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Can we leave him alone now?

I think that Chris Brown is a MULTI-TALENTED young man. He is just amazing at what he does. Even though he has made many mistakes, so have we. I mean, the way the people treat him is just insane. They treat him as if they're all Jesus and he's this one sinner. I can admit that i'm not happy with all of the choices that Chris has made but who am I to judge? People nowadays are so quick to judge the next person becasue they sin worst or differenly than them. I just hope and pray that he will one day finally get some positivity out of what he does becasue not everything he does is negative. But if he doesn't, I can't make them love him like I do, but i'm willing to bet that he will always have that support from Team Breezy..!!!


you took the words right out of my mouth I LOVE CHRIS BROWN AND DEFEND HIM #teambreezy <3 :)

Thanks you guys!I just feel like it's un-called for to hate on him or spread anymore negativity like that one thing that he really needs is for everyone to remind him about the past... I mean people just need to think of it like what if that was me.. if they could all try to mentally put theirselves in his situation that would be the closest thing to acutally taking a walk in his shoes.. Then maybe they won't be so hard on him. They won't treat him like he is some cage animal.. It's a shame.. It just seems like a world wide Chris Brown jump and wherever he goes people wanna jump him... like I said before I can't really make those other people love and care for him as much as I do but it won't kill them.. You don't have to like him, you have to be team breezy but please keep the negativity somewhere else.. it's getting old. We all get it. He messed but JUST LET IT GO... They act like he gave them something to remember and scar them for life.. I pray for him and every other mean spirit out there.. I hope it gets better before it goes over board.....

you're right. I feel like you gotta keep it real. he only flip'in because THEY ARE MESSING WITH HIM. It's like cooking, if you don't take it off the stove it will be destroyed if you continue to leave the fire on. I believe in my heart of hearts that television and social networks have become a stage for ignorant people. They get on these things and try to make him seem like a cold hard criminal but only god knows his heart and all we can do is love on him. who are we to judge, it's about the man's music. It's about his love and passion for what he does. it's about the fact that he took time out of his life to put on a show when he could just work a 9-5. this music industry is no joke, you get "everything" and risk everything, trust me I know. people that you think are your friends never are, people that ain't do'in nothing with their life wanna sit around and talk mess about yours, you don't know when you're really in love because everybody sees promise, potential and dollar signs in you, family don't believe in what you do most of the time and if they do they only wanna know where there cut will be. It looks fun and easy on television but as a true artist myself I know that he does it because HE WANTS TO, not because HE HAS TO. he's hit the 10 year mark, if he comes out with a clothing line or something right now and it's genius he'll be paid up 4 life. He's branded himself and made light out of a really bad scenario.

i agree with you,and i just cant belive that people still talking about what he did four years ago!Riri forgave him,why cant other people? I mean they are focusin on something that he did when he was young,not on his music...he is an amazing singer and dancer,and he has really beautiful songs..Chin up Chris! We are on your side! #TeamBreezyForever !