"Whassup?" I said annoyed
"Who answers the phone and doesn't say anything?" she said with an attitude
"You called me Rih" I said watching the microwave intently
"Well I wanted to know if I could come chill..."
"Nope" I cut her off real quick
"Excuse me?" she said slightly pissed
"I mean, I have company over so it would be weird, you don't know anybody over here so yea... Anyways talk to you later aiight?" I said quickly hanging up the phone.
Just then I heard the doorbell ring, who the f***?

Taj's P.O.V.

The doorbell rang as the movie was getting to the good part. Irritated I got up and swung open the door. Only to find the <a href=>she devil</a> herself.
I looked her up and down... What the f*** was she wearing. b**** not Janet Jackson last time I checked. And since when did this b**** go blonde.... ugh.
"Excuse you!" she said in her heavy accent with an attitude
I looked up at her keeping my composure, "Yes?" I smiled fakely
"Is Chris 'ere?" she said cutting her eyes at me
"Well as a matter of fact this is his house right?" I said walking outside to look at the number on the door
"That is his car right?" I said grabbing the keys from the side table and pressing the lock button on his car so it could beep and light up.
"This is his do..." I was about to continue before she cut me off
"Lisen b****.. I don know who ya think you are, buh can you please get Chris now.. before I slap your..."
"Who is it?" I heard Chris say from behind me cutting her off. He came strolling next to me in just pants.
I looked at her and she had a shocked expression on her face.
I didn't even planned this but I'm loving the way it was turning out.

Chris' P.O.V.

I figured somebody else would get the door so as I was waiting for the popcorn to finish I took the juice out of the fridge and opened the cap, chugging it from the bottle. But of course, s*** like this never goes right and it spilled down my chill and on my shirt. Mama always told me not to do that s***, oh well...
I stripped off my shirt and decided to see who was at the door, but first I took the popcorn out of the microwave.
I walked over towards Taj whose back was to me, "Who is it?" I said approaching the door
"The f***?!!" I said out of shock. What the f*** was Rih doing at my house. Was she already outside when she called
Taj chuckled next to me,
"What are you doing here Rih?" I questioned
She looked beyond pissed as she looked me up and down and then Taj.
"Fuk you Chris..." she said walking off
What... I'm confused as f***.
Taj slammed the door after she left and chuckled.
"You do realize she thought we were doing something more than chilling she said pointing to my chest.
I looked down and remembered I didn't have a shirt on.. now it all makes sense.
"Where are Amy and A$AP?" she questioned still seemingly distracted by my chest.
I smirked "Prolli in the living room still, either sleep or makin out"
I saw her eyes travel from my chest to my abs, back up to my chest , my lips and then my eyes.

Taj's P.O.V.

Seeing him standing there with no <a href=>shirt</a> on made me want to jump him. I was so tempted but I couldn't.. what if he is still in love with Rih, I know if I make a move and kiss him, my feelings will increase even more than they have since these past weeks. Getting to know him and just being around him helped me forget all about Blake and the whole incident. If I go there with him I know I can't take it back. Why am I acting like I am about to have sex, it's kissing for god sakes....
I looked up into his eyes and decided what to do...

What do you think? Should she kiss him? I know I would... would you? Feedback.. I will be posting again very soon.
Btw sorry for making you guys wait so long, I was very busy...
Anyways comments, good or bad?

lol I'm like chris wtf is wrong with her falling. I'm glad she leaving to go on tour wit him shiid Blake woulda probably killed her smh
Run It

Amy cold blooded for not telling her but at least tajh forgave her..blake deserves to be in prison..he is a grown man he needs to be held accountable for his actions RUN IT

Update coming in a couple hours.

I think she was right In forgiving Chris cuz he ain't know her long
As for Amy well they bffs but she still looking out for her brother she stuck btwn the two. But honestly if that was my brother I would of send him to a program to get him better
Chris cute when he saw Amy face lol
Run it

Smh amy jus aint gn learn i c girl f*** yo bro if he grown enuf to hit a woman he grown enuff to be n jail cus the next girl mit nt make it n u gn look dumb as hell u a a dumb ass girl smh run it