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My shoes clicked and clacked down the hall as <a href="">I</a> raced my <a href="">niece</a> to her class. "Jay, you're going to slow, come on." She rushed. "Seeing as I'm the once carrying all your stuff, I hope I am the one lacking behind." I said as we approached her door. She suddenly stopped and looked at me. "I don't wanna do this anymore." She whispered. "Why not?" I asked bending down to her level. "They aren't going to treat me like you and <a href="">Daddy</a> do." She pouted. "Sweetie, I want you to listen to me. Just because they don't do things our way, doesn't mean that it won't be fun. All you have to do is try your best, and I promise everyday after school, I'll be right here to talk about your day. Now lets go meet your teacher." I held out my free hand and we both took a deep breath and walked in. "Sorry for interrupting, but this here is my niece, Imani." The teacher smiled a warm <a href="">smile.</a> "Well hello Imani, I'm Ms. Williams, please have a seat in the front." Imani turned to me with a worried look on her face. "You'll be fine. I love you." I mouthed to her. She ran to me and hugged my leg and began to softly cry. "Oh come on Imani, don't cry I'll be here after you get out of school. I promise." I held out my pinky and she held out hers, we locked them together then kissed them. "Imani come sit next to me!" This <a href="">girl</a> called her over. "See she's already making friends." Me and Ms. Williams laughed at the site of the two showing each other their school supplies and snacks for lunch. I walked out without her noticing and began racing to my own school.

I was a senior in high school, I had many acquaintances, but not many friends. I kept a small circle, less drama for me. "Aye girl! You late!" I smiled at my best friend, <a href="">Leo,</a> we've been cool since the 3rd grade. "I know I know, you need to talk to that damn best friend of yours, he can't just up and leave for practice with a daughter at home.” He sighed. "That was actually my fault." He confessed rubbing the back of his neck. "What? How?" He shrugged and opened his mouth to speak, but my brother and his boys came. "Wassup." <a href="">They</a> all greeted us. They hugged me and dapped up Leo. "Not s***, oh wait there is something. I was almost f***ing late because you wanted to leave without giving anybody a damn heads up." I vented off to Darius. "I'm sorry Jay, but Leo called and said that all five of us are starters for the Varsity Basketball team." He explained. I jumped on him. "Oh my God D, I'm so proud of you guys!" I hugged them all and then we heard somebody clear their throat.

It was my other bestie, <a href="">Bino,</a> "Did you make the football team?" I asked walking up to him and hugging him. "Well damn, I can't get a good morning or a hello?" I smacked my lips. "Hello and good morning now answer the damn question." I demanded him. "Thank you, and yes I did. Now all we gotta do is get you on that basketball team and we'll be good." He swung his arm around me and we began to walked to class. "Okay, I see how it is! I don't get a hug or nothing." Kobe called after us I turned around and hugged each of them just as the bell rung. "s***!" We all cursed and raced to our classes. "All this damn running I should be on the track team." I thought to myself. I hope Mr. Fernandez doesn't have a stick stuck up his ass today.


Run it

Can I jump in this story and take Bino away from Jay?? Gosh I'm in love with him lol..they are just soo cute. That broke my heart that Mani started crying..I hope she is okay. And Darius..poor thing but at least everybody else is okay and Diablo dead..RUN IT :)

Jay's POV

I woke up at 5 in the morning today. My face had dried up tears all over. I had a terrible headache too. Pictures of the night before continued to play in my mind. I hopped up and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I walked downstairs to see <a href="">Darius</a> staring at a picture he had of <a href="">Seiko</a> in his hand. I cleared my throat. ”Oh, hey Jay.” He greeted softly. ”Hi.” My voice was raspy. ”You okay?” He asked turning on the light in the kitchen. When he did that, I saw Seiko's blood covered body on the floor. My eyes widened and my breath quickened. ”Jay? Look at me.” I turned to look at Darius and his eyes calmed me. I ran over to him and hugged him. Tears flowed down my cheek as he slowly played in my hair. <a href="">I</a> looked up at him and he smiled at me. ”This is my fault.” His smile turned into a frown. ”Why would you say that?” I turned away from him. ”If I didn't run away, then none of this would've happened. Seiko would still be alive and that bastard would've never hurt you.” He shook his head and lifted my chin. ”If you didn't run away. We both wouldn't be alive. Diablo would've had you in the club naked just to get a little money. He would've had you hooked on coke and raped you. I would've tried to kill him, but that wouldn't work because he would've already killed me first. Just to break you down. So I applaud you for running away. You are so brave, most would've left their family, but you. You challenged him and you defeated him. And for that I thank you.” He kissed my temple and rubbed my arm. ”Now go get some sleep. I love you.” I hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. ”I love you more.”

On my way to Bino's room. I heard the TV in Darius' room on. I walked in and saw <a href="">Imani</a> up watching Caillou. ”Hi Jay.” I smiled a bit and waved. ”What are you doing up still?” She put her head down and tears fell down her face. It broke my heart to see her crying. I rushed over to her side and she hugged me tightly. ”Why is grandpa so mean to us?” I really wanted to give her an answer, but I couldn't. ”I don't really know Mani. I just know thst you don't need to waste your time worried about him, he's gone now. I love you so so much. I will never let anybody hurt you again. And remember that your mommy wouldn't want you to mope around and be sad all day, instead she wants you to smile and be happy. Do you understand?” She wiped her tears and smiled at me. ”Will you stay in here until I fall asleep?” She asked with hopeful eyes. I nodded and kissed her forehead. ”I love you.” I hugged her closer. ”I love you too Princesa.” I softly started to hum to her and before I knew it, Imani was asleep.

I walked down the hall to my room. I checked on London and Blake, they were peacefully sleeping. I got to my room to hear the toilet flush. I knocked on the door. ”B, you in there?” I heard him chuckle. ”Nah, a ghost is in here.” I smacked my lips. ”Boy don't get smart or imma-” The door swung open and I jumped back when <a href="">he</a> was three centimeters away from my face. ”Or what?” He said in a seductive tone. ”Um, nothing.” I turned to walk to the bed, but he caught me and wrapped his hands around my waist. ”You know, I've been thinking. We act like a couple we do things that couples do, so why not make it official?” I gasped a bit. ”You wanna make us official, after what just happened not even 8 hours ago? Aren't you scared he might have people come looking for us. I can't put you in danger to.” I worried. ”Nah, I'm scared too. But I don't and I won't let that get in between us. I love you to much to let that happen baby.” My lips curved into a smile. ”I love you too.” He caressed my cheek. ”I know you do.” He bit my ear and kissed down my neck causing me to moan. ”I just wanna hold you tonight baby, can I do that?” I nodded. I was speechless about how turned on I was when he only held me. I never thought that just in 7 little hours, this would actually feel better. I thought everybody was gonna be in an emotional wreck, but I guess not.

