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Chris Brown: Fine China

Fine China (2013)


i love chris brown !!!!!!!!!<3

i know im not good in english...but i just want you to know that your song its good,its awesome,its really really great..and your a good singer and dancer too....and ohhh...i love the way you made the dance floor a BOOOMMMMM..... thats all i can say chris....this song is damn good.

Love your performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Niiiiiccceee.

my chris <3 niceee :*

my chris <3 niceee :*

my chris <3 niceee :*


lmao fine china is the best track lol ay boo i love it when you dance funny... you just light up my are the best...

p.s. i love you

BTW : about dancing i dont understating how you can do ..i always try but this is very hard.. :)

Wow :) sorry my english is not good :D
But music FIne chine is perfect little like MJ but these is very good because MJ and remember stay only for you and other singers .
you are my inspiration.and every songs is best of best :)

thanks for you work :)