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Love Has No Age .

Chapter 1**
it was Sunday night the beginning of the week which meant another boring 5 days of pure torture and irrelevant lectures Im never here for. I just finished my studying for my college prep tests I'll be entering hopefully Julliard in N.Y. for dance cause UCLA is not for me I have nothing against them I just don't feel it would be the right fit. I get a call from non other than le drama queen Teyana. Although we are 4 yrs apart we relate to each other on different levels. She's one of the first people I met when I got to L.A. i always visited my daddy for the holidays but permenate terms middle last year. teyana and i met at a dance studio and she questioned my style asking where I was from I said Queens learning quickly it was a huge mistake taking she's from the all and "powerful Harlem". "Watsup shortie? " "hey girlie! " I said trying to sound perky instead of exhausted. "B don't get all in mushy on me " "I'm sorry I'm just tired I've been studying since Friday evening! " "girl tests not even until may chill ,matter of fact come chill with me and my trill niggas at Grey Stone!" "I ca--" "Be ready in a hour rae!" (rae she called me for short or my half of my many middle names,) a hour " she didn't even give me time to put in my input. Its not like i havent been to clubs with her before cause i have . They always fail to check my I.d. cause they would Be too busy flirting I just laugh and go along as long as I get in this club we can get our flirt on. I put my iPhone on the charger as I began to get ready my daddy was gone til Tuesday so I had no problem going out.
I get a call from my nigga mijo just as i was watching reruns of criminal minds saying to meet him at greystone I sigh and said okay I mean I missed chilling with my niggas especially Teyana, she was like us but still classy. I've been busy working to get my multi plaza off the ground that includes a art,music,recording, dance,and photography studio. I got a call telling me I'll have to sub a Eng course I can't complain the money will help for sure I would have been appreciated more if it was art or music .I started to get ready while thinking tonight was gonna be a short night as I thought about them youngsters I'll be subbing tomorrow.

Ria*-(RAE-YUH )
I exited the shower putting on Victoria secrets pure seduction all over and then some red spandex shorts,a black fitted long sleeve top that showed my belly button as well as my butterfly tattoo that complimented it along was my milky way skin tone. I put on some dorthy red bottoms and red lipstick i took a pic on instagram and closed it before the swarm of likes ,and just as I walked downstairs my daddy called me."I know you're not a little girl anymore but you're still my little girl, I'm just calling to say if you need any thing call me or Candice" it's been 4yrs and I still don't trust her it's just that something feeling "sure ill call you" making sure to put emphasis on You. "Babygirl " my name ever since diapers. "Daddyyy she's irrelevant I don't associate with irrelevants you know that" he just chuckled "alright I'll check on you in the morning " "Kay daddy love you " "love you too " by now Teyana was blowing her loud horn.
"Uh why do you have to bring the Hood with you everywhere you go?" "Hello to you too beautiful " she said smiling while examining me head to toe.
We arrived at greystone and got up to the bouncer he was new but didnt flirt like the others I think his name was pat he was scary looking. As we walked in Dance for you was playing and everyone was slowing down and we made our way to v.I.p. where her friends i have seen but never introduced to were. "Wassam!" "Teyana!" The group screamed. "Hello, my name is keesis but you can call Me your husband" he said while kissing my hand. 'Boy, stop!' "Everyone this is my down chick Ria!" They all looked at me and waved or nodded. "Don't be shy beautiful " a Asian but more black fine looking one said with tattoos said while licking his lips.he was cute but not my type. "I'm ty but you can call me Michael " "Ty friendly then a mudda! " "I'm mijo " "nigga but you call me friendly! " ty said walking away, "um do you have a birthname I can call you by? " I asked rhetorical but serious. He licked his lips before he answered me."yea barry " "oh okay barry fits you" "one more question?" "Shoot" "did that piercing hurt?" I said referring to the one that looks like what bulls wear. He chuckled "nope not at all I'm a painfreak" he said while licking his lips. I just turned the other way. He was too darn cute with his chubby self. I was introduced later to trell, Hood was crazy we could hang,Austin this Chris person cousin just then Teyana comes out of no where screaming and jumping she saw "Chris" my daddy called so I stepped outside. I guess I won't be meeting Chris tonight , I texted Teyana telling her to not to forget i had school in the morning . I especially hate my eng class i can never deal .