He such a b**ch ass nigga!! I hope he burn in hell! && not it's your fault got a f***ked up daddy, well sperm donor. I'm glad everybody physically okay..emotionally I know they messed up. SMH..RUN IT..

p.s. I love Bino :))

Sorry for any mistakes.... Yeah....Deuces!!!!

Jay's POV

I smiled to myself as I thought about Bino. He has been there for me through thick and thin. He has never turned his back on me, and I appreciate that. My phone began ringing and bringing me out of my thoughts. ”Who is this?” I said, looking at the unknown number. It could be London, she said she was gonna call me when they were on their way back. I pressed and slid the answer button to the left. ”Hello.” I was smiling, when <a href="">Bino</a> walked in. He smiled at me and walked over and straddled me. ”Hey babygirl.” Someone screamed in the background. Bino began kissing and sucking on my neck and I hit him in his chest before a moan could slip out. ”Who the f*** is this?” Bino looked at me strangely. ”Oh Jay, don't tell me you forgot your old man's voice already.” My eyes widened as I heard Darius' voice. ”Babe, who is that?” Bino asked. ”Darius! Darius! Don't you touch them you bastard!” I yelled into the phone. ”As long as you meet me at my warehouse alone by 12, then I won't.” Before he hung up, I heard Imani and Blake crying. Chills ran throughout my body. I started to shake with anger. ”Babe! Whats going on?” I looked Bino in his eyes. ”He has them at his warehouse. He said if I'm not there by 12, he's gonna kill them.” He scrunched up his face. ”He said he was going to kill them?” I shook my head. ”No, but I know that's his plan.” He hugged me tight and asked me one more question. ”Was that Imani and Blake crying?” I nodded my head as tears filled my eyes. He got up and grabbed his keys, I took that as a signal to get in the car. I got up and ran to my bag that had all my stuff in it. I grabbed my gun and he grabbed his.

On the way in the car. I stared straight forward. I had no feeling in my hand, but I had one plan tonight with this gun, and it was going to happen. I was gonna pull this trigger on someone, and they weren't gonna get just one bullet. ”Babe, calm down. Please.” Bino touched my hand and when he did, I could feel him shaking. I looked down at his leg. It was shaking, and so was his whole body. ”You know his security is gonna check for weapons.” He nodded his head and pulled over. ”Here.” He said handing me a silencer to go on my gun. ”No matter what happens in here, I want you to get Darius and them and leave, don't turn back.” I demanded. Bino looked at me with tears in his eyes. ”Jaylen Monroe Rodriguez. I am not leaving you behind. That is a promise.” He said as we pulled up to yhe warehouse. ”Promises are meant to be broken.” I took his gun and put it in my shirt, under the other four I was wearing. ”My mama ain't raise no fool.” Bino cracked a smile and then mean-mugged something behind me. I turned to see my <a href="">dad</a> and his security walking up to the car. He had a huge grin on his face. I opened the door and stepped out. Bino hurried up and jogged to my side.

”Where the f*** is London and Darius?” I asked. He chuckled. ”Didn't I say come alone?” I looked at Bino and back at him. ”Didn't I say where the f*** is my brother?” He looked at his security and they all laughed. Then when he looked at me raised his hand back and Bino stepped in. ”I wish you would hit my future wife.” I smiled on the inside, but had a cold hard stare on te out. ”Who is this nigga, Captain Save-a-hoe?” Bino looked at him. ”No, I'm about to be Captain Whoop-a-niggas-ass in a second though.” My dad raised his hands. ”Check 'em and then we can take them to see them annoying f***s.” When he said that, my fist flew and connected to his nose. All you heard was a crack and then he screamed in pain. ”Ah! You f***ing b****!” He punched me back and the Bino pushed him back and started whooping ass. The security gaurds pulled their guns out. So I pulled mine out. ”I wish youbwould try to kill my future husband.” They looked back at me and pointed their guns to me. ”So, what are ypu going to do-” My father was cut off by me shooting his two gaurds. The bullet went through the center of their face, killing them instantly. ”See, you shouldn't have taught me how to shoot a gun at the age of 5. And you shouldn't of taught me that while a person is speaking, it distracts the ones with the guns, which is a perfect time to shoot them dead.” I lowered my gun. ”How could you do this to me? I am your daughter! Not some hoe that you just toture! I f***ing hate you!” I screamed. His eyes soften. ”I'm sorry babygirl.” He apologized, I knew he didn't mean it. ”Say sorry in Hell.” I pulled the trigger six times. Bino had moved out of the way. I dropped my gun and fell to my knees. I felt blood gushing out of my nose. ”Baby?” Bino came over to me and hugged me and pecked my lips. ”I love you so much.” He whispered in my ear to calm me down. He took my hand and we walked into the warehouse.

”Imani! Blake!” I yelled as I saw them sitting under a table crying. They ran over to me and Bino. ”What happened, where is Daddy?” She pointed over to a closet door. There was blood flowing from the underneath it. I began to cry as I walked slowly to the door. I heard quiet sobs and sniffles. ”Darius?” I touched the door knob. ”Jay?” I opened it and when I did. I was traumatized. When I had opened the door, Seiko's bloody and dead body fell on me. I jumped back in horror. ”No!” I screamed. I hugged hrr body close to mine. I then heard knocking on the door. ”Mommy?” I heard Blake's voice. Darius covered Seiko's body with his jacket and kissed her temple. ”Daddy!” Imani yelled. He ran to her and picked her up. He began to cry uncontrollably. Darius looked at me and.touched my face. ”What happened?” I shook my head turned to Blake. ”Sweetie, I'm gonna need for you and Imani to close your eyes and count to 40. Okay?” He sniffled. ”Now is not the time to play games Jaylen.” Darius' nostrils flared. ”What if there is something behind this door that they shouldn't see. They already seen one dead body, do you wanna make it two?” He just stood there higging Imani for a minute. ”Okay, Imani and Blake lets count ” They began to count and I opened the door to see London sitting in a chair crying. I ran over to her and touched her, she jumped at my touch and started squirming. There was white stuff mixed with blood on her mouth. ”London, what the hell happened?” She stopped squirming. ”Jay, is that you?” I took off her blindfold and untied the rope from around her wrist. ”That bastard f***ing forced me to give him head! Where is my son?” I pointed to the door. She gave me a hug and whispered thank you. I couldn't help but to feel this was all my fault. I caused all of this. Andit was beacause I couldn't handle a little harassing. I dried my tears and wiped off the blood on my face, I just hope everybody doesn't feel the same way.

ayy thats was sup :D
my bad about ruining the happiness but i mean he's the devil!!
i just hope he dont hurt her mom :/

@KRcbreezy OMFG!! You gave me so much to write about! Thanks! I knew there was something weird about her running away. Lol, I just got so used to her being happy. Well, thanks again.

haha this goes!
i like everything so far
lil kids imi and blake :P
i hope Darius can do do something about his baby momma situation
i cant believe her dad aint trippin bout her running away...
what bout kobe ?? i still think him and her gonna end up together somehow...
i knew it! jen wasnt sneaky i knew her and mike was on the DL but why not come out yet?
run it!

