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Diary of an Athlete's Woman


Kayla's Pov
It has been a month since I spoke to Shad. Ray's and I relationship was going pretty well, I got to know him on a deeper level and I enjoyed that. I couldn't believe for once that I could admit that I was happy.
"Hey babe" I said as Ray came in from work.

"...hey" he mumbled. Ray just grabbed a beer from the refrigerator; I forgot to mention that I moved in with him. Sami told me that Shad would pop up at random times looking for me, so it was best that I moved in with Ray.

"Rough day?" I asked.

"Can we talk?" Ray asked.

"Sure" I said as I came closer to him.

"Have you been cheating on me?" he asked.

"No, Why?" I asked.

"Well funny story...Shad came to the resturarnt with his know a few laughs and memories then he starts talking about you....Like I don't what is it with I'm but I feel that you're giving him a reason to think about you" he said.

"I haven't spoke to him since the park incident.....You know I would never hurt you" I said.

"I know but I'm just telling you...he's a little obsessed with you" Ray said. I mean I knew Shad could be controlling and demanding but I had no clue he was obsessive.

Shad's Pov
I wanted to be with Kayla so bad right now. I knew she would come visit me again if I lied to her. I grabbed the house phone and dialed her number. I wanted to taste her again and I wanted her in my life again. Roxanne was in Mexico with her girls and I had the place to myself.

"Hello?" I said.

"Who's this?" she asked.

"What you mean who's this? You forgot about me?" I asked.

"What Shad..." she said.

"You left some of your things..." I said.

"Well throw it away.." she said.

"I can't throw away your sewing machine" I said.

"Ugh...I'll be there in a hour" she said.

I sat back in the couch and thought about her. I grabbed some candles and wine, I knew she would be fighting me off so I poured some relaxers in it. I placed the wine down and grabbed some chocolate covered strawberries from the refrigerator. I finally heard the doorbell ring and I rush towards it.

"You know you still have a key" I said.

"Whatever Shad....where is my stuff?" she asked.

"You can't greet me...ugh you're so f***ing rude" I said.

"What the f*** do you want me to say?!" she yelled.

"Okay..just have some food with him....that's nothing harmless" I said.

"Fine...Shad" she said. I grabbed her hand and led her into the kitchen..there she started laughing.."I can't" she said while laughing. She went straight to the wine and started drinking from it.."You have more?" she asked. I laughed and grabbed a bottle..Kayla snatched it from my hands and started drinking straight from the bottle....

"NO WAI....." I was cut off with her kissing me..she grabbed me closer to her and I continued feeling her inner thighs..."You want me?" I asked.

"Yes..Ray" she said. I jumped off of her and grabbed her hand. The relaxer already made her drunk and I couldn't believe that she called me another nigga's name.

"Do you know who I am" I asked.

"Yes you're Shad but kissing reminds me of Ray" she smiled. I frowned and she started feeling dizzy...I knew my plan was too much so I decided to just lay her down in my bed.

Like the add bt i dnt like her n ray together run it

Ray's Pov contd.
"No" she said. I was confused and started getting a little pissed, "I'm not your little possession or sexual object, I am a f***ing woman and you need to treat me like one". she continued. I understood where she was coming and I didn't mean to offend her, I grabbed her hand and I continued kissing her hand. "So are we together?" I asked. She started playing with her hair and smiled at me.

"I guess" she said.

"Oh okay" I said after a while, I grabbed her and jumped ontop of her with excitement

"STOP!! GET OFF OF ME" she said while laughing.

"No, I want you" I said. I started ticking her and she continued moving around as I started laughing at her, "You know where this....." I was cut off by some coughing, I turned around to see Roxanne an old girlfriend of mines.

"Hey Ramon" she said. I rolled my eyes and I continued talking to Kayla suddenly Shad came behind her.

"What's u......." Shad didn't saying as he saw Kayla laying on the picnic blanket holding my hand.

"Shad this is the other planner...Kayla" Roxanne said.

"Really?" Kayla said.

"What Kayla?" Shad asked.

"Can't you just leave me alone? Why are you here?" she asked.

"Can we talk?" Shad asked.

"Why do you need to talk to the planner Shad?" Roxanne asked. Shad didn't answer her question but he just looked at her and grabbed Kayla. "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" she yelled. I rolled my eyes because Roxanne acted like a spoiled b****.

"LOOK ROXANNE! CAN I TALK TO MY f***ING EXGIRLFRIEND! s*** I JUST WANT TO SEE IF EVERYTHING IS OKAY! I f***ING GOT WITH YOU AFTER SHE LEFT ME! NOW QUIT ACTING STUPID AND JUST GO TO THE CAR!" he yelled. Roxanne rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth, she grabbed the keys and went off to the car.

Shad's Pov
I grabbed Kayla and took her to the restroom. I wanted to kiss her but I knew she would had a fit, I gave her a hug but she pushed me away. I became angry and frustrated so I decided to led her into on of the stalls. I started touching her hair and arms, I admired the fact that she dress classy instead of trashy like Roxanne, she reminded me of a black Coco. I couldn't handle the temptation that Kayla provided me. I grabbed her hands and started looking into her eyes.

"I love you" I said.

"No you don't" she said.

"Are you guys really together?" I asked referring to her and Ray.

"Yes, Shad like you guys are getting married" she said.

"I can explain" I said.

"Then do it" she said, Kayla crossed her arms.

"I do love her but I love you more, it's just you're in another man's arms" I said.

"Bulls***...Shad you got with her after I cheated on me numerous times and you're mad because I left" she said. "I'm not one of your little trophy girlfriends, I can provide myself the same thing you can do...." I cut her off by kissing her. She however started pushing me away, "I can't made the decision to leave..there is no chance of us ever getting back together...maybe we can be friend but not now...just leave me alone" she said. I started getting angry as she denied me, I had enough and walked off I couldn't look at her anymore.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't believe I had enough strength to tell Shad no. I really thought about Ray this whole time and I started enjoying the fact that I finally moved on. I started receiving numerous texts in my phone from Shad.
"So you're really leaving me for him?" he asked. I didn't look at the message and I continued walking towards Ray. Ray started laughing and I kissed him, "You let him off easy?" he asked. I shook my head and I started kissing him some more.

Run it

Kayla's Pov
I rolled over to turn my alarm off, I started sinking into depression again. I had no one to come home too, I just got up and sighed as I continued walking. It has been a month since I seen Roxanne and Shad, I know seeing him would be a bad idea but I just want to know why? Sami was off with Roxanne looking at wedding venues with Shad also. I rolled my eyes as Sami text me that they displayed too much PDA. The thought of them together made my stomach turned, I grabbed some eggs and toast and started making myself some breakfast. I went into the cabinet to find a glass for my apple juice. As I was about to sit down, I heard my phone ringing and I rushed over to it.