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why all these thirsty heffas tryna break em apart??? like dam leave their relationship alone
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and dam what cassie doin in town anyways?
im glad cam likes his girl
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i couldnt believe Cassie pulled a stunt like that. But, i was molre upset at Ria. she was too beautiful and smart to do some s*** like that .i had sent Cam up to her room when we got home so i could talk to Ria. "now why the f*** did you do that s*** for rAE? Huh? your ass could have got arrested!" she just sat on the couch looking at the tv like i didnt say a word. i got the remote and turned off the tv. "oh so you dont hear me?" she kissed her teeth getting up from the couch and i grabbed her. "so you dont have nothing to say for yourself?" "oh. like you did? chris you didnt say s*** to her so dont eeven at me sideways like you doing now talking that hot s***!" "what the f*** are you talking about?" "chris. take down her number? why was she talking bending over you with her f***ing titties in your f***ing face? you were just sitting there!" "but i didnt do anything!" i yelled . "whatever chris. you may have not done anything today. but, what about in miami when you came out of keeis room and she was still in there?" i shook my head in disbelief. how could traci tell her? "yea. thats right , i knew . traci told me at breakfast. i wanted to see how long it was going to take you to tell me." "baby i-" "dont baby me chris! tell me the truth." "we did nothing ! i swear." "i dont like liars chris. and thats exactly what youre becoming." i sighed. i guess i had to tell her. "look. when i went to the room she answered the door half naked -" "how half naked?" she interrupted . "panties and bra." she shook her head slowly from left to right. "keeis told me she wanted a threesome but,i didnt . i thought about you' us' about our future. i couldnt bring myself to the thought of losing you ." she just rolled her eyes sighing heavily while glaring at me. "so what did you do for those two hours huh? stare at the wall?" "chilled. we smoked , laughed, talked then keeis passed out and i saw that as my cue and only chance to leave." "how much exactly did you smoke? because when youre high things that you think you didnt do you might have and vice versa." "not that much. i wasnt really high.i just did it so they wouldnt bug me." i chuckled nervously. she scoffed . "i dont even know what to believe right now. i didnt even know you smoked." "here and there mostly with mijo and my crew. i didnt want to smoke too much to where i was numb and would have did something i wouldve regretted." i stated honestly. "correct me if i'm wrong." i nodded biting the inside of my jaw. "so, youre saying .. that if by chance you were with your crew and cassie so happened to be there you would have f***ed up?" "no baby what i mean is, i knew my limit and i wasnt going to abuse." i said trying to grab her but, she pulled away. "dont your hormones rise alittle when youre high?" "yea.. but i wasnt so there wasnt any rising." i ran my fingers through her curls. "baby, you have to believe me. believe that i didnt f*** up. i-i love you rae. so f***ing much! i hate that i'm falling for you so damn hard but i cant help it. damn! you give me butterflies everytime youre near and each day feels like the first day i met you and i never want to be away from you. i need you. you are becoming my every thing Ria. youre just not beautiful on the outside , your beauty goes further than what an eye can see. you have a beautiful heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. i promise that i wont do anything to f*** this up or no one compares to you, you give me life and hope and being around you just gives me that extra push and i love how you raise my spirits when theyre so f***ing low. its because of you. i'm glad i got that job cause each day i get to see your beautiful face Rae. i love you so much." i said with every piece of my heart as we stared into each others eyes and she blinked causing a singke tear to roll down her left cheek as i wiped it with my thumb. "chris, you really meant all of that?" "yes. and i dont ever want to see you cry unless its from the happiness i bring you or when we make love." she smiled as she kissed me passionaetly and roughly. "damn girl!" "sorry." "mhm. remind me not to interfere with you when youre mad. you f***ed cassie up!" she laughed and i did too. i couldnt believe cassie's face. Ria was sweet but vicious. "forreal though i do not want to be walking around with my face looking like a ali ft holyfield!" "chris you are not funny." "i'm not?" "nope." "you sure?" i asked pinning her against the wall near the stairs and sucking her neck. "dont leave a mark. you know i have to teach at that daycare and i have auditions in a couple weeks." she moaned in between words and i stopped. "auditions for what?" "americas next top model." i looked at her wide eyed."really?" "julliard chris." "i thought they already accepted you?" "yea they did when they scouted me but, they want to see what i know beside a team." "your dad taking you?" "nope. i'm taking a plane with trac we have auditions the same dqay." just then a thought came into my head. "can i come with?" " you sure?" she asked with raised brows. "yea i'm sure." "mijo isnt coming." "idgaf about that nigga!" "okay!" she said putting her hand up in defeat while walking upstairs as i hit the lights. tomorrow is my birthday. wonder what Ria is getting me?

