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Finding Love

<a href="">I</a> sat comfortably on the front porch that mild morning as the sun bathed my skin in its golden beauty. I closed my eyes just as it was peeking over the tops of the trees and even behind eyelids it's light could still be seen. "Quite an early morning for you isn't it Faye?" I opened my eyes to see my Grandma Sweets sitting in her rocking chair over by me.

"Oh mama Sweets, I've missed you. The last time I saw you was when I your funeral. You died when I was 16.." I said faltering at the end. "I know baby, and I've missed my little hummingbird as well. You know I always talk about you to God, saying that you were the sweetest little thing and to keep you in his loving arms." she replied softly; she then stopped rocking in her chair and looked at me with soft eyes. Just as Faye was about to speak, the front door opened and a tiny face poked out. 'Auntie Faye?' Faye turned to see her niece <a href="">Ny'ann</a> rubbing her eyes; "Morning beautiful, how'd you sleep?" Faye said picking her up and kissing her little cheek. "Okay..had a nightmare though." she said baby like. "Oh well that's not good, but hey how about a girl's day out today would that make you feel better?"

"Yes! Let's go to the park!" Ny'ann said happily, Faye laughed again at Ny'ann. "Okay then pretty girl we'll go to the park, first lets get washed up and have some breakfast." Faye said setting the little girl down, "okay!" she said happily before rushing back inside. Faye looked back at the now empty rocking chair before saying, "I love you mama Sweets."

After getting Ny'ann and herself fed, washed and clothed Faye drove them to the park. It was a little early but the park was busy as people were either playing or having barbeques. Faye had packed a little snack for Ny'ann in case she got hungry; some cut up apples and grapes with her favorite graham crackers and a juice box. She watched cautiously as Ny'ann ran back and forth on the small playground. "Ne-ne don't fall sweetie!" Faye called out; Ny'ann played up until lunchtime, it took Faye several minutes to get her to calm down. "So Ny'ann about your nightmare..what was it about?" Faye asked, Ny'anna looked up at her then back down. "What sweetie? You can tell me," Faye said going over to sit next to Ny'ann. "I dreamt that somebody was trying to take me away..I tried to fight Auntie Faye I did, but they just..took me away from you." Ny'ann said with her lip trembling.

"Nobody's going to take you away from me..that's a promise" Faye said hugging Ny'ann tightly. "I love you auntie Faye" she said, "I love you too" Faye smiled. They pulled out of the embrace and continued sharing small talk while Ny'ann finished her lunch. Just then they were approached by a small barking <a href="">dog</a> happily wagging it's tail. 'Ooh Auntie look it's a doggie!" Ny'ann said excitedly, Faye bent over towards the pooch petting and scratching its head while it licked her fingers.

"Where'd you come from little guy? Are you lost?" Faye said now scratching the dog's belly, its leg began going crazy making Faye laugh. "You like that huh? lol" Faye said, it now moved into her lap resting its head on her knee. "What's the doggie's name? Ny'ann asked now scratching the top of the dog's head. "Hmm, Daggert."

"Daggert! Daggert! Daggert!" Faye and Ny'ann looked to see a guy with a leash in his hand. Faye picked up the dog and walked over with Ny'ann following behind. They walked to him with his back towards the girls sighing frustrated. "Excuse me sir but I believe this is your dog lol" Faye smiled. "Oh my gosh thank you, I took him off the leash for only a minute and he took off I--" he turned back around so that he and Faye were face to face.

"Thanks I uh..really appreciate it. I hope he wasn't bothering you was he?" the guy said putting Daggert back on his leash. "No not at all, Daggert was good company for me and my niece. Sorry I'm Faye and this is my niece Ny'ann" she introduced. "I'm <a href="">Chris</a>." he said extending his hand for her to shake. 'Auntie Faye he's cute' Ny'anna said, "Why thank you sweetheart you're a cutie yourself" Chris said with a smile, Ny'ann blushed and hid behind Faye's leg.

"Well you certainly made her day lol" Faye joked, "What can I say I love kids" Chris said, Daggert began pulling at his leash sniffing and jumping happily at Faye's feet. "Your dog seems to be smitten with me lol" Faye said petting Daggert once more; "He's my joy right there" Chris kneeled down to pet Daggert as well. "Auntie Faye, you should ask him out on a date" Ny'ann said excitedly. Faye's face dropped in sheer embarassment making Chris laugh in the process. "I don't know about that we just met, and besides he may be busy with some things." Faye commented.