"Where are you" said Ray.

"Why do you want to know?" I replied back. A few minutes later he sent me a picture of <a href="">this</a>. I smiled a little but I didn't want him to know that I was excited.

"Give me the address, Be ready in an hour" he said. I didn't reply back but I received another message. "I know you are reading this, GET READY!" he said. I laughed because Ray could read me in a heartbeat. I dragged myself into the shower as I was getting ready for my picnic date with Ray. I had no idea what to do with my hair so I decided to curl it while I wore a strapless powder pink sundress that came to my knees. I grabbed my gold sandals and started applying some makeup while waiting for my curling iron to heat up. While apply my lipgloss, I hear Ray knocking at the door, I look at the clock to see it was an hour and fifteen minutes after he called, I open the door to see him.

"Are you done?" he asked.

"Almost, I just need to curl this last piece" I said.

"Whatever, I'll be in the car" he said.

"Oh okay" I said. I went back into the bathroom to get another glance at myself, I pulled the curls out so it would be wavy and sprayed some perfume. As I stepped out of the house, Ray was standing there holding a bouquet of roses.

"Aww you're so sweet" I said

"I been thinking about you" he replied. Ray held my hand as he led me into his car, while driving me into the local park, Ray grabbed my face gently and started kissing on me. "These soft ass lips" he said. I smiled and kissed his cheek, Ray kissed my hand before driving to the park. I felt a strange feeling while at the park, he looked over at me and saw the confused look on my face. "You okay?" he asked. I shook my head and started breathing in and out, "what's wrong?" he asked. I shook my head nothing because I had nothing to say, I felt something bad was bound to happen but I didn't know what would happen. Ray found a parking space near a familiar looking car, "Isn't that Sami's car?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders because I forgot what kind of car she recently bought. Ray held my hand to led me to this huge tree with both sunlight and shade. "You like it?" he asked.

"Yes" I replied.

"Good because you're going to remember today" he said while smiling.

Ray's Pov
I had to do it, I knew I had to make her mines, I had recently bought a ring with her name on it. I wanted to make her my wife, everything made sense when she was around. I loved everything about her, her voice, eyes, lips and personality. "What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm just a little tired" she said while laying down on the grass.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing I Just feel weird" she said.

"Did you have your period?" I asked.

"What?" she said while jumping up.

"I mean we are having sex, both unprotected and protected, I just want to be sure that you are okay" I said.

"It doesn't comes on for another month, besides I'm on birth control" she said.

"Not for long" I mumbled while sipping on my wine. She didn't hear me but something caught her attention. She started smiling as a butterfly sat on her knee. "It likes you" I said. She smiled and it flew away as I came closer to her. I glanced into her eyes and kissed her. "Be mines" I said.

"What?" she asked.

"Be mine" I got in front of her and pulled out <a href="">this</a>. "Marry me" I said.

"I can't Ray" she said.

"Why not? Don't you love me?" I asked.

"I do but its a lot going on in my life" she said.

"So? I want it to be our life" I replied. "Fine, just considered me as a boyfriend then" I said.

"But....Ra......I'm hurt" she said.

"Over that nigga, he doesn't care about you. He left you for another girl, get over him you know you want me" I said.

"B.....Ray....I" she tried saying

"No, I anything. You know you dream about me" I continued.

"I do....." I cut her off by sealing the deal with a kiss. "No if, ands, or buts; you belong to me" I said.

Run it

oh dam
she been with her longer than kayla
i kinda feel for Ray.. she just using him
i would feel worse for him if she took up on Rose before giving Ray an actual chance
did she really say she would consider him back if he was divorse and had changed??
she crazy i wouldnt take him back after all that
and dam so are her and chris like best friends as well?
run it

Kayla's Pov contd.
I sighed because I had no where to stay, Sami said I can stay with until I found a new place. I was grateful to have her as a friend. I grabbed the last of my items and place them into my new <a href="">room</a>. I heard Sami screaming my name and I rushed into her living room.

"What happen?" I asked.

"Shad's girlfriend want us to plan the wedding" she said.

"What in the hell is wrong with him?" I asked.

"No, one of her friend's who is an athlete wife recommended us to her" Sami replied.

"I can't Sami" I said.

"She...well he's paying us $15,000 each" Sami said. I was going back to my room but after hearing that price I decided that it was the best for me. I could use that money for a new place and utilities. The planning would take over a year and I felt that was enough time to continue my career and find a new spot. Besides me and Sami were old roommates when we were younger, the rules were the same the bill was spilt 50/50. "Come on that could be enough money to get a new spot, appliances and extra for the boutique you're trying to start" she said. I thought it would be a good idea but I have to deal with one condition.

"Fine only on one condition" I said.

"What?" Sami asked.

"Do not have me near all" I said.

"Okay, I can't believe we are wedding planners" Sami said. I shrugged my shoulders, "Extra money at least: she said.

"Well when is the wedding?" I asked.

"I don't know, they talked about having either a Spring or Summer wedding" Sami replied."They want a destination wedding" she continued. I rolled my eyes because I was getting sick of this wedding stuff but I just need the money. "Does she even know what you look like?" she asked. I shook my head no because she lived in a different state at the time so she had no idea about me and Shad. "This will be a funny ass year" she said.

"Can we at least drink while starting this storyboard?" I asked.

"f***ing alcoholic" she replied. I look back and flipped her off, "Well changing the subject are you and Rose talking?" she asked.

"No we are just cool, I don't even have his number" I answered.

"Why you didn't take it?" she asked.

"I spoke to Shad" I said. Sami place the bottle of wine on the counter and started freaking out.

"What the hell you mean?" she asked.

"Shad was at the club also and while I was talking to Rose he grabbed me and tried getting back together but I told him that he was engaged and I refuse to be the other woman" I responded.

"True...True. Would you ever think about talking to him?" she asked.

"Who Shad or Rose?" I asked.

"Rose? He's pretty cute and he likes you" she replied.

"Child please that man can have any girl he wants and he chooses me. He's probably in his "fancy penthouse" with two or more females doing whatever he wants with them" I said. I flipped my hair because I didn't have time for that. "Ain't nobody got time for that Athlete's girlfriend s***" I said. I started pulling various wedding magazines from her cabinet and grabbed various pieces of fabric to start this storyboard. "I mean I would considered it but I don't want to be in the spotlight as the "Girlfriend of Rose Deron", trust me it isn't worth it. Even though not a lot of people knew about me and Shad, I hated seeing him in gossip sites and these rumors blog that discuss who is the latest accomplishment he f***ed.

"Well if you got to know him better, would you considered it?" she asked.

"I would because maybe he's a sweet guy...hell maybe he's the father of my future kids but who knows, I'm not ready for marriage" I said. Sami shook her head because she understood about everything I said. Her phone started ringing and she answered it.