Bino's POV
”Deshawn I'm serious! Put me down!” Jay yelled as I picked her up. We were home alone because Darius and London took the kids to the park. ”Gimmie kiss.” She smiled and shook her head. ”No.” I mocked her, she nodded her head. As I walked in my room, I locked her legs around my waist and laid her on the bed. I leaned down to kiss her but she moved her head. When I tried again, she did the same thing. ”Give me my kiss girl.” I demanded. She bit her lip. I knew that s*** turned her on. She grazed her fingers over my mustache and licked my lips. I opened my mouth, but she didn't stick her tongue in just yet. Just then her tongue forced its way through my lips and I groaned loudly. The kiss turned into a full makeout session. I had one of her legs over my shoulders and she unexpectedly turned us over. She started to grind on me making me hard. ”Damn baby.” I moaned lowly. She smiled to herself and pulledbout the kiss with me sucking on her lip. ”That's how I suck on your clit when I eat you out.” Her mouth dropped open and I kissed her cheek. I noticed my rock and I put my hands over it. ”Uhh, babe I'm gonna take a shower. A cold one.” She bit her lip and nodded. I raced out the room before anybody could see me. I totally forgot we were the only two here. I rubbed my hand down my face and shook my head. ”That was crazy.” I thought to myself.

Jen's POV

”s*** Mike!” <a href="">I</a> cursed. ”Damn girl, I'm about to cum.” Mike grunted and I screamed in ecstasy as we both climaxed. I collapsed in his arms and he laid there. After we both got our breathing under control, I felt his hands push my hair back and his lips on my skin. I smiled to myself. ”You are so damn beautiful.” I turned to face him and touched his face. ”And you are so damn handsome.” He <a href="">bit</a> his lip and smiled at me. ”Uh uh, don't do that.” I said as my heart skipped a beat. ”Do what?” He asked as he slowly began to disappear under the covers. ”Mike, you bet- Oh!” I moaned aloud as I felt his warm tongue on my clit. He started to take me on the best ride to ecstasy. I just gripped his curls as he flicked, licked, and bit at my treasure. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I began laughing as he blew on it. Gosh, I loved this man.

Jarvis' POV

”Nae! Get uo ass in this house! Right now damnit!” I yelled at my little <a href="">sister.</a> She was walking outside with some little <a href="">boy,</a> laughing and smiling. ”Wait!” She yelled back. ”Little girl you got five seconds to get in this damn house. Five..four...three...two...” Just as I was about to say one ole dude gon kiss her on the lips and hug her. ”Uh uh! Get yo fast ass in here! Oh, I'm telling momma!” She flipped me off and pecked the boy's lips. Then she came strolling in the house like she was the absolute s***. I just shook my hesd. ”Alrighty playa. I taught you well.” I smirked. ”See I told you! Now that was good acting on your part. I bet CJ totally thought I was badass, which I am.” She bragged. ”Now if I hear this you and this nigga f***ed, no words will be said just your screams because of me whoopin that ass, okay?” She nodded and hugged me, I kissed her forehead and she ran upstairs. Just then there was a knock on the door. ”Who is it?” I heard someone clear there throat. ”Its CJ.” I scrunched up my face. ”Nae, yo little friend knocking on my damn door!” I yelled serious this time. ”I'm coming.” She ran down the stairs and before she opened the door she fluffed up her hair. ”b****, you just saw the nigga not even two minutes ago ain't nothing change.” She rolled her eyes and placed a smile on her face. ”Hey CJ.” She greeted, he smiled. ”I forgot to give you this, Happy Just Because Day.” She looked at the $100 bill in her hand and handed it back to him. ”I can't take that. Thats way too much.” She shook her head. ”Nothing can possibly be too much if its for you.” She blushed and kissed his cheek. ”Thank you CJ, thats really sweet of you. You better get some sleep tonight, cause if you don't make a B or higher on that test, thats your ass.” He smiled a big koolaid smile. ”I can't promise that, cause lately you been on my mind and I can't go to sleep.” Nae began to giggle as I got up and walked to them. ”Alright, break it up. She gotta go to bed. She'll see you tomorrow.” CJ looked up at me. ”Nice meeting you Mr. Hood.” He held out his hand. ”Nigga I ain't this girl daddy, I'm the older brother.” He started to put his hand down and I held mine out. ”That doesn't mean you don't have to show me respect.” He shook it firmly, not a sweat on his hand. He was real confident. Nae pushed me back. ”Bye boo.” He cooed and pecked her lips. ”Bye.” She sung in a daze. When she closrd the door, she slid down it. ”He makes me weak in the knees.” I laughed and went to my room. ”Yeah, and you bet not be on yo knees before you get married!” I yelled heading up the stairs. ”Nigga who told yo whack ass I give head! Its the other way around for me.” I just shook my head. ”She is just like me.” I thought to myself.

Lol they silly run it

Darius' POV

I woke up to hear laughter and people talking downstairs. I got up and went to the bathroom, when I came out <a href="">Imani</a> sitting on my bed. ”Goodmorning babygirl.” She smiled. ”Goodmorning daddy. Guess what?” I looked over at her. ”I know what I want for Christmas.” I raised my eyebrows. ”Oh really? Already know what you want and its only April.” She nodded her head and looked up at me with sad eyes. ”Baby whats wrong?” I asked sitting by her, she climbed into my lap and hugged me tight. ”You know Mr. Westbrooks? Him and mommy are starting to fight a lot.” I just sat there with a blank face. ”Has he hit you and your mom?” She shook her head. ”He doesn't hit me, he hits mommy. He even whooped her once. Mommy tried to leave him to take me to you, but he wouldn't let her. Thats why you had to come pick me up.” I snapped out of my thoughts to see Imani crying. I just held onto her and cried with her. After a while, she had fallen asleep. I gently laid her down and when I tried to let go of her, she clutched onto me. What was weird was that she was still sleep. ”Why do the females that I grow to love always have to be hurt?” I thought to myself. ”Hey D! Breakfast is ready!” <a href="">Jay</a> came in the room happy. ”I'll be down in a second.” She took her hand and lifted my chin to her face. ”Whats wrong?” I pulled away from her grip. ”Nothing, just thinking.” I lied. ”Oh okay, go ahead and lie to me, I'll get it out of you sooner or later.” She walked out of the room and down the stairs.

