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hey chris brown how are you my name is kisha and i have a daughter that is 14 years old and she been a chris brown fan for a long time she had your back thought everything she will cry everytime someone talk about you she started crying when me and her daddy told her that we are not going to bring her to the concert oct 4 because of the money that we don't have we was going to bring her but it is the money that we don't have now chri is there anything that u could do for her she lives in cookeville tn and she goes to cookeville high school her name is Ta'yona Nance like i said Chris i just wish that i could bring her to see you but there is know way i could not please can u tell me what i can do i just don't want her to be mad at me because i love my daughter so much i would do anything for my daughter is there anyway you could get back with me please Thank you so much Chris Brown

Come to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!