"Hello?" she said. "Okay" she sound confused. I continued getting the storyboard ready as she gave the client her address. "She's coming" Sami said. As we placed the storyboard together the client rung the doorbell. "No ghetto moment" she said to me. I flipped my hair because wanted to see who he left me for. As Sami opened the door these three <a href="">girls</a> walked into the living room.

"Hello I'm Samantha and this is Kayla" Sami said.

"Hello, the girl in the middle said. I'm Roxanne, that's Amber and this is Cassie" she said. I extended my hand and greeted them.

"Well you must be the lucky lady" I said.

"Yes, me and Shad Johnson have been together for 4 long, stressful years" she said. My eyes became big because she has been with him longer than I have.

"Well what sort of colors do you like?" I asked,

"Well I am in love with the color pink" she said. "However I feel that pink may be a little too girl for grown men" she continued.

"Well, I think that the color coral is a good choice for you since you want a summer destination wedding. Which I believe that if you incorporate Navy into the mix that the males will feel comfortable in the wedding" I said.

"Really? I asked" I continued.

"Yes I have board to show you" I said. I grabbed the <a href=">storyboard</a> that I made.

"Oh I like it. I have to bring Shad to show him" she said.

"Well I'm free on the twentieth and I can schedule a meeting with you two" Sami said.

"I'm sorry but I won't be in town on that date so Sami and I can discuss the details with Sami and she'll dicuss them with you" I said.

Kayla's Pov contd.

"LEAVE ME ALONE SHAD!" I screamed. I tried moving away from him but Shad grabbed me by the hair.

"I remember this dress" he said. Shad licked his lips and tried grabbing my hand towards his private area. "You miss this d***?" he questioned. I tried pushing my hand from but Shad yanked it back to him. The force had me on his lap, he started grinding his crotch against my face. I pulled up and Shad started kissing my neck.

"YOU'RE f***ING ENGAGE" I screamed. Shad tried kissing me again but I pushed him away "I'm not one of your little groupies, I refuse to let you cheat on her. You need to be with your future wife and not me Shad" I said. Shad got on his knees and hugged my waist "But I love you" he mumbled. I tried moving his head but Shad wouldn't let go.

"I'm sorry baby" he said. "It's just she is different than you, she appreciates my lifestyle and understands what I do" he said.

"She puts up with your cheating and etc" I said. "Shad I refused to let another women into our bed because that isn't right. I loved you but you made your bed now you need to lie in it. I will never be your mistress, if you guys get divorce and prove to me that you change your ways then maybe I will considered it but what you did was wrong and I can't forgive for it. Now go find other women who enjoys your lifestyle because I can do the same on my own" I said. I told Shad everything and he got up and walked out.

"You good man?" Rose asked.

"f*** that b****. Enjoy my ex" he said. Rose was confused and put the two together.

"What happen?" he asked.

"Nothing, I refuse to join his orgies" I said.

"That's the engaged athlete?" he asked. I shook my head and I started feeling depressed because I could have had Shad back into my arms but told him no. I felt a little heart broken because I really did love Shad but seeing that made me realize I was better off without him. I sighed and decide to call Ray.

"Hello?" he asnswred,

"Are you busy?" I asked.

"What Kayla?" he asked.

"I just want to spend the night with you" I said.

"Uhhh...sure" he said.

"Okay well I be there in a hour" I said.

"Okay" he said.

I finally get home after calling a cab, I jumped into the shower and grabbed some sweatpants and a t-shirt as I made my way towards Ray's house. I finally reached to his door to see him in some basketball shorts, he kissed me on the forehead and led me towards the bedroom.

"Are you sleepy?" I asked.

"Not really, I was just watching a movie" he said. Ray grabbed me closer to him, "I want to get to know you on a personal level" he said.

"I mean we are already friends" I said.

"No, like I know that but I care about you" he said.

"So, What are you trying to say?" i asked. Ray got on top of me and started kissing my neck, I started enjoying the kiss but Ray kept asking for more. He removed my pants and started rubbing my inner thigh, I moaned inside of his ear and felt myself getting wetter. Ray got up and rolled a condom onto himself, he looked into my eyes and started kissing me. I felt my nails dig into his back as he went inside of me, he laid in there for a few minutes then decided to kiss my neck once again but I heard my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I asked.


"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know but you need to get here quick" he said. I told Ray everything and he drove me back to my house to see what happen. I was in shocked at what I seen <a href="">this</a>. I started shedding a few tears because I felt horrible in the inside. Ray held onto my hand as the wall we spray painted with "whore". I started crying because I felt scared. I didn't know who did this, I called everyone in my phone about what happen and they came over to keep me protective.

Shad's Pov
I couldn't believe I did that. I destroyed her house, I wanted to make her feel worthless without me. Those words she said burned my soul, I wanted to strangle the living s*** out of her but my feelings were in the way. I finally get home to see my beautiful girlfriend waiting on me.

"Baby where were you?" she asked.

"Out duhh" I said.

"I thought you would change" she said.

"Look Roxanne, I told you who my heart belong to, I love you too but not as much as her. You should be glad that I took you off that pole and gave you a house" I said.

"THEN GO BE WITH HER !" she yelled.


"THEN BE WITH ME! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THESE OTHER b****ES AS LONG AS YOU COME HOME TO ME!" she screamed. I rolled my eyes because I had enough of her whining, I pulled her into the bedroom and kissed her while pleasing her with "daddy".

Kayla's Pov
"To be honest, I would but I'm not ready for another relationship" I pleaded to Trey. His friend Rose was waiting for me at the club apparently but I knew I wasn't ready to be in a relationship with anyone no time soon. I adjusted my dress and sighed as we pulled in front of the club. In the corner of my eyes I saw <a href="">him</a> smiling at us. I rolled my eyes because I just wanted to be friends and nothing more. I felt my phone vibrating in my clutch, it was a message from Ray.

"Meet me in the bathroom at 12:45" it read.

"Ok :)" I replied.

I took another glance at the phone and smiled. My legs started to quiver as I thought about him inside of me. I had to fan myself because it was getting hot, While having a flashback about Ray, Rose came to our table with a bouquet of Roses. I smiled at him but I continued looking at my phone, I didn't show Sami the message because she would had a fit over my decision. To be honest I just wanted sex and Ray provided me with that. I glanced at my phone against as it read 12:40, it would have took about five minutes for me to reach the bathroom, I coughed a little and told them I would be back.

"Where you going?" Trey asked.

"Bathroom, I have to clear my mind a little" I said. "Clear my mind alright" I whispered to myself, I tried moving but Rose's long ass legs were in the way. "Excuse Me" I said. He looked down and got up. I started feeling wetter down there as I thought about seeing Ray. I finally approached the bathroom and felt his hands grabbed me into the back alley. I pushed him off and asked where the hell is he taking me.

