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Has Chris fell off. musically and physical apprerance wise ?

okay team breezy's dont get all up in my face talking about i'm a hater cause i'm not one. i been fan him sense 06. but yeah i honestly think that he could produce better qaulity of music. i mean his new stuff is alright. but i miss his nice rnb songs. for instance his songs turn up the music and dont wake me up just have that techno dance beat i mean they are good. it would be nice to hear some other stuff though. And as far as the looks department he was super cute back then. i'm not really into the nose ring he has or the fac t that half the time he dyed his hair blonde so what is your guys opinoion. ?


Ms.YoungLuv I like your profile picture!
I think that some his latest music was okay. I mean I think all in all it was him trying to find himself. But during that time, he wasn't doing so good in terms of his actions and the choices that he was making and the path that he was going down. He was making a bad rep for himself and maybe the music and the actions had something to do with each other. I don't know for sure, just a thought. But I think that he has realized what he was doing and how it was affecting him and those around him and now he is doing better. With all that he has been through, I would say that it is just a growing process. And there are ups and downs in a growing process. But i'm happy and excited to see his new work because it seems like, through all of the promotion and the interviews, he has a better state of mind and he knows his true focus. And he is ready to cut out all of the bs. Through all of the changes i'm gonna stick with Breezy because I know that it has been really hard for him. But I can say that he has phyically changed. Some of it I like and some of it I don't. But that's just me.

Yeah I have noticed that, he's now doing a lot of techno type of music which is good ONCE in a blue moon..but that's not how he started. As far as looks go, between the stress, smoking and physical performance (dancing) he looks thin in the face. In comparison to early 2012 last year to now...something must've happened behind the scenes because his appearance was a dramatic change to us. Post 09 onto 2011 was when Chris was looking his best.

Run iT! <3