”Whats for- London?” <a href="">She</a> looked back and smiled. ”Darius? Hey!” She exxlaimed. I walked over and gave her a hug. <a href="">I</a> laughed at Jay's facial expression. ”What are you doing here?” She looked up from her plate. ”Oh, I'm Bino's cousin. I bring my son over every Saturday morning.” I smiled, but then a frown took its place. Wherever you got a babymama, you got a babydaddy. ”Blake Austin Griffin Jr! Get out of that room right now!” London yelled. ”Mommy, my girlfriend is in here.” Just then, Imani and <a href="">him</a> walking out hand in hand. ”Daddy, this is Blake, my boyfriend.” Imani smiled. I started coughing hard while Jay and London laughed their asses off. ”Your what?” I asked just to clarify what she said. They both walked up to Jay and London, they both placed a twenty in each of their little hands. ”Oh so this was a joke?” I sighed of relief. ”How old can you be when daddy lets you have a boyfriend?” Imani frowned. ”91 daddy.” Jay smacked her lips. ”Aw man.” Blake pouted. We all just looked back at him. ”Oh uh, I remember I left my favorite toy at home. Darn.” He snapped to play it off. Imani started giggling. I just rolled my eyes.

Bino's POV

”Jay. Jay! s***!” I moaned, I jumped up in my bed realizing I just had a dream. ”Hell yeah that was dream.” I said aloud. I heard giggling downstairs so I got up to see who it was. Everybody was down there and Jay was on her way up the stairs. ”Oh good morning babe, I was on my way to wake you up, breakfast is ready.” She turned around, but I pulled her back by her waist. She moaned as she felt my erection through her shorts. ”Why are you always the last one on my mind when I sleep and the first one when I wake up?” She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. ”That's not the answer I was looking for, but I'll take it.” I let go of her waist. ”You better.” She ran down the stairs and I ran after her. ”Bino!” Blake yelled. ”Wassup lil man.” I picked him up and started kissing him. ”Uh uh, I'm.too big for that. Gimme some dap.” He held his fist out as everybody laughed. I just dapped him up and put him down. ”Imani isn't too big for my kisses.” She reached up for me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. ”And you aren't to big for hers.” Jay smiled. ”Oh! She's a jealous one.” She smacked her lips and walked over to Blake. ”Give me some sugar.” He grabbed her face and pecked her lips. ”Really Blakey? On the lips.” He laughed while me and Imani just stared him down. ”Come on so we can eat.” Darius rushed. ”Fatty.” I joked. ”Yup, sure am! Now sit down.” I just shook my head and sat down to eat <a href="">breakfast.</a>

Awww lol run it

Bino's POV

"Mmm, B." Jay moaned in my mouth. We were making out on the kitchen counter until we heard laughter and squealing outside. "Uncle B help!" My favorite goddaughter, Imani, screamed. Just then Darius came in with ice cream all over his face. "I am the Ice Cream Monster, and I am going to eat you all. Starting with you." He pointed to Jay, she hopped up and tried to run, but he caught her and playfully started biting her. "Stop D! That tickles!" She laughed uncontrollably. "No!" Imani ran into Darius and he caught her. "Daddy let me go!" She giggled as he tickled her and Jay. "Now my Ice Cream Warriors, attack Bino!" Jay and Imani got up and started chasing me all through the house until Jay fell behind me. "Ouch!" I ran to her and knelt down, next thing I knew she was holding me down for Darius and Imani. "Uh uh! She cheated!" I pouted. "Whatever! Ion cheat! I make-up rules so only I can win." I smacked my lips and rolled my eyes. She pecked my lips and I grabbed the back of her neck to keep her there. "Eww! Auntie Jay has the cooties!" Imani exclaimed. Jay jumped up and grabbed Imani and started kissing her all over her face. <a href="">Darius</a> and <a href="">I</a> laughed at the sight.

"Uncle B look!" I watched as <a href="">Imani</a> started to read to everyone. "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after." We all applauded her. "Okay Ms. Missy, time for bed." Jay sighed. "Aww, can you and daddy sing my favorite <a href="">song?"</a> Darius and Jay softly began to sing as Jay gently rubbed her fingers through Imani's hair. Before they could even get to the second verse, Imani was knocked out cold. We all kissed her and I tucked her in.

"You're real good with kids." I said to Jay as she laid in my bed. "Thanks, I love kids. Especially Imani and Mackenzie. Those girls are my life. I wouldn't be able to breath if they were ever to leave before me." I climbed on top of her and pecked her lips. "Well know as long as I'm around I would never let anything happen to Imani or Mackenzie. You have my word." She smiled and started to softly trace over my tattoos with her nails. She kissed my chest and I grunted lowly. She smirked and turned on her side. "Goodnight babe." She cooed. "Goodnight Jay." I sung. I knew she was over there smiling hard. I pinched her butt and she jumped forward. "Really?" She gave me a stern look. "What?" She just laughed and laid facing me. I hugged her tight and kissed her temple. As I closed my eyes I felt her grip my d*** and I jumped back. "Whoa there, can't be getting BJ hype like that." She giggled and pulled me closer and after a while her sweet, low, gentle snores could be heard and I fell asleep too.

Lol run it

Darius' POV

”I can't stand the rain, gainst my window.” I sung offkey. ”Wow, really Darius? Ann Peebles?” Jen shook her head. ”That's Missy Elliot for your information.” I stuck out my tongue at her her. ”Who the f*** you think sung the chorus? Ann f***ing Peebles!” I smirked. ”I don't think her middle name is f***ing.” She smacked her lips. ”Once again, shut up Jarvis. No one was talking to you.” She threw a pillow at him. ”Oh! So your No One now, because you were just talking to me.” Jay picked up a water bottle and threw it at him, hitting Mike in his head. ”Aye! Why the f*** are yall throwing s***?” He asked waking up and grabbing his leftover blunt. ”Damn! This nigga was on some wake and bake s*** forreal.” Everybody laughed at Bino. ”Aye yall, it was nice hanging with yall, but momma need me so I'm out.” Mike stood up, so did Jen. ”Where you going?” Jarvis asked her. ”Oh, I uh, have to go help mi papi.” I just waved bye to both of them. ”Hey B, do you mind if Imani stays for this week, its my turn to take care of her.” He just nodded his head and continued to stare at Jay. ”Aiight, I'm on my way to go pick up Imani. I'll be back later.” I kissed Jay's cheek and she glared at me, I blew her a kiss and she caught it and put it on her cheek. I just shook my head.

