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me.. him..US update 3.2.13

I get so damn tripping... out my mind I go blank -juicy j

"turn up b****" I heard my best friend yelling as I climbed to the top of the pole. My hair was going wild as I bounced on the pole, quickly I slid down dropping to the splits making my ass cheeks jump at different times all I saw was money.. as soon as the song came to an end the security was already escorting my bestfriend to the back with two bags I already knew it was my money. I made my way to the back.

"b**** you stay showing out" we busted out laughing.
"f*** you mo" I said still giggling. She continued the task at hand, bundling my money. Goin over to my phone I checked my missed calls. I had none. Checking my messages I had a few but only one caught my eye. my stomach dropped.
I opened it first:
12:24 am
hurry home babbbbyyyyyyyyyy I hate sleeping alone.

relieved I smiled and replied
Omw love :)