ehh ! boring ? more tomorrow ...

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she beat that ass! glad Cam didnt see it it!

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"come on ! it'll be fun i promise!" i caackled through the phone at Kae trying to convince her about this three some with chris that she was acting brand new to. "i dont know Dray. he has a girlfriend now." "b****! that dont mean s***! we've done this a million times if more. so whats the problem now?" i asked getting heated. my sister thought that i was doing this for her as a favor but in reality i missed getting me some breezy anytime i wanted. he was the best at what he did and Sha'ane was experinced but she wouldnt be able to handle him. "Dray lets just not do it. 0kay?" i rolled my eyes. "kAE .she was messing with him while you two were together." i'm sorry i had to lie but, i was horny and i needed a release. "she did? i thought-" "no you thought wrong!" "well.. in that case.. i'm taking back whats mine!" i laughed. "its only for one night. its just revenge." she laughed too. "karma's a b****."
"karma's a b****. i said hanging up. i dont know what she was thinking chris was all mine. besides everytime us three got together she always kept him herself never sharing. like,,iknow my breast werent all that and my ass wasnt all fat but, i was still in the room so i wanted my share. chris never resisted us before NEVER. in fact the last time the three of of were together was before springbreak. so i knew this time he wouldnt. he liked the freaky s*** and Draya and I were the definition of it....
Where tf was Ria? i drove past her house for hours yesterday and today but didnt see her car. where did she go? my job as an accountant wanted to have a meeting late friday night so that why i couldnt make my nightly visit. i prayed to God she wasnt with chris... in miami they were all hugged up, cuddled up' and every time we went to the club she was on his lap or they grinded on each other on the dance floor. i think she was doing that s*** on purpose cause every time she would catch me staring at them she would whisper something in his ear and they would out of V.I.P. and catch a cab back to the hotel doing only God knows what.... she's leaving for college soon and i wanted to profess my love before then. four months of seeing her everyday and knowing her daily habits made it easy for me to know her well. i had to plan the day, time, and scenery to make the perfect date. i drove towards my condo as i called some people up. Ria was going to mine... and pretty soon
after leaving the restroom with Cam we headed back towards our table and i see Chris and that Cassie girl from miami standing over him bending over. i was wondering what she was doing here ? no. better yet, standing over my man? i walked towards them and he looked at me wide eyed as she turned her head smirking. no jokes were being told so what the hell was she laughing at? "youre a teen mother ? but' was in miami partying it up and judging me?" i looked at her like she was stupid. tuh! chich was stupid! "cassie. thats my daughter." chris spoke up. all she could do was mumble an simple "oh." and lightly chuckle. yea , you were officially boo-boo the fool. "chris can we please go before i catch a case?" i said irriated by her presence. he got up and she ran her hand up his arm. "you sure you dont want to take down my number for just in case? or when you get bored with.." she asked looking at me as she did the same. i laughed before kneeling down to cam. "hey. you wanna go play a few more games before we leave? i have some tokens left." she nodded as i gave her the tokens and she bounced some place. then i stepped in cassie's face. "look. i'm going to tell you this once. and one time only so dont forget. keep your hands off of my man and go back to doing what whores do best." she grinned. "and what might that be?" "laying on their back." everyone came towards our table and watched us. "look, i think its time to go Ria." chris said grabbing me by my waist. "chris. let me go please." he obeyed my wishes. "and if i wanted to be on my back with chris then what are you going to do? hm?" this ho was really pressing it. i was too nice. and being too nice gets stuff taken away from you. "this." i said slapping her across her face as i pulled her hair dragging her to the carpet. "let my hair go b****!" she screamed. i instantly started beating her face in. "dont call me out my name ho!" "you calling me out mine though! i was just returning the favor!" she yelled as the security held her back. "if you a ho! then you a ho! i was just stating facts! but i bet you remember what i told you!" "ria chill! lets just go." chris yelled as i went outside. people were recording but i didnt care. i did my thing though. he came outside with cam who was smiling "look what i got rae!" i smiled as we got in the car driving towards his house.