"Shh, It's a surprised" he said.

"Oh whatever" I rolled my eyes while crossing my arms.

"Just wait, that little attitude of yours will have you screaming my name" he said.

I couldn't say anything else but I wanted to keep making Ray pissed because it would be quicker. He held unto my hand and took me into the back of his car. He pushed me down and started kissing on my neck, I felt his hands go between my legs and pulled my panties down. Ray smiled and stuffed them into his pocket, he got up and said "I think you should go back". I rolled my eyes and he continued to pull my dress up. "Well I could do something for you?" he asked. I laid on my back and continued to enjoy Ray's pleasure. He pulled my legs apart and moved his legs between my legs. He started kissing my lips as I pulled back a little, suddenly he grabbed me closer and started massaging me wit his tongue. I was enjoying his pleasure and I continued enjoying his lips, I suddenly started feeling an eruption between my legs, Suddenly the seat became soak and Ray started licking his lips, I laid down for a minute to collected my thoughts. As soon as I was ready to get up Ray held onto my hand.

"When are you going to be mines?" he asked.

"I'm really not ready to be in a relationship, I just got out of one" I said.

"So you just want sex?" he asked.

"No but I......" I tried explaining but Ray pushed me off of him.


"RAY STOP! I do like you its just I'm ready. Don't you understand that I was in relationship with Shad Johnson, that has cheated and lied to me numerous times. I'm finally happy with my situation and you're getting mad because I WON'T BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND UNLIKE THESE OTHER GIRLS!" I had enough of his bulls*** and decided to go back to Trey and them. I rushed out of the car and continued walking towards the door but Ray grabbed me by the arm.

"Don't leave, I'll promise you a life of love and affection" he said. I sucked my teeth and snatched my arm back. "Leave me alone" I said. I finally made it back into the VIP booth. Trey and Sami were gone so it was just me and Rose.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine" I said.

"Is it about him" he asked.

"Who is him?" I questioned back.

"You know....the football player" he answered.

"Yes, I am extremely dumbfounded at his decision" I said. I rolled my eyes because I saw an article about me on a gossip site.The comments were hilarious, they were with "I hope she takes his money" and all that s***. But for some guys most of them want a woman who is there cheerleader and I never felt that way for Shad. To be honest, I thought football was boring as hell.

"COMING TO THE STAGE SHAD JOHNSON" The Dj said to the crowd. I jump up searching for Trey and Sami, I see Trey mouthing "He had no idea". I understood because celebrites got into the club for free whenever they felt like showing. "I ALSO HEAR ROSE DERON IS IN THE BUILDING!". Rose stood up and waved towards the crowd. I look towards the stage to see Shad clenching his jaw, something had upset him. Rose sat back and started laughing, "This is hilarious" he said.

"Why you say that?" I asked.

"That's Shad Johnson" He said.

"So?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"You know he finds up to 8 females from various clubs, invites his closest homeboys and have orgies in his penthouse." he said.

"How do you know?" I questioned.

"I was invited to one of them. He has this penthouse filled with alcohol and weed, gives the girls as much as they want and let the "inner" freak come out. I just thought it was a usual party but when I seen girls eating each other out I knew what was about to go down" he said.

"So you engaged in these orgies?" I asked.

"Nah, I'm not into the group sex thing. I have had threesomes with groupies but not the whole run a train thing. Shad doesn't either he gets a females into this room, taps whoever next that he wants" Rose said. I couldn't say s*** because I didn't have an STD, I went to the doctors last week but hearing these things gave me the right to never approached Shad again. "Well he's coming over here" Rose said.

"Sup man?" Shad said while speaking to Rose.

"Nothing much, let introduce you to Trey's friend....." he tried saying

"Hey Kayla" Shad said. I didn't say anything, I just waved and sat back into my seat, I crossed my legs and took a sip of champagne. Shad repeated himself and I continued to ignore him. "So you ignoring me now?" he asked. Once again I ignored him one more time.

"I think I should give you guys some time alone" Rose said while feeling the tension between us.

"You f***ing him now?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip of champagne, "You lucky we are in public" he said. I laughed because I knew Shad wasn't going to do anything. "You think you're all bad because your f***ing ROSE!" he yelled. I turned around to see Rose staring at our conversation, "Don't you have some girls to find?" I asked. Shad was confused and my statement.

"The f*** are you talking about?" he asked.

"GO FIND THE GIRLS FOR THE LITTLE ORGIES THAT YOU BE HAVING!" I screamed. Shad grabbed me and pushed me into the private lounge.

Run it

Sami's Pov
I decided to visit Kayla after hearing about Shad's "engagement". The whole circle was shocked at his decision, no one knew about the other girl but hearing that Shad decided to marry someone else must have broke her heart. I walk up to her door and rung the doorbell, after five minutes Kayla open the door.
"Are you okay?" I asked while letting myself in.
"Yeah, I can't say anything. It was his decision" she said. Kayla's eyes were puffed a little as you could tell she had been crying. "It was god's will" she replied.
"Bulls***, You let that man walk over you" I said. I had enough of Kayla mopping around, she knew she let Shad did whatever he wanted. "That other girl probably put her foot down, while you would let Shad back into your life". Kayla look dumbfounded, I had enough of this new and improve Kayla. "Look when it comes to men, you need to let your past with Kirk and Chris go. You choose to let Shad run to another girl and now here you are by yourself". I said, "But, you have something she doesn't have".
"What's that Samantha?" she asked.
"You have a backbone, You don't need him to buy you the latest Hermes bag, YOU CAN SUPPORT YOURSELF" I said, "That's one of the things that Shad didn't understand, You are your own woman" I continued. I wiped Kayla's tears away, "Now go clean yourself up and get dressed. We are going out tonight" I said. It has been a week after the announcement of Shad's engagement and seeing Kayla depressed was horrible but this was apart of Trey's plan. Apparently one of his friend's interested into Kayla. I believe that she needs some time away from him but Trey insists that it is the best for her. This time a basketball player is interested in her, I sighed because these athlete's were getting out of control, luckily NBA wives and NFL wives don't hang out. Yes, they may know each other but there are different bonds, but the NBA was notorious with groupies, unlike the NFL, NBA contracts were guaranteed. For groupies that meant more money ($$$) and I believe that we will see the old Kayla with this new guy, I wanted to know who this guy was but Trey wouldn't say.
"HURRY UP!" I screamed, this child took at least 2 hours getting dressed, s*** her hair was already fixed but choosing an outfit took the longest. I look at the clock which read 11:15 pm, I sighed and decided to start pre gaming while waiting on both Trey and Kayla. Kayla finally came down in this strapless, white dress that hug her curves. "Child your butt is big" I said. Kayla told me to shut up but I continued making jokes about her butt, "s*** maybe Shad couldn't handle that ass" I said. Kayla started laughing, "You know when we first had sex, Shad was scared to hit it from the back" she laughed, "What the hell" I said. We started talking about that some more and Kayla was becoming "normal" again, next thing we see is Trey's limo pulling up in front of her house, "What is this?" she asked, "Oh Trey wants us to go to his club tonight" I said.

