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Who understands? We all should

If any of you ever had a chance at meeting Mr.Brown i would say it would be epic and awkward. Songs reflect sometimes a similarity and at the same time a total different phase of his life. Too many issues to deal with and no time for mistakes. Like his songs a lot of his real life ideas become reality with an obstacle of mixed feelings that come and go like a flash replay of previous days experience. The pain involved and the thoughts that run inside his mind can never be challenged. If a wish was ever granted it would be in a far away world were a new start will provide him an opportunity to re-create every memory and action taken and regrets would be out of question. There is not one of them that can actually find the demon inside him and release it into Gods hand, what has been done cannot be reversed and expectation is simple.

Accept who he is, share his ideas and enjoy a legend. For he should be considered another brother and not a fail of this world we live in.

Thank You.


Very eloquently stated! Basically poetic. I like the way you percieve Chris Brown as an individual and not a object.