"I actually am unfortunately" Chris said, Ny'ann pouted her lips in sadness. "Don't be sad Ny'ann" Faye said. "But auntie Faye, I want you and Chris to be together so that he can make you pancakes in the morning" Ny'ann pouted. Chris and Faye laughed, "Forgive my niece she tends to play the matchmaker everynow and then" Faye said. "I think it's cute. Well I better get going it was nice meeting and talking with you for a little bit Faye, bye Ny'ann" Chris waved. Ny'ann then hugged Chris's leg before going back over to Faye. "Bye Chris..bye Daggert" she said babyish playing with the dog's ears once more.

They then went their separate ways. "Did you have fun pretty girl?" Faye asked Ny'ann, "Yes..I liked Daggert and Chris is cute. Did you think Chris is cute auntie Faye?" Ny'ann asked. Faye laughed nervously because she really had no idea on what to say. Chris is cute, no scratch that he is FINE as hell!

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<a href="">Faye</a>

"...Man Faye, I can't believe you're in Barbados and I'm stuck here with broken spare ribs" Giselle said jokingly. "LOL I know, but guarantee I'm going to bring you, Ny'ann and Ma back something. Speaking of which how is Ny'ann?" Faye asked. "Good, she napping right now. But uh..I, I wanna say thanks. You helped me see things a little bit clearer." Giselle said. "No need to thank me..well I'ma let you go so you can get some rest. I'll call you later tonight" Faye said. "K, bye sis. Love you" Giselle said, "Love you too" Faye said before hanging up the phone.

Faye, Agyness and Stevon were at the beach chilling; the resort was soo <a href="">beautiful</a> that they couldn't believe their eyes. They got in just last night and the minute they touched down Agyness was already ready to drink and party her ass off.

"Boo how come you over here being all anti-social? LOL" Stevon said walking over to Faye. "LOL I just had to make a phone call Stevon that's all....where's Agyness?" Faye asked. "On the beach with a couple of island men gettin rubbed down with some coconut oil" Stevon said. "Ooooh lol, well then shall I join them?" Faye said grabbing her drink.

-On the Beach-

'Well Agyness I see you found yourselves some caterers lol" Faye joked. Agyness rolled her eyes playfully and sipped her Bahama Mama; "Oh btw this is <a href="">Chad</a> and this is <a href="">Xavier</a> and get this...they're BROTHERS!" Agyness said excitedly. "Nice meeting you uhm...?" Chad asked; "I'm Faye" she said. "Agyness says you guys are here for the are we" Xavier said. "Oh really? Where are you guys from?" Faye asked, "Well we were born here but we're from New York." Chad asked. Just then one of the guys from the front desk approached us; "Sorry to disturb you but there's an important phone call at the front waiting for you," he said to Chad. "Ah that's me, but I'll be back. Oh and uh X, keep the ladies busy until I get back." Chad said winking his eye..specifically at Faye.

After Chad came back they talked for a couple of hours until Faye and Agyness headed back to the room. "Okay Ms Thang don't pretend like you didn't see Chad giving you that wink..he was obviously CRU-USHING on you!" Agyness said plopping onto the bed. "He is fine but..mmm I don't know" Faye said changing into her pj shorts and wife beater. "...where's Stevon?" Agyness asked. "He said he was going on the banana boat, probably won't see him until dinner tonight." Faye said laying across from Agyness. The phone began ringing making Agyness get up to answer. "Hello?.....Who's This?..Hold on a sec, Faye" Agyness said. "What's up?" "Some guy named Chris is asking for you" she said. Faye jumped up immediately almost tackling Agyness for the phone.

"Chris??" Faye said. "Hey Faye..remember me? It's Chris from the park" he joked."(Smirks) Of course I remember you, how'd you know I was down here?" Faye asked. "Mmmm..I'm a psychic." Chris said. "Mhmm..did you talk to my sister? lol" Faye asked. "Guilty.." he said. "She doesn't know you, how much did you pay her?" Faye joked. "Everything plus an I.O.U. honestly lol. But uh..reason I'm calling and all is because..I've been wanting to hang out with you" Chris said. "Really? Had I known sooner I wouldn't have hopped on a plane to Barbados so quickly lol" Faye. "Okay you got me on that" he said. "I'll be back..SsSunday-no, I'll be back home on Monday. Wanna meet up for like a late lunch or something?" Faye asked.