Kayla's Pov
I was finally getting over Shad's decision, yes it was part of my fault but he couldn't at least told me his decision. The fact that he tried to propose to me is hilarious, I want to tell that girl that I was his first choice. I flipped my hair because I knew I could care less, "What if I became the stylist for their wedding?" I asked. Sami started laughing, "That would be hilarious" Trey said. After that discussion the limo became silent. "So, Kayla I have this friend who wanted to get to know you for the lone....." I cut Trey off, "Is it Rose?" I asked. Trey's mouth closed, "......No" he said, "Okay yes, How did you know?" he asked. I told him everything and Trey started laughing, "well will you considered it?" he asked.

dam kayla got some bad ones on her side both Chris and Trey??
Rose better take that threat seriously tho
she dont need to hurt anymore
as for Shad im done with him hes right he hurt her so much to have it fixed and plus i kinda agree on him men like him need to be slap around when needed she let him walk all over her...
she will find someone better for her
run it

Shad's Pov
I couldn't take anymore heat that Kayla led to me. I pushed her against the wall, I started shaking her but someone rung the doorbell. I pushed her towards the door and whispered "opened it". I hid inside her closet and heard another male's voice. "I heard about the engagement" he said. Kayla said nothing, I tried listening to their conversation but I could tell that Kayla was about to pass out. "What's wrong with you?" The guy asked. "Nothing, I'm just tired" she said "Can you come back another day?" she asked. The male agreed and I heard the door slammed. I left from the closet and asked her who was that, "Those it matter to you?" she replied. She rolled her eyes and told me to leave, I shrugged my shoulders and walked out of her house. I looked back, knowing that her love was gone. I sighed and went back home to see my <a href=">finance</a> in the kitchen cooking me dinner. "How are you babe?" she asked. I smiled and kissed her on the lips, "Good and you?" I asked. She response that she was fine. I thought about Kayla but seeing Roxanne made me happy also, Kayla needed space and branch off herself, I know there is a great guy for her and I believe that I hurt her so deep that our relationship will never be repaired. Roxanne was my cheerleader, she attended every game and knew what I was going through, Kayla on the other hand let me do my own thing. She honestly didn't care about sports and I guess that what turned me off a little, I wanted a cheerleader to support me on the court and Roxanne provided that for me. Deep down inside Kayla belong to me but Roxanne supported me like a woman should support her man.

Rose's POV
I had to hit my boy Trey up to see her. I know I needed to get to know her, I tried calling him but his phone continued going straight to voice-mail. I figured out that only responsible way was to attended his after party tonight. I decided to wear my designer, custom made suit, I was dressed to impress, I didn't have to wait in line, I went straight into the club. Me and Trey were close friends, we met at the draft party he was hosting, apparently the same girl tried playing the both of us and that's how we became close. I sat in booth and waited for him to come through, after two hours of signing autographs and etc, Trey came into the VIP booth. "I ain't see you in a minute" he said. I shrugged and told him, "Life happens". Trey understood, we caught up with each others lives and continued talking about woman. "I met a friend of yours" I said. Trey rolled his eyes, "Who do you want to talk to?" he asked. I smiled and laughed, "Kayla". Trey face became extremely serious, "She isn't interested" he said. My face went down "Why not?" I asked. "You're a player, she deserves better." he answer. "Look man I want to settle down and I believe that she's the one" I replied. Trey understood and told me, "If you f*** this up, Chris and I will kill you" he said.

umm what the F just happen??
ok so she with ray for the D
obviously he already likes her
that Rose dude... um idk bout u
than the news that her Ex got engaged that quick! the hell? welp i sure hope he has a good ass prenup. she gonna screw him over
as for Chris :) i like how he asked if she was engaged than he got all mad for her as she said it was someone else
dont worry he will regret his decision very soon
run ti

Kayla's Pov
These past two weeks I have rested in Ray's arms. I don't how describe the feeling I have while with him. I know my heart belongs to Shad but my body was in Ray's possession. He knew what to do to make me quiver. I decided to get up and take a shower but Ray suddenly grabbed my hand. I smiled but he got up and got closer, I felt my goosebumps rising as Ray step closer to me. He licked his lips and started kissing down my neck, I had moaned a little as he kissed my lips, I closed my eyes and started breathing faster, "You want me?" he asked. I shook my head because I wanted him to wait, I turned around to get into the shower not before Ray smacked me on the ass. "I like that s*** when it jiggles" he said, I started shaking because this man began to turn me on. I locked the door just to make sure he wouldn't come in. I felt the wetness between my legs dripping down as I started tighten up with every thought of him. "f*** it" I said, I stepped out of the shower to see him gone. I started screaming in agony because he exactly knew what he was doing. I didn't want to call Shad so I decided to go out for a run. I had my hair in a high bun, while wearing leggings and a sports bra. While stretching before my run, I was interrupted by a familiar <a href="">face</a>.

"Excuse me" He said.
"Huh?" I said while turning my head.
"You look familiar?" he continued, I shrugged because I had no idea who he was. "Aren't you Trey's friend?" he asked.
"Yeah, that's one of my closets friends" I replied.
"Yeah, I saw you at his VIP table one day" he continued. To be honest I don't remember the last time Trey hosted a party. "You don't remember" he asked. I shook my head no, "The Bulls vs. Nets after party?" he continued. I was clueless because I don't remember, he started laughing, "You don't watch sports?" he asked.
"Nope" I continued, "You look familiar" I said.
"Well, I do play for the Bulls" he said.
"Oh, you're an athlete" I said.
"Why? Did an athlete give you a bad time?" he asked.
"Yes, I'm sorry and I not trying to sound scorn but you guys are horrible" I said. I finished stretching, "Well, it was nice meeting you" I said while starting my jog.

Rose's Pov
I couldn't believe she had no clue who I was. I can't believe I got denied and I am a pro-athlethe. I was laughed a little because it felt different but hearing those words kinda stung a little. I started stretching and decided to catch up with her. I started jogging because I wanted to make it seem harmless and less-stalkerish. I slow my paced down as she stopped to answer a phone call.