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i heard from around well,Traci that Ria and Mr.Brown spent springbreak together in Miami and he gave her a promise ring and they were officially a couple. not for long! you see.. Draya is my older sister which is Mr.Brown's ex. i never knew anything about him until now, because she doesnt bring anyonehome. she's friends with his other ex Kae and since he loved threesomes and always had them with them two what would make him resist this time? Ria? ha! once they would breakup Ria would look for comfort in Blake and i would be the one keeping his mind off of her. it would all work out for the best .

i was beyond ready for this plan with Sha'ane to go forth. so i can have my bestfriend back as well as my future girlfriend and hopefully wife .

Last night Chris told me everything. how his mom abandoned him at two and his sister at ten. i was in shock .his aunt , Mijo's mom took care of him like he was her own and he never knew his dad. when Cam mom cheated onhim he felt betrayed, lost, and hurt just like with his mom. i felt so bad for him. yet i was here with both parents and i treated them like crap from time to time . i decided to cook breakfast for Chris and Cam. i didnt mind. i mean , he was my man ...


"mmm. that smells good Rae." Chris said into my neck as his sexy arms were around my small waist. "mhm. you can cook like this too." he glared at me. "really? its bad enough i dont know how to cook." "men not suppose to.its a bonus." "s***, hood got that bonus then." i laughed. "thats because hood is a fat ass!" "aye! ease up on my nigga though!" "or what? who you suppose to be ? Captain Save a nigga?" he smirked against my lips with his plump ones. "i'ma go get Cam up." i nodded my head as i set the table with; two pancakes,a bacon,cheese,and green pepper omelette for Chris . a smiley face pancake , with fruit bon the side for Cam, and a veggie omelette for myself and orange juice.

10 minutes later

Cam came down with wide eyes."DADDY YOU COOKED ALL THIS ?" "nope. Rae did. tell her thank you." he said with a mouth full of food . "thanks Rae ... for not burning the food like my daddy." ilaughed. "youre welcome." "oh,thanks baby that was delious." chris said washing his plate . damn! he can put away some food. "no need to thank me.i really cooked for cam." "really? " "yes really?" "cool." he said walking to the living room turning on the news . "Rae."i heard Cam say from across the table."yes." "can we watch save the last dance again?" "sure." "why you wanna watch that movie somuch anyways?" chris asked coming back into the kitchen . "cause its the best dance movie no scratch that best movie ever." i answered. "yea daddy. i think i want to be a dancer." "a dancer? i thought you wanted to paint like daddy?" "i changed my mind. Rae said that save the last dance inspired her to dance when she was a little older than me." "so you turning my daughter against me?" chris asked walking up to me. "nope. she has a mind of her own. isnt that right Cam?" "mhm!" "imma make you pay for that later." he whispered in my ear as i washed Cam's and I's plate. "come on Cammilliyah lets go find you something to wear today." "i kinda want Rae to help me." i turned around and looked at Chris as he went up stairs but brushed againstme. "later."