"Sure that'd be cool. How's Barbados?" Chris asked. "It's beautiful down here, I've already taken an assload of pictures" Faye said. "Wow, I've gotta go down there one day." "You'd really like it Chris. Well I gotta go I'm getting kinda tired." Faye yawned. "Alright then. Talk to you..whenever" Chris said. "Alright then bye" Faye said. "Bye." And then they hung up; Agyness was laying on the bed on her stomach looking at Faye all nosey like. "What?" Faye asked, "Mhmm I see you. You got a man back in the states and you didn't tell me?" Agyness said. "First off Chris and I are friends and secondly stop being so damn nosey lol." Faye said laying down in her bed. "What you getting ready to do?" Agyness asked. "Take my ass a long nap" Faye said smartly getting under the covers.

"Well..I'M going back out to the beach and be with my Carribean men, toodles!" Agyness said putting her sun hat back on and going out the door. Faye shook her head in laughter and laid her head onto the pillow.

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I love the story so far. When is Chris and Faye going to hang out? Is Giselle finally start to take care and spend time with Ny'ana? Run it

Hell Yea!!! I do!!

I do! I do! lol
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Omg! Anthony ain't get much, but its better than nothing!! He knows better now!! I hope this makes Giselle reevaluate her life. Faye is so sweet. It's sad she lost her granny. I can tell they were really close. Run it!!

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Sneak Preview

A couple weeks had passed after that, Giselle had been released from the hospital and under the care of Belle for the time being. Anthony's trial came and went and got only a mere slap on the wrist; 2 years in prison and over 500 hours of community service. Unfortunately for him this is only strike two and if he comes within 300 yards of Giselle that's strike three.

Stevon and Faye were chilling in the living room being pigs and watching TV all day when Agyness busted up into the house. "I WON, I WON B*TCHES I WON!!" she said happy like. "What?" Faye said; "Girl don't tell me you actually won" Stevon said in disbelief; "Yep and guess what? They got two extra tickets" Agyness said throwing the tickets into their laps.

"(Gasps) A whole week exclusive at the St. Peters Resort in BARBADOS?!" Faye said out loud.

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After questioning was over Faye was free to go home catching a ride back in a taxi. Stevon and Agyness wouldn't be back for a little bit which gave Faye some time to shower and write a little poetry. Minutes later her phone lit up, Faye answered to hear her mother in a panicked state. "Ma calm down calm down...Giselle's going to be fine." "How did this happen?!" Belle answered still in a frenzy; "I don't know, luckily they're going to put Anthony on trial in a couple of weeks." Faye said. "Good, 'cause if I ever saw him I'd kill him" Belle said. "(Smirks) Ain't no need for you going to jail over that ma. Anyways how's Ny'ann?" Faye asked. "Asleep..finally." Belle said. "Oh good, give my niece a big ole kiss goodnight for me." Faye said. "You coming by to see her tomorrow?" Belle asked.

"Yea. (Yawns) well ma I gotta go, I'm getting kind of tired so I'll call you when I get to the house." Faye said. "Okay then 'night" "Night." Faye said. She closed up her poetry book and got underneath the covers and turned off the lights.

<em> Faye was sitting on the front porch once again and Grandma Sweets was sitting in her rocking chair knitting. "Mama Sweets?" Faye said, "Yes it's me again. You know that boy ain't no good for Giselle..." "Oh, you saw too?" Faye asked. "Mhmm, but thank goodness you were there to help her" mama Sweets said. "She's my sister mama Sweets, I'm supposed to help her." Faye said. Grandma Sweets stopped knitting and smiled warmly at Faye. "I like that boy that you were talking to," she said. "Who Chris? Yeah he's cool." Faye shrugged; "You like him don't you?" she asked. "(Gasps) Mama Sweets!" Faye said surprised. "Child, I was like you at your age so ain't no need in lying now lol." "Well, he is cute and we got a lot in common.." "But?" mama Sweets asked. "..I don't know if he likes me likes me" Faye said. "(Chuckles) Faye, that boy likes you. I am in heaven you know so I do see everything. That boy hasn't stopped smiling since he first met you" mama Sweets said. "Wow.." "Trust me baby he likes you likes you" mama Sweets said. "Do you think it's.....weird?" "Weird what?" mama Sweets asked. "You've been gone for four years now, do you think me crazy to still be talking to you?" Faye asked. "No..I don't, because what I think it is, is that we have a special bond." mama Sweets said. "You, besides my mom and Giselle, have been my rock; you always knew what to say to make everything feel better." Faye said misty eyed. "I know." "Why did you have to go though?" Faye asked. "Because baby..I was sick and even though I was sick, I still kept my head up high because I knew that in the end; my biggest accomplishment would be to sit at his feet. Don't go carrying this burden on your shoulders because you don't owe me anything. Which is the reason why I'm so glad that this boy's come into your life." mama Sweets said. "Yes b--" "No buts, no doubts and no more regrets Faye. You've given back with your love, now it's time for someone to give back to you." mama Sweets said before disappearing.<em>