Kayla's Pov
I received a text from Sami that read Shad's engagement. I lost my breath as soon as I read the headlines, My face turned red from embarrassment, I couldn't believe he found someone else that quick. "WHAT THE f*** YOU MEAN HE'S ENGAGE!!" I screamed. Sami tried calming me down because she knew of the s*** that I went through. I wiped a few tears away because Shad broke my heart, "f*** THAT I DON'T NEED TO TALK TO HIM!" I screamed. Sami was on the other line telling me to breath in and out. I had to take a seat at the bench, I started fanning my face because this was some complete bulls***. I started reading the article some more and it said she was a stripper from Las Vegas who had Shad felled in love. I see Chris calling me on the other line, I knew it was about Shad so I decided to answer it.
"Hello?" I said
"Are you getting married?" he asked.
"No, it's to another girl" I replied.
"THE f***! WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS NIGGA IN LOVE AND s***" Chris screamed.
"Chris I have no idea, apparently it was love at first sight" I replied.
"He must had to many tackles because it obvious she only there for the money" he said.
"I don't know, who knows, maybe it was god plan" I said.
"Yeah, his plan for you to find someone better" Chris replied. "Are you going to talk to him?" he asked.
"I guess, just to clear the air" I answered. I decided to hang up and called Shad but that guy earlier tripped.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm good" he said.
"Did you do this just to get my attention?" I asked. He said nothing but smiled, "Did it work?" he asked. I laughed and thought it was cute.
"Maybe, What's your name?" I asked.
"Rose and yours?" he asked.
"Kayla" I replied. I mean it didn't hurt giving this guy the time of day because Shad could really cared less about what I did. "Well since your fine, I have to leave" I said. He grabbed on to my hand, "Can I keep in contact with you?" he asked. I smiled and decided to be different, "You can get it from Trey" I said. He smiled and got up and finished his jog. I decided to catch the bus back home before all hell broke loose. As I walked towards my house, I see Shad standing in front of my door. He look ashamed at his decision but I walked past him.
"Leave me alone" I said. Shad started following me into the living room. He sat down like everything was all good, "GET OUT OF MY PLACE!" I screamed. Shad came closer and I pushed him away, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" while smacking him.
"You f***ing piece of s***, You lied to me saying you're in love and all this bulls*** and come to find out when I denied your f***ing ass you decided to get engaged??? Why are you hear? Shouldn't you be planning your wedding, I swear to god I was the best woman you'll ever have. You really think she in love with you, SHE WANTS YOUR MONEY! I...."
"I was with her while seeing you" he continued. My heart jumped out and I broke down, Shad tried consoling me but I pushed him away, LEAVE ME ALONE! GET THE f*** OUT OF MY PLACE SHAD! LOSE MY NUMBER DON'T YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE TRIED TO CALL ME AGAIN! YOU'RE SO f***ING LUCKY I'M GOING TO TRY TO KILL YOU! I SWEAR ON MY GRANDFATHER'S GRAVE I WAS THE BEST YOU EVER HAD! YOU TREATED ME LIKE s*** AND I PUT UP WITH IT!" I screamed. I started pushing Shad out of my house. "GET OUT!" I yelled while hitting him in the chest.

Lol o he thought he was bout to gt him sum lol run it

Lol she teased him. He got played. She better not let shad know abt ray cuz he will try to kil him. I loved those adds tho. Run it.

im so confused is she gonna let shad hit it??
run it

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't keep my mind off of what happen last night. Ray made me feel like a woman and I loved that. Yes, sex with Shad was mind-blowing but Ray kept my attention, he wanted to please me and make me say his name, and did I mention that his d*** was huge, I felt sore after the sex. Ray laid in the bed, softly snoring which crept a smile against my face. I laid back down and turned over only having Ray pull me closer to him. He moved my hair to side and kiss the back of my neck, I felt a chilled over my body and I pulled the blanket over my bed but that made Ray only hold me tighter. "Why do you always compare us?" he asked. I was confused at his question so I decided to turn towards him, "What do you mean?" I asked. He scratched his head and got up and stared into my eyes, "When you were kissing me, you thinking if he kisses better than me. When we made love you were thinking who gave you the best d***. When we cuddle you begin to wonder if he ever held you tighter". he continued. I had nothing because I did, Shad did all of those things but Ray felt new. I wasn't throwing Shad away, I was just giving him a break from me. Shad was a handsome football player who attracted gorgeous women, whether they were loose or not, but at least I have the resources to handle my own, single or not, I still held my ground. Ray decided to hold my hands before giving me kiss on the lips. I had to leave because I needed to take a shower and gather my thoughts but Ray grabbed my hand, "Please don't leave" he said. I look down because I didn't want to give him the wrong impression, "I have to go back to the studio, I need to look over some things" I lied. Ray read my face and let my hand go, he pulled the covers over his after telling me to "Not forget anything". I rolled my eyes and got into the shower, when I was done I decided to go back to my house.

Shad's Pov
I couldn't focus on anything no longer, Kayla left me for good and it was my fault. I went into the pantry to see the bottle of Tequila that Kayla received from her studio. I started taking shots after shots, unlike Kayla, I couldn't handle the taste of tequila...I was a brown man but after the bottle, I became drunk. I started screaming her name and all sorts of things. I wanted to make Kim feel my pain that cause Kayla to leave. I drove to her house, banging on her door. She came down in a robe and I pushed her down. "YOU MADE HER LEAVE ME!" I yelled. Kim started laughing but it made my blood boil, I slammed her against the wall but she threaten to call the police, I got up and told her to delete my number, she did and I drove off to see Kayla. I pull up to her apartment and started banging on her door. After two minutes, no one came to the door. I decided to lay there and wait until she came but the alcohol was coming back up, so I vomit near her doorstep, I started screaming her name as I continued to bang on the door. "KAYLA! ARE YOU HERE" I yelled. I stood there banging on her door, ringing the doorbell for about 40 minutes, finally she forcefully open the door and rolled her eyes, I wiped my mouth and kissed her on the lips. "Shad go home" she said. I stumbled into her place and felled onto the couch. "I'm drunk" I said. She rolled her eyes and went back into her bedroom. I laid there for about twenty minutes and got into the kitchen, "WHERE THE FOOD" I yelled. She didn't answer but I heard her on the phone, "WHO ARE YOU ON THE PHONE WITH" I yelled. She didn't respond, so I stumble into her bedroom, I was in amazement as she laid on the bed with my jersey on. She wasn't paying anything attention, as she was looking towards the ceiling, with her feet up. I sat on the chair, smiling at her. "Girl, I thought about being a stripper in college" she said. As she said that she started gyrating her hips in the air, her eyes were clothes and legs wide open as she had no panties on. I became at full attention and removed my sweatpants quietly. I knew she was wet because it was glistening as I gotten closer to her. I started rubbing myself before I gently coming inside of her. She started moaning my name and pulled me closer. "I got to go" she said before hanging up. I smiled because I missed her but something was different in her eyes. She pushed me off and told me to sober up, "I want this either way" I said.