”Daddy!” <a href="">Imani</a> exclaimed running into my open arms. ”Hey beautiful! How was school today?” She smiled. ”I made a poem for you.” I widened my eyes. ”Really? For me? Thank you. I'd love to hear it in the car.” She nodded and I sat her down. ”Hello Darius, how are you?” Imani's <a href="">mother,</a> Seiko, asked. ”Hey Koko, I'm great. You?” I asked, giving her a hug. Even though our relationship was strictly about Imani, we still were cool. That's one thing I loved about Seiko, she was always nice to people no matter what. ”I'm doing fine.” She smiled. Just then someone cleared their throat behind me. I turned to see some light skinned guy. He had on geeky glasses and everything. ”Hello, you must be Darius.” He held out his hand. ”Yes, and you must be Russell, pleasure to finally meet the man that puts a genuine smile on Seiko's face.” He smiled and nodded. ”Well its time for us to go, bye you two have a lovely evening.” They both said the same and I looked at Seiko one last time. She had a scratch under her eye. ”I'll be back next week.” Her face read happiness, but her eyes had fear, lots of it.

”When the sun shines, my smile does too. Its all because this daddy of mines. Oh daddy how I love you. You give me cookies when I'm sad and sing for me when I'm mad. You're an angel from up above, showering me with unconditional love.” I teared up a bit as Imani told me her poem. ”Did you like it?” I shook my head which caused her to frown. ”I loved it Imani. Thanks. And wow all those big words. I love you too.” She looked up at me and kissed my cheek. ”Ok, hey I got an idea, how about we get some ice cream before we go to Uncle Bino's house?” She smiled brightly and I looked up at the sun and of course it was shining too. Wow. ”Hey sweetie, you see that?” I pointed up in the sky and she followed my finger. ”Daddy! Its a rainbow!” I laughed how about how excited she was.

We soon pulled up to the ice cream parlor. ”Hello, how may I help you?” The cashier asked me. ”Uh, hi. Imani tell her what you want.” As Imani told her what she wanted, she smiled big. <a href="">She</a> was beautiful. ”Your sister is adorable.” She brung me out of my daze to see Imani ranting on about how good sprinkles are.”Oh, she's not my sister. She's my daughter.” Imani stopped for a second. ”I look like my daddy.” I took the time to read her name tag, London. ”You surely do.” She smirked at me. ”I guess that means I'm adorable too.” London winked at me. ”Well what would you like Mr...” I held out my hand, ”Darius. Its nice to meet you Ms. London.” She scrunched up her face and looked at her name tag. ”How do you know its not Mrs. London?” I smiled. ”I was hoping it wasn't.” Before she could say anything, our ice cream came. ”Nice to meet you Ms. London.” Imani cooed. ” Nice to meet you too Ms. Imani and Mr. Darius.” I turned and winked at her and she slightly bit her lip. Got those panties wet.

Run it

One Month Later~~

Jay's POV

"Ugh! I'm so tried!" I whined to Darius. He was being a sweetheart and was massaging my feet. "For what? You've been sitting on yo ass all day." I chuckled. "Man, dad got me working at that place." I didn't even pay attention to what I was saying until it all came out of my mouth. "What? What place?" I just sat up and pretended like I couldn't hear him. "Jaylen Monroe Rodriguez, I know yo ass hear me." I looked up at him. "Down at the strip club." He gave me a blank stare before he started yelling at me. "Oh so you stripping now? You think you grown and can earn money however you want? Okay be grown!" He yelled marching up the stairs. I followed him to my room. "Darius what the f*** are you doing?" He was pulling out all over my clothes and packing them into suitcases. "Since you wanna be grown, you need to get the f*** outta my house. Anyone under this roof ain't gon be a hoe." I snatched the clothes out of his hand and pushed him back with all my strength. "I'm not a hoe! I will never be one! Don't call me that!" I exclaimed. "Then why the f*** you stripping?" He yelled back not giving two s***s about my tears. "Because I'm being forced to. Don't you see this depressed ass look on my face. I'm f***ing dying inside because of this s***." I cried. "Being forced by who? Daddy?" I nodded my head. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He hugged me and kissed my forehead. I felt safe and secure in his arms. "Because, he threatened to rape me and kill you if I told." I explained. "Get your s***. We outta here." I looked at him like he was crazy. "Wait, what? Where will we go?" I asked him. "Do what I said and don't question me." I just threw my hands up and quickly began packing my stuff.
I had finally gotten all my stuff in Darius' truck. As soon as I got all my stuff in, my dad pulled up. I quickly shut the door and walked into the house. "Darius! Dad's home." I yelled in a happy voice to throw my dad off. "Oh, someone's happy I'm here." He smiled and licked my ear. I rolled my eyes when he turned away from me. "Wassup Diablo, me and Jay are about to go to the store, you want anything?" He asked. "Nah. I'm good." He answered in a nonchalant tone. "You good man, you look slightly irritated." Darius knew he was pissing my dad off. "I said I'm good alright, now go." He rushed us out the house. It took all of me not to laugh right then and there. When I closed the door shut, I laughed super hard. "That was hilarious." Darius laughed while driving away from that hell hole.

"We're staying at Bino's house?" I asked with a smile on my face. "Girl, he don't want you. He want me and all my goodies." He joked. "Uhh! Nigga no!" He smiled at me. "Its nice to see you smiling again." I looked him in his eyes. "It feels nice too." He took my hand and held it in his. "You are a strong, independent, young woman. But somethings you can't handle by yourself. You should've told me when it happened. Not wait until I had to force it out of you." I sighed, I knew he was right. But before I could say anything, <a href="">they</a> all came walking out the house. Everybody was smiling except for Bino. He had his lips puckered up. I ran right past him and into Jen. Knocking her down, I hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Damn girl, you too big for that." I smacked my lips, "Shut up Jarvis." He began to laugh. Bino cleared his throat. "Why you clearing yo throat? Something stuck in it.?" He rolled his eyes. "Stop playing Jay." I smiled. "Ok." I hugged him tight and stood on my tippy toes to kiss him. He grabbed my hips to support me and leaned in and kissed me. "Umm, what the f***?" We both pulled out and looked at everybody's face. "Are yall a couple?" Darius asked the big question. "Nah, well we haven't made it official yet." Bino looked down at me for confirmation. "Yup. What he said." They all smiled. "Aww, yall finally together." I rolled my eyes at Jen. "Not yet hoe." Mike laughed until Jen hit him in the back of his head. "Damn Jen, why you always gotta hit a nigga all hard and s***?" She just shrugged her shoulders and we all turned to walk in the house. "Glad you said not yet. Kinda gives a nigga hope." Bino whispered in my ear. "Trust your gonna need a lot more than hope to get me." And with that I walked to his bedroom to put my stuff up.