icant believe my own daughter done turned against me. for Rae too? i'm cool.i'ma make her pay for it tonight though... whats wrong with the clothes i pick out? they may not always match but,hey! mine dont half of the time. today i was taking Cam to Chuckie Cheese'sand i remembered Rae said that was her favorite place as a kid and still to this day.
"come cam ria!" i yelled from downstairs . damn they take forever to get ready. "coming!" they said in unison.seconds ,later they came had her hair in a bun with a rufffle shirt,tights,and converse and Ria wore some dark blue high waist levi shorts,a grey, lime green,and darkblue fringe cookie monster shirt with sone grey baby was sexy even at her simpliest. and cam she was my princess as always.
we arrived at chuckie cheese's and Ria was alllinside ofthe slides smiling with Cam . i took pictures of them putting them on instagram. they came back to the tables every now and then to get something to drink or some tokens.other than that, they were ghost. i shot a few hoops and enjoyed the festive environment . "daddy come on! come takes pictures with me and Rae!" Cam yelled running through the crowded place to the picture booth where Rae was already seated. i put Cam on my lap and we all smiled then made funny faces and put up signs."that was fun!" Cam squealed loudly as i picked her up. "you ready?" i asked Rae as she knelt down tieing her shoes. "yea.i need to use the restroom first." "Cam go with Rae to the restroom brfore we leave." she bounced after Rae as i sat back down looking at the comments from the pictures i posted. "hey breezy."i heard a familiar voice say as i looked up. "Cassie?"

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2 months later

springbreak was awesome! chris gave me a promise ring after he treated me a beachside dinner. our relationship was going well his friends accepted us but at school we played the role of teacher and student. one person who did seem to creep me out was chris's friend michael . he would always stare at me for long periods of time and not say anything or always try to be alone with me. like in miami,he came to our room and chris was in the shower and i had on a t shirt with shorts and it felt like he was undressing me with his eyes . he would always ask me questions like whats my favorite this and that and everywhere i turned...there he was .... i dont know.maybe i'm just tripping because, its nearing graduation time...


i feel like life is worth living now that i havbe Ria .she is everthing! these two months have nothing but pure bliss .i wanted her to meet cam since we were getting close . Cam didnt let any and everybody in so this would be interesting .
it was after school and Ria didnt have practice since it was friday. i called up and she answered on the first ring."somebody was expecting my call." "dont get your hopes up. i was just bored." "my ego is shattered!" "whatever!" she yelled in my ear . "so i wasw thinking you could comespend the weekend with me." "dont you have cam?" "yea.. i want you to meet her.""chris.. i am not good with kids." she squealed. "Rae. just bring your fine ass over here with some clothes." "yes sir daddy." she said hanging up as i got a little horny.

