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Phuck Yo Baby

"I wanna see my baby!" Sofia whines. "Hello son," Shad smiles as he stands across the hospital room suite holding his newborn son. "It's da da!" "Lemme see my baby dammit!" Sofia yells. "Calm down," the nurse calls. "BTCH STFU! GTFO MY FACE!" Sofia yells and folds her arms over her chest becoming angrier. Shad laughs and brings their son over to her, handing the baby boy over, "Chill bae." "Don't tell me to chill," Sofia rolls her eyes, "short ass nigga! Hogging my baby nsht like you did 9 months in this btch and had to push a baby out yo sht!"

Shad laughs, bending over, "I'm sorry! But you look cra- AH!" he holds his face after being slapped, giving Sofia a serious look. "Don't tell me that I look crazy! Lucky I can't walk right now or I'd get up and whoop yo btch ass!" "Yeah ok," he rolls his eyes. "Put on a front for our son like you run sht. Don't forget that you luh this dihh though! Be riding all the fcks in the world out of it too!" "Fck you," Sofia smiles and looks down as she holds her first baby. Shad smirks and pulls up the recliner chair watching his second baby mama and son bond.

Please...Ladies and Pimps, welcome <a href=>Shane Gregory Moss</a> and may the LordT BLESS!!! him to grow tall and strong lol

<strong>this is not a story. It will not be continued</strong> I was tryna focus on my sht but i needed a damn break and so i wrote that short. How are y'all doing?