Faye woke up and fresh tears were in her eyes, the clock read 3:51 A.M. and she was unable to get back to sleep. Faye clicked on the light, pulled out her poetry book and wrote some more up until the sun came up.

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I'm posting today after my last class is over. Until then keep on commenting.

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Anthony is a b**** ass nigga!! He ain't s***!! I'm glad Chris gave him that ass whippin. I hope Giselle can see that Anthony is no good for her and leave him alone. Chris and Faye are cute! Chris is a lil night in tattooed armor!! :) I'd love to see more of their personalities, artistic sides come out both separately and together.

Also, where is Ny'ann's dad?? Why is he not around? Run it!!

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Chris to the rescue lol Anthony got what was coming to him. Giselle need to leave him alone.
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Agyness and Stevon had gone out to the dancefloor while Faye watched from the bar. She thought deeply about Giselle wondering if she should pick up her phone and call her. Faye stared at the phone then shook her head; she was not going to feel guilty about what she'd said today so Faye placed her phone back into her purse. Faye then felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to see Chris from the park. "Hey, I thought I recognized you..Faye right?" he said sitting next to her. "Hey.." she said with a smile; "You look nice" Chris said observing Faye's dress. "Thanks, you're not too bad <a href="">yourself</a>" Faye commented; "Thanks. So who are you here with?" Chris asked; "My friends, they ditched me and went out to the dancefloor lol" Faye joked.

"Not very good friends I see lol" Chris said with a laugh.

They shared small talk and cracking jokes. They had a lot in common, both were 22 and born in May, they like Chinese and their favorite color is green. Chris is a painter and volunteers half of his time at the local pound which is where he found Daggert. Faye plays the guitar and writes her own songs and poems.

"..I was thinking if you'd like to hang out sometime when your schedule's open" Chris said. "That'd be cool I--" Faye was interrupted when she saw Giselle and an angry Anthony following behind. "Uh hold on a sec, I gotta make a run to the restroom." Faye said in a rush; she made a bee line towards Giselle who'd now gone out the exit. Faye followed behind her into the parking lot where Anthony had pushed Giselle down and violently began kicking her in the ribs. "ANTHONY!!" Faye screamed angrily, he stopped midway kick and looked over at her; Giselle was crying and coughing blood in between breaths. "Oh hey Faye..what's up?" Anthony said cooly, "Back up from my sister Anthony" Faye said, "b**** you better back up 'fore I whip yo ass too." he said menancingly.

"I mean it Anthony, leave her alone" Faye said standing her ground. "Oh really, looks like I'ma have to teach you some manners too" Anthony said cracking his knuckles, he walked slowly towards her backing Faye up against the wall. "Hey fckface" a voice said, Anthony turned around and all he saw was a fist knocking him out coldly. It was Chris. "You okay?" he asked, "Yes but my sister needs help." Faye said rushing over to Giselle, "I'll call an ambulance" Chris said.

A few minutes later the EMT showed up and was taking Giselle to the hospital; police was there also and had arrested Anthony. "Thanks for coming to my rescue Chris" Faye said. "No problem I was getting a little worried and so were your friends. Who was that dude anyways?" Chris said. "My sister's boyfriend Anthony, not exactly Prince Charming." Faye said. "Is your sister gonna be okay?" he asked. "I hope so, I don't want anything bad to happen to her Ny'ann would be devastated." Faye said.

"Excuse me miss, I'm Officer Arlton you're the sister of Giselle Francis correct?" he said. "Yes." Faye said. "We need to ask you some questions down at the're not in any trouble we just need some information about tonight's assault." he asked. "Okay. Well thanks again and hopefully we'll get to hang out again lol" Faye said to Chris. "Me too. I'ma keep you and Giselle in my prayers" Chris said giving Faye a hug.