Chris wanted me to spend the weekend and meet his daughter. she was pretty and looked sweet and innocent but those are the ones you have to keep an eye on..i packed me some matching sleeping clothes along with underwear and day clothes as i drove to chris's place.
before i could knock on the door he opened it. "bout time!" he yelled in my ear hugging me as we walked towards the kitchen."chris why are you always so loud?" "cause thats who i am ma?"he said grabbing my bag as i shook my head. i seen his daughter sitting at one of the stools eating. "ithought you said you couldnt cook." "i cant . but i can make a mean sandwich.cammilliyah this Rae. Rae this is cam." he said introducing us as i gave a small wave and smile. she just turned back around continuing to eat her sandwich. "okay...." "you hungry?" i shook my head no. "i have food you like to eat." "well in that case i'm starved!" "ight. imma make you a mean grilled chicken salad." "you are crazy." "is rae your real name?" i heard a small voice ask,i turned around and saw cam."um, real name is Ria but everyone calls me Rae." "oh.i was about to say., thats a boy name." me and chris both shared a laugh. "its not spelled the same.i spell mine r-a-e and boys add a y at the end." "oh." "mhmm" "whats that?" she asked pointing at my piercing like mijo's ."its a nose ring." "it looks different from my daddy's." "it is.this one hurted more." "youre very pretty." "thank you. youre pretty yourself." i said truthfully looking at her honey complexion, wavy hair, and greenish- hazelish colored eyes ."girls!" cam and i both looked at him . he put his hands up in defeat."cam would you like to watch a movie with me ?" she looked at chris for approval."whatmovie is it?" "save the last dance i said smiling."never heard of it." this girl was a character. "its about a white girl who loves to dance,she moves to a black schoolfalls in love with a boy so and so." "okay." she said as we walked back into the livingroom putting the dvd in.chris brought me my salad as he disappeared upstairs.
"can we watch the movie again Rae?"cam asked me . i was a little tired. " need to get a bath." chris said in his daddy mode."but,daddy! its a friday night please!" " have to get up early." she kissed her teeth getting up from the couch. "what was that?" "nothing." itried my best not to laugh at their little argument as they went upstairs.

ipromise cam be trying me! she gets it honestly from her mother though.i bathed her and went downstairs to see Rae on her phone.i put my hands over her eyes and put on my best stevie urkel impression. "well guess who?" she snatched her hands from her eyes turning around. "you are so playful!" "but i only want to play with you though."i said kissing her as i laid her head over the back of the couch. "mmmm." she moaned as our tongues swirled in each others mouths and she broke the kiss . "what?" i asked trying to grab her face again. "your daughter is upstairs chris." "well, lets go up to my room." she looked at mesideways. "we not doing anything." "iknow." i said picking her up laying her across my shoulder. "would you put me down?" i ignored her walking up the stairs and put her backdown on her feet when we reached my room. she opened the door and just stood there."i your room ." i shrugged. "its plain." "its mature. but one question.. why do you have a mirror above your bed?" i gave her a look. "never mind." she said taking off her nike's standing on my bed . "get down." "nope.make me." she said jumping up and down. "miss mary mack!mack!all dressed in black!---" "rae." and she called me childish. i took off my nike slippers gettting on the bed . "okay. now jump!" she said grabbing my hands. she started laughing at my expression.i grabbed her by her waist as she plopped down on the bed. "dont break my bed." "and if i do?" she said sitting with her knees to her chest and i opened them kissing her . "stop." "why?" i groaned kissing her neck trying to pull down her tights . "my cousin mary is in town." "what she got to do with us?" this time she pushed my chest hard and it hurted likea b****! "i'm on my cycle dummy!" "oh,oh! TMI!" "Well you acted like you couldnt stop." "girl you know i cant get enough of you!" i stated honestly. although we just kissed and i ate her out everynow and then i always feigned for her. she shook her head walkinginthe bathroom with her bag coming out ten minutes later. "i need a towel." "for what?" "i dont want to mess up your bed." iwalkedout the room grabbing a towel placing it on the right side of the bed. "thanks. cheer up! i'm going to be off tomorrow." "so why couldnt i you know? if you just didnt start." "eww chris! cause thats nasty!" "you wear tampons right?" " do you know what that is?" "i do have a daughter and plus i have a sister too." "oh.. i didnt know you had a barely talk about your family." i sighed. "its a long story."she sat onthe towel indian style facing me. "we have all night." "Rae...i dont rfeally want to talk about it." i said hoping to change to subject."its unheathly to keep things in you know." "alright. but you will be the first and last personi have and will ever tell." "i'm all ears."


i cant wait for the update in two months lol