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My shoes clicked and clacked down the hall as <a href="">I</a> raced my <a href="">niece</a> to her class. "Jay, you're going to slow, come on." She rushed. "Seeing as I'm the once carrying all your stuff, I hope I am the one lacking behind." I said as we approached her door. She suddenly stopped and looked at me. "I don't wanna do this anymore." She whispered. "Why not?" I asked bending down to her level. "They aren't going to treat me like you and <a href="">Daddy</a> do." She pouted. "Sweetie, I want you to listen to me. Just because they don't do things our way, doesn't mean that it won't be fun. All you have to do is try your best, and I promise everyday after school, I'll be right here to talk about your day. Now lets go meet your teacher." I held out my free hand and we both took a deep breath and walked in. "Sorry for interrupting, but this here is my niece, Imani." The teacher smiled a warm <a href="">smile.</a> "Well hello Imani, I'm Ms. Williams, please have a seat in the front." Imani turned to me with a worried look on her face. "You'll be fine. I love you." I mouthed to her. She ran to me and hugged my leg and began to softly cry. "Oh come on Imani, don't cry I'll be here after you get out of school. I promise." I held out my pinky and she held out hers, we locked them together then kissed them. "Imani come sit next to me!" This <a href="">girl</a> called her over. "See she's already making friends." Me and Ms. Williams laughed at the site of the two showing each other their school supplies and snacks for lunch. I walked out without her noticing and began racing to my own school.

I was a senior in high school, I had many acquaintances, but not many friends. I kept a small circle, less drama for me. "Aye girl! You late!" I smiled at my best friend, <a href="">Leo,</a> we've been cool since the 3rd grade. "I know I know, you need to talk to that damn best friend of yours, he can't just up and leave for practice with a daughter at home.” He sighed. "That was actually my fault." He confessed rubbing the back of his neck. "What? How?" He shrugged and opened his mouth to speak, but my brother and his boys came. "Wassup." <a href="">They</a> all greeted us. They hugged me and dapped up Leo. "Not s***, oh wait there is something. I was almost f***ing late because you wanted to leave without giving anybody a damn heads up." I vented off to Darius. "I'm sorry Jay, but Leo called and said that all five of us are starters for the Varsity Basketball team." He explained. I jumped on him. "Oh my God D, I'm so proud of you guys!" I hugged them all and then we heard somebody clear their throat.

It was my other bestie, <a href="">Bino,</a> "Did you make the football team?" I asked walking up to him and hugging him. "Well damn, I can't get a good morning or a hello?" I smacked my lips. "Hello and good morning now answer the damn question." I demanded him. "Thank you, and yes I did. Now all we gotta do is get you on that basketball team and we'll be good." He swung his arm around me and we began to walked to class. "Okay, I see how it is! I don't get a hug or nothing." Kobe called after us I turned around and hugged each of them just as the bell rung. "s***!" We all cursed and raced to our classes. "All this damn running I should be on the track team." I thought to myself. I hope Mr. Fernandez doesn't have a stick stuck up his ass today.


Me and Bino were sitting in Science laughing at my cousin <a href="">Jen</a> because she was making fun of this b**** that was talking s*** behind her back. "b**** shut yo illiterate as up! Who the f*** names their child Fernanda! Yo wanna be Mexican ass, shut up talking to me before I shove this size 9 up that already stretched out a**hole of yours." We all looked at <a href="">Fernanda.</a> I practically died of laughter until this hoe said something to me. "Jaylen I know you're not laughing, at least I know ho my daddy is." The whole class oh'd and I got up from my seat. "What the f*** did you just say?" I asked getting in her face. "Jay calm down, you don't need to get expelled." Kobe said trying to calm me down. I gave him a death glare and he turned around his seat fast. "I said at least I know-" She was cut off by my fist punching her in her face, blood went flying onto her desk and I grabbed her and dragged her y her hair. "b**** I want you to say some s*** like that again, I don't play that, try me." I said in between punches. "Please! Make her stop!" She screamed out, the teacher ran over to us and pulled me back. "Jaylen calm down." I snatched away from him and began the long, dreadful trip to the office.

"What did I tell you about your temper Catalina?" My mom asked me, calling me by my middle name. I knew I was gonna get a real ass whooping when I got home. "She was talking about Papi, Ma. She said I didn't know who he was." A tear slowly slid down my cheek, after that one dropped they all came and I fell to the ground. My mother consoled me and began rubbing my back. "Shh, shh. It's okay sweetie, it's okay." She assured me. I wiped my tears as an angry Darius ran into the room. "What the f*** did she say to you Rissa?" He yelled before noticing my mom and the principle. "No Darius, what the f*** did you say?" My mother questioned him. <a href="">She</a> looked at him and he sat down in a nearby chair. "Well as I see it, the young lady deserved it. I'm gonna let you off the hook this time." <a href=",_2012.jpg/220px-Salma_Hayek_2,_2012.jpg">Mrs. Gonzales</a> warned. I had a huge smile on my face. "Thanks so much Mrs. G, I promise I'll try to be good." I promised her. "Mhmm, just don't fight on the court." She joked. "Will do." I said quickly before shutting the door.

*After Tryouts*

"Damn girl, you've gotten even better than last year." My coach complimented me. "Thanks <a href="">Coach L,</a> practice helped me a lot this Summer." He smiled at me. "Okay ladies, I'd like to thank all of you for coming out and trying today. Now its time for the worst part. I'm sure all of you know hat it is. If I could, I would keep all of you. But, I can't. So when you exit today, just look up on the wall. If your name is up there congrats, if it's not I'm sorry." With that he walked away. Jen and I walked over to the paper and hid our emotions. On the list I saw our names at the top and three other girls. It said, "Our starting five." Although I was jumping and partying harder than MGK inside, on the outside I had a blank look on my face. I knew Jen was the same. I learned not to show my emotions when I make a team, it'll just put others down. But to hell with them, "I made it!"

run this ish girl!, All her best friends and brother's friends fine af lol