"Ready ma'm?" Arlton asked. "Sure." Faye said.

(A/N: I'm not giving Anthony a picture because 1.) I want that be whoever you guys want it to be and 2.) He's not an important character).

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Wow Giselle is a bit selfish Faye is good ppls and she getting taken advantage of its not cool and she's sick of it
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I drove and drove for hours it seemed; I'd had enough of Giselle and today was the straw that broke the camel's back. Yea I still love her and all but she needed to be told the truth; I've had to carry Giselle under my wing for the last 16 it's time for her to fly solo. I got home 20 minutes after and turned into the drive-way; another car was parked as well so I knew that my roomie was home. I grabbed my bag from the backseat and headed inside; the smell of bacon filled the air , I smiled softly before dropping my bag at the door and headed towards the kitchen. "Morning cupcakes" I sang, "Don't ever call me that" <a href="">he</a> said turning away from the stove before smirking. "Morning to yourself diva I came back about an hour ago and you were M.I.A." He said with a wink before grabbing some eggs out of the fridge, Faye sat down at the island and breathed in deeply.

"Well don't get your hopes up Stevon I had to babysit my sister's daughter...again" Faye said rolling her eyes. "Damn girl again? Ain't that like the umpteenth time?" "Yeah..I don't know what to do, (sighs) luckily ma's looking after Ny'ann again for a little bit." Faye said resting her head, "Well there's nothing like a little breakfast can't cure, I made my special Omelet Bonanza Special" he said singsong like. "(Smirks) Thanks but I had some grub at my mom's house" Faye said.

"So what did you do last night cupcakes? Like I don't already know lol" Faye joked. Stevon pursed his lips in irritation but smirked afterwards; "I got to be on the judging panel for Papi Chulo's Drag-A-Thon" Stevon said fixing his omelet onto a plate, "Ah yes, the glamorous life of overdramatic makeup and flashy costumes lol" Faye said. "Mhmm, and between me and you..half them b*tches look hit lol" Stevon said. "Dang Stevon, harsh much? lol" Faye joked.

They talked for a little bit more before Faye went upstairs and took a long hot shower. After her shower Faye slipped into her lounging wear and passed out in the bed. Two hours had passed and Faye was still asleep when her bedroom door opened softly. Light footsteps approached Faye's bed when suddenly...


Faye jumped straight up in the bed holding her racing heart; Falling over from laughter was Stevon with a busted open lunch bag and <a href="">Agyness</a>. "WHAT THE HELL?! YOU SCARED THE SH*T OUT OF ME!" Faye screamed; "Chill down mamas it's only us. Anyways Stevon told me about your stressful day so tonight we're taking you out." Agyness said pulling out her makeup box; "Uh Uhn" Faye said throwing the covers over herself. "Tsk, Faye really? I miss having my partner in crime when I go out; it's no fun getting thrown out of a party on your own." Stevon pleaded. "Dude I'm dead" Faye said underneath the sheets; "I don't care if you're cold and buried so..get ya ass up!" Agyness said pulling the comforter off.

*Minutes Later*

"You look <a href="**ktail-dress-by-atriaalt3.jpg">fab</a>!" Agyness said. "Mhmm, and that dress does make your titties bigger" Stevon said, "(Gasps) Stevon!" Faye said covering herself up. "Anywho, where we going to boo?" Stevon asked Agyness, "Club Vue, I got special connections with the DJ." Agyness said with a smile.

<a href="">Club Vue</a>

Agyness, Faye and Stevon arrive at the club..and its major packed! Balloons, confetti and alcohol up the ass; people were dancing and sweating without a care. "(Yelling) Dang girl, it's packed tonight!" Faye said to Agyness, "(Yelling) I know, must be a special event going on tonight for the club!" Agyness said. "Let's go get a drink I'm hot!" Stevon said; they all nodded their heads and strolled over to the bar. "What can I get you three?" the bartender asked; "Lemme get two Cosmo's and a Punch-Out" Agyness said swaying to the loud music. "Yo my man do you happen to know what's going on tonight?" Stevon asked. "Big birthday party for a celeb I think" he said. "Oh word?" Agyness asked. "Who?" Faye asked. "Some..rapper I think, I'm not sure" he said passing them their drinks.

