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I just need to be honest, as a fan it is becoming harder to justify chris browns violent outbursts and vile twitter rants in the last 4 years. time and time again he has proven that his appearance on Larry King was not genuine and that he did it for his career. We as team breezy need to encourage him to get help for his deep rooted anger and drug problem( his face is haggard and he too skinny)because his career is in great jeopardy. Fortune has only sold approx 300000 copies in the US which is just a major flop


thank you speak the truth chrisbrown needs to recover. i want the old him back. chris needs some serioius counsuling and he needs to stay away from rhianna right now. they dont need to be togeather right now. we are rooting for you chris.

getting "professional" help won't help him. he has to take a sabaticle and do some soul searching. I think he needs to find the god within because it will calm his spirits if he listens to it. I think he just needs a different type of love that NO woman can give him, he and god are the only ones who can give him that kind of love.

I want to clear somethings up in my last post. Am I by NO means hoping something bad to happen to Chris Brown. I want only the very best for him because I see that he is crying out to talk to someone besides a person in his camp to help him with his issues so he doesn't harm himself or anyone else.

It's not haTENING its hating. The person who started this blog is 100% right, their not hating! Just because a person is cute doesn't mean they're ok. I feel sorry for the people who don't see that, especially the ones who is in his camp. The route he is going (not speaking death only truth) he's going to end up either dead or in jail, but I surely hope not because he is such a talented young man. He should have people around him who are not trying to sabotage his career even in an indirect sense with the drugs and hard partying, but to build him up so his career can surpass those I believe he admires like the bobby browns and michael jacksons. He is young and living but not the way he should be because some people say "oh its a phase" and when they turn 42, without a career anymore and broke, and with 12 kids and still think its cool to smoke weed and act reckless; it won't be to people around him unless he quit playing checkers and play chess. The void he may feel will always be there without the correct obedience to God. He has to give up this recklessness so he can experience a true relationship with the eternal Father Yahweh. I'm praying for your healing and deliverance hate here...because I've been there too.

CB is a spoiled rude dousge bag! Karma will catch up to him....what goes around comes around dumbass brown

auww. chris is just fine! young and living! > first rihanna with chris brown fansite <3

what is up with you chris brown is cute stop haTEING SO MUCH because you are hating on people so stop