Awww s*** run it

Shad's Pov
I sighed as I jumped out of the bed, Kayla was off to work but she made breakfast before leaving. The morning wood stood at full attention as I hopped into the shower. I knew I needed some but Kayla has been very busy, she stayed at work all night picking out fabrics and designs so when she came home she went straight to bed. I couldn't resist it but I knew I needed to call <a href="">her</a>. I laid in the bed and waited for Kim to come please me, I continued thinking about my decision but my body was telling me the right thing, However my heart was telling me otherwise. I tried leaving her but Kim came at the right and wrong time.

Kayla's Pov
I was finally enjoying life, I loved going to work; seeing new clothes made my day and coming home to a handsome man made everything perfect. Chris was doing fine, he was getting ready to be a father for twins. Everyone's life was going great and I loved that. I wanted to give my boyfriend pleasure and I knew he needed it. I basically made him wait because I wanted to remember the pleasure I gave him, and I knew he needed it. I turned around to see Ray with a bouquet of roses. "Congrats on the cover" he said. His magazine cover hit stores and from the test shoots it look great. "Well, I should be giving you flowers, you're the star this month" I replied. He smiled and bit his lips a little, he pulled his hair backing, showing his hazel eyes and responded, "You'll always be the star...In my eyes". I smiled and laughed a little, I couldn't believe this man was flirting with me but nothing was wrong with that. I was done with work but Shad still had his PR meeting, so I decided to have lunch with Ray. He took me to this seafood restaurant on the beach, it was pretty warm and the breeze felt nice. Ray held my chair out and stared into my eyes, I had my hands on the table, now Ray decided to hold onto my hands, I pulled them back but he held them tighter, "You look beautiful in the sunlight" he said. I pulled my hands back in order to pull my hair back. I smiled in response but kept thinking about Shad. "Do you love him?" he asked. I was confused at his question, he said it similar to Shad, as if he knew we were having issues, "I do but right now...." I tried finished but Ray jumped up to kissed me. I pushed him away because I knew I loved Shad. "I didn'.....KAYLA WAIT" he yelled, I power walked towards my car and drove off. I was shocked at his bravery but he knew Shad and I were together, that's all I talk about. Yes, me and Shad's sex life felled off recently but that doesn't mean anything. I was horny too but Shad was just in his little "star" moments. I didn't know what to think but I wanted to come home to Shad. I pulled up to Shad's house to see a unfamiliar car. I assumed it was his teammate, so I continued walking into the house. I dropped my things and poured myself a glass of wine, however I heard moaning coming from the bedroom. It was probably Shad watching porn, relieving himself but when I opened the door, it was some girl giving him head. Shad freaked out when he laid eyes on me, the girl however got up and left, she mumbled something slick but I brushed it off, I was successful with or without Shad. He tried hugging me but I smacked him, I knew he needed a taste of his own medicine, I turned around and drove back into my car, but Shad blocked my car, I honked my horn at him multiple times but he wouldn't bulge. I had enough and jumped out of the car, I started punching Shad in the chest and he let it happen, I wanted him to feel my pain and I wanted to feel appreciated, I had enough. I decided to give Shad some space and leave. "Where are you going?" he asked. I adjusted my makeup in the front view mirror before driving, "Call me when you are ready for me" I said. I sped off and finally gave Shad space. I knew I was still in the moment so I decided to pay Ray a visit. I asked for his address and he texted it to me, I turned my GPS on and removed my lace panties because I needed Ray. I pulled into his garage as he stood their shirtless waiting for me. "What's...." I cut him off with a kiss and pulled him into the house. He pushed me against the door and started kissing me neck, he tried moving his hand between my legs but I pushed them away. He pulled me into the living and laid on the couch, I got ontop of his and started kissing him some more, he started whispering in my ear about how long he wanted me, "I want you both intimately and emotionally.....I see you came ready" he said. I smiled at him and started kissing him some more.

Run it please

Kayla's Pov
I don't remember a word that Kirk said, To be honest I don't remember anything that happen. All I thought about was running, I ran as fast as I could away from him. The rain beat against my face and body as I heard Kirk screaming my name, I jumped out of the car, after he laid a hand on me. I couldn't take it anymore, I knew I had to run. I ran straight to the woods, hearing every step that he made, I ran faster, finally he gave up and returned to the car. Now here I am in the woods scared, not knowing where I am at. However I saw a neighborhood and ran to the nearest one.

Ray's Pov
I thought about her a lot, I didn't know where she had gone but I had to accept it. Me and Tracy were no longer together, I can say I have a temper problem but I can't help it. The medicine gave me mood swings, I thought she knew and I would keep my distance away from her during those events. If it wasn't meant to be, it's not meant to be. I tried laying down on the couch but I heard banging on my backdoor. I thought it was one of my neighbors but it was Kayla, soaking wet and covered in mud. She was bleeding and crying so of course I had to let her in. "What happen?" I asked. She couldn't say a word, she kept stuttering, all I remember was hearing Kirk. I gave her a towel and showed her to the bathroom, I didn't know what happen but it was something horrible, I don't know how someone could hurt something like her.

Shad's Pov
I haven't spoken to Kayla in the past two weeks, of course I missed her but she was busy doing her on thing. I didn't want to move on without her, I wanted to be with her forever but I made various mistakes in the past few weeks. I became caught up with other women and etc, because I needed to relieve some stress. I left my house a mess without her, I couldn't focus without her and it showed, I did nothing but sleep, eat junk and work out. I needed her back into my life one way or another. I tried calling her house but no answer, her cell phone was dead and I had no idea where she was at. I knew I needed to go to sleep but I felt sick in my stomach, I knew something was wrong and I had to see Kayla right away. I decided to get dressed and drive around the city looking for her. I went to her favorite stores, restaurants, gym and work. I wanted to hold her and kiss her but not seeing her ruins my day. Everyday I wish and pray for her to come back and place her things back where they belong. As I pulled up into her apartment, a unfamiliar number called, "Hello?" I asked. I heard sniffling and knew it was Kayla, I slammed my brakes and started yelling. "WHERE ARE YOU!" I yelled. She gave me the address and I rushed over there, Finally I reached over there and I started banging on the door. Then this random guy answers the door, he was the same height as me but I knew I was stronger, I pushed him against the wall and ask where Kayla was. "STOP!" she said, I turned my head to lay my eyes on her, she had on an oversized shirt and look scared. He tried to tell me what happen but I grabbed her and led her into the car, I walked back to him and told him "IF I EVER CATCH YOU WITH HER...I WILL f***ING KILL YOU" I yelled, I slammed the door and continued my way with my future wife.
"WHO WAS HE!" I yelled.
"I don't want to talk about it" she said.
"What, Are you f***ing him?" he asked
"Yes, Shad...I am" she said sarcastically.
"Whatever, I been f***ing other b****es anyway" I blurted out. Kayla turned to me and continued driving, I didn't care about her reaction, we were on a break and it was the truth. Seeing Kayla continued my happiness and I could less about what she said. As we pulled up, I tried helping her but she pushed me away, I sucked my teeth and grabbed her but she pushed me away, We got into the bedroom and I continued following her.