"Girl, how am I gonna drive if I'm drinking too?" Faye said, "Girl don't worry, the Punch-Out's non-alcoholic." Agyness said, "Antywho, I don't know about ya'll, but I plan to get drunk off my ass tonight, cheers" Stevon said. "I can drink to that" Agyness said as they all clinked their drinks.

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I like this!!! Faye and Chris seem like good people and characters. I want to know more. I want to know if they'll see each other again! Giselle needs to take care of her child and stop messing with that f*** nigga! smh Run it!!

O she snaped bt she telln the truth smh run it

Faye and Ny'anna then went back home and by that time Ny'ann was dead asleep; Faye carefully carried her out of the car as to not wake her up and took her back inside and up to Ny'ann's room. Faye then went back downstairs into the living room and turned on the T.V.; Basketball Wives was on which was Faye's favorite show and she got comfortable on the couch. Halfway through the show Faye fell asleep but was awoken by the front door opening and in came Faye's mother <a href="">Belle</a>, dead tired from the graveyard shift. "Hey ma how was work?" Faye said rubbing her eyes. "(Smirks) Looks like we're both in need of some sleep" her mother said falling into the love seat, she took off her shoes and rested them atop of the coffee table.

"Oh God I'm so tired, nothing a good soak in the tub and a nap couldn't fix. Ny'ann been good?" she asked; "Yes, she's upstairs taking a nap right now. Took her to the park for a little fun and she tired herself out lol" Faye said. "Thank you again babygirl for watching her while I had to work." "Ma do you have to work again tonight?" Faye asked. "No baby I have the night off for a few days so I'll be able to watch Ny'ann again. Did your sister ever come by?" she asked.

"Pssh, nope; she was suppose to be watching Ny'ann last night.." Faye said rolling her eyes. "Don't tell me she still running around with that boy Anthony again?" her mom said; "Yep" Faye said rolling her eyes. "Lord.." Belle said before getting up to go into the kitchen, Faye followed behind.

"Mama I swear that if Giselle wasn't my sister I'd kick her ass" Faye said heated. "Faye, now calm down; Giselle will come to the realization of her mistakes on her own." Belle said turning the coffee pot on. Just then as if on cue, Faye's sister <a href="">Giselle</a> came in through the kitchen door with a ton of bags from Gucci to Vera Wang; "Hello everybody" she said happily. Faye was looking at her with the death stare and Belle hung her head in shame; "Why everybody lookin mad?" Giselle said confused.

"Giselle..didn't you say, that you were gonna watch Ny'ann for mama last night?" Faye asked. "I did?" Giselle asked; "YES! YOU DID!!" Faye yelled, "Faye now calm down." Belle answered. "Giselle baby what happened last night? You can't keep skipping out on Ny'ann like this..and what's with the bags?" she asked. "Oh..Anthony took me on a surprise shopping spree, we flew to Beverly Hills (squeals) we just got back this morning." Giselle said. "This is fcking ridiculous" Faye mumbled under her breath, she stormed out of the kitchen and upstairs to grab her overnight bag. She then checked on Ny'ann who was still asleep; Faye then kissed the top of her head and closed the door behind her.

"Faye, baby where you goin?" Belle asked. "Home" Faye replied dryly, "But Faye, don't you wanna see what I bought for you sis?" Giselle asked. "No thanks, I'll probably vomit at the sight of it" Faye said going out the front door. Giselle, frustrated at her sister's pessimistic attitude stormed outside with Belle following behind. "Okay, I was wrong! I should've watched Ny'ann but..." "But what? This isn't about you not being here Giselle, this is about you neglecting Ny'ann everytime Anthony throws gifts in your face" Faye said irritated.

"..I get it, but you don't understand how much Anthony means to me Faye; he's giving me everything I ever wanted" Giselle. "Oh yeah? What about the bruise on your back? And the scratches on your shoulder? What about your eye?" Faye said. Belle's mouth dropped in shock.

"You SWORE that you'd never say anything about that Faye!" Giselle said lowly. "I'm your older sister, I care about you Giselle! And frankly it breaks my heart that your judgement is blinded by love whatever the hell it is. What's that saying to Ny'ann Giselle? You need to wake the hell up." Faye said getting into her car; Giselle and Belle were still in shock on the front lawn. Faye shook her head in disappointment and drove off.

" has he been hitting you?" Belle asked above a whisper. " was only one time mama." Giselle said.

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I like.

I like it ! run it !!

run it!! this is good i can picture it all in my head! :)