Run it

Jay's POV~~ Continued

"So yall f***ed?" Chyna asked me. "Nah, after I got to his house I took a shower and I didn't have any clothes, so while he looked for me some I fell asleep. In the middle of the night I had a nightmare about the whole situation, and he came in the room and we just cuddled." Chyna shook her head. "Oh,so you're still a virgin. The nigga must be ugly." I chuckled. "Yup. He's far from ugly." I said showing her a <a href="">picture</a> of Bino. "Dayum! Is he gay?" I laughed even harder. "No! He's just a gentleman, well to me at least. Anybody else he says f*** 'em." She smirked. "Well he can f*** me, s***." I rolled my eyes at her. "You are absolutely crazy." We both laughed. "Jay! Get yo ass up and go dance for these niggas." My dad ordered. "Man f*** you!" I exclaimed pushing past him. He pulled me back by my hair. "What'd you say?" I remained calm. "I said f*** you." He chuckled and then pushed me against the mirror. The glass shattered and he pushed himself up against me. "f*** me. Okay then, let's go." He started pulling down my shorts and I started kicking at him. "No! Please don't hurt her Daddy." Chy pleaded. "Fine." He wrapped his hands around my neck and began choking me. Tears began to form in my eyes as his grip got tighter. "You don't have to dance, but you can be my little skanky bartender. Just like your mom." He let go and I dropped to the floor. Chyna ran over to me and held me. "Are you okay?" She asked me. After I caught my breath, I nodded. "Get up and go work Chyna!" My dad yelled.

When I walked to the bar, I heard another familiar voice call my name. "Jay, is that you?" I turned to see <a href="">Kobe</a> standing there with his mouth opened. "Kobe! What are you doing here?" I hid under the counter. "I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm here for my brother's bachelor party, what's your excuse." I stood there for a moment. "Uh, I work here now. You know with my dad owning the place and all." I covered my mouth. "Your dad is El Diablo. Holy s***!" I put my hand on his mouth. "Shut up! Only you and the other guys know. And Jen, I'd like to keep it that way." He nodded his head slowly. "Wow." He mouthed. "Wow what- Jay?” <a href="">Bino</a> walked up. ”s***.” I cursed. ”What the hell are you doing here? Wearing that, around perverts like this. What the f*** is going on?” He asked so many questions. ”I'll explain. Follow me.” They both got up and followed me to my dad's office.

I knocked on the door, no answer. I just walked in to see him eating some stripper out. ”What Jaylen?” I rolled my eyes. ”I finally came to my senses. Why not make a little extra cash to dance?” He smiled. ”Cleo here will show you to the stage.” Cleo started to get up. ”Umm, no. I was thinking start off small. I found two of my buddies. So why not dance with people you already dance with.” My dad looked at me for a second. ”Who are these boys?” I signaled for Bino and Kobe to come in. ”Oh wow! Long time no see.” My dad stood up to shake their hands. ”Well why not. Cleo take them to a private room. As I turned to walk away, my dad grabbed me by the arm. ”You better stop f***ing with me or I'll f*** you so hard your s*** will be torn in half.” He gritted through his teeth. ”You understand?” I looked away so he wouldn't see my tears. He tightened his grip on my arm. ”I said do you understand and look at me when I'm talking to you.” I looked into his eyes, they were like looking into the eyes of the devil. ”Yes daddy, I understand.” My voice cracked, he smiled devilishly and let me go. ”Go get 'em sweet cheeks.” He cheered smacking my butt. I let a few tears fall as I ran to whatever room Bino and Kobe were in.

”Jay what's wrong?” Kobe and Bino asked me when I came walking through the door. I sat them down and began telling them everything. Then there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it. ”You got five minutes left.” The bodygaurd, Pat, said. I nodded and closed the door. I looked over in the corner to see Bino silently crying. ”Wassup with B?” I asked Kobe. ”He's taking this personal.” I scrunched my face. ”B, trust me, this is far from your fault.” I said, touching his arm. ”It is. I'm supposed to be your protector. I'm supposed to keep you out of places like this. This is my fault, if I would've expressed my feelings earlier you would've never had to walk in on them like that.” He blamed himself and it brought me down too. ”That's the thing Deshawn. You tried to explain yourself to me. I was being stubborn and only thinking about the negative, so please don't blame yourself.” He bit his lip. ”Promise me that you won't blame yourself for whatever happens to me while I'm in here.” He looked me in my eyes. A gray color took over his eyes. ”I promise.” He lied. I just shook my head and left it alone. ”Times up!” Part yelled knocking on the door. ”I love you Bino, you know that. Take care of yourself. I might not be around as much.” He nodded his head and looked down at me. ”Can I have one kiss?” He asked holding up one finger. ” One.” He smiled and picked me up and kissed me so passionately. When he put me down I slightly lost my balance. He laughed and we walked out. ”Bye Jay.” He cooed. ”Bye Deshawn.” I giggled. ”Lord please watch over me while I'm in here.” I quickly prayed then went back to the bar.

HELL NAH!!! i woulda killed the B***h...bump that let her live ish..RUN IT

so wait did she lose her vcard to bino???
dam i really thought she go out with kobe with her crush on him and there ex cheating on them
but i really hope Bino can be that dude for her
as for her step-dad tf? he really just gonna use her ?
run it

Jay's POV

Here it goes. ”Me and Cam used to be the ideal couple for two years. We both loved basketball and track. We were inseparable, no one could tell us we weren't the s***. Unfortunately, Cam let that go to his head. We both led our undefeated basketball teams to the state championship. I knew something bad was gonna happen, I felt it in my bones.”


”Hey babe, you ready to win this s***?” <a href="">Cam</a> asked coming out of the bathroom. ”Hell yeah! There ain't no other option.” He smiled. ”That's my boo. Aye buzzer beater.” I nodded my head. ”Hi Cam.” <a href="">Dia,</a> the worlds best d*** sucker, came up behind me. ”Hey D.” He bit his lip and I just chuckled. ”Bye Cam.” He grabbed my arm. ”What's up with you bae? You was cool just a minute ago.” I smiled. ”Nothing, I'm just a little stressed over this game.” I lied, he.pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. ”You got this babe, you know imma be out there watching you.” He assured. I nodded and turned. ”I love you Jay.” He shouted, ”Love you too.” I didn't turn around, I just walked back to the locker room. ”Wassup big baller, me and you about to kill these hoes.”  <a href="">Jen</a> said. ”Yeah, but we need start making these three's and don't let that tall ass girl in the paint, she can dunk.” I warned our center, Kendall. ”Skylar, don't be afraid to dribble, okay. Jen, try taking it to the basket, only two things can happen. They can either block your shot or foul.” I could tell they were all listening carefully. ”Ok, now lets go kick some ass.” They all yelled and chanted ourr team name.

