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Chris on 106 & park and other interviews this week .

Chris has really came a long way as a person hes expressing his relationship with Rih and ITS soo cute! i didnt really think kae was a rebound.. wait i lied ! but she was a good friend to him at his lowest point like he said but she always knew where his heart layed deep down inside. i thought it was funny when he was on the radio with Dj Envy and said how when all his exes were together he was like "YESSS!" LOL he is really a character ! i enjoyed his interview on 106&park too especially when they brought out the fans i couldnt have been the girl to hug him ! lord have mercy on my soul . it would have taken the whole crew to get me off of him !
Fine China Video One Word
its like diffferent from all his other songs and videos in a way but i enjoyed it and trying to patiently wait for "X" .