WTH is wrong with kirk!

Omg wat the hell run it

Awwww come on lola i need more than that run it please

Kayla's Pov
It has been a few weeks since I started socializing again and to be honest it felt great. Business was booming with the styling gig and I had another coming for this local magazine cover, it was for a up and coming chef and restaurant owner. I felt as if I met him before but I couldn't put a face with his name. I decided to wear <a href="">this</a> for my upcoming gig, I was enjoying the fact that it was money in my own pocket and not from Shad. As I headed out the door, I felt my phone vibrating in my purse, I grabbed my phone to see <a href="">this picture</a>, seeing Shad kissing another girl made my blood boil and it was a recent event so Shad couldn't lie. I wipe my tears away and grabbed my bag while slamming my door, I had enough of his bulls***, I was going to stop and have breakfast with my client but he had canceled so I had enough time asking Shad these questions. I pulled up in front of "OUR" house to see another woman getting into a taxi, he looked gave her the deuces put look shocked as he saw me pulling up. The taxi pulled out of the driveway and I ran into the house, I grabbed a vase and threw it at his head, luckily he ducked and questioned my actions; "WHAT THE f*** IS WRONG WITH YOU" he yelled. I placed my bag on the kitchen counter and continue walking towards him; "WHO THE f*** IS SHE?!" I yelled, He knew I was talking about the picture and sat on the edge of the bed, "I can explain" he said. I had enough of his s***, so I decided to walk out of the door. Shad's fast ass caught up with me and stopped in front of the door, I tried pushing him out of the way but he wouldn't move. "Can I leave?" I asked, Shad looked down at me and stared into my eyes, "CAN I GO!" I yelled. Shad seem to not understand what I was saying, I crossed my arms and stomped my feet, "I HAVE TO GO TO WORK" I yelled. Shad didn't understand so I had enough and decided to smack the sense out of him. Shad gave me a bear hug and continue to kiss my neck as I beg for him to leave me alone, tears continue to fall from my eyes as he wouldn't let me go. Finally Shad decided to let me go and I walk past him without saying a word.

Shad's Pov
She didn't know that the picture was a joke, I knew the host had a crush on me but she was married. Kayla didn't do her research but seeing her angry made me happy however I did have sex with the girl in the taxi, I didn't want to tell her but I did. I missed the affection that Kayla provided me with and this break left me horny. Kayla had everything I wanted in a wife, she was smart, loyal, funny and freaky. I knew I was messing up but thinking about her help me get my life together.

Kayla's Pov
I finally pulled up in front of the set, I grabbed the outfits for the shoot inside and saw <a href="">him</a>. I couldn't believe I was styling him, Ray was his name. I mean he was cute but he wasn't no Shad, I was in love with him and I needed to be with him again but I had some issues that I needed to handle. I asked Ray to followed me into the bathroom as I gave him his wardrobe, he had numerous tattoos that were interesting; especially this one of a tiger on his side. "Did that hurt?" I asked. He said no, during the background of the photoshoot I got to know him a little better but my job was over and I received my paycheck, next was going to therapy. The car ride was extremely silent, I needed to get my thoughts together and I knew it was time. I pulled up into this building as I waited for my appointment however my therapist had a family emergency so I had to cancel, however I seen a familiar <a href="™/slides/Kirko%20Bangz%20%7C%20Rap%20Artist.jpg">face</a> standing in front of my car. I dropped my bag as Kirk was standing in front of my car, I thought he moved to Miami but seeing him in front of my face brought lost feelings, my heart started beating extremely fast and I ran as fast as I could away from him. However Kirk grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into his truck, I felt tears streaming down my face and he continue to hurt me. Kirk became a music producer after his move to Miami so seeing him made me want to die. "Where you been at love?" he asked. I didn't want to answer him but I continue to wipe my tears as Kirk drove me towards him house.

Run it

Kayla's Pov
I haven't spoke to Shad after the cologne accident, I remained silent about the Kirk's issue. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I wouldn't eat and my appearance became very sloppy. I didn't even feel like talking to my friends about the issue, To be honest I had no one to talk to and that made me feel worthless. I heard my alarm going off but I really didn't need it, I could barely sleep due to this situation, I knew i needed fresh air so I decided to take a jog around the local park. I got dress in my workout gear and headed out the door and into the sunlight. My eyes squinted as they felt the sunlight beaming in my face, I pulled my hat down lower and continue jogging but I suddenly felled as I bumped into <a href="">this</a> guy. "I'm so sorry" he said, he held his hand out while I sat on the ground, I grabbed onto his hand as he lift me up. We had a little conversation before I continue jogging, I felt a presence about him that was strange but I shrugged it off. After an hour, I decided to walk back to my apartment complex, I went through the front and felt relieve for once. I decided to call my friends and have lunch with them, they all agree so I decided to meet them at this little bakery/restaurant. I applied a little makeup and adjusted my high bun before grabbing my purse and car keys as I headed out of the door. I saw my friends sitting down ordering drinks as I sat in the booth as I greeted both of my friends. We laughed as we caught up with our friendship and shared memories together. We were in the restaurant for about two hours drinking our endless refills before wondering what was taking so long.
"I have never been so hungry" I said.
"That's cause your ass haven't been eating" Sami said.
"What?" I questioned.
"Shad is worried about you, he's constantly calling Trey who is constantly calling me because Shad is wondering how you been....Did you dump him?" she asked.
"No, I just needed a break, I wanted to be alone" I said.
"Are you doing this because of Chris?" Jasmine asked.
"No, Chris and I are just friends, he's starting his family while I am trying to enjoy my independence" I said. Before I continue to explain my point of view, I was interrupted by the guy from the park, this time he was dressed up casually. "I'm sorry for the delay, the main baker in the back want you lovely ladies dessert and food to match your beauties" he smiled. I rolled my eyes because I wasn't having it, I felt Sami kicked me as I rolled my eyes, He knew I look familiar and continue smiling at me. However I guess he got the idea that he was interrupting an important conversation so he excused himself from the table.
"You're mean" Jasmine said.
"How?" I asked.
"Your facial expressions, like you continue rolling your eyes at him" she continue.
"I just don't like bulls***" I said.
"Whatever, He was being sweet, he probably owns the place' Sami said.
"Who cares, I am with Shad" I said.
"Okay but what's wrong with having options" Jasmine said.
The guy came back with our food and gave me his card with is information, I put it my wallet and continue eating my food. He look at me and smiled, I smiled back just being friendly but I know apart of me still wanted to be with Shad. After lunch with the girls, I decided to search for therapist as I got home, I needed to let Kirk and my issues with men go in order to enjoy my relationship with Shad. I found a lady who let in walk-in so I decided that tomorrow I would drop by.