I was looking into the eyes of my defender. They were up by two and there was only 10 seconds left in the game. I crossed her up and threw the ball to Jen who threw it Skylar, 4 seconds left, she threw it back to me and without hesitation I shot it from the three point line. I fell back from the defender pushing me. My eyes closed from the fall, then I heard the crowd go wild and the buzzer. I opened them to see my teammates running towards me. ”You did it Jay!” Jen exclaimed. Did I just make a buzzer beater? I looked at the score, it was 84-86, we were winning. Only 2.0 seconds left. We won! That was when the ref told me to get on the line. I looked at the other team, some were crying, some looked like they were gonna kill the girl that fouled me. I took a deep breath and threw it up. Swish! ”Nothing but net baby.” I heard Darius yell. ”Hell yeah!” Bino, Kobe, Leo, Jarvis, Mike cheer, but no Cam. i shook it off and threw the other one up. Perfect. The other team hurried and threw the ball, it was a terrible pass and I caught it and shot another three. We won the championship game 84-91, to say I was proud of my team was an understatement. ”Look at you, now look at us!” Skylar yelled. ”All my niggas look rich as f***!” The whole team finished.

We were at the after party now. The boy's had won their game too. ”There they go! The fab five!” Bino came up hugging me. ”Wassup boo?” He hugged me. ”Nothing, I'm just too turnt up right now.” He laughed. ”I couldn't believe yo short as shot that three.” Kobe joked. ”Whatever nigga, where yo three at, I think she walking around here somewhere.” I said referring to his girlfriend. ”Oh damn, she talking bout Dia.” Jen stated the obvious. ”Where is she at anyways?” Mike asked. ”I don't know. Lets dance.” I grabbed Kobe's hand and we went to the dancefloor. At the time I had a little innocent crush on Kobe, but I loved Cam. Just as we walked on the floor Teach Me How to Dougie came on. Kobe pushed me back a little and smirked. He hit his dougie and a small crowd began to form. When he was done, the crowd started chanting my name. ”Go Jay! Go Jay!” I started doing my dougie and Jen got in and we dropped down and did it on the floor. Then we got up and brushed Chris off. ”They won!” Kobe smacked his lips. ”Whatever.” I laughed. ”You mad?” He nodded his head. I shrugged.

It had been a while since I first came to the party and Cam was still a no show. ”Where the hell is he?” I asked myself. I decided to call him, so I began walking upstairs. ”Hello.” He answered on the third ring. ”Where are you?” It was quiet for a minute. ”I'm sorry, I had to watch Nicky for my mom, I'll be there in a minute. Damn” He grunted, I just shrugged it off. ”Oh, okay. Well I guess I'll see you when you get here.” He grunted again. ”Are you okay?” I asked. ”Yeay yeah, love you, bye.” He hung up the phone and I looked at mine with confusion written on my face. I then felt the need to pee and I ran to the bathroom. By the time I had gotten to the door, my pants were already unzipped. I knocked on the door. No answer. I swung the door open and closed it behind me without turning around. When I did I screamed at the sight. There before me I saw Dia riding Cam. ”Jay whats wrong- Dia what the f***?!” Kobe screamed. I calmly walked over to a very scared Dia and Cam. ”Babe, I'm sorry. I really am. She came onto me.” I knew he was lying. ”So you couldn't gently push the f*** out of the hoe!” Dia smacked her lips. ”Who the f*** you calling a hoe?” I turned my head and smiled at her. ”You hoe.” I calmly said. ”b**** I will f*** you-” Next thing I know, my hands were wrapped around her neck, choking her slowly killing her. ”Let her go Jay, she isn't worth it!” Jen screamed. ”I loved him Jen! She took him away from me. Everything I changed for! This will eat me alive! So therefore pretty girl will die before my soul does.” I tightened my grip around her neck. She started coughing up blood and it landed on my hand. I quickly let go of her and then socked Cam in his face. ”Thirsty ass b****.” I spat at him and walked out to find Bino standing in the hallway. ”I'll take you to my house.” He said. I just nodded and followed him. No words were said. Just the music playing softly in the background. In the morning I woke up in his arms, naked.

*Flashback Over*

Damn her dad out cold run it

Jay's POV

I walked into the house with a smile on my face, until my body was fully inside. "What the f*** you mean your business is more important?" I heard my mom yell. I heavily sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I began to walk upstairs until I heard a loud smack and then a scream of pain. I raced to my room to find my <a href="">dad</a> beating my <a href="">mom</a> senseless. "Momma!" I screamed. My dad looked at me and then at my mom then back at me. I was shaking with fear and anger. "Babygirl, I'm sorry." My dad tried to apologize pulling me into a hug. With all my force I pushed him back and ran to my mom. "Don't you ever f***ing touch me again." I tried to get my mom up, but she stayed there. "Come on ma." I cried, realizing she wasn't getting up. I then felt a excruciating sting on my back. I fell forward and laid there for a minute. "Now I said I was sorry. You and your dumbass mother think that's not enough. I want you to try and leave me, I promise you will regret ever living. You hear me?" I didn't respond, which I should've. He pulled the belt back and brung it down with all his force. I yelped out in pain. "Yes yes. I hear you." I wailed. "Now clean yourself up, and put on something tight, your now working for me. <a href="">Chyna</a> will be here in a hour to pick you up." He walked out slamming the door behind him.

Just like he had said, Chyna was there the next hour. She eyed my every move and occasionally licked her lips while I stripped out of my clothes. That looks <a href="">okay."</a> I turned and looked at her. "Okay, let me put my tights on." She smacked her lips. "Listen, how you dress doesn't matter. Working for your father is like working for a pimp. No matter what you do to make people think different, you're a hoe. Nothing more nothing less." She explained. I broke down right there. "I wanna go to school, be smart, and earn my money the right way. Not mooch off of some bastard." She scrunched up her face. "Who the f*** said you were getting money. Only way you get money is by f***ing. Unless you were traded to this business like my momma did me. She sold me for 2 ounces of crack." She chuckled and looked at me. "So far, you have the good life. Until you become like me and trust that time will come. You might as well put a sign on yo ass saying virginity for sale. Pretty thangs like you always turn out to be the ones getting their hair pulled in the back of a Hummer or Benz. So watch out for your dad, he will sell you out." She kissed me on my lips and walked out the door. I looked at y reflection. "Who would ever want someone like me? Nobody. That's who." I turned away from the mirror and walked outside to the car.

"Hey Chy, when you gon let me hit?" Some guy came up to Chyna hugging on her. "When hell freezes over." She replied pushing the dude away. "Aye sexy, bring yo fine ass over here.” I heard a voice that was too familiar. ”Cam?” I turned and sure enough it was <a href="">him.</a> ”Jay, damn girl. If I knew you were gonna look like this I would've never cheated.” As a waiter walked by, I reached for one of the bottles and raised it up. Then Chyna pulled me back. ”Damn Jay, wassup wit you and fighting this week. Yeah I heard about you whopping Fernanda's ass.” He began to laugh. ”Let me go Chy.” I growled. She looked at him and back at me. ”She's about to whoop yo ass, I suggest you stop.” She warned. ”That hoe ain't gone do- s***!” He exclaimed as my fist connected to his jaw. He fell to the floor and I straddled him and began whooping his ass. I took the bottle I had before and dumped it out on him. He shrieked from the alcohol burning his scratches. I got up and walked to the bathroom with a confused Chyna following me. ”Mind telling me what the f*** just happened?” I sighed, was I really ready to visit that past? I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard the door lock. I looked up to see Chy standing by the door. Here it goes.....

O she kissn on her bff now run it

Bino's POV

Jay was actually beating me by 10 points. It was 27-17, we were playing up to 30. ”Man, Jay if you beat me I'm beating that ass.” She smirked in my face. ”How do you know I wouldn't like you slapping my ass, I know you love it just as much as I love you.” I was in a half daze until I felt her lips on mine. I stood and wrapped my arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around my neck. She pulled back, but I still had my eyes closed. Until I heard a <em>whoosh!</em> I opened them to see Jay laughing and the ball bouncing away. ”Naw! I did not just lose to you. You cheated.” I pouted. ”Awww, I love you.” She cooed. I pointed to her lips then mine. She got the signal and stood on her tippy toes to kiss me again. As soon as her lips touched mine, she moaned, which drove me crazy. Jay doesn't have those high pitched annoying moans, she has those low, sexy moans. ”I can't do this to myself.” She said pulling out of the kiss. ”Do what?” I asked, frustrated at her actions. ”I don't wanna fall in love with you and turn around and get hurt. Which I can't stop the falling in love with you because I already did. I see how you treat girls, like their toys. You dropped them when you got bored. I can't just be dropped Deshawn!” She yelled now in tears. She only called me Deshawn one other time in my life. That was before we were even cool, I had this huge crush on her, which I still do only its not just a crush anymore, anyways to get her attention I walked up to her and threw her Barbie over the tall fence. That was when she screamed, ” Get away from me Deshawn! You're such a bully.” Only then did I realize she knew my name. I was smiling that whole day. I heard her shoes walking on the court and I snapped out of my thoughts. ”Jay, thats how I treat these girls out here, you're a lady a fine, smart, and strong one at that. I'm telling you I can change!” I yelled after her. She turned to me and wiped the tears off her face. ”Actions speak louder than words.” I closed my eyes as a tear slid down my face. I picked up the ball and threw it at the goal, it made me even more mad because it went in.

Jay's POV

I was snuggled up to the stuffed animal Bino had given me for my birthday as I cried. I didn't want to leave Bino standing there, I just didn't want to become another one of his hobbies. He says he loves me, but continues to hurt me by bringing girls over f***ing their brains out, then f***ing another the next hour....while I'm there. I guess its partially my fault for never expressing my feelings for him. He tried to express himself many times before, but I just blew it offf, knowing it killed him inside. ”Shhh, its okay Jay.” I felt <a href="">his</a> body on me. For a while he sat there holding me. ”Bino told me what happened. Wanna talk about it?” I nodded my head and sat up. ”I didn't want to leave him standing there, its just he says he loves me, but f***s other girls. I'm just sitting here with a broken heart in my hand trying to give it to him.” A tear slid down my face but Darius wiped it away. ”Jay listen, I know he hurts by doing those things, but look at it from his point of view. When he tells you he loves you, what do you say?” I picked my head up and looked at him. ”Stop lying. And then I walk away.” My heart ached as I admitted my denial of his love for me. ”See you ignored his feelings first, so he's thinking you don't love him. You can't assume every man is gonna be like <a href="">Cam,</a> Jay. Stop living in the past, and don't stress about the future. Okay?” I smiled and kissed his cheek. ”I love you Darius.” He smirked. ”I love me too.” I laughed as he shut my door, maybe I should go and talk to him. Not now, but soon.

One week later~~

<a href="">I</a> walked up to his door and knocked on it. ”Bino!” I shouted. As soon as I was gonna turn and walk away, the door opened. ”Jay?” I turned to see <a href="">Bino.</a> His looked at me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back. ”You wanna come in?” I nodded and walked into his house. Usually I would run to his room, now I just awkwardly walked to the living room. ”Jay, I'm sorry for trying to push you into this-” He was cut offf by me kissing him. His lips were softer and tastier. His hands wrapped around my waist and I pushed him down on the couch. I straddled him and began kissing him again. He cuffed my butt and gently squeezed it. I moaned into his mouth and he moaned back. ”Damn girl.” He grunted in my mouth as I grinded against him. ”Well damn B, you could've told me you and Jay were a couple.” We jumped up to see <a href="">Mackenzie</a> walking down the stairs. ”What I tell you about that cussing?” I playfully warned. ”You ain't tell me s***.” I shook my head at her and looked down at Bino. ”I'll see you tomorrow at school, bye.” I was about to get up when he pulled me by my shirt tail. I could feel his erection through his gym shorts. ”I'm horny, think about me when you dream tonight, bye boo.” He nibbled and blew on my ear and walked me to the door. I got in my car smiling the whole ride back. I can't wait until tomorrow.

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Bino's POV

I was up all night talking to Jay about yesterday, s*** got real personal. She started telling me about how her dad was a drug lord and he was even better than the Godfather himself. Turns out her dad was <a href="">El Diablo,</a> he may not have looked like it, but he was scary as hell. He even had policeman working for him. I knew she must've seen some s*** she should've never seen.

This morning I woke up to a body by me, I jumped out of bed and ran to my bat. The body rose slowly and yawned. I noticed it was Jay in my bed. I had totally forgot she snuck to my house in the middle of the night after her and her dad got into it. Even though he is a bad ass, he doesn't play that fighting s***. Jaylen told me she called him a hypocrite and he smacked her. I didn't know what to do, so I just held her all night. "What did you cook?" She asked getting up. "Not a damn thing." She smacked her lips. "I guess I gotta cook." She walked out of my room to the bathroom. "Hey Jen." I heard my sister, Mackenzie, say. "Hey Mack." Jay greeted, I bet she had that smile on her face. I smiled just thinking about Jay, I loved her. Scratch that. I'm in love with her, but I know she sees me as a brother. So I don't push up on her, but I'm falling deeper and deeper for her. "Boy, put a damn shirt on. You ain't Adam." Jay joked coming into my room. <a href="">I</a> laughed. "Well you took it, remember?" She looked down and smacked her lips. "Here." She took it off. I stared at <a href="">her</a> as she bent over to grab the ball and her jacket. "Come on, and stop staring." I smirked and she blushed. "Okay, after I whoop yo ass, you can make me breakfast." She smacked her lips. "Nigga boo bye!" She exclaimed.
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Damn Jay was going ham of on ole girl...and true who the hell names their child that? lol smh they all crazy Principal real